That’s what you get for having a one night stand:

UGH. But just like when people fall down or get hit in the nuts…I laugh. Found this here. Also funny: this. And this.


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UnHappy Halloween. :(

Someone close to me died last week. I try not to tell anyone I know or talk about it bc I can’t really hold a conversation just yet and if anyone brings it up I fall apart. Her life didn’t just end, someone took it.

A friend of mine who lives in MY NEIGHBORHOOD was murdered in her bed. Police said there was no sign of forced entry so all of her friends were interrogated bc it seemed apparent that she had invited him in. Friends, co-workers and casual acquaintances spent hours in questioning and took lie detector tests- well the men took them, we didn’t have to. She was raped. I spent less than an hour w/them just telling them what I knew of her routine, who she’d been dating – was anyone bothering her? Was she arguing w/anyone? Who would want to hurt her? Was she promiscuous?

NO!!!!!!! None of that! I can’t imagine anyone wanting to hurt her. I don’t think she had any enemies. She hadn’t even lived here that long. Less than a year, I remember bc I met her as she was moving in. Our dogs made the introductions. They took my fingerprints bc I’d been there recently. Everyone who knew her was a suspect or a person of interest until they found out what the neighbors saw and they looked in her guest bedroom. He had been hiding in there. I don’t even know how I’m writing right now bc I’m FREAKING out but I really don’t know what else to do and it helps me process. Plus the typing is quiet. I can’t even turn the TV on anymore bc what if I can’t hear? I need to make sure no one’s here. I’ve checked every crevice of my apartment and I am alone but I still keep hearing noises. I’m sure my mind is playing tricks on me.

He was inside her home with her a LOT. He had evidently come into the home several times, so much so that a neighbor commented- they just thought that she had a new boyfriend. They found food items and a sort of cubby hole he’d made in the closet of her guest room. It appeared that he had been hiding in there listening while she was awake and then wandering about while she was at work and watching her while she slept.

She was mostly a home body who kept to a routine: walk the dog in the morning, go to work, walk the dog, watch TV go to bed. She didn’t go out much. I’d go over to her house for dinner or movies or she’d walk over here sometimes dinner- not a lot of wild nights on the town. But the one thing she did like clock work was take long walks in the morning. She walked her dog every morning- long walks so he would be ok while she left him home all day for work. She didn’t always lock the door. Police suspect this is how the killer gained entry.

She was found tied to her bed gagged, not blind folded. Ugh. I hated hearing that bc I think that must mean she knew he was going to kill her. She saw his face. She must have had to look at him a lot. I’m sure she tried to plead w/him. What kind of MONSTER could do that? They suspect he came out of the closet while she was sleeping, slipped wires over her to secure her to the bed and then she awoke to days of horrific rape and torture. He waited until a Friday so that he could have her for the wkd. They think he killed her Sunday night. His finger prints were all over her house and even on her answering machine. When they questioned one of the guys she had dated he said he had left her several messages trying to make plans for that wkd but she hadn’t returned his calls. She never got those calls bc the killer had erased them.

The wire he used to strap her to the bed had cut her to the bone in some places. When police found her the wounds were clean and her dog’s face fur and feet were covered in her blood. They say he may have destroyed crucial evidence. UGH. He had been licking her wounds clean and pacing on the bed around her. There were bloody paw prints all over the bed and tracked throughout the house. I’m probably over sharing on the details right now but they are in my head and I want them out. Her poor little dog. I don’t even know who has him right now but I’m sure he’s traumatized. He’s the cutest little pug.

He’s the friendliest dog will lick a stranger to death I don’t think I’ve ever even heard him bark. I guess he wouldn’t have barked at the killer- obviously he didn’t- all those times he was there. UGH. I wonder if my dog would let me know? I want to go out and get a doberman now. I want to get 5 of them. How do you ever feel safe again? I want a gun/husband/boyfriend/alarm/roommate. UGH! I want to move.

