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Casey Killed Caylee – It’s confirmed.

Even if you believe the ridiculous story spun so smugly by Jose that it was an accident, she still killed her because she didn’t call 911! She didn’t give Caylee a chance to survive her neglect. No matter how long she was in the pool a good mom would have called for help- so many drowning victims can be resuscitated. An amazing mom would have been watching her daughter in the first place but a good mom would have at least given her a chance. And then to supposedly just turn away and let George triple bag her like a family pet and toss her in the swamp?! That’s BS, that’s not a good mom, that’s a monster and it should be CRIMINAL!

So even if you buy the fantastical fiction put forth from Jose– EVEN IF you buy that- she still did nothing to help her daughter and she’s guilty of that much at the very least.

By the way IF you believe Casey’s story then we should be expecting a statement from her soon much to this effect…

Chloroform Casey issues an apologetic statement to the media:  
I want to absolutely offer my sincerest apology to everyone who has invested their time and concern on this case.  To prove what an amazing mother I am I want to dedicate my life to speaking out against the type of incest and sexual abuse I endured from my father and brother growing up.  Because of their despicable and horrific acts against me as a child I was unable to help my daughter and call 911 when she drowned and then I was unable to deal with reality and the aftermath.  I am asking the Orange County Sheriff’s Office to seek charges against my dad for triple bagging Caylee and tossing her away like trash in the swamp/pet cemetery. I also apologize to all the searchers. ANY money that I make for talking about Caylee will go to TexasEquusearch and The Klass Foundation for missing children.

George and Lee will have no choice but to make a healthy break from her and to speak out about everything they know.  The truth will be revealed and everyone will know that she is Caylee’s killer any which way that you look at it.  I believe the State of FL proved it’s case and the jury didn’t understand REASONABLE doubt–these ARE Florida voters after all. But again…even if it was an accident and she didn’t call for help and give her a chance– shouldn’t she be charged w/that??

The truth is that she killed her and the State proved it. Caylee ceased to exist while in the care of her mother and the jury got the verdict wrong. I’m sick of people saying we have to respect this jury’s decision. I don’t have to. They made a terrible mistake that they will no doubt profit from now and regret later. What they did is completely disrespectful to Caylee. Caylee didn’t deserve to be disposed of that way. Casey threw that baby in the swamp and I bet the jurors will admit they know that and voted not guilty bc the state didn’t have (it on tape) the right evidence.

Just make sure the body completely skeletonizes before you report the person missing and then lie to the police and voila- you can get smooth away from a murder charge in FL. This Pinellas County jury just completely ignored the SCIENCE!  Were they all scientologists or creationists??! They should be ashamed.

Apparently Casey was truly judged by a jury of her peers– those of a truly tiny intelligence. I’m curious to know what they did discuss in the very few hours they decided to devote to Caylee. It certainly wasn’t the evidence. I think they focused on the mystery and what can never be known about what happened bc this wasn’t written or filmed for TV. Real life is messier than that and you have to take the time to consider all the circumstances in which Caylee ceased to exist. I bet someone took notes and recreated that chart that Cheney Mason had in closing. I got worried when I saw that bc it made beyond reasonable doubt sound unattainable. I would like to see that chart again bc I bet you money it played a role. Someone fell for that, threw reason out the window and convinced everyone that the evidence didn’t rise to the level for conviction. Plus they were pissed they had to miss the 4th of July, were sick of Orange County and this case and wanted to move on. You have to almost completely ignore the evidence to do what they did and evidently that’s what they did bc there’s NO WAY they could have given proper attn to the over 300 pieces of evidence the State so carefully presented. Linda Drane Burdick and Jeff Ashton worked tirelessly and were excellent advocates for Caylee in death.

Sadly Caylee had only the Anthony’s looking out for her in life. It’s sad that Caylee didn’t have friends that missed her those 31 days. It’s sad that Caylee didn’t have a job that would have alerted someone when she didn’t show up. It’s sad that Caylee didn’t have a car that someone could have reported abandoned. It’s sad that Caylee didn’t have a phone where someone could have reached out to her. Caylee didn’t get the chance to have any of those things because she had to rely on her mother for care and her mother couldn’t have cared less about her. Casey is the one who got all the chances. Casey got treated w/kid gloves and ruled that house so she had no incentive to face reality. In the end I guess the Anthony’s got what they wanted all along– leave us alone, it’s none of your business!!   Caylee belonged to us- move along please. This is how we get rid of our family pets.

