The Tot Mom Takes the Stage

Steven Soderbergh will direct a play about Casey called “Tot Mom” -WTF??
The play, will be on stage in Australia from December 18 to January 31. Staging down under evidently prevents having to compensate anyone for source material. The play will use excerpts from transcripts of Nancy Grace’s show, court documents and police reports.

Essie Davis will play Nancy Grace and I think Genevieve Hegney will play Casey, both are Aussie actresses.

This is just bizarre. I wonder what prompted him to do this? It’s exceedingly strange but I do love Soderbergh and have always wanted to go to Australia. This case just gets weirder and weirder.

Questions? Comments? Thoughts? Concerns?

On its Web site, the company notes that the case has baffled investigators and poses the questions “Why was Caylee’s disappearance not reported to police for over a month? When was the child last seen? What was the strange smell in the boot(hee hee boot) of Casey Anthony’s car? Who and where was the alleged babysitter?”

I think Soderbergh is so talented and I just find it puzzling that he’s obsessed enough w/this case that he’s taken time out of his busy schedule to WRITE a play about CASEY. Maybe he really is trying to end his career as this article suggests. In that article he said:

“In terms of my career, I can see the end of it,” he says. “I’ve had that sensation for a few years now. And so I’ve got a list of stuff that I want to do – that I hope I can do – and once that’s all finished I may just disappear.”

Aren’t you just kind of waiting to Ashton Kutcher or Jamie Kennedy to come out? I feel PUNKED. And my jaw is sore once again.

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Jose files whiny little…motion about the videos and bloggers…OOPS- Me!

So, I just found out that Jose evidently has his panties in a wad about this post. So much so that he included it in the motion he filed whining complaining about the state of reality that exists in that prisoners have little right to privacy and his client doesn’t get exemption or special treatment. Visitations are recorded, it’s public record and Florida has a VERY shiny Sunshine law. Surely they showed you that in law school Jose? No way?

So, we got to hear what the inmate said to her brother, Lee Anthony, when he came to visit for the first (and one of the ONLY times). I was slightly obsessed w/the case at the time and pretty much just listened and transcribed the jail visit that was released. I’m really curious as to WHY Jose chose this post to mention?

<img src="; alt="Jose is not a Kim Fan– But WHY is this post THE most offensive?!?” title=”Whiny little b… motion” width=”500″ height=”494″ class=”size-full wp-image-1937″ />

Jose is not a Kim Fan-- WHY is this post THE most offensive?!?

I mean, had he called, I would have happily helped…”OH– looking for posts that call out the stupidity leaks on your client’s front??” No problem, I actually have many other posts that were probably much more damaging/disparaging/truth telling etc. So, I don’t know- he didn’t ask and I didn’t say… but I think it’s weird. Why me? One thing that REALLY makes me laugh/cringe though, is that, JOSE has actually been reading here and ON that page he sites- there’s a link to the post I wrote about the whiny little b!tch letter he wrote. I’m sure he understands now that I was just taking my anger out on him but…WHY would he send people here?

Anyway, thanks Jose! Pls get in touch!! I would love to confront the State Attnys office w/the questions you have in mind. Reporters have really been missing that story.


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HIGH heel shoes = dumb.

Picture 8

These shoes were invented by a man and they are RIDICULOUS!!

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Democrats need to Grow a Pair!

The outcry against health care reform is feeble minded but the Democrats are just feeble. Rachel Maddow takes Barry and the Dems to SCHOOL! Go Rachel!! People should watch and share- she’s keepin’ it real.

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I’m a Journalist- Get Me out of North Korea!!

Please take a moment to sign this petition- for whatever good it may do. Two journalists for Current TV were taken into custody, charged w/something ridiculous and sentenced to 12 years in a hard labor camp in North Korea. That old bat that is leading that country is BAT SH!T crazy!!


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Green eyes!