I want to KILL him. I think if I knew who it was and I could, I would run him over, back up and repeat. I don’t just want to hurt him. I want to stop his heart. And I don’t even believe the death penalty is right. (I think it’s not a deterrent, it’s discriminatory, there have been tragic mistakes it’s much more expensive than life in prison.) But I reeeally want to see this man dead. I hope that goes away. I hope they catch him. Where did he go? Does he live near here? WHO IS HE? Have I met him? Is he one of the people in the neighborhood I wave to? I’m afraid of the dark. Shit- I’m afraid of the light. I’m scared. I want to KILL him.

Oh well, I just had to vent my rage. I’m hoping it will subside. I guess I’ll have to grieve for her later bc right now I’m too angry.

Here’s the newspaper article if you’d like to read it.


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What did George and Cindy know and when?

So, I didn’t find out about this contest in time to read through these old posts and find the best one. But ranting about Casey Anthony reminded me how much I love to write and I do want to claim that title, writer so desperately that I’m willing to enter this barely cleaned up text with all-caps, bolding and ranting just so that I can enter !! I hope I will find it motivating to revive this blog and write more often- it will pain me to put this out there without updating with something that actually moves beyond a drafty ramble. This was originally published on 10/30/09.

I’m still TRYING to give them the benefit of the doubt at least as to their knowledge and actions prior to July 15. But it seems like most of what I read on the interwebs and blogospheres does not seem to reinforce the feeling. I’m surprised though, at the number of people who believe that Cindy and/or George were involved in Caylee’s death or at least had guilty knowledge of it. Let’s just say there are many spots available in the Anthony fan club— lots and lots of them. But I wonder if most people really think they have guilty knowledge or they are just trying not to harm Casey any further now? They recently went on a Caribbean cruise, supposedly w/some of the $20,000 CBS (48 Hours) is paying them for their appearance or for licensing the photos and videos of Caylee. Which is common practice and frankly not that much money for this kind of case but would you go on a Caribbean cruise right now?

I’m not sure they really thought that through (surprise). I mean, everyone needs a break- but if I were of limited means, desperately searching for my grandaughter and thought that someone named Zenaida might have her in Puerto Rico…as they say…I think I might book a $204 flight to Puerto Rico rather than a cruise. Even though the prices seem to be about the same. Of course, on the cruise your room is included but in Puerto Rico they could just stay w/Ricardo’s family so…yeah, that might actually work out bc the way they talk about Ricardo they would surely need to look into his peeps over there–it’s perfect.

Honestly, I don’t really think it’s that terrible that they did that- took a vacation. But seriously, WHO THE HELL is advising them? How about at least waiting a bit. WHY must you do it when you KNOW you just brought the national spotlight on you again? How about wait a couple of weeks, a month? They thank the media for the vacation– telling the camera person– thanks you paid for this but then in the very next breath say- thanks a lot you just RUINED our vacation! Gee, the vacation was great until we docked and got to the pkg lot- it really went downhill from there.

Anyway, I almost want to call the Anthony’s up and offer to help them PR wise. They seem quite clueless or else they ceased to care. They should care though- they are NOT doing themselves or their daughter any favors. They seem to have ABSOLUTELY no concept of how one thing that comes out of your mouth should usually agree w/the next or at least have some relation to it. The way they think and operate should truly be studied. But I digress.

I think it’s OBVIOUS how much they loved Caylee and my heart goes out to them for their tragic loss- it is clear they were DEVASTATED. Casey…not so much. The only times that I can remember her crying were when she found out she wouldn’t get out on bond, casey cryingwhen her dad said “hey gorgeous” in a jail visitation and casey crying2when she and Jose gave a press conference as she was about to turn herself in to go back to jail and he blathered on about what an amazing mom she was and how hard this ordeal has been for her after people actually started looking for Caylee. In those jail visitations it’s ALL about Casey. She never once brings up trying to find Caylee and BARELY tolerates questions on the matter. Her parents tip toe around things so much it’s painful to watch.

Nobody gets a handbook on how to react in that situation. Strangely I think that part of their Caylee “foundation” includes plans to offer advice to people who find themselves in that situation–Wow. I’d be curious to know what their guidance would be because they have behaved quite BIZARRELY at times- not exactly a road map for success in the public eye.