Casey saw Caylee as the noose around her neck tethering her to her overbearing mother. Casey’s friends were going to college and getting their first taste of freedom from parental control. Not Casey. Because of Caylee, Casey got put on complete lock down -Cindy style! She also got kicked way down the totem pole and was jealous of all the love and attention Caylee got. Cindy and George loved that baby beyond all measure and failed to see the jealous monster they were creating in their midst. Casey NEVER wanted Caylee and I think that had Cindy’s brother not been rude enough to interject some reality at that wedding- “hey Casey’s prego!” then Casey would have been one of those teens that have the baby in the rest room and end it all right there in the stall. Time for the hot body contest!

Cindy wanted sooo badly to prove to the world that she was a great mother but appearances were what really mattered to her. She mentioned what a good mother she was many times in her police interviews even while cataloging all the lies her daughter spewed. In order for Cindy to be a great mother, it had to appear that Casey was a good mother, thus she was HIGHLY motivated to believe the lies that Casey told her. A good mom would have noticed their pregnant daughter and a good mom would have gotten prenatal care but those are inconvenient truths. Casey didn’t want to be pregnant, pretended not to be and she walked down that hallway until she reached the very end and had no choice but to confess. Keeping up appearances Cindy moved quickly past that weirdness and got really excited about a grand daughter– a second chance! They spared no expense for Caylee and I’m sure Casey resented every penny. Money that might have gone for Casey’s college and a shot at freedom was yanked and spent on the snot nosed brat (Casey’s words) that ruined all of her escape plans.

George even talked about how Casey had stolen money he was saving for Caylee. Poor George has been neutered in that house for a very long time. Cindy keeps it in a jar and I don’t believe for one second that George did anything to Casey under her watchful eye. You can tell from his pathetic suicide note that there’s a mantra that’s been drummed into his head that he’s a failure. Cindy has said to him many times, the derogatory things he said about himself in that suicide note. And Cindy made George the villain in Casey’s eyes many times. She made it okay to throw George under the bus like that. Don’t be negative George, of course Casey is telling the truth. Be a dad not a cop! How dare you go bust her for her fake Sports Authority job! How dare you try to follow her down the highway! Now Princess Casey will move back in and George will have to hit the bricks. Casey used to have Caylee to hold over her parents head to get whatever she wanted. She’s killed Caylee but she will still be using her as her precious pawn but it’ll be Caylee’s corpse that she profits from now.

The media better put a stalk on that tattoo shop Casey loves– stat!  Remember, she missed her appointment when she got arrested on a fu*king whim?! You know Casey is going to have to get something inked over this horrific ordeal her parents have put her through. If they hadn’t tracked her down at Tony’s, if they hadn’t called the cops that night, if they hadn’t said they smelled death, if they hadn’t visited her in jail, if they had just believed her latest lie. This was a super inconvenient time for them to mess w/the fantasy and you can be certain that Casey will never stop making them pay for that.

My deepest hope and wish that I’m sending out into the universe is for someone to give Casey a tattoo on her other shoulder that says “Hideous Murderer” in Italian. Just have a really hot guy offer to do it for free and tell Casey it says something else! She’s not nearly as bright as people think she is. Tell her it means some bullshit about justice bc that is what it would mean to me, even if only in the teensiest degree. I think that jury and the Anthony’s will come to regret turning their backs on the obvious stench of what Casey did to Caylee! Here’s a petition to stop Casey from monetizing Caylee’s corpse:


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Casey: Compelling Motivation to Party Like a Rock Star

Jose keeps saying that AT TRIAL it will ALL be revealed as to WHY Casey Danced her Ass, ASS off while her little girl was “missing” !!!???!!! This is interesting bc I CANNOT see how he’s NOT setting himself up for a fall, for- an armada of police cars to deal w/your client if you will. I’m pretty sure this is a path that he should NOT stumble down. You are writing a check that your skills, the facts, no one in their right mind woulda coulda shoulda cash, Jose. BIG mistake, colossal, HUGE. IMO. Now I’ve been TRYING to be nice to Jose ever since he got his panties in a wad over a previous post but COME ON JOSE, pls don’t make it so difficult. We don’t want to, as the court doesn’t want to…”tee off on her.” However…

First of all, how are you going to establish the story w/out putting your girl on the stand? OOPS. Secondly, any reason you could possibly fathom will not be able to accommodate ALL of the juvenile, thoughtless, slutty, criminal, loathsome, abhorrent and completely asinine things your client has done. Thirdly, WHY in the hell haven’t you released a sketch of the nanny or the “perp”- WHO took that baby and killed her??? IF you truly believe your client didn’t do it- then you should be OBSESSED w/finding out WHO DID IT??D!!!@#$%^ Hey, how about putting out a SKETCH of the perp? I’m just saying.

