Casey Killed Caylee – It’s confirmed.

06 Jul

Even if you believe the ridiculous story spun so smugly by Jose that it was an accident, she still killed her because she didn’t call 911! She didn’t give Caylee a chance to survive her neglect. No matter how long she was in the pool a good mom would have called for help- so many drowning victims can be resuscitated. An amazing mom would have been watching her daughter in the first place but a good mom would have at least given her a chance. And then to supposedly just turn away and let George triple bag her like a family pet and toss her in the swamp?! That’s BS, that’s not a good mom, that’s a monster and it should be CRIMINAL!

So even if you buy the fantastical fiction put forth from Jose– EVEN IF you buy that- she still did nothing to help her daughter and she’s guilty of that much at the very least.

By the way IF you believe Casey’s story then we should be expecting a statement from her soon much to this effect…

Chloroform Casey issues an apologetic statement to the media:  
I want to absolutely offer my sincerest apology to everyone who has invested their time and concern on this case.  To prove what an amazing mother I am I want to dedicate my life to speaking out against the type of incest and sexual abuse I endured from my father and brother growing up.  Because of their despicable and horrific acts against me as a child I was unable to help my daughter and call 911 when she drowned and then I was unable to deal with reality and the aftermath.  I am asking the Orange County Sheriff’s Office to seek charges against my dad for triple bagging Caylee and tossing her away like trash in the swamp/pet cemetery. I also apologize to all the searchers. ANY money that I make for talking about Caylee will go to TexasEquusearch and The Klass Foundation for missing children.

George and Lee will have no choice but to make a healthy break from her and to speak out about everything they know.  The truth will be revealed and everyone will know that she is Caylee’s killer any which way that you look at it.  I believe the State of FL proved it’s case and the jury didn’t understand REASONABLE doubt–these ARE Florida voters after all. But again…even if it was an accident and she didn’t call for help and give her a chance– shouldn’t she be charged w/that??

The truth is that she killed her and the State proved it. Caylee ceased to exist while in the care of her mother and the jury got the verdict wrong. I’m sick of people saying we have to respect this jury’s decision. I don’t have to. They made a terrible mistake that they will no doubt profit from now and regret later. What they did is completely disrespectful to Caylee. Caylee didn’t deserve to be disposed of that way. Casey threw that baby in the swamp and I bet the jurors will admit they know that and voted not guilty bc the state didn’t have (it on tape) the right evidence.

Just make sure the body completely skeletonizes before you report the person missing and then lie to the police and voila- you can get smooth away from a murder charge in FL. This Pinellas County jury just completely ignored the SCIENCE!  Were they all scientologists or creationists??! They should be ashamed.

Apparently Casey was truly judged by a jury of her peers– those of a truly tiny intelligence. I’m curious to know what they did discuss in the very few hours they decided to devote to Caylee. It certainly wasn’t the evidence. I think they focused on the mystery and what can never be known about what happened bc this wasn’t written or filmed for TV. Real life is messier than that and you have to take the time to consider all the circumstances in which Caylee ceased to exist. I bet someone took notes and recreated that chart that Cheney Mason had in closing. I got worried when I saw that bc it made beyond reasonable doubt sound unattainable. I would like to see that chart again bc I bet you money it played a role. Someone fell for that, threw reason out the window and convinced everyone that the evidence didn’t rise to the level for conviction. Plus they were pissed they had to miss the 4th of July, were sick of Orange County and this case and wanted to move on. You have to almost completely ignore the evidence to do what they did and evidently that’s what they did bc there’s NO WAY they could have given proper attn to the over 300 pieces of evidence the State so carefully presented. Linda Drane Burdick and Jeff Ashton worked tirelessly and were excellent advocates for Caylee in death.

Sadly Caylee had only the Anthony’s looking out for her in life. It’s sad that Caylee didn’t have friends that missed her those 31 days. It’s sad that Caylee didn’t have a job that would have alerted someone when she didn’t show up. It’s sad that Caylee didn’t have a car that someone could have reported abandoned. It’s sad that Caylee didn’t have a phone where someone could have reached out to her. Caylee didn’t get the chance to have any of those things because she had to rely on her mother for care and her mother couldn’t have cared less about her. Casey is the one who got all the chances. Casey got treated w/kid gloves and ruled that house so she had no incentive to face reality. In the end I guess the Anthony’s got what they wanted all along– leave us alone, it’s none of your business!!   Caylee belonged to us- move along please. This is how we get rid of our family pets.

