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Casey flipped out – was restrained when she learned Death Penalty was back!

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Radar Online has a 5 minute interview w/someone who was supposedly incarcerated for a period of time in a cell above Casey. The woman interviewed, Teri, says that Casey had to be restrained when she found out they were seeking the death penalty again. Teri was serving a 30-day sentence for a probation violation on a bad check conviction and said she was housed in the cell above Casey’s. Teri said that Casey was screaming, “I’m pissed!” and was so uncooperative w/corrections officers that she had to be restrained to a bed where she continued to cry out and scream for over an hour. It’s an interesting interview- the woman seems believable…but who knows? At one point it sounds like she says, “this says…” – is she sharing the story for someone else? Her name in the intv is Teri Thomas but it says she was incarcerated under her married name Teri Narsesian.

Teri says that Casey looked directly at her and pleaded “Help Me!” – at one point, which is the most unbelievable part of the story for me. WHY would Casey say that? It seems it would be a futile request- how did she expect someone in a cell to help her? The woman describes Casey’s cell a bit and says that it appears she’s a frequent shopper in the commissary for snacks. She also describes something like a “shrine” to Caylee w/pictures and flowers- not nectar flowers but “paper machete” — Chilling indeed! She just misspoke there about the flowers, as she also seemed to do a couple of times- misusing “per se” – but overall she seems well spoken, and quite reasonable and rational. Very interesting! I kind of wish more fellow convicts would speak out. Questions? Comments? Thoughts? Concerns?


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Lee Anthony’s depostion (in Zenaida’s case)- a summary.

Lee Anthony does the right thing- shows up- and Zenaida’s attorneys depose him. The interview and his answers boggle the mind and stretch your imagination –starting w/Lee saying that to this day he still believes EVERYTHING his sister tells him. Um, have you met your sister? That does NOT speak highly of your intelligence or your grasp on reality.

Lee Anthony under oath.

Lee Anthony under oath.

Part 1 (about 30 mins)
Lee Anthony doesn’t seem nervous- there’s none of the awkward giggling we heard in his first interview w/the police… at least not at first. Later on he continues to appear very relaxed and there’s a surprising amount of chuckling from Caylee’s uncle.

Lee appears to be keeping eye contact w/Morgan and doesn’t seem to even look over at Zenaida when Morgan intros everyone in the room. Casey’s attorneys were not there which is being reported as highly unusual. I consider that a blessing.

Morgan asks some establishing questions- even joking w/Lee about where they both attended high school, Winter Park, – Lee attended there for 9th grade and then went on to finish high school at Colonial- saying he wished he’d stayed at Winter Park.

Lee has lived back at home since the beginning of January to help out his parents financially. This case must have really decimated his life. He lost his darling niece, his sister is in jail, he has been subject to cruel and demeaning speculation as to his character, and instead of saving money and preparing a home for his and his girlfriend’s new baby he’s moved back in w/his parents to help them out.

The first time he heard the name Zenaida Gonzales was the day Casey was arrested. He says he heard the name when Casey called the home from jail, he didn’t say jail- he just sort of let the sentence trail off but Morgan prompted him- “from jail” and he acknowledged.

So Lee NEVER heard about Caylee having a nanny named Zanny. It only came up (at least to him) when Casey needed someone to blame for Caylee’s disappearance. Lee says that his mom claimed to have heard the name before. Interesting choice of words. He says Cindy had heard the name Zanny but that the full name Zenaida Fernandez Gonzales was new to everyone- that was Lee’s impression.

Morgan asks if Lee was under the impression that Casey was making up the story about Zanny to which Lee says “To this day, I believe everything that my sister tells me.” (WTF?) Morgan replies, “I understand that.” And Lee closes his eyes and nods knowingly. WHAT? I DON’T understand that. I think I would not have been able to conceal the shock on my face and might have slipped in some questions about WHICH story do you believe and why?. I think you can support your sister w/out making yourself out to sound like a complete imbecile by saying that you believe EVERYTHING your crazy, nutball, lying sister has to say.

As to childcare for Caylee Lee said that Cindy and George were the primary caregivers/babysitters for Caylee but he knew of Casey leaving her in the care of other friends of the family but never compensating anyone to his knowledge. Here he breaks out in laughter- somewhat reminiscent of the nervous giggling. He seems quite comfortable not at all distraught or emotional about the subject matter.