But I AM actually FASCINATED by the idea of your story. Let’s all just take a moment or two and really stretch our imaginations. I will give a brand new copy of the Diane Fanning book on Caylee – to the best scenario. I accidentally bought two. Well, I pre-ordered one from Amazon and then they shanked me and didn’t get it to me in a timely manner. I was leaving the country so I was FORCED to buy another one at the airport. It’s not impressive IMO- anyone could have written it- it seems to be almost entirely transcripts of intvs- which most of us (obsess much?) have read and there are many typos (which believe it or not is a major pet peeve of mine). Granted there are many here- but this is a vastly different medium. I am mostly RANTING here and using things like OMG and IMO. IF I were to publish- I would make good and gosh darn sure that I didn’t have any typos AND BONUS –I would NEVER use the word MACADAM. That’s a promise! Has anyone else noticed how that word is popping up w/MUCH too much regularity? I’m pretty sure Diane Fanning used it, Dean Koontz can’t get enough of it and I was recently subjected to it thanks to Robin Cook, Ann Rule and Dominick Dunne. For some reason it annoys the crap out of me. Just say pavement- we ALL have access to a thesaurus – color me unimpressed. It makes me want to POUND my head into the MACADAM!! BTW- did you see that hilarious toss that Jon Stewart and Colbert did the other day– about the thesaurus?? Too funny- I will look for a link.

Now back to the compelling reasons to party like a rock star. I am not here to suggest that there are NO reasons to party like a rock star. I myself have stumbled across MANY: freshman in college, first credit card, first Grateful Dead/Rolling Stones/Van Halen concert, first time in Amsterdam, best friend’s wedding, open bar… you get the idea. There are a PLETHORA of good reasons to engage in such activity. HOWEVER, if my daughter, or hell, even my DOG were missing I would need something happening on a sort of Tony Soprano scale with CONSTANT reinforcement to make me get my groove on and do NOTHING for a month.

Sorry Jose but we’re just going to have to apply the “we’re not quite as stupid as you (think we are)” line of reasoning here. What could POSSIBLY be the reason that would compel YOU to go out to bars, recruiting everyone you know (through facebook, myspace and text msgs) to join you in the party, the all white party, the anything but clothes party the hot body contest and the plain old dancing on stage w/a girl for the cameras at the club party, all the while – you NEVER use your phone or computer to research WHO took your daughter, you never create a file- try to look up Zanny or her roommates, of course you never call the police or tell your parents, friends, ANYONE who actually exists. You go about your life as if nothing is amiss, you ONLY speak of Caylee when asked and when prompted come up w/DETAILED agendas of who she’s with and where. The person you sleep with…the one you live with and say I love you to- you NEVER mention any of this to him and are able to completely snow him?!

OK, so let’s think about a scenario. I don’t work so perhaps I’m engaged in something nefarious. Which I’ve suspected but wouldn’t that have come out? I’ve seen ONE picture that looks like Casey engaged in porno/paris hilton type behavior. IF she was doing that…then where was the money? Is THAT how she’s paying Jose? IF they prosecutor’s know this- wouldn’t we know it by now????

Anyway- that’s one scenario that I can fathom- IF I dial my brain down to almost stupid. Let’s suppose…I’ve been engaged in something like this- and the people I work for are SHADY. Something I’ve done has pissed them off. They take my daughter in order to convince me to rectify the error. Well, if my character was appropriately shady, I think I MIGHT think– OK, I don’t want my secret to come out, I will do what they say and I will get my daughter back w/out anyone finding out I’m a dirtball. Problem here is- would that take me a MONTH before I re- PRIORITIZED as to my daughter’s life?? NO!! I would comply immediately and if unsuccessful- get SOMEONE involved. Considering my incredible capacity for lying- I might try to turn the tables on them and get police involved w/out them knowing. Which is what MOST RATIONAL PEOPLE do when something horrific happens and they are warned against getting police involved.

Does anyone remember the intv when George was shown pictures or something that detectives warned him about, then apologized for and which George then had to leave the room for and vomit? Something very upsetting— I’m sure I’m getting the details wrong. WHAT was that?

