Casey: Compelling Motivation to Party Like a Rock Star

13 Dec

Jose keeps saying that AT TRIAL it will ALL be revealed as to WHY Casey Danced her Ass, ASS off while her little girl was “missing” !!!???!!! This is interesting bc I CANNOT see how he’s NOT setting himself up for a fall, for- an armada of police cars to deal w/your client if you will. I’m pretty sure this is a path that he should NOT stumble down. You are writing a check that your skills, the facts, no one in their right mind woulda coulda shoulda cash, Jose. BIG mistake, colossal, HUGE. IMO. Now I’ve been TRYING to be nice to Jose ever since he got his panties in a wad over a previous post but COME ON JOSE, pls don’t make it so difficult. We don’t want to, as the court doesn’t want to…”tee off on her.” However…

First of all, how are you going to establish the story w/out putting your girl on the stand? OOPS. Secondly, any reason you could possibly fathom will not be able to accommodate ALL of the juvenile, thoughtless, slutty, criminal, loathsome, abhorrent and completely asinine things your client has done. Thirdly, WHY in the hell haven’t you released a sketch of the nanny or the “perp”- WHO took that baby and killed her??? IF you truly believe your client didn’t do it- then you should be OBSESSED w/finding out WHO DID IT??D!!!@#$%^ Hey, how about putting out a SKETCH of the perp? I’m just saying.

But I AM actually FASCINATED by the idea of your story. Let’s all just take a moment or two and really stretch our imaginations. I will give a brand new copy of the Diane Fanning book on Caylee – to the best scenario. I accidentally bought two. Well, I pre-ordered one from Amazon and then they shanked me and didn’t get it to me in a timely manner. I was leaving the country so I was FORCED to buy another one at the airport. It’s not impressive IMO- anyone could have written it- it seems to be almost entirely transcripts of intvs- which most of us (obsess much?) have read and there are many typos (which believe it or not is a major pet peeve of mine). Granted there are many here- but this is a vastly different medium. I am mostly RANTING here and using things like OMG and IMO. IF I were to publish- I would make good and gosh darn sure that I didn’t have any typos AND BONUS –I would NEVER use the word MACADAM. That’s a promise! Has anyone else noticed how that word is popping up w/MUCH too much regularity? I’m pretty sure Diane Fanning used it, Dean Koontz can’t get enough of it and I was recently subjected to it thanks to Robin Cook, Ann Rule and Dominick Dunne. For some reason it annoys the crap out of me. Just say pavement- we ALL have access to a thesaurus – color me unimpressed. It makes me want to POUND my head into the MACADAM!! BTW- did you see that hilarious toss that Jon Stewart and Colbert did the other day– about the thesaurus?? Too funny- I will look for a link.

Now back to the compelling reasons to party like a rock star. I am not here to suggest that there are NO reasons to party like a rock star. I myself have stumbled across MANY: freshman in college, first credit card, first Grateful Dead/Rolling Stones/Van Halen concert, first time in Amsterdam, best friend’s wedding, open bar… you get the idea. There are a PLETHORA of good reasons to engage in such activity. HOWEVER, if my daughter, or hell, even my DOG were missing I would need something happening on a sort of Tony Soprano scale with CONSTANT reinforcement to make me get my groove on and do NOTHING for a month.

Sorry Jose but we’re just going to have to apply the “we’re not quite as stupid as you (think we are)” line of reasoning here. What could POSSIBLY be the reason that would compel YOU to go out to bars, recruiting everyone you know (through facebook, myspace and text msgs) to join you in the party, the all white party, the anything but clothes party the hot body contest and the plain old dancing on stage w/a girl for the cameras at the club party, all the while – you NEVER use your phone or computer to research WHO took your daughter, you never create a file- try to look up Zanny or her roommates, of course you never call the police or tell your parents, friends, ANYONE who actually exists. You go about your life as if nothing is amiss, you ONLY speak of Caylee when asked and when prompted come up w/DETAILED agendas of who she’s with and where. The person you sleep with…the one you live with and say I love you to- you NEVER mention any of this to him and are able to completely snow him?!