Have you read those depositions taken by the state?? I do think the whole family is in MASSIVE cover up mode at this point and have been for quite some time. So much so, that they aren’t making much sense but again, they just don’t seem to realize it or care. But are they covering up some inside knowledge or just trying to save their daughter?

ALL 3 of them profess to believe that Caylee MAY still be alive!! My jaw is still sore from the fall on that one. I guess at some point I should cease to be surprised but they sure keep the hits coming! Apparently no one who ever crossed paths with Caylee is safe…

They think Jesse’s mom was that tip from Wanda at the Orlando airport. She flew Caylee to Atlanta and that’s where the other tip of someone matching Jesse and his truck were “seen.” Which explains why Jesse “high tailed” it out of O-town (to Athens, GA) so fast after Caylee disappeared. But, in case that’s not true they are also “hot on the trail” of some poor lady named Zenaida in Puerto Rico and they said that Ricardo is gay or bisexual and he and Amy are heavily involved in heroin use. I feel soo sorry for anyone that ever tried to befriend Casey.

I know many people think that the Anthony’s were involved somehow early on or at least knew about it and just pretended to search for Caylee all that time knowing she was dead. I just find that so hard to believe or else I just want so badly not to believe it. What did they know and when did they know it? I think they thought she might be alive or were desperately clinging to that right up until December 11th. However…

One thing I really want to figure out is–what is the deal w/Dominic Casey going to those woods in November where little Caylee was found twice or was it three times? There is something super fishy about that. I wasn’t following the case as closely at times so I think I missed a lot when all of that was coming out. But what I’ve read and seen so far bothers me. I cannot figure that one out. I just watched George’s depo in the civil suit and his reaction to this line of questioning seemed a bit strange to me as well. His attitude almost takes a 180 from the entire rest of the depo. The questioning starts in the last half of the second part. From the beginning of the interview until about this part George is hostile and unbelievably arrogant. He wants so badly to show this by looking down his nose at John Morgan. Unfortunately, he can’t because he’s not so tall and it almost looks like he’s leaning back to take care of a nose bleed. george grinch3Something about the faces he makes here remind me of the Grinch. grinch george And I don’t mean that in a derogatory way, George, because I happen to love Dr. Suess. I’m just saying. Your face is very expressive. Jim Carrey makes a lot of money that way.

I think Casey has probably threatened them with taking Caylee away anytime she didn’t get her way. She could see (through her jealous rage) how powerful Caylee was as a threat and she held that to their heads like a .357.

In that first phone call home from jail- the first time the police have a chance to help find Caylee- ALL she wants is Tony’s phone number. She rants angrily about the police– They’ve already said they’re going to pin this on me if they DON’T find Caylee!!– like THAT is the worst thing about them NOT FINDING YOUR DAUGHTER?!@!@#$%??

She also whines in that first call (2:10)- They just want Caylee back. That’s all they’re worried about right now is getting Caylee back!! Ooops, she tries to recover and say that’s all she’s worried about too…but FIRST… GIVE ME TONY’S NUMBER RIGHT NOW! You people can look for my daughter later but I NEED TO TALK TO MY F’IN BOYFRIEND!

Whenever she did leave on June 16 I think Cindy was worried, increasingly desperate and probably taking it out on George. Saying– You drove her away! You were always acting like a detective, checking up on her. You busted her at Sports Authority, you chased her down the highway– this is all YOUR fault. I blame YOU for not having my Caylee! I think George has been almost completely neutered (Cindy keeps those in a jar). He gets them back at certain times because he acknowledged the smell and warned one of the cops that night that his daughter might be lying. But speaking of that smell… WHY didn’t the many cops that were in and out of the house that night smell the trunk? A smell that distinct, immediately recognizable and permeating that car?? How thorough of a cleaning job did Cindy do on that car? Was the Febreze she sprayed everywhere powerful enough to have covered it? Seems doubtful.