IF Casey was making money this way– as in some sex trade job– I wouldn’t be surprised. Jane on ISSUES HLN had Jose on the other day and he said that the money question as to HOW he’s getting paid was CONFIDENTIAL. No SHIT, Sherlock, we KNOW that you plan to make your NAME from this case. That kind of publicity can be priceless. BUT I’m still curious about Casey’s story about hearing about Jose– she tells Lee that she heard about him from a fellow “inmate” in booking, and then w/out prompting (she likes to bolster her lies) she says something like yeah but not only that inmate recommended him but others in the line did too. As if to say…. OHHHH, so all of these people who are sitting in jail- they have someone they recommend. That’s like accepting – Mrs. Nussbaum’s credit card bc….As long as we have a VOUCHER. ANYWAY, that doesn’t really matter BUT what would surprise me would be her actually having money bc WHERE is the MONEY??? Would she risk blowing her cover SOOOO many times by stealing money from Caylee’s bank, asking folks for money etc. when her DAD is a former COP who has ALREADY demonstrated suspicion as to her employment. Granted, maybe the POINT was she was building a nest egg in order to disappear to CALI once she had killed Caylee. But you would think, (which may be a mistake- DON’T THINK- YOU’RE CASEY) that she would care enough to keep her parents (especially dad) off her back so that the EXIT plan would seem smooth. HMMM.

Anyway, WHAT could POSSIBLY be the scenario? The COMPELLING reason Casey NEVER reported her daughter missing and acted like she didn’t give a damn that she was gone???!@#$


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NG show bumps Caylee to the top of the show- due to Casey-Jose hugfest at the OC Jail

He’s been reprimanded twice. The first time- he said- oh I didn’t know the rules. (BS! It’s a JAIL!) The next time he said oop, sorry, I will make an effort to remember. Now, Jose says I hug all my clients. Jose Huggy Bear- ick. Jose implores the media as responsible journalists to explore what’s going on here– ha ha that’s a nice clip they just took of him out of context- way to go Nancy. He is so cocky w/nothing to back it up. That’s an extremely unattractive quality.

Hmm, it was a woman in Indiana who filed the report w/the FL Bar- she saw it online. It’s not ok, and I can’t believe this lawyer is saying that– at least admit that its a jail and its INAPPROPRIATE. Where’s is NG’s call screener??? GRR!!

caller- where’s the car seat? HELLOO– it was in the car w/the little doll Caylee called momma, the one which she never went anywhere w/out. BOTH of those things were sort of big points in that it looked highly suspicious – to Cindy- why those things wouldn’t be w/Caylee.

WKMG interviewed getting close to the exact spot and the exact whys…we believe we’re on the right track. They think Caylee has been moved numerous times and George said “there’s a lot more to this story than you guys can ever imagine!” Wow- I would love to hear what their theories are. Cindy said Casey would be willing to go to jail for the rest of her life to protect Caylee. I think she will never tell what she did to Caylee, in order to protect herself and in order to protect what her family, and her mother in particular thinks of her. They are speculating that its a PR strategy that the A team keeps saying we know she’s alive and we’re close to finding her. Leo P is saying that this is her strategy to get through w/life. I’m looking for this interview online– I don’t think they have it posted yet.

caller- asks could Lee have been the lookout? none of the family has been listed as a suspect. I still want to believe that they’re not involved. Cindy was just saying that she was angry about the case and that the evidence she’s seen so far is inconclusive. They’re really making it hard to believe that they’re not at least covering up- something- to some extent.

They’re talking about LE being interested in the movies that she rented the night they believe Caylee died. I posted them a while back– I’ll have to go look but I think the 2 movies were Jumper and Untraceable. I don’t really put much stock into what movies she was watching though– I imagine she just went along w/whatever darling boyfriend wanted to watch. She aims to please.

Hmm, maybe the movie was what was giving her nightmares though– WKMG is reporting this gruesome scene was in the movie Untraceable –WKMG reporter Pipitone said– “The movie shows an FBI agent being pursued by a sadistic cyber-stalker who pops the trunk of a car and is overcome by the smell of a fly-infested, rotting corpse left by the killer in the trunk of the car.” Yep that sounds like the stuff of nightmares.

Here’s a link to the 1,000s of tips that were released. They are said to be mostly psychic visions of where the body is located and not Caylee sightings.

Happy Halloween! I’m off to see the wizard.


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10/23–Tot Mom bombshells on Nancy G – live blogging bc she’s part of my life now. GRR!

WFTV- is that the only station reporting that chloroform recipe searches were done on Casey’s computer? Is that true? I do wonder how they obtained that info?