He says he had no knowledge of Casey’s employment situation. Lee’s attny (I assume, he’s off camera.) objects to relevance but allows him to answer. Lee says he doesn’t know if or how Casey would pay a caretaker for Caylee.

Lee says that he and his family always encouraged Casey to speak to police and cooperate. Lee says that during the phone call Casey made from jail he didn’t speak to her for long but he mainly tried to get her to calm down and not berate her mother saying that Casey was upset that no one believed her. I think the jist of the conversation was GIVE ME TONY’S NUMBER – not pleas from Casey- I’m telling the truth- you’ve got to believe me – that’s the only way we can find Caylee. There was none of that concern. She wanted to talk to her boyfriend and FU@K all else- anything that doesn’t help me meet that goal is just a WASTE, A HUGE WASTE! I think his memory is selective here.

Morgan asks if Casey was upset on the phone at that time bc Cindy was accusing her of…Morgan says he doesn’t want to use the word LYING (REALLY- why the hell not?)…someone pipes up w/- uh being untruthful?– which Morgan likes. Lee says well, we didn’t really know the truth at that time (yeah, and you still don’t). Lee is hesitant here and says well, there’s a difference between lying and not being forthcoming, those are “two completely different things,” according to Lee.

Lee says that to his understanding Casey was “instructed” by “this Zanny person” to tell that story and to not go to police. He says I don’t know what someone could hold over someone’s head to do that- there’s nothing that would make me do that, I would die right here for her. Hmm, but not Casey.

Lee says that they didn’t really have a comfortable conversation until Casey was released from jail bc they knew they were not being recorded. Hmm- WERE they being recorded? I wonder if authorities had the home bugged?

Lee says that Casey revealed that this Zanny person was threatening not only Caylee’s life but the entire family. Lee says the family was frustrated bc they said- there’s NOTHING you should hold back bc nothing could be worse than what we’re already going through.

It’s funny at one point bc Morgan asks if Casey’s attny was giving her bad advice (the understatement of the century IMO) the advice not to go to police. But Lee doesn’t even flinch- he says at that point she didn’t have representation.

Lee says he was frustrated – not blown away- by the threats saying, there’s nothing anyone could hold over him- he would have gone to authorities.

Morgan asks WHY Zanny would want to take Caylee?- Lee says that Casey’s answer was that Zenaida didn’t think that Caylee should be w/Casey and she was taking Caylee from her to “teach her a lesson.”

Lee was frustrated saying- don’t hold anything back- I could have used all of this info a month ago bc he’s been “investigating” everything during this time that Casey was in jail. That’s the end of part one.

Here’s part 2. (21 mins)

Lee says he never doubted that there was a Zanny the nanny- he believed his sister.

Morgan says that everyone watching the case has always commended Lee’s actions during this case. Hmm, he doesn’t read the blogs evidently.

Lee says he talked to hundreds of his and Casey’s friend during his “investigation” – looking for a live Caylee.

Morgan asks who Caylee’s father is- Lee answers no- Lee’s attny objects as to relevance. They discuss bc Morgan says part of proving his case, bc his client was questioned as to Caylee’s whereabouts, it would help to find who might have taken Caylee bc his client didn’t.

Lee says, w/a chuckle, “With all due respect, you’re not going to get that answer from me, I would have kicked that door in a long time ago.” He goes on in a bit of macho bravado saying if he ever had any indication of who had Caylee “from the President on down” he would have kicked that door in.

Lee says that during the month that Caylee and Casey weren’t staying in their home he was never alerted to worry about their whereabouts. That is curious bc of Cindy’s July 3 “distraught” myspace msg about Caylee being missing and reports of Lee going to a bar looking for Casey (she fled).

Morgan brings that up next- big discussion w/attnys as to relevance. Morgan’s attnys school Lee’s attnys saying we’ll get the answer eventually and we’ll be seeking fees and costs so if you instruct your client not to answer- it’s not a valid objection and it will cost you. Lee speaks up bc he now remembers his mom calling him July 3rd saying Casey and Caylee haven’t been home – he went online figured out where she was and went looking for her.

