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Casey Anthony on 20/20 tonight – getting paid big $$$??? Yuck!

ABC news 20/20 is doing a story on Caylee Anthony tonight and interviewing the family including Casey.  ABC has said that it is their policy not to pay for interviews but I think they are getting around that by paying to “license” the use of family photos and video.  Expert crime writer, David Lohr, for Investigation Discovery Channel is reporting here:

that the Anthony family has been paid $1 million from ABC and offered more from a production company in Nashville.

I’ve written the publicist for 20/20, Alyssa Apple, to ask if this is true (no reply so far) and if so, is ABC making sure the money will be used ONLY for search efforts and not in the defense of the prime suspect?  At the very least ABC should make a matching donation to <– those people have spent over $30,000 searching for Caylee.  I know there are lots of people prepared to start a tremendous campaign against ABC, Disney and their advertisers.  Some websites are getting thousands of visits a day- all people who are desperately sad about Caylee and eager to join in boycott or protests.  I know that it will be an incredible ratings coup- I hope some of that money will go to a good cause. 

If not, that certainly seems like blood money.  Why pay money to the prime suspect in the child’s disappearance when she has deliberately mislead police, continually lied and done nothing to help find her daughter?  I also wrote in w/some questions regarding Zanny(Xanax) the nanny theory.  I’ll be interested to see if they ask questions about Casey’s possible drug use or the possibility of drugging the child. You can write in questions to the show here:

Would love to hear feedback- what do you think about ABC paying money to the Anthony’s for this story?  Will you watch?  Will you write to let them know how you feel?


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