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The Tot Mom Takes the Stage

Steven Soderbergh will direct a play about Casey called “Tot Mom” -WTF??
The play, will be on stage in Australia from December 18 to January 31. Staging down under evidently prevents having to compensate anyone for source material. The play will use excerpts from transcripts of Nancy Grace’s show, court documents and police reports.

Essie Davis will play Nancy Grace and I think Genevieve Hegney will play Casey, both are Aussie actresses.

This is just bizarre. I wonder what prompted him to do this? It’s exceedingly strange but I do love Soderbergh and have always wanted to go to Australia. This case just gets weirder and weirder.

Questions? Comments? Thoughts? Concerns?

On its Web site, the company notes that the case has baffled investigators and poses the questions “Why was Caylee’s disappearance not reported to police for over a month? When was the child last seen? What was the strange smell in the boot(hee hee boot) of Casey Anthony’s car? Who and where was the alleged babysitter?”

I think Soderbergh is so talented and I just find it puzzling that he’s obsessed enough w/this case that he’s taken time out of his busy schedule to WRITE a play about CASEY. Maybe he really is trying to end his career as this article suggests. In that article he said:

“In terms of my career, I can see the end of it,” he says. “I’ve had that sensation for a few years now. And so I’ve got a list of stuff that I want to do – that I hope I can do – and once that’s all finished I may just disappear.”

Aren’t you just kind of waiting to Ashton Kutcher or Jamie Kennedy to come out? I feel PUNKED. And my jaw is sore once again.

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Nancy 10/16- Casey Anthony (death penalty poll) updates and Cole Puffinburger.

Breaking news- police desperately searching for a little 3 year old (she says that at the open to every show- I think she should update- police aren’t desperately searching anymore- no one is!) 😦

Tot mom’s defense spokes person goes on national TV and talks about this being a very serious case including not just the loss of life of this child and the loss of whatever is going to happen to Casey–OOPS! The defense is supposed to be maintaining the charade that they believe Caylee is alive. He later tried to clear it up and said he was taken out of context- wftv went off on him today- it was funny I will have to find a clip to post. Jose may rue the day that he kicked them out of his little press conference- they have only turned up the volume and the snarkiness. They keep referring to him as Casey’s ROOKIE lawyer. ha.

Oh no, a boy, 6 yrs old, Cole Puffinburger was kidnapped his from Las Vegas home during a home invasion.

Kidnapped- by 3 hispanic males in Las Vegas.

Kidnapped- by 3 hispanic males in Las Vegas.

They posed as cops, got in, tied up the family and took the little boy- I’ll post his picture later. They are updating this – saying drugs may have been involved- it was definitely calculated and planned- they were looking for the boy’s grandfather who hasn’t lived at the house for quite awhile. NG is suspicious of the victims in this case not being able to do a composite- due to trauma but NG doesn’t buy it. I’m looking for a pic on her site but I can’t find it yet. The incident happened around 7am and they didn’t issue an amber alert until noon- bc they didn’t have a proper description. Here’s the tip line 702-828-3111.

Jose held a press conference today to try to damage control Todd Black’s statement- he kept saying that someone was joking about the case and it was taken out of context– I’m not sure that he knows what that means. Mark w/WNDB news- NG says it doesn’t sound like anyone was being jocular. The guy that was interviewing Todd over the phone, w/CNN headline news- Brooks- he’s mad- saying no, no one was joking about the case- he takes it very seriously.

12×7 foot cell, one wall is plexiglass, she has a bed and a toilet and she gets one hour a day to go out and shower or do other things– is she in general population then? She will not be popular. They say last time she was a very ferocious reader- I think they mean voracious. Wonder what she likes to read? She certainly has a vivid imagination.