This is for my sister and her beautiful green eyes. I’m not at ALL resentful that she got the green eyes and the great hair and the beautiful porcelain skin. That would be so silly. Whew- its a good darn thing that that’s out of the way huh? Ha- its funny bc its true.

Anyway- we had soooo much fun in Spain! Pictures must be posted soon and I’m so glad I kept that arrangement I made w/that bull. Bull fighting is sooooooo undignified. Don’t you think?

Got to promise not to stop when I say when.

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If you need a slightly disturbing LAUGH…

And let’s face it- who doesn’t? You MUST go check out DOOCE today. She has channeled some trailer trash and was kind enough to share the hilarity w/the internet. She or her offspring may suffer a momentary slip into embarrassment later but it’s okay bc her unborn child is really the culprit and she can blog about it later. We and the internets are all the better for it. Sugar does something to brain cells– obviously in a really wonderful way!

Also found this fabulous site from her comment section (and NO I don’t have a pregnant woman fetish)! I just happened to stumble upon some 2 super duper ones today.

If you haven’t discovered Dooce- you’re welcome! The woman is brilliant – so honest and hilarious. If I didn’t love and respect her WAY too much I would say that she should have her own reality show. As much as I would love to see that- and for SURE it would be wicked awesome- I wouldn’t want to see her marriage go the way of EVERY SINGLE COUPLE that has EVER let cameras follow around their intimate lives for extended periods of time. It’s clearly relationship poison.

Have you been watching Jon and Kate Plus 8? It is sooo sad what has happened to them! I’ve enjoyed the show for awhile (due to previously mentioned reality show addiction)- their kids are just adorable and my clock is TICKING- but now I think they should cut the season short and take some private time. It is literally PAINFUL to watch.

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I Hope We All Remember to…

“…gather around their sacred remains and garland the passionless mounds above them with choicest flowers of springtime….let us in this solemn presence renew our pledges to aid and assist those whom they have left among us as sacred charges upon the Nation’s gratitude,–the soldier’s and sailor’s widow and orphan.” –General John Logan, General Order No. 11, 5 May 1868

And remember the day as suggested here. The “Memorial” in Memorial Day has been ignored by too many of us who are beneficiaries of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Often we do not observe the day as it should be, a day where we actively remember our ancestors, our family members, our loved ones, our neighbors, and our friends who have given the ultimate sacrifice:

* by visiting cemeteries and placing flags or flowers on the graves of our fallen heroes.
* by visiting memorials.
* by flying the U.S. Flag at half-staff until noon.
* by flying the ‘POW/MIA Flag’ as well (Section 1082 of the 1998 Defense Authorization Act).
* by pausing for a “National Moment of Remembrance”: at 3 p.m. to think upon the true meaning of the day, and for Taps to be played.
* by renewing a pledge to aid the widows, widowers, and orphans of our falled dead, and to aid the disabled veterans.

Bob Woodruff has a nice piece about remembering veterans who are coming home now. War is hell. The military needs to do a better job of addressing mental health. We need to make sure that these people who served our country are taken care of when they come back. There are many who will need help and not ask for it or ask for it and not get it. Pls find an organization in your community that is helping and find a way to lend a hand. My BFF Stephen Colbert has a nice challenge going on w/donorschoose to help the children of military members. And my BF Paul Reickoff has a great organization here that helps w/all kinds of veteran’s issues. I wrote a bit about him here earlier after reading his great book “Chasing Ghosts” – which, obviously, I highly recommend.

I hope everyone has a great memorial day wkd! I’m getting ready to go to Spain for two weeks! Yea!!!!!!!! I’ve never been there before so I’m thoroughly excited – any one have any Spain tips? I’m a little worried bc my Spanish is sooo high school. Also, I’m a vegetarian and I’m reeally hooping I don’t accidentally dine on swine. Ya know what I’m sayin? In any case SPAIN-SPAIN-SPAIN!!!
Picture 44

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Wild World and other bitter break up songs- for your listening pleasure.

Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens was on Colbert tonight. They had a good conversation about why Stephen worshipped him as a younger man but now the Western media has indoctrinated him and he feels he should fear him bc Cat (who sang Father and Son to a younger Stephen but then stopped making music and) became Yusef, a Muslim. Yusef talked about how Islam is all about peace– mentioning that, in fact, that is their most common greeting, Salem (peace). Or as Stern likes to say, Asa lam a laakem.

It’s such an interesting religion- which I’m sure has a lot a wonderful things to offer. I just wish that Allah/GOD/Yahweh/Buddha actually let’s just say ALL the homies that rock it GOD style- I wish they could add an addendum. Just a dash of…Hey everyone, thanks for believing in me– here’s what I have to say, THE most IMPORTANT thing is do unto others as you would have them do unto you, a penis does NOT make you greater than, you should get tax breaks NOT tax freedom and other than that just believe it if you like and leave it if you don’t.

Wouldn’t that be loverly? Anyway, here’s Cat singing a song I love (but it’s funny bc when I listened to it just now, I kind of had my feminist shoes on and it sounds like he’s patronizing me). My last boyfriend did that and it was extremely annoying. I’ll be sure and wear heels tomorrow. 😉

Cat sounds a bit bitter and patronizing no? Not to make broad stroke assumptions 😉
but…having just seen him on Colbert and hearing their great conversation about him becoming Muslim–um…not the best friend to women IMO. So, when I listened to it again it made me think of how that religion treats women and now that’s how I hear that song.

Silly little girl, you’re making a mistake leaving me, I don’t value you for much more than your looks so I think you might have trouble out there. Maybe I just have my feminist shoes on. 😉

Anyway, it’s a beautiful song and I will always enjoy it. I will wear heels tomorrow. 😉

And here’s some more random music bc now I’m thinking about bitter ex-boyfriends.

Some Godlike Grohl for your enjoyment:

And some Pooh, and Chocolate Starfish in the Hotdog Flavored Water: (Not the best “My Way” version, but I couldn’t resist the Pooh.)

Puddle of Mud- Um yeah, She…doesn’t like you: 😉

The gold standard- Greenday- Good Riddance:

And By the Way, some Chili Peppers:

More RHCP- Otherside:

OK, so I like the peppers- Scar Tissue:

And something vintage for the finale- The Break Up Song:

Ah, good times. I also found this cool site where people discuss song lyrics and their meanings. I can’t believe I’ve never found it before bc I’m extremely nosey and if I like a song I ALWAYS want to know how they wrote it, who it’s for, what happened etc. I’ll also mention again bc it needs to be said…WHY aren’t there more songs written about Kim. It’s ridiculously easy to rhyme, unlike Delilah and yet so for we only have Eminem’s ode to Kim and their bitter break up song which I’m not even going to mention. Hmm, this was fun though–I like these music posts bc it’s like a gathering of music for whenever I’m in a particular mood.


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The George and Cindy show- thanks larry- sick bag at the ready.

Larry starts w/–Why do you need an attny? George says–He’s a great confidant, and helps us focus. So you have to pay for friends? Brad pipes up that there were rumors of an obstruction of justice charge. Yeah, we’re still waiting.

Larry says he’s amazed by the thousands of responses on the blogs– um, he’s not astounded– that’s why he has the Anthony’s on there.

Cindy says- they’ve never been in our shoes, people are picking apart that we are supporting our daughter, and trying to make a good buck thing out of Caylee’s tragedy. George says he’s been a positive role model for other families going through this. Oh so deluded. I would LMAO if it weren’t so pathetic. OK, watch how they’ve handled it and behave in the exact opposite manner. What would that be an anti-role model?

Any sensible person would stand behind their daughter no matter what? Um, you’re NOT standing behind her you are standing in front of her and trying to block justice for Caylee! Get behind her and accept that she did it– that’s what a sensible person w/a good thought in their head would do.