Casey saw Caylee as the noose around her neck tethering her to her overbearing mother. Casey’s friends were going to college and getting their first taste of freedom from parental control. Not Casey. Because of Caylee, Casey got put on complete lock down -Cindy style! She also got kicked way down the totem pole and was jealous of all the love and attention Caylee got. Cindy and George loved that baby beyond all measure and failed to see the jealous monster they were creating in their midst. Casey NEVER wanted Caylee and I think that had Cindy’s brother not been rude enough to interject some reality at that wedding- “hey Casey’s prego!” then Casey would have been one of those teens that have the baby in the rest room and end it all right there in the stall. Time for the hot body contest!

Cindy wanted sooo badly to prove to the world that she was a great mother but appearances were what really mattered to her. She mentioned what a good mother she was many times in her police interviews even while cataloging all the lies her daughter spewed. In order for Cindy to be a great mother, it had to appear that Casey was a good mother, thus she was HIGHLY motivated to believe the lies that Casey told her. A good mom would have noticed their pregnant daughter and a good mom would have gotten prenatal care but those are inconvenient truths. Casey didn’t want to be pregnant, pretended not to be and she walked down that hallway until she reached the very end and had no choice but to confess. Keeping up appearances Cindy moved quickly past that weirdness and got really excited about a grand daughter– a second chance! They spared no expense for Caylee and I’m sure Casey resented every penny. Money that might have gone for Casey’s college and a shot at freedom was yanked and spent on the snot nosed brat (Casey’s words) that ruined all of her escape plans.

George even talked about how Casey had stolen money he was saving for Caylee. Poor George has been neutered in that house for a very long time. Cindy keeps it in a jar and I don’t believe for one second that George did anything to Casey under her watchful eye. You can tell from his pathetic suicide note that there’s a mantra that’s been drummed into his head that he’s a failure. Cindy has said to him many times, the derogatory things he said about himself in that suicide note. And Cindy made George the villain in Casey’s eyes many times. She made it okay to throw George under the bus like that. Don’t be negative George, of course Casey is telling the truth. Be a dad not a cop! How dare you go bust her for her fake Sports Authority job! How dare you try to follow her down the highway! Now Princess Casey will move back in and George will have to hit the bricks. Casey used to have Caylee to hold over her parents head to get whatever she wanted. She’s killed Caylee but she will still be using her as her precious pawn but it’ll be Caylee’s corpse that she profits from now.

The media better put a stalk on that tattoo shop Casey loves– stat!  Remember, she missed her appointment when she got arrested on a fu*king whim?! You know Casey is going to have to get something inked over this horrific ordeal her parents have put her through. If they hadn’t tracked her down at Tony’s, if they hadn’t called the cops that night, if they hadn’t said they smelled death, if they hadn’t visited her in jail, if they had just believed her latest lie. This was a super inconvenient time for them to mess w/the fantasy and you can be certain that Casey will never stop making them pay for that.

My deepest hope and wish that I’m sending out into the universe is for someone to give Casey a tattoo on her other shoulder that says “Hideous Murderer” in Italian. Just have a really hot guy offer to do it for free and tell Casey it says something else! She’s not nearly as bright as people think she is. Tell her it means some bullshit about justice bc that is what it would mean to me, even if only in the teensiest degree. I think that jury and the Anthony’s will come to regret turning their backs on the obvious stench of what Casey did to Caylee! Here’s a petition to stop Casey from monetizing Caylee’s corpse:


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12 responses to “Casey Killed Caylee – It’s confirmed.

  1. Negative Post

    July 6, 2011 at 1:18 am

    With one negative post after another it will take her forever to restore her reputation.

    • citizenkim

      July 6, 2011 at 2:00 am

      Her reputation as a lying, thieving neglectful mother? Is that the reputation you’re referring to? I think her reputation will remain intact and I wouldn’t worry my little pretty head about that Negative Post.