They are saying that the defense will pursue the theory that there was another dead body in the trunk– evidently it was open season on that trunk and who knows who had access to it?? You know we should probably research those suicidal squirrels– they really seemed to have it out for Casey– what w/crawling all up on her grill and then offing themselves only to have their decaying smell spread throughout Casey’s car. Dastardly!! Now I’m no big fan of squirrels– as I’ve seen them do some dirty and underhanded things to my dog in the backyard but…I’m not sure they would have the strength to get a corpse in and out of the trunk. And what would be their motivation? Were they too –handed a script to follow for 30 days when Zanny the nanny and her sister Sam took off w/Caylee at Jay Blanchard Park??

I think as far as the computer searches –they will be able to narrow it down as to who did it bc of activity happening immediately before and after those searches. I wonder if it WAS an accident and she was cooking it up for some sex games? Is my sense of self delusion kicking in?– I soo want to believe it was an accident! Although that’s almost as disturbing — who would get off on that? I don’t get it. If you’re out- how do you get off? The only reference I have for chloroform is a truly disgusting case- I will link it up later- I’m sure many have heard of it (if not, you’ll wish you hadn’t!) –the Karla Homolka and Ken Bernardo case. SICK!

They are saying that 30 pages or so of discovery could be released soon.
🙂 I’m giddy. Whoo. Dr. Lambert from Columbia talking about Chloroform and creating it– oh its so easy- bleach on the rocks, a splash of acetone etc. …you can look it up if you care to. There’s really no innocent reason/uses for chloroform. I remember when everyone was speculating that it was used in some sort of clean-up. I never got that. They say it destroys dna and someone cleaned up w/it bc of that– but I’m thinking – wouldn’t you pass out yourself from the fumes? Now I know we’re dealing w/princess not so bright here but I can’t imagine they will come up w/a plausible story for Casey cooking up chloroform. What could possibly be the reason?

One of the attorneys went well off the leash and questioned why this stuff keeps getting leaked–Shiny Shirt was NOT happy- off w/your mic- onto the next. But I have the same questions! WHY do we keep hearing about leaks? I don’t want anything to jeopardize this case! Nothing to appeal. I hope they are being careful.

Caller- asking about the Anthony’s funds for “continuing” to search. The first account had less than $2500 and the new foundation they are setting up– we know nothing about. Now talking about the people who put money into Casey’s account. I would like to interview them myself.

NG guest saying she doesn’t believe Casey did the chloroform JUST to go out on a date. She seems to be implying the search originated differently– like “how to harm a child” or “child poisoning” etc. Hmm, I am still DESPERATELY clinging to hope that it was somehow accidental– not w/out negligence mind you but– Oh I don’t even know anymore– its too crazy!!

caller- possible insanity defense? no- its not even worth discussing- its the holy grail of defense strategies = impossible (or near enough). I didn’t hear what the actual expert said bc I get so mad. Shiny shirt needs to do some house cleaning. Its obvious that her stylist hates her and her call screener is SLEEPING on the job.

Showing clips of Cindy defending Casey- saying that the half truths or mis-truths were bc she feared for Caylee’s life. I’m sorry but that dog don’t hunt. IF that were true- then the come to Jesus mtg should have happened when Cindy was freaking out 7/15- and BEFORE they called 911– IF Casey thought involving authorities was dangerous.

caller- is it possible that they buried Caylee in the bkyd and used chloroform for some type of embalming? LP is not answering the question and praising the OSCO- saying no- the body is near the airport. Is it significant that she made her own chloroform? (wake up call screener!!)

Ron (guest) — says- yes- it shows premeditation and covering her trail. Other guest says- hard to say – she was so manipulative!? Damn that orange is ORANGE.

Great- more Kobi. Asking about accidentally creating chloroform– that’s BS. He says this is forensic science 201- animal decomposition can form chloroform. DAMN those DASTARDLY squirrels– it was ALL their fault!! What is he smoking? Friends share.

caller- witness to Casey look alike w/shovel– what did the bag look like? We don’t know. The shovel was supposedly in the bag. That’s weird- how did he know it was a shovel then– wouldn’t she put the business end IN the bag? Are the local reporters just totally dropping the ball and not asking the right questions? I think so. I think all of the reporters are. Lemme at em!!

More wasted time on the insanity defense- its not going to happen. Its impossible or nearly so and Casey’s ego would never allow it. She’s going to keep striding confidently down the isle towards her office at Universal until… Who the hell knows?? Though I did read about a case recently where the perp was convicted w/out a body and he got the DP so AFTER that he negotiated and agreed to tell them where the body was in exchange for life instead of Old Sparky–er I guess its old Sticky now. Does anyone recall that case? It was here in FL somewhere… all the nuts roll down to FL 😉 Anyway, I wonder if that might happen in this case?

caller- who’s paying the legal bills? Baez says he’s being paid but won’t say by whom– ABC confirmed that they paid some money to license the photo/video (yeah, we know) but he won’t confirm how much or say who’s footing the bill. His EGO is footing most of it IMO.