Lee makes a statement unrelated to this saying someone (many people) forwarded him Zenaida’s myspace saying – could this be the person? he says based on all the evidence he had from Casey’s statements- this person (Zenaida) was never under suspicion from him. Pointing to the “mam” across the table – Zenaida.

Part 3 (26 mins)

Morgan asks about Xanax being called a “zanny” – Lee says he’s never heard of that- NEVER heard of taking a xanax as related to Zanny the nanny he says he’s NEVER heard that until today. I find that INCREDIBLY HARD TO BELIEVE- if he’s been AT ALL following this case. That speculation has been rampant online (especially here).

Morgan questions Lee about July 3rd bc Lee was looking for her downtown and actually spoke to her – Casey told him she was in Jacksonville. He repeatedly called her she finally picked up and said leave me alone, I’m in Jax, I’ll be home tomorrow. He said he knew she was lying. Hmm, I thought you believed EVERYTHING your sister tells you?

Lee says he asked about Caylee’s whereabouts that night bc he could hear that she was “out” at a party- he could hear noise in the background. Casey said “someone” was watching her and he didn’t ask who.

Lee says that even to this day neither he nor his mom know WHY Casey left the house in June. What about the HUGE argument they had bc Casey stole from her grandparents and Cindy was threatening to take custody, screaming so loud a neighbor heard and supposedly putting her hands on Casey’s neck? Hmm, I actually thought that the story about the fight becoming physical that night came from Lee.

Lee says he had no knowledge of his mother ever trying to take custody of Caylee- he never heard about that except after the fact through what he called “bullcrap” sources like the media. Morgan now asks about the alleged “physical” confrontation between Cindy and Casey- he denies it, chuckling saying he’s never broken up a physical confrontation between Casey and anyone. Wow, if that’s true, I wonder who made that story up in the first place?

Lee talks about Casey’s “timer55” password for myspace and yahoo- hoping to clear up Morgan’s questions regarding “internet” communication w/Zanny. Lee said Casey claimed that whoever took Caylee reset her password to that and that was the amount of time that this person was going to have Caylee before they would return her. Lee says, its creepy and gave him chills bc If you count from June 16 when Caylee was “taken” – if you count from there to 55 days it was to August 9th- which was Caylee’s birthday. THAT is highly suspicious bc Casey would know that that was exactly how much time she had to run or do what she was going to do.

That was HER deadline for how long she could hopefully BULLSH!T her parents as to Caylee’s whereabouts. SHE would know that they would NEVER accept any of her ridiculous excuses for not being able to see Caylee past that date. She would HAVE to produce her on Caylee’s birthday.

That’s also why Casey had an exact countdown and knew that her daughter was “missing” 31 days instead of the actual date she was “taken”- thus the whole June 9th or 16th confusion.

Lee now throws Jesse into the mix saying that one other person knew of the “timer55” password and that was Jesse Grund. It seems like he may have been trying to throw Jesse under the bus here but gets sidetracked. Throwing Jesse under the bus seems to be quite the old family tradition (not as much fun as Hank’s). He goes into this bc he says he was trying to delete all of Casey’s pics bc everything was being “sensationalized.” He says everything from Facebook and all of those type accounts had been deleted from end of April to July 3rd. He laughs bc he associates it w/the night he almost tracked her down bc she knew that that’s how he almost caught up w/her. Yet he says Casey “claims” that she did not do this deleting. And we’re to assume he believes this BS bc he BELIEVES EVERYTHING HIS SISTER TELLS HIM- EVEN TO THIS DAY.

Lee says Casey claims to have received communication from the “timer55” kidnapped person during this time things that told her for example to “show up to Target at 3pm” and Casey would do it.

Part 4 (34 mins)

Lee says he was never able to read the text comments to or from Casey- he says they’ve asked for that and laughs saying he would LOVE to see those but the authorities would never give those to him. He did have access to the phone numbers and to this day there are still some numbers that he does not know to whom they belong.

He says he has only seen Casey physically drunk twice in her life and says that she was not a “hard partyer.” Morgan asks about the phone call Casey supposedly received from Caylee on July 15th – we’ve all heard about this fictional call.

Lee gives the description Casey gave about Zenaida saying it doesn’t match this one and Casey has been consistent. She was early 20s, slender, light complexion (but she frequently tanned) and had no children.