  2. denise

    July 6, 2011 at 2:04 am

    thank you for a minute I thought I was the only one left with a functioning brain

    • citizenkim

      July 6, 2011 at 6:03 am

      Denise- I hear you. I think that jury let everyone down. If they had a brain and/or any common sense at all they would have found her guilty on one of the lesser charges at the very least. If there wasn’t proof of murder for them how about neglect? A dead baby in the pool should get a 911 call and a proper burial- otherwise there is foul play period!

    • Sherry

      August 11, 2011 at 5:11 pm

      I so agree with Denise…truly I do

  3. Hilde

    July 6, 2011 at 10:23 am

    Lady Justice looked the other Way when it came to Caylee!
    There is no Doubt in my Mind Casey Anthony killed her own Child.
    Although she was found Not Guilty by a Jury of her Peers that doesn’t mean she is INNOCENT of this heinous Crime.
    Casey is Not found INNOCENT only Not Guilty, we have to remember that!
    Even though we have One of the better Criminal Justice Systems in this World it is not perfect as we have witnessed in this Case.
    A Murderer was sent free.
    As long as You have a Dream Team of Defense Lawyers who can make up Stories which have nothing to do with the Truth, to establish reasonable Doubt You can get away with Murder.
    The Jury in this Case only paid Attention to what they wanted too and obviously made up their Mind pretty fast. With All that Evidence in this Case, that to me
    shows they wanted to get that Case over with and weren’t too happy to be there Begin with.
    Caylee Marie’s Death never got the Justice that beautiful Child deserved.
    The Prosecution was the Only One’s who fought with All they had for Caylee.
    Heads off to the Prosecution Team and All Law Enforcement and the People
    looking for Caylee endlessly, while all along Casey knew her Baby was lying
    in the Schwamp for the Animals to feast on her little Body,about 15 Houses
    from the Anthony Home.
    Shame on All the People who made it possible for a Murderer to be sent free!

  4. Brenda

    July 6, 2011 at 6:30 pm

    I hope Casey Anthony, her mom and dad, and all 12 jurors see caylee in their dreams every night for the rest of their lives. Casey killed caylee – her mom lied on the stand to cover up the murder of her own grandchild – and the jury turned their eyes and min ds away from the truth because they were tired of being locked away in a hotel and didn’t want to spend more tim e stuck there for the penalty phase.

  5. Nina

    July 6, 2011 at 8:16 pm

    There are no words that I can say on the out come of this trial..I was in complete shock and I cant grasp that she is walking away free as a bird…..Casey threw this child away in a swamp like she never meant nothing ,and so did the justice system….As though she never existed…I can only say that all that helped her to freedom after what she did to Caylee, they will all answer to a higher court one day and they will all stand in front of there maker..Maybe then they can hang there head in shame..

  6. NOLA

    July 8, 2011 at 12:43 am

    If the child drowned in the pool, that pool would have been removed from the yard long ago, as the GParents wouldn’t have wanted to look at it.

  7. Joyce Hitchcock

    July 12, 2011 at 7:54 pm

    Thank you for putting everything I fill in such a wonderful truly have Casey pegged..she is everything you said and more.. I hope the jury live everyday of their life remembering what that did. I’m like you do I don’t have to respect the jurys verdict, I have no respect for any of them 12 members of the jury nor the stupid alternate that has spoken out. We must not stop this needs to continue until someone has the guts to take another look at it. I have said all along that there was jury misconduct they were not foloowing the judges orders, from day 1 of the trial I can bet you they were discussing the trial and they were clearly ordered not to. Every morning and after each break when Judge Berry asked them if they had followed his instruction they were commiting prejury because they were under oath. I know they lied, they know they lied and if the lady on the jury is the true Christain that she claims she will come forth with the truth. That’s what I have to say about this stupid lazy poor excuse of a jury!

  8. Sherry

    August 11, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    I have done my own write up on Casey the Murderer getting off scotfree and now her and her whole defence team out to make money on her Caylee’s death. The whole thing sickens me and I think it is because I feel helpless over what happened. If you want read my write up here is my blog url.
    please let me know what you think.

  9. jane

    October 1, 2011 at 12:30 pm

    I know the Casey Anthony ordeal is mostly over w/ but I just stumbled upon this. Love it – wish you would write a post about the George & Cindy Anthony interview!


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