George says they didn’t realize it was Caylee until 9-10 days after the remains were found and then, they were surprised. Hmm, your daughter seemed to realize it right away– I guess she remembered where she threw her daughter away.

Cindy says she hasn’t spoken to Casey bc visits will become public. Larry asks Brad – he says he thinks they should visit- he doesn’t see a down side. WTF? Have you mentioned that to your clients?

Cindy says they do communicate through letters. Larry says why not ask your daughter what’s going on?…George gives a nonsense answer. WHO CARES if it’s monitored– if she’s not involved what could be the harm? Cindy says Casey can do no right, if they go in there and see her, it can only harm her. Cindy says, look at us, we haven’t done anything and… WHAT PLANET IS SHE ON? Does she know that her depo was taped and we SAW it- does she know that she washed those pants after smelling decomp in the car? Does she realize that it insults our intelligence when she continues to try and paint Casey as a saint? Just acknowledge her faults, admit there were mistakes and let a little reality shine in– it tends to plug up the crazy that is leaking out all over the place sweetheart.

Brad admits that the State Attny’s office has been above board but then seems to complain about them releasing docs–um sunshine law much?

Brad is disputing that the duct tape was wrapped around the skull- idiotic. Was it just a necklace that Casey fashioned? A headband? Larry says he would support his child but he would be wondering? – asks George- George says he doesn’t want to believe that Casey could do it– Cindy is going to tear him a new one for this answer– he should have just answered emphatically NO- I would never believe Casey could do it. He’s off the script. Balls in a jar.

Cindy says she’s not convinced the body was where it was found back in August. Gee I wonder if that will be the defense strategy? Brad says that Casey’s reaction the day the remains were found – is being misinterpreted. Nice try.

Cindy doesn’t understand why the bloggers hate her when many thousands of mothers and Gmas support her. PLEASE email me Cindy- I will help you understand where we’re coming from. She has no love for the “bloggers” – she might just as well have called us “poka players” – ugh. She feels sad for us, we just look for faults in people (we’re pick aparters). That enrages me. What is her email? I would like to send her my questions. Yea! Larry asks if they are looking for the killer. Cindy says that there are investigators (wkg for them and some for the defense) who are still looking for the killer, but they are leaving them to their job. It’s a double, double, top secret operation- this looking for the killer. Mums the word about Zanny. Maybe Jose hasn’t decided which of Casey’s fantastical tales he’s going to try to spin in court. Eenie meanie miney moe- blame the nanny or blame Joe Blow? Cindy says their focus is making something good come out of Caylee’s tragedy. Wouldn’t JUSTICE for CAYLEE be something good to come from this tragedy?? WHO DID YOUR DAUGHTER TELL YOU TOOK CAYLEE??—let us help you find that person– to NOT be doing that while you claim to believe your daughter MAKES YOU LOOK TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY ASININE!! Note to Cindy: We’re not as think as you dumb we are.

He reads some emails- why can’t they help children w/out being in the public eye? Good one. Larry asks could they be blinded by the fact that Casey is their daughter? DEAF, DUMB and BLINDED!! Cindy says that she watched Casey be a great mother for 3 years and that NO ONE has come forward to say differently. BULLSH!T! The neighbors did, she called Caylee a snothead, and I believe the police report called her a bad mother for NOT REPORTING HER DAUGHTER MISSING FOR A MONTH!!!!! They ALL talked about how you would call Casey and make her come home when she was out– Caylee was clearly cramping Casey’s style. And weren’t YOU thinking about going for custody Cindy?

Good one Larry, he asks…shouldn’t all this prime time here be focused on the investigation- looking for the killer?? To which Cindy replies, w/that favorite Anthony word…Absolutely, Absolutely…BUT…she says she’s letting them do their job (I won’t help them here by showing a sketch of Zanny and begging your millions of viewers to look for her). She says she doesn’t know where to start w/this…that’s their job. WTF do you mean you don’t know where to start? I would start w/WHO TOOK CAYLEE FROM CASEY???!!! Let’s start there just for fun. It’s YOUR JOB to stand up for Caylee and find the TRUTH- no matter where it leads. That’s ABSOLUTELY what’s most important. GRR.