They talk about Casey mtg Zenaida through Jeff Hopkins- NOT the one they both knew from high school. Even though that was the one that Casey had been telling her mom she was dating and the reason she was in Jax (though they don’t discuss this).

Morgan questions Lee about paying Zenaida to babysit and how many times Zenaida would babysit- Lee has no knowledge. Morgan asks about Casey dropping of Caylee the last time. Lee says Casey told him it was at Jay Blanchard Park- she met up w/Zanny and Zanny’s sister w/the sister’s two children. Casey gave him this story for the first time when she got out of jail in August. He says this story hasn’t changed though it is different from what Casey originally told police bc she had said it was at Sawgrass Apartments. Morgan asks where Casey was going that day- to which Lee replies she “claimed” she was going to work going on to say that she did work there at one time. Lee says that where Casey worked never had any relevance to him- he didn’t care bc he just wanted to find Caylee.

This bothers the hell out of me. BC why in the HELL was she dropping her off w/ANYBODY? The b!tch didn’t have a job! I was just listening to those intv tapes w/Casey that they made at Universal and NEVER ONCE does anyone bring that point up. I know hind sight is 20/20 but you would certainly think that would be a relevant question bc you’re sitting in a conference room at Universal having just found out that she DOES NOT WORK there- so WHY did she need a nanny? WHERE did she work? How did she pay the (imaginary) nanny?

Morgan says, bc she’s given so many stories w/inconsistencies even to you- did you start to doubt? Lee answers no- he believes there is more info he could be given- he believes there’s truth to a lot of what he’s been told. I find that VERY difficult to believe.

They go back to the Blanchard Park story- Morgan- throws in- “have you given this story to the police – what you’re telling me now?” Lee, looks up and to the left, and says, no…I don’t think so. Hmm. That’s curious isn’t it? Casey says she sat down on a bench w/Zenaida watching the kids play and she remembers Zenaida grabbing her arm forcefully to “kinda hold her down in a way” and that’s when she said I’m going to take Caylee from you- I will give her back to you but you need to follow my instructions- this is where she threatened- don’t go to the police or I will hurt your loved ones. Casey then saw Zenaida’s sister w/the kids at this point “briskly” walking to the car and Zenaida left too at this point. Uh, did you fight and scream and kick? Morgan doesn’t ask this.

Casey said Zenaida said this was to teach her a lesson. Morgan asks what lesson- w/Lee saying “I don’t know- if it was ever relayed to her, she didn’t relay it to me.” He laughs. WTF? Don’t you think that would be a relevant fu@cking question? Wouldn’t whatever that reason is be important- wouldn’t you mention it when pleading through the media w/Zanny to bring Caylee home. This just stinks to high heaven and insults my intelligence. That doesn’t pass the smell test- that would be priority number ONE in any investigation into getting Caylee back- WHY did they take her? Can we fix it?

Morgan asks if he ever asked Casey WHY she lied to police- saying to Lee- I can tell you’re a thinker. UGH. He says he never asked her that directly. Hmm. Lee says he still believes a Zenaida Gonzales could have kidnapped Caylee- it’s “absolutely” a possibility among a number of people. Saying he believes what someone tells him until he can prove otherwise. Morgan then asks if he believes one of those possible people could be his sister Casey- Lee’s attny objects and “certifies” it instructing his client not to answer.

Morgan goes back to why didn’t you call your sister on the lie of changing the story. Lee says he never asked her that question. BULLSH!T! Lee says he believes Casey was following instructions from Caylee’s kidnappers. Morgan says did Casey’s answers satisfy you?- to which he says- Caylee coming home safely is the ONLY thing that would have satisfied him in this case.

Did you ever ask Casey about an accident scenario- whether she accidently killed her then covered it up? Lee’s attnys object and instruct him not to answer. Lee says I’m not answering that question bc its not relevant. Morgan says I think you answered it by not answering it. BURN.

Morgan asks about the apparent ease at which Casey let Zenaida “kidnap” Caylee- offerring NO resistance. Lee says, laughing broadly, that he asked Casey did she try to resist- bc he would imagine a fist fight would ensue. He says Casey told him she was in shock and it was just surreal. BULLSH!T! Morgan asks if Casey pleaded w/Zenaida not to take her baby- Lee says he assumes so but Casey never told him that and he never asks. BULLSH!T!