Well it looks like that’s it for Caylee tonight. Only 15 minutes left for Kelli Morris. This case NEEDS attention and here is an excellent link:
The Criminal Report Daily


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Casey Anthony (Chloroform Chloe) Cooked it up HERSELF (and I’m still watching Nancy Grace)! GRR!

I hate really dislike Casey! WFTV is reporting here that the chloroform searches on Casey’s computer were about how to make it not how to buy it. RIGHT around the time Caylee went missing. 😦 How the hell is she going to explain this?

If she made it rather than buying it I think it makes it even more suspicious. I was thinking she found it somewhere and could explain looking it up by saying she wanted to know what it was.

CH9 is saying it’s suspicious too bc there’s no purchase trail- she was trying to cover tracks. I can’t wait to see what Jose could possibly say to explain this that would make us all go AH HA- I see why Casey did all that. They said there was testimony about this at the Grand Jury that MAY be released soon. DON’T tease!! Is that true??

Jose will begin interviewing some of the prosecution’s witnesses next week. Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall for that??

Maybe Casey thought if you just put chloroform on a rag in the trunk w/the child that it would just knock her out each time she woke up as opposed to holding it continually over someone’s mouth. Is she that stupid?

Great- Nancy Grace is going into incredible detail about how to make chloroform and how easy it is. I know the info is out there already but lets move on. I sure hope we don’t see copy cats- I’m glad that other guy just said- watch out- its also very volatile.

They just said that the Globe theorized pretty much what I just said about the chloroform rag NEAR the baby. I can’t believe I’m going to have to go buy that rag (mag) again AND People. This case is bringing me down! I usually just read those in the grocery line- its so embarrassing to purchase. When I purchased the globe last time I had to mention that I was only doing it due to my heinous obsession w/this case and it was funny bc the cashier and the lady behind me were like oh really- Caylee in Orlando??? They were not quite oblivious but my obsession was clear and present.

Where did Casey get the idea for chloroform? And what was her intent?? I wonder if there are further computer forensics searched from her computer that will reveal more. I need to know.

This distasteful pic was on the myspace page of one of Casey’s friends.

I think if someone w/half of Jose’s ego and twice his brain got a really good look at this case they would try to plead it down– she is so FU@KED! Of course I’ll probably be feeling the opposite tomorrow- panicked that she’s going to get away w/it. She’s making me crazy (these pretzels are making me thirsty) she’s driving me to drink!!

Leonard is saying again that they KNOW the child is dead- they’re just trying to make the most of it. He said basically that he overheard George telling an old cop friend (from Ohio) that he was tired of living a lie. NG stood up for the GPs- rightfully so- I think they may know the truth on some level– they are not pretending to be so self delusional— they ARE self delusional!! As another of NG’s guests said earlier- if they give up this hope then what are left with? No more beautiful grand daughter AND a (spiteful b!tch) daughter possibly facing the death penalty. Its so sad.

Kobi just said he doesn’t trusts the cadaver dogs. Silly man. I read an amazing article about those (type) dogs the other day. They were testing them on recently deceased bodies that had been put there for just 2 minutes in some cases and they had an amazing accuracy rate. (I will try to find the article to link.) He ought to try applying some of that same skepticism as to the truthfulness of his “client” — the one he’s being paid to consult for anyway.

Shiny shirt (its a peachy color tonight) is off on a tear about the stuff that Casey can order w/her commissary money- too funny. This is when I like Nancy- be snarky but be NICE!! 🙂 Wow- she WAS actually nice to one of the defense lawyers tonight! She understood he was just playing devil’s advocate– yeah, er- isn’t that WHY you have them on there? Play nice!

I’m going to go hunt that list down- its quite extensive. They may have even Target beat for bargains- though probably no fancy bras, no cases of bud light and thankfully no more big ugly white (stolen) sunglasses– oh that’s right– she will rarely see the sun. Snap! That’s really terrible to be gleeful about her suffering- I just want her to tell the truth!! And then I won’t be gleeful about her suffering anymore…I just won’t care.


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Today Show 10/22 -George and Cindy Anthony in NYC.