The poor Anthony’s are between a rock and a hard place – says Brad, he says it helps people when they share their grief publicly. How thoughtful of them. IT HELPS ME GET MY RAGE ON!! Thanks.

Larry calls this a Greek tragedy. George is talking about the 7-8 page suicide note that he wrote. That was sad. Larry asks if it was bc he thought Casey might have done it? – George says, no I never wrote that. Yeah, but did ya THINK IT? I think so, I think he KNOWS IT! Cindy says she wrote suicide notes and never acted on it. Cindy says you know how panicked you get when you lose your car keys or your cell phone? Imagine losing a child. OMG- I can’t even believe she just made that comparison!!

So that’s interesting though, that you were going to kill yourself even though you thought Caylee was still alive- that’s a great Gma Cindy. Cindy says her faith stopped her– Larry asked her twice why she didn’t do it– HA! George says he knows Casey couldn’t have done it bc he saw the love between Casey and Casey OOPS (freudian slip) I meant Caylee. WHY doesn’t Larry bring up the point that things were changing??- Casey had new friends, went out more, discovered the wonders of weed, had a new boyfriend who didn’t want a toddler around AND Caylee was talking more and beginning to be able to tattle—BAD combo. Caylee lost. Obviously there were things about their daughter that they were oblivious to- let’s bring that up and acknowledge it here- for those of us who like to live in the real world. Larry tries to drill down again on Casey acting “weirdly” by going out and partying. Cindy says, that’s not weird, she was a kid of just 22, I partied when I was 22. Larry snaps back– Not when your daughter was missing– NICE! Cindy seems flustered for a bit and George puts on that angry smile while Cindy tries to go back to that…it was just ONE picture BS. Here’s where Larry should say, Well NO, it was not that one picture- let’s deal w/reality. The VERY NIGHT CAYLEE WENT MISSING SHE RENTED MOVIES AT BLOCKBUSTER W/TONY! She was constantly going out, texting friends inviting them to Hot Body contests, running the shot girls at Fusian — JUST ADMIT SHE DIDN’T NOT APPEAR TO SHOW CONCERN FOR HER DAUGHTER!! Maybe she was acting off a script, right?

BUT NO-GRRRR- Larry lets Cindy get away w/the lie about there just being ONE partying picture AGAIN. That’s inexcusable– WHY keep letting them get away w/that LIE?? Larry asks Brad if he’s surprised it’s a death penalty case– his reply makes no sense– he says he’s surprised bc it’s a family case and usually the DP is for stranger on stranger crime. What a ridiculous argument. There are much better arguments for why it’s surprising they’re seeking the DP. Larry asks again, why they don’t go see her- she won’t say anything incriminating bc she didn’t do it right? George seems to imply that it’s at Casey’s request that they don’t go see her. AH HA some truth slips out. That’s ABSOLUTELY why they don’t go. The ‘acting concerned’ gig was just too much for Casey- she does NOT want to face them.

Larry beats it down– so why don’t you go, just go to see her, don’t you want to, just go? What’s the worst that could come of it? Cindy says she wants to go everyday but… the worst case scenario of going to visit would be watching people pick her apart again. Boo hoo. Wouldn’t the worst case scenario be NEVER knowing what happened? NEVER having Caylee’s killer brought to justice?? These people are so infuriating. They’re so manipulative but yet not smart enough to see that they could try to manipulate people in FAVOR OF them? Have them go and talk to Casey but flip the script and have Casey say OMG I was soo stupid to not have reported her missing and will you PLEASE keep looking for Zanny and asking anyone who knows anything to come forward?!? I realize now that I should have called 911 immediately, I should NEVER have lied to police, I should have told you guys what happened and I’m sorry! Pls when you get media time show this sketch of Zanny, this is the car she drove. I know you love t-shirts- how about wearing some t-shirts w/Zanny’s picture? We must find Zanny! Someone knows something. We have to keep looking. Almost w/out exception, when a crime like this is committed someone spills a secret. Ooops I just slipped into their alternate reality- silly Kim- Casey’s keeping her secrets. Scary monster!