OMG Morgan goes on w/this line of questioning saying- did that make sense to you- that she wouldn’t resist? Lee fumbles a bit saying yes and no…I’m a lot like my sister. Morgan says, I can tell. OUCH! Can you imagine a lower insult? Lee says he would be fighting to the death in that situation but no one can say anything about Casey’s actions bc they were not in her shoes. He says they were all concerned about making Casey comfortable and placating Casey so that they could get info from her. Yeah, WE CAN TELL! That’s why we have NO answers in this case. Lee didn’t ask if Zenaida had a gun or any weapon.

Part 5 (54 mins)

Morgan asks about Sawgrass and Lee says he doesn’t know anyone who lived there but he does know Annie and has heard of Dante. (That’s some investigating he must have done.) Lee says he knew most of Casey’s friends but didn’t know many that she had made since the beginning of 2008. Morgan asks did Zenaida tell Casey to go downtown (haha- yeah she told her to go out and party). Lee says, no I never asked her that- that would have been a good question.

Morgan asks about Zenaida having a key to the family home. Lee says he heard that Casey told her parents that she’d given Zenaida a key to the house. Lee says Cindy thought that was fine bc she was babysitting Caylee. BULLSH!T have you MET Cindy? That would NEVER happen. Lee says he’s spoken to the media about Zenaida giving a description etc. Though he NEVER spoke to the media updating them w/the correct “story” about Jay Blanchard Park. Lee says he “sadly” told Leonard Padilla, also told Dominick the PI and his parents and maybe Baez though he’s not sure that came up. WTF? Morgan asks why he never told the police- Lee says- the time never came up. BULLSH!T! Lee says the police just weren’t interested in hearing ANYTHING that came out of my sister’s mouth- they would automatically dismiss it. They were looking for a “dead Caylee” and the quickest way to do that was to paint his sister in a bad light and they never followed up on anything he provided him so they were no longer “on his speed dial” and they were for a while. That’s ludicrous- if you’re trying to find Caylee.

Lee is overly amicable and laughing in this intv- its weird. Lee says again that he believes everything his sister told him. Lee says I have to and explains by saying -by that he means when someone is telling you something and you need info from them you have to not call them a liar- that’s not his strategy. Well maybe you should switch up your fu@cking strategy when it’s obviously NOT working and you’re dealing w/a psycho spiteful b!tch that has been known to LIE EXTENSIVELY.

Morgan goes back to the line of questioning- WHY did you not release the new story about Jay Blanchard Park- the story you now claim to believe. Lee says- “apparently I don’t react the way that you do.” Morgan says after all these months you never told…Lee says, I don’t get your point. BULLSH!T! Uh, why not tell the police- what you believe to be the truth? Lee says he assumes they knew that new story and Morgan makes him look like a complete and total IDIOT. Rightly so. Doesn’t pass the smell test.

Lee says he told Cindy the story the morning after he heard and she didn’t have much of a reaction either. Morgan tries to get a reaction about Casey lying to police saying it’s a blockbuster but Lee does not see it as such- apparently no one in the family did either. Remember Cindy saying – well it’s not against the law to lie. UGH! Lee really seems to struggle here- and says “for the life of me I can’t figure out why that didn’t stand out to me.” Um, perhaps bc it was one in a series of whoppers you heard from your sister?

Someone should ask the question- IF you believed that story WHY didn’t you go immediately to the police and the media and say it was a public park around noon surely SOMEONE SAW SOMETHING- here’s a description – someone stole Caylee in broad daylight PLEASE COME FORWARD!!!

Morgan asks if Lee ever had any conversations w/his parents about Casey’s “truthfulness.” Lee’s attny originally objects and “certifies” (which I gather means- instructing Lee not to answer). Morgan is stupefied- as this is a defamation case about Casey lying and Lee’s attny evidently spits out the stupid pill and takes it back. Lee has a huge gregarious laugh here- does he even KNOW why he’s sitting there. I think he answered and said they never had a conversation about her truthfulness in this case in particular but had discussed her lying in the past. He goes on to say he used to have a problem w/lying…like when he was in middle school. He says Casey hit that “stage” too- but she hit it in high school. He calls them little white lies. Lee when asked about what type of lies Casey would tell said- well skipping school for example. Morgan asks about stealing money– Lee reluctantly answered yes.