They are in NYC on the set and they are sitting about as far away from each other as is possible while still being on the same set. I think body language experts would have a field day w/it and I think there is a growing chasm between them- I can’t imagine what its like in that house. I still have tremendous sympathy for them but I just don’t think they are doing themselves any favors w/the way they are conducting themselves. I think George may try to broach the subject, as he should, about the POSSIBILITY that Caylee is no longer w/us and I imagine Cindy bites his head off. I think they should be in counseling and someone should advise them to acknowledge that that MAY be the outcome- their stance right now is making them seem delusional and interfering w/people feeling the sympathy for them that they deserve. I wonder what other shows they will be doing while in the big apple? Geraldo probably -for sure- since he’s buddies w/Casey’s BFF Jose. I wonder if they’re still mad at Greta? Yuck, I’ll probably have to watch some FOX. I hate dislike FIXed News.

Here’s where to watch the Today show clip and here’s a summary/recap/rant:

Meredith interviews them- asks how they are feeling- George says crazy roller coaster (hmm, I wonder what the highs have been? I love roller coasters). I can’t imagine being in their shoes. She then asks about the Grand Jury- he can’t comment- duh. Cindy responds to the neglect charges being dropped -due to the State saying evidence has revealed that Caylee is deceased- by saying that she believes that its just a delay tactic to keep evidence from them. Yeah, that’s right its all a big conspiracy
and LE faked all this evidence just to frame your daughter. What does she think the evidence will show her? Meredith asks about the evidence and what if they present evidence to you showing that Caylee is deceased and Cindy says that’s a big IF. They mention that its all circumstantial and they still believe she’s alive and that every bit of evidence can have experts argue against it in court. She thinks they’ll find Caylee before that but they’ll go to court if they have to. Um, you do have to and that thing you always say about its not against the law to lie…yeah that’s not true so much when you’re in court (or talking to authorities for that matter– see the last 4 charges against your daughter). She says they’ve established a new tip line and have investigators working diligently trying to find Caylee- they get tips all the time.

Interesting that they don’t give out the tip # – hey you’re on national TV – why not give out the number to call or hey why not show a sketch of the last person seen w/Caylee?? -she looks like this, here’s what her car looks like, here’s where she may be, what she may be doing, what she likes to eat, her hobbies. Why not make a plea to that person to bring Caylee home? Why not speak directly to Caylee?- honey we love you and we’re looking for you. Don’t most loved ones do that? I don’t understand why people don’t ask them that stuff in interviews-grrrr- its so frustrating!! I’m going to have to build another list of 90 questions that I want to SCREAM at reporters!! 😦 I’ve heard that they took a lie detector test fairly recently and I like for them to confirm that. I also heard that Lee is still refusing. I’s like to know why?

They talk about these party pictures-Meredith says- help us understand they pics. Yes pls explain the apparent disparity between distraught mother/desperately searching/grief and party girl/spiteful b!tch/thief!! Curious minds want to know. George says the best way to describe Casey is she’s a good mother and a good daughter. Er, yep, that would be the best way– but what we are interested in is the most truthful way. Give that a shot. Why didn’t she have a job? Why did she lie? Why was there even the need for a (phantom) nanny? Cindy says alot of those pics were taken before 6/16. Why don’t they get called out on this? However true that may be- as we’ve seen alot of pictures- SOME of them WERE taken after Caylee went “missing” so how do you explain that? How bout the crime spree ripping off a good friend at Target?

I do think its interesting that at least she’s acknowledging that date still. I think that was the date Caylee died, but at least she knows that was the date she went “missing.” Why not talk about the circumstances of that day? Maybe someone watching saw something- wouldn’t that be the most helpful thing to be talking about when you have the nation’s attention? Hmm- it makes me think of the new Clint Eastwood movie- The Changeling– where they try to give the wrong kid back after a kidnapping. Would that work here? Maybe Cindy just wants her 3 yr old grand daughter back- any 3 yr old will do?!? Ugh, I know she loved Caylee and I feel bad even typing that but its just so unbelievably frustrating. They are getting some really bad PR advice or they are completely un-coachable in my opinion. They should be asking for help and telling us what happened- we ALL want Caylee to be found alive. Give us a reason to believe. Why don’t you share some of what your having? I actually quite like kool-aid. (The new crystal lite style sugar free cherry flavor is FABULOLUS! BTW)

I think its interesting that they didn’t use the Jose line about –the world will understand everything once Casey gets to tell her story in court. Cindy says poor Casey has been tried in the public since day one. Poor Casey? NO! Poor Caylee!! Cindy actually gives a shout out to Tim Miller -which is weird since I thought she’d (threw him under the bus recently and) said that he stole from them and she would never speak to him again.