Talking about the science- if Caylee’s body fluid was found on that pizza bag in the trunk (as Leonard Padilla revealed last night)- then her chances for acquittal are sunk. NG talking about how no one will get to hear that the defense admitted that Caylee’s dead- duh. Hearsay and irrelevant.

caller- w/the cell phone pings- did they check anyone else’s to see if someone was w/her? They didn’t really answer the question. But it is an interesting one bc there’s been rampant speculation that there is another POI (person of interest) yet to be identified and arrested. The wording of the indictment led people to speculate about that. I’ll post them here bc they did leave it open, I guess, in case they later find out that someone else was involved.

Here are the first 3 counts (taken from here)- the last 4 are all about lying to authorities- which must really chap Cindy’s ass bc she kept saying its not against the law to lie–oops – you might want to re-think that.
The first count is for first-degree murder, a capital offense that is punishable by the death penalty.

This charge alleges that Casey Anthony caused the death of Caylee “from a premeditated design” between June 15 and July 16. Those dates correspond to the last time Caylee was seen and when she was reported missing. The indictment offers no other information on how, why or when.

Count two is aggravated child abuse. This alleges that between the same dates Casey Anthony “did knowingly or willfully…causes great bodily harm, permanent disfigurement or permanent disability to Caylee Marie Anthony…by intentionally inflicting physical injury…or by intentionally committing an act or actively encouraging another person to commit an act which could reasonably expected to result in physical injury.”

Count three is aggravated manslaughter of a child. This count alleges that Casey Anthony caused Caylee’s death by failing to provide “the care, supervision and services necessary to maintain Caylee Marie Anthony’s physical and mental health” or that she did not make “a reasonable effort” to protect Caylee from someone else abuses, neglecting or exploiting her.

Reporter for Westwood 1 in Orlando- will Baez come off the case bc he’s too inexperienced. He will stay on the case, he has associates he can tap to help him. NG wants to know how many trials he’s had in his career? They only know of 3 – one was a murder case- he lost the man was found guilty, second was the mayor of Kissimmee- it was settled- he mentions another one- it also settled out of court- NG get her panties in a wad- that is still just one trial. More speculation that he may have to step down or take second chair bc he’s rookie. Baez mentions there is someone helping him that is Death Penalty DP qualified but does not want to be identified- she says BS- there’s no way someone wouldn’t want the publicity. I think Jose may be talking to several people- trying to find one that will let him take the lead and no one has quite agreed to his ridiculous demands yet.

Leonard talking about how they brought in Mike Walsh from Miami- to help w/the defense but not sure what happened to him. Talking about how Texas Equusearch has left town and no one is searching for Caylee right now.

Jose did not file for a speedy trial (I don’t think he has to) and he did not file for a change of venue. Someone speculated last night that it may get moved as far as the panhandle of FL- I hope it doesn’t get moved that far bc I fear I will still have this unhealthy obsession and will have to attend.

Jesse Grund’s dad, Richard is on again- he’s not surprised by the indictment- says they’re not happy or celebrating. He believes it was absolutely an accident- almost everyone who knows Casey believes that. NG says how do you explain the searches for chloroform on her computer and the chloroform in her car. He says he thinks Casey was working on an exit strategy to get away from her mom- it might have included faking a kidnapping. NG says well then that’s not an accident.

Dr. Marshall is asked about the freudian slip the defense made referring to Caylee as dead. Doc says yea- she’s been successful getting people to drink the Casey kool-aid.

caller- does anyone know where she got the chloroform? Its not difficult she could have gotten it over the internet.
caller- what kind of impact will Casey’s lack of empathy and concern for her child have on the decision of whether to go for the death penalty- doc says that will really come into play.

Talking about the judge’s ruling denying Jose’s attempt to stop the testing- the defense was not granted the right to be there- Kobi says he just wants to make sure the science is conducted in such a way that people will be able to trust it. NG says those words are going to come back and bite you in the ass.

I wonder if NG is going to move on and drop the Caylee case. I guess there will be fewer bombshells and breaking news now that Casey is in jail. That will be sad but I know there are many other missing children who need our attention. I really hope that they find Caylee soon! BTW where the heck has Lee Anthony been lately?

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