Lee says they never commented in the family about- WOW- Casey lied to the police and further Morgan asks, they didn’t take offense to the fact that she also lied to THEM. (During this question Lee picks some earwax and looks at it- gross- he appears uncomfortable.) Lee shrugs it off saying she was trying to protect Caylee. He says if it protects her child I hope she continues to lie. WTF? Her child is dead- you want her to continue to lie? Morgan says isn’t it true that she would do or say anything to protect herself as well? Lee says he believes that is secondary. They have a big hearty laugh over would they lie to protect themselves. Lee seems to find the whole thing amusing- it seems he’s overly confident and trying to really ingratiate himself w/Morgan.

Lee says that since Casey was released from jail they had about 5-7 minutes at most- they never had the brother/sister time that they needed. Morgan asks if Lee told someone that he feels if he could see Casey alone w/no one watching- he believes he could get the truth out of her. He says yes- I believe I could.

Morgan asks if Casey described the sister? Lee seems to search back in his mind- whew- he laughs. Morgan says- well this is a major co-conspirator who allegedly took Caylee. Reminding Lee that that should be of primary importance. Lee says well, I think I have it written down somewhere. Shouldn’t you till be looking for those people MORON? Lee says he wouldn’t have a problem giving them the notes he took when questioning Casey. Morgan goes back to the description of the sister- Lee seems to get agitated and says wow- then proceeds to lay it out in a very condescending manner. There is some confusing talk about to whom Casey first spun the new tale about Jay Blanchard Park. Morgan is trying to get him to understand that in any NORMAL family this would have been earth shattering, case breaking, life changing news. It sure makes it seem like no one in their family thought it was big news.

They are talking about whether Casey ever told him not to speak to the media- he says no but he never asked permission. Some one mentions Baez and a HEARTY laugh is enjoyed by all as Morgan says- I’ll get to him later. Morgan asks about the entertainment deals allegedly offered to the family- he says nothing has been mentioned to him but wild outlandish things have been offered to the family. He says he’s never heard it straight from his mom or dad that they’ve taken money. Morgan asks if Jose Baez has taken money- someone starts to object and Morgan says- I’m going to ask bc I KNOW the answer to this question. Lee’s attny (I assume) objects as to “work product” and they go off the record for a minute.

Lee says he doesn’t know for sure if his family received $200,000 from ABC- he hasn’t “heard it to know it to be true.” He has no knowledge that anyone in his family has received compensation. Morgan asks if he knows about Jose allegedly asking People magazine for $500,000- Lee says that’s the first he’s heard of that rumor. Me too. (10 more minutes- I’m so over Lee right now.)

Lee has never sat down and told Jose Baez the Jay Blanchard Park story but he has had many conversations w/Jose and has referenced the story. Morgan asks if there was ever a conversation about Casey’s lies and this new story creates a problem for the defense- to which Lee laughingly replies- no I’ve never heard that- that would be a conversation for Casey. Big laughs. Lee hasn’t talked to Jose since the day that they identified Caylee’s remains but said he gets along w/Jose fine.

Lee says he’s not aware if his parents are unhappy w/Jose’s defense. Morgan asks about the media being invited to Caylee’s memorial. Lee says that they knew they’d have to have it taped in order for Casey to see it. Lee says he doesn’t know much about that- his mom set it up. Morgan says- why when you had such a problem w/the media being here to day- why was it ok for so many cameras to be there for such a personal moment as the memorial. Lee says- that wasn’t his choice- it would be private. Morgan goes on to ask about the memorial and says he didn’t see much- but saw Lee and Herkey singing- hearty laugh from Lee- he says “you missed some good stuff”- WHAT?

Morgan asks about Lee’s speech and keeping his promise to CMA. Lee says he was speaking to Caylee- he made a promise to her early on- in July – that no matter what it took I was going to find out the truth. He says he kissed both of the bracelets on his wrist one is for Casey and one is for Caylee. He says there are 3 women in his life w/the initials CMA his mom, his sister and Caylee. Morgan asks about the Winnie the Pooh blanket and whether he knew if Casey took it to Jay Blanchard Park. Lee says no- she has a ton of Winnie the Pooh stuff. Morgan then asks if he ever saw Casey or Caylee playing w/heart stickers around the house- Lee says no. I’m surprised that didn’t raise an objection- who is this attny for Lee? Did he go to school w/Jose?