Anyway, I think she blamed George and threatened him even more ‘after the crime’ and has now cracked the whip and circled the wagons. Now the only thing in their minds (Cindy, George and Lee) is SAVING CASEY. And sadly that doesn’t leave any room for reality, reason, civility or consistency- let alone JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE. Cindy says in that 48 Hours episode that justice for Caylee is what’s most important and that that will bring justice for Casey– the truth will set Casey free. I think they’ve treated truth so poorly it might not get a chance to stand up for Caylee anymore.


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The Tot Mom Takes the Stage

Steven Soderbergh will direct a play about Casey called “Tot Mom” -WTF??
The play, will be on stage in Australia from December 18 to January 31. Staging down under evidently prevents having to compensate anyone for source material. The play will use excerpts from transcripts of Nancy Grace’s show, court documents and police reports.

Essie Davis will play Nancy Grace and I think Genevieve Hegney will play Casey, both are Aussie actresses.

This is just bizarre. I wonder what prompted him to do this? It’s exceedingly strange but I do love Soderbergh and have always wanted to go to Australia. This case just gets weirder and weirder.

Questions? Comments? Thoughts? Concerns?

On its Web site, the company notes that the case has baffled investigators and poses the questions “Why was Caylee’s disappearance not reported to police for over a month? When was the child last seen? What was the strange smell in the boot(hee hee boot) of Casey Anthony’s car? Who and where was the alleged babysitter?”

I think Soderbergh is so talented and I just find it puzzling that he’s obsessed enough w/this case that he’s taken time out of his busy schedule to WRITE a play about CASEY. Maybe he really is trying to end his career as this article suggests. In that article he said:

“In terms of my career, I can see the end of it,” he says. “I’ve had that sensation for a few years now. And so I’ve got a list of stuff that I want to do – that I hope I can do – and once that’s all finished I may just disappear.”

Aren’t you just kind of waiting to Ashton Kutcher or Jamie Kennedy to come out? I feel PUNKED. And my jaw is sore once again.

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Jose files whiny little…motion about the videos and bloggers…OOPS- Me!

So, I just found out that Jose evidently has his panties in a wad about this post. So much so that he included it in the motion he filed whining complaining about the state of reality that exists in that prisoners have little right to privacy and his client doesn’t get exemption or special treatment. Visitations are recorded, it’s public record and Florida has a VERY shiny Sunshine law. Surely they showed you that in law school Jose? No way?

So, we got to hear what the inmate said to her brother, Lee Anthony, when he came to visit for the first (and one of the ONLY times). I was slightly obsessed w/the case at the time and pretty much just listened and transcribed the jail visit that was released. I’m really curious as to WHY Jose chose this post to mention?

<img src="; alt="Jose is not a Kim Fan– But WHY is this post THE most offensive?!?” title=”Whiny little b… motion” width=”500″ height=”494″ class=”size-full wp-image-1937″ />

Jose is not a Kim Fan-- WHY is this post THE most offensive?!?

I mean, had he called, I would have happily helped…”OH– looking for posts that call out the stupidity leaks on your client’s front??” No problem, I actually have many other posts that were probably much more damaging/disparaging/truth telling etc. So, I don’t know- he didn’t ask and I didn’t say… but I think it’s weird. Why me? One thing that REALLY makes me laugh/cringe though, is that, JOSE has actually been reading here and ON that page he sites- there’s a link to the post I wrote about the whiny little b!tch letter he wrote. I’m sure he understands now that I was just taking my anger out on him but…WHY would he send people here?

Anyway, thanks Jose! Pls get in touch!! I would love to confront the State Attnys office w/the questions you have in mind. Reporters have really been missing that story.


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HIGH heel shoes = dumb.

Picture 8

These shoes were invented by a man and they are RIDICULOUS!!

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Democrats need to Grow a Pair!

The outcry against health care reform is feeble minded but the Democrats are just feeble. Rachel Maddow takes Barry and the Dems to SCHOOL! Go Rachel!! People should watch and share- she’s keepin’ it real.

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