OK, so let’s think about a scenario. I don’t work so perhaps I’m engaged in something nefarious. Which I’ve suspected but wouldn’t that have come out? I’ve seen ONE picture that looks like Casey engaged in porno/paris hilton type behavior. IF she was doing that…then where was the money? Is THAT how she’s paying Jose? IF they prosecutor’s know this- wouldn’t we know it by now????

Anyway- that’s one scenario that I can fathom- IF I dial my brain down to almost stupid. Let’s suppose…I’ve been engaged in something like this- and the people I work for are SHADY. Something I’ve done has pissed them off. They take my daughter in order to convince me to rectify the error. Well, if my character was appropriately shady, I think I MIGHT think– OK, I don’t want my secret to come out, I will do what they say and I will get my daughter back w/out anyone finding out I’m a dirtball. Problem here is- would that take me a MONTH before I re- PRIORITIZED as to my daughter’s life?? NO!! I would comply immediately and if unsuccessful- get SOMEONE involved. Considering my incredible capacity for lying- I might try to turn the tables on them and get police involved w/out them knowing. Which is what MOST RATIONAL PEOPLE do when something horrific happens and they are warned against getting police involved.

Does anyone remember the intv when George was shown pictures or something that detectives warned him about, then apologized for and which George then had to leave the room for and vomit? Something very upsetting— I’m sure I’m getting the details wrong. WHAT was that?

IF Casey was making money this way– as in some sex trade job– I wouldn’t be surprised. Jane on ISSUES HLN had Jose on the other day and he said that the money question as to HOW he’s getting paid was CONFIDENTIAL. No SHIT, Sherlock, we KNOW that you plan to make your NAME from this case. That kind of publicity can be priceless. BUT I’m still curious about Casey’s story about hearing about Jose– she tells Lee that she heard about him from a fellow “inmate” in booking, and then w/out prompting (she likes to bolster her lies) she says something like yeah but not only that inmate recommended him but others in the line did too. As if to say…. OHHHH, so all of these people who are sitting in jail- they have someone they recommend. That’s like accepting – Mrs. Nussbaum’s credit card bc….As long as we have a VOUCHER. ANYWAY, that doesn’t really matter BUT what would surprise me would be her actually having money bc WHERE is the MONEY??? Would she risk blowing her cover SOOOO many times by stealing money from Caylee’s bank, asking folks for money etc. when her DAD is a former COP who has ALREADY demonstrated suspicion as to her employment. Granted, maybe the POINT was she was building a nest egg in order to disappear to CALI once she had killed Caylee. But you would think, (which may be a mistake- DON’T THINK- YOU’RE CASEY) that she would care enough to keep her parents (especially dad) off her back so that the EXIT plan would seem smooth. HMMM.

Anyway, WHAT could POSSIBLY be the scenario? The COMPELLING reason Casey NEVER reported her daughter missing and acted like she didn’t give a damn that she was gone???!@#$


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10 responses to “Casey: Compelling Motivation to Party Like a Rock Star

  1. Thinker Belle

    December 13, 2009 at 10:59 am

    You are the cutest pooch I think I’ve ever seen! Though you are much smaller than mydawg, I’d take you for a stroll anytime. Stay atm’, rrrrrrrrf!

    • citizenkim

      December 13, 2009 at 4:56 pm

      Ruff- I’m so intrigued. Whatever do you mean?

  2. Linda From New York

    December 14, 2009 at 9:08 am

    Yes, I cannot wait to hear what the Team has to say about the compelling reason why Casey did not report Caylee “missing” and went out partying during that time. That is all he ever says when asked. I am sure the reason will be a good one! LOL!

  3. Eugenia

    December 15, 2009 at 2:00 pm

    Kim: Diane Fanning’s book was one of the worst books I have ever read! Nothing new and totally boring. I threw it in the garbage.