Morgan thanks him and says he’s not ending the deposition – he’s suspending it bc several questions were “certified” and they need to hold a hearing. It ends w/a friendly laugh and smile from Lee saying you guys will keep communication open as to rescheduling in case he’s out of town chuckle chuckle- and he winks at Morgan. Wow- friendly, fun business being deposed by some one suing your sister for defamation bc someone w/the same name supposedly kidnapped and killed your niece.

Morgan made a statement after the deposition that they don’t know whether he told the truth today but said Lee appeared to be forthcoming. The tape of the deposition is available here. Lee’s attorney was geared up to fight the release of the tape until after the case was closed but it is said that Lee told him not to bother w/the delay- to just release it now.

Morgan on Nancy Grace says the bombshell he heard- was that the story changed and the family knew that she had lied to the police and the family didn’t rush to the police. Shocking huh? Morgan even comments on how often Lee laughs in this depo – considering your niece is dead and your sister is in prison charged w/it.

Oh, apropos of nothing…I’m just watching Sex and the City and after Miranda first slept w/Steve he comes back to try to take her on a date and introduces himself as Steve Brady. She later has his child and names him Brady if I’m not mistaken. I guess the writer’s fell asleep at the wheel bc that means she named her baby Brady Brady. Cruel…fictional, but cruel.


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OCSO has asked for a new search warrant for the Anthony home!

Local stations are reporting that they are planning to search the home again. I wonder if she was wrapped in some bedding or some type of blanket that they think they can track back? Why do you think they want to search the home again?

The Medical Examiner has taken the remains out of the woods. They will be sending the remains to the FBI ASAP and Sheriff Beary said that they will make it a top priority and have said they’re willing to work through the weekend.

The meter reader who likes to nature pee has now said that he kicked the bag and the skull came out. That poor guy– I’m sure that horrific image will stay w/him and… well let’s face it eventually his friends will make fun of him for public urination. I for one am grateful that nature called- him into the woods.

Hmm the Anthony’s have texted WFTV saying “Allen said, not confirmed” and have given no indication that they believe the remains are Caylee’s. I think little Caylee was sick of all the turmoil and agony– she’s crying out!

Channel 9 is playing the courtroom appearance that Jose made for Casey today– after asking for a continuance– he came out and said it would be malpractice to say that he’s ready to go forward in this case when he has a woman’s life in his hands. Jose talked about what a hard time Casey is having in jail– boo hoo. It’s ironic that after he asked for the continuance– someone asked him if he was worried that a delay in the case might lead to a better chance for the body to be discovered and he said no- we believe she’s alive- we’re not worried about that or words to that effect. All of this was happening around the same time that nature boy, I mean the meter reader was making his discovery.

Reporters are speculating that the search warrant for the Anthony home may be seeking duct tape and garbage bags as forensics may be able to make a match w/such items. I wonder if they shouldn’t also get that kind of stuff from Tony’s house just in case? I wonder too if the Anthony family didn’t already dispose of that kind of stuff. I never would have thought that until I heard about the hairbrush incident.

Evidently Casey has been placed on psychological review which they stressed does not mean suicide watch. The last time something like this happened– when the “remains” were found in the Econ river the press called the jail for Casey’s reaction and they said she just turned away from the TV and went back into her cell. This time they said no comment.

Local 6 just interviewed Anthony family friend Holly G– she was very emotional of course and spoke so lovingly about the family. She seems really sweet. I think she’s the one that originally went on several programs sticking up for Casey in the beginning.

Each station has coverage of the Anthony’s plane coming into OIA. That seems like a bit of overkill but I guess there’s been plenty of that in this case. Do we need an aerial shot of the plane arriving? Do you need to stick your cameras in their face right now? One of the reporters just said the Anthony’s have a hard time NOT commenting for cameras- I guess that’s true but I sure would not like to be sticking a camera in their face right now.

OMG Local 6 is reporting that fellow passengers on the plane w/the Anthony’s say that Cindy was sobbing at times during the flight.