They should beg people and plead for that IF they really believe someone else is involved.

Cindy says she smelled a smell in the car but she’s also smelled a smell in her fridge. WTF does she let rot in her fridge?? Dastardly squirrel corpses? Her house seemed so tidy otherwise. I’m sure some chloroform would clean that mess right up Cindy. Larry is saying- do you regret saying that in that (911) call? Cindy says no (that would require self reflection) I was just trying to lure the police to my house. Larry asks why Casey didn’t call the police the whole time her daughter was “missing” –Cindy says, Casey was probably coping and grieving the best she could. Larry’s like yeah, but it’s weird right? Yeah, it’s weird that Casey didn’t report her missing, Cindy says. Ya think? Cindy says AGAIN the LIE that it was ONE evening- out partying. OTHER PEOPLE, MANY witnesses have come forward to say that almost every night she was out partying and when she wasn’t she was sitting on Tony’s couch smoking weed. WAKE UP LARRY- THAT IS INFURIATING!!!!!!!

Cindy gives the story that Casey was looking for clues on the stripper pole in the club. Larry (how does he contain himself) asks… and that’s believable to you? It sounds funny. Cindy says we don’t know the whole story. No sh!t Sherlock, neither do you BECAUSE YOUR DAUGHTER AND THE TRUTH ARE UNACQUAINTED!! Larry asks if they ever pressed Casey for answers– George gives that weird smile– you can tell he regrets NOT PRESSING her more. He starts to say they didn’t really get a chance but Cindy interrupts and says… she was home we DID talk to her. George mumbles, NOT the way I wanted to sometimes. Poor George–he’s filled w/regret and he KNOWS what his daughter did. Cindy’s sense of self delusion is MUCH more powerful. She wants to stop this line of questioning and Larry moves on.

Ohhh Larry brings up Casey’s incriminating journal entry. Cindy says that was written in 2005 and Brad has that diary. Cindy says the prosecutor didn’t release that- the police took a picture and they released that. There’s trouble w/this story. Larry says will you turn it in if the police want to test it? Brad says absolutely. Cindy is boring HOLES into Brad about this– something has really pushed her buttons here (scary monster). I wonder if she found that diary and added the ’05 date. I wouldn’t put it past her at this point.

The State Attny’s office refused to comment on the case. Larry asks about items found at the scene that seem to have come from their home– George defers to Brad who says they will have to wait for trial to talk about that. Brad says they have a circumstantial case-which is only as strong as their weakest link. Keep telling yourself and your clients that.

George says when he worked as a detective but he never worked off a presumption until he had all the evidence. BS- you must have been a sh!tty detective then. George says he wouldn’t have made an arrest in this case. BS! Cindy says they made an arrest based on Casey lying about where she said she worked (we know you think it’s ok to lie, Cindy). Larry says- why did she lie?? Cindy says maybe to spend more time w/Caylee! WOW, that is RICH!! How does Larry keep a straight face?!@#$?

Brad says there was no heart shaped sticker on the duct tape- that was speculation. WHAT???
OK, then how do you explain the heart shaped sticker residue on the duct tape? Wasn’t the sticker found in the bag too?

Larry asks if they have anyone in mind as a suspect– they both look like they want to jump out of their skin but say they can’t comment about that right now. As I said earlier- I bet their prime suspect’s name probably rhymes w/Blessy Fund. EVIL!!

OK- we’re 43 mins in and here’s Larry’s first mention of the foundation. Now we’re treated to Whynock singing a song he wrote for Caylee- that seems like a colossal waste of time. Was this a condition of their intv? I think there are more important things to cover. WHO did he sleep w/to get this gig anyway? WHO the hell is he? HOW is he associated w/the Anthony’s OOOOOMG- Cindy wrote that?- I think they just said that!!!?!@#$%%?^$%^> I will have to go back and actually listen to it now.