    Personally, I think the Anthonys are the most detested people in America. The lies they continue to tell are almost as obscene as they are! They are all “about the money” now, and it is repulsive. It’s like they think everyone in America is stupid enough to believe them, no matter what crap they say. I detest them, and hope they end up in jail.

    I recently heard that proof is now available that Cindy and Dominic Casey had a sexual relationship. (Remember the Ritz?) Also Geo. mentions it in his so-called “suicide note”…he was just sloshed out of his mind! IMO

    They are now backed into a corner…between a rock and a hard place! I can only pray for swift justice for Precious Little Caylee!

    • citizenkim

      January 6, 2010 at 9:35 pm

      Hey Eugenia! I don’t think Fanning’s bk was any where near the worst bk I’ve ever read but I agree that it didn’t add much. I could have put together my silly little posts, ADDED in the transcripts of the case and contributed more to the story but I digress. I think you MAY be a little harsh towards the Anthonys. I think her parents just got thrown into crazy town and they DID NOT handle it well. I think they are DEVASTATED, CONFUSED and defensive. My heart goes out to them for Caylee. She CLEARLY LOVED THEM and THEY LOVED HER. They didn’t realize they were raising a monster…or George wasn’t allowed to mention it.

  4. Thinker Belle

    December 15, 2009 at 6:48 pm

    Earlier in the day, I breathed on a mirror-there was no reflection…holler if ya see me!

  5. stocirpa

    December 17, 2009 at 9:07 pm

    The only possible compelling reason why Casey was out partying almost every night after Caylee was supposedly “kidnapped” was that she had no compelling reason not to. True to the script she had drawn up for herself, she had both murdered and disposed of Caylee’s body in an emotionally detached manner (as a stranger might do), confident that Caylee’s body would never be found or, if it were, she could convince others that someone else had commited this crime. In her mind, the fact that Caylee was no longer alive meant that she was free to pursue the “beautiful life” she envisioned for herself.

    • citizenkim

      January 6, 2010 at 9:28 pm

      Beautiful- both you and Thinker Belle- at least made an effort. Evidently it’s really difficult to even GIVE away this 1st book on Casey Anthony. I have two. They both suck. But pls ignore that statement and try to focus on this one…WOW–you won!! Pls let me know where you would like your prize (Casey bk on case) sent. Now that we’re friends, you can call me kimmy and send the address where you’d like me to send the “prize” to:

      Thanks for playing!

  6. Thinker Belle

    December 19, 2009 at 7:11 pm

    stocirpa_ Like Kim has said: You Are Casey…Don’t think!

    I am devious enough to eliminate all forms of evidence, write a script worth following for 31 days, ditch the car in plain sight where it is certain to be towed, and convince everyone-even my family-that everything is OKEY DOKE. I guess where I, Casey, went wrong was dumping the body sooo close to the road near my parents home! Wow! What was I thinking?!!! And, had the media, pundits, bounty hunters, lunatic volunteers, psychics, and the rest of the online world hadn’t been included–well, I’d be free today! At least until someone went back to play where we always did…nah, what’s the odds of that happening? We were, and will always be, the only people who knew that place ever existed…kinda like Jurassic Park!

  7. Steffiee

    January 14, 2010 at 10:51 am

    I think the simplest explanation for Casey’s behavior would be that the “kidnapper(s)” told her to continue to act “normally” and all would be well… But like you said above: “would that take me a MONTH before I re- PRIORITIZED as to my daughter’s life??”

    Does the defense have some type of evidence to show that Casey was being given periodic updates as to Caylee’s well-being? Disposable (untraceable) cell phone calls? That idea doesn’t work — because she’d still have the phone number written down somewhere, unless it was a private number… But still, she’d keep the cell phone, right, in the hopes that if need be, the provider could get at the “private” numbers, right?

    And nothing addresses the “why” – what, supposedly, did Casey “do” that needed correcting in such a fashion?

    It’s all garbage and the defense is just stalling for time, hoping to blame the kidnapping and death on someone else…


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