Oh, I just can’t imagine what Cindy and George will be going through– they are just reporting that they won’t be allowed to go back into their house for some time due to the search warrant and they’re talking about sealing it as a crime scene. Cindy is going to lose her mind over that! I sure hope they get that settled soon bc she is going to be so fragile– that will just make her feel angry and persecuted — she will fuel on that rage instead of dealing w/her loss. How long will they need to seal the house– WHAT are they looking for?

BTW where’s Murt? Does anyone know how to get to the chat or the stream? I feel so left out! Friends share?


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Today Show 10/22 -George and Cindy Anthony in NYC.

They are in NYC on the set and they are sitting about as far away from each other as is possible while still being on the same set. I think body language experts would have a field day w/it and I think there is a growing chasm between them- I can’t imagine what its like in that house. I still have tremendous sympathy for them but I just don’t think they are doing themselves any favors w/the way they are conducting themselves. I think George may try to broach the subject, as he should, about the POSSIBILITY that Caylee is no longer w/us and I imagine Cindy bites his head off. I think they should be in counseling and someone should advise them to acknowledge that that MAY be the outcome- their stance right now is making them seem delusional and interfering w/people feeling the sympathy for them that they deserve. I wonder what other shows they will be doing while in the big apple? Geraldo probably -for sure- since he’s buddies w/Casey’s BFF Jose. I wonder if they’re still mad at Greta? Yuck, I’ll probably have to watch some FOX. I hate dislike FIXed News.

Here’s where to watch the Today show clip and here’s a summary/recap/rant:

Meredith interviews them- asks how they are feeling- George says crazy roller coaster (hmm, I wonder what the highs have been? I love roller coasters). I can’t imagine being in their shoes. She then asks about the Grand Jury- he can’t comment- duh. Cindy responds to the neglect charges being dropped -due to the State saying evidence has revealed that Caylee is deceased- by saying that she believes that its just a delay tactic to keep evidence from them. Yeah, that’s right its all a big conspiracy
and LE faked all this evidence just to frame your daughter. What does she think the evidence will show her? Meredith asks about the evidence and what if they present evidence to you showing that Caylee is deceased and Cindy says that’s a big IF. They mention that its all circumstantial and they still believe she’s alive and that every bit of evidence can have experts argue against it in court. She thinks they’ll find Caylee before that but they’ll go to court if they have to. Um, you do have to and that thing you always say about its not against the law to lie…yeah that’s not true so much when you’re in court (or talking to authorities for that matter– see the last 4 charges against your daughter). She says they’ve established a new tip line and have investigators working diligently trying to find Caylee- they get tips all the time.

Interesting that they don’t give out the tip # – hey you’re on national TV – why not give out the number to call or hey why not show a sketch of the last person seen w/Caylee?? -she looks like this, here’s what her car looks like, here’s where she may be, what she may be doing, what she likes to eat, her hobbies. Why not make a plea to that person to bring Caylee home? Why not speak directly to Caylee?- honey we love you and we’re looking for you. Don’t most loved ones do that? I don’t understand why people don’t ask them that stuff in interviews-grrrr- its so frustrating!! I’m going to have to build another list of 90 questions that I want to SCREAM at reporters!! 😦 I’ve heard that they took a lie detector test fairly recently and I like for them to confirm that. I also heard that Lee is still refusing. I’s like to know why?

They talk about these party pictures-Meredith says- help us understand they pics. Yes pls explain the apparent disparity between distraught mother/desperately searching/grief and party girl/spiteful b!tch/thief!! Curious minds want to know. George says the best way to describe Casey is she’s a good mother and a good daughter. Er, yep, that would be the best way– but what we are interested in is the most truthful way. Give that a shot. Why didn’t she have a job? Why did she lie? Why was there even the need for a (phantom) nanny? Cindy says alot of those pics were taken before 6/16. Why don’t they get called out on this? However true that may be- as we’ve seen alot of pictures- SOME of them WERE taken after Caylee went “missing” so how do you explain that? How bout the crime spree ripping off a good friend at Target?

I do think its interesting that at least she’s acknowledging that date still. I think that was the date Caylee died, but at least she knows that was the date she went “missing.” Why not talk about the circumstances of that day? Maybe someone watching saw something- wouldn’t that