Larry asks–Should whoever did this crime get the death penalty??
— they both say they don’t support the death penalty. Um, follow up Larry…then what do you think should happen to the person who did it? Cindy says in response to viewer question that she could never cut ties w/Casey even if she finds out she did it. Caller calls in to thank them for the beautiful memorial– the Anthony’s VISIBLY breathe in that comment sooooo gratefully. It’s almost sad. Almost. Cindy says God can’t prevent bad things from happening- but you have to make money off it good of it.

Whoa good question from viewer–if you have evidence that she didn’t do it- why not bring it out and save the $$ that will be spent on the trial? Cindy slipped up in answer– so funny- really shows her twisted logic! She said that they don’t have evidence that she didn’t do it but there’s alot of evidence…um there’s evidence out there that doesn’t PROVE that she did it. Or some such BS– I will have to go back and listen- I don’t have the magic TV that let’s me rewind. Larry asks if they have hope for the trial. Cindy says, she does- if people take the oath of a juror and listen to the evidence, I think they will… and she just drifts off. Larry should have followed that up– you think they will what? Find out that Casey really was mother of the year? Learn why she went out partying while Caylee was missing? Do you think people will see that she’s innocent or do you think they will find reasonable doubt?

9:56pm (4 mins left- ha/ha) Larry says, what’s this foundation about? A teddy bear has joined us on the table. Cindy says- they’re doing it to honor Caylee’s name- says that they actually thought about it back in September— UM you thought about a MEMORIAL FOUNDATION for CAYLEE back in September??? OOOPS! Cindy says they are going to provide counseling to families w/a missing child? Larry asks- with psychologists? Cindy says, we (my husband and I- who were both suicidal) will help them the best that we can. Oh, what a treat. Larry says, what’s with the bear? Cindy says money raised will go to giving the bears as a THANK YOU to law enforcement starting w/Orange County! The bears would be on hand for first responders to give out. WHAT?? WOMAN– you have vilified those people ad nauseam since the beginning. Cindy says she’s President but NO ONE expects to collect a salary? Does anyone expect to pay the mortgage? BS-much?

Caller says- if Casey was only partying one night- why so many outfits? Cindy says they’re all old pics. LARRY-WAKE UP AND MENTION THE WITNESSES WHO ALL CONFIRM THAT SHE WAS OUT PARTYING MANY IF NOT MOST NIGHTS!!!!! Cindy says she would love to go see Casey if they could keep it out of the media– well that’s too bad, so sad– your daughter lost some privacy rights when she was neglectful in her care for Caylee by not reporting her missing for 30 days– and that’s just AT THE VERY LEAST. You should at least acknowledge that- that Casey is where she should be bc she acted stupidly in not reporting it immediately- that’s neglect– she should be punished for that- just admit it. That seems to be the CRUX of what went wrong in GETTING JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE right? WILL THIS BE A FOCUS IN YOUR FOUNDATION???? Will some of your advice to families in similar situations be NO MATTER WHAT- CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY??!! Just so you know, IT SHOULD TAKE PRIORITY over renting movies at blockbuster, hot body contests, smoking weed and watching TV on your new boyfriend’s couch. Is that some advice you will share w/families???

Well that’s it for this intv- Larry really dropped the ball- WHY did he even ask for questions from us? He let them get away w/murder! That’s an hour I will NEVER get back. thanks larry. Here’s a link if you’d like to see the idiocy for yourself– Thanks, BigMouthShelly!

This is a funny video posted on Larry’s blog from someone passionate about the case- it’s a rant that turns into a little PSA for birth control. Oh, Larry, you are SO hip and cool- it’s too bad you didn’t call them on their lies- do some research before you have guests like these on. Were there conditions on the intv?


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