Cindy says she point blank asked authorities, even weeks ago, if its 100% and they said no, NO evidence is 100%. That’s frustrating to me. I know 100% certainty is rare- but if they have it- WHY don’t they say YES so that these poor grandparents can begin to have some closure? Why don’t they do this??? They don’t have to show her the evidence yet but why not say that yes, we have enough evidence to conclusively prove that the child is no longer w/us? I guess there’s some legal issues involved and I don’t want to jeopardize the case but DAMN- that’s frustrating. I want to KNOW what they KNOW. And I sure as sh!t hope they can PROVE what they know.

They say they haven’t gone to see Casey in jail bc Casey has asked that the focus not be on her but on her daughter Caylee and they know the media frenzy that would ensue w/visits etc. How thoughtful of Casey. Cindy says who’s to say how you react when someone takes someone you love? Um, normal people are to say how you react when someone takes someone you love…normal people call 911, tell the truth and tell WHO look their loved one! Heck, there’d probably even be a sketch (rant)! To do otherwise needs explanation and there may be one, I doubt it but I would sure love to hear it!!

George gives a shout out to the Kid Finders Network and says they’ve been helped tremendously by them. Hmmm, then why are you starting basically a duplicate and competing foundation seeking donations in your daughter’s name? There are other ways to honor the memory of Caylee. How about a scholarship fund for young single mothers? How about funds to go for mental health counseling for families in need- families who’ve lost a loved one or families dealing w/a loved one who’s a sociopath?

Ugh, I just read here that Cindy was paid $5000 for her last Today show interview and now they’ve flown both of them up there- I wonder how much money this whole little publicity tour will net them?? I wonder if its specified that it can’t go to Casey’s defense? As I wrote in the 20/20 post –> over there–> they get around it by not paying for the intv but licensing photos etc. Yuck. I wish there was a way to get a petition going that would say PLEASE don’t put those people on the air unless they tell us the circumstances surrounding Caylee’s disappearance. Starve them of the limelight as we starve for information!! WE are TEAM Caylee! We want her to be found and we want CAYLEE to have JUSTICE! I just listened to that interview again and grrr Cindy said again that from day 1 they have been building a case against Casey and they HAVE NOT BEEN LOOKING FOR CAYLEE!! That makes me so angry- they’ve BEEN looking for Caylee but the ONE person who could help has NOT BEEN COOPERATING. Cindy says there is nothing in the world that could ever make her believe Casey harmed Caylee. I believe that’s true- she is snowed UNDER and will never see the truth unless Case admits it. And the chances of that are slim to none. I think she wants to dedicate her life to this “cause” thus the foundation and she will ALWAYS be trying to figure out a way to find Casey innocent.

She’s already thrown Jesse and Amy under the bus. Jesse who loved Casey and Caylee and Amy who led Cindy to Casey when she was distraught over finding her daughter -her daughter who’s been (missing) out of the house for the past month- for the first time ever keeping Caylee away for that long. Amy did that, even though since day 1 Casey had pumped her full of despicable lies about the Anthony family- Amy thought they WERE a crazy family and hesitated when Cindy called, but then Amy could just hear how upset she was. Cindy, having just recovered her “missing” daughter’s car REEKING of decomposition begged Amy to take her to Casey. Amy recognized a distraught parent and agreed to “bust” Casey at her secret hideaway w/the boyfriend Cindy had no clue about!! THAT is the ONLY reason we even know that Caylee is missing! God bless Amy (poor thing has had ALL of her personal text messages revealed and her bank account and her privacy have been ravaged by Casey)- THANK YOU AMY– I’m sorry you ever met Casey. I think Cindy was just using the stolen car and bank account- call the cops threat to force Casey to take her to Caylee. We know how stubborn Casey is…I can still picture her striding confidently down the hall at Universal w/cops in tow…which one is my office? Oh, that’s right, I don’t have an office here. I haven’t worked here in over 2 years. I was just FF’in w/ya! But I do want to help you find my daughter…in a backward sorta way. GRRR!! I’m sorry any of us have ever heard of her. I’m so mad and so sad! 😦

Double Ugh, after the interview, I left it running while ranting here and heard the clip about Hulk Hogan’s son getting released and like a train wreck…I had to go watch. Brook runs up hugging him dramatically wearing a tight white wife beater and tight jeans- no reason a publicity ho shouldn’t look good while dashing into the scene dramatically as her little brother gets released from prison. Ugh, I can’t even talk about these people anymore. WHY are they on TV??? They hurt my eyes. Pls go away. And pls, let’s all say a prayer that Nick does not get his own show too. We’ve had enough of these people. WHO is the idiot that put them on TV in the first place?? They’ve got some serious explainin’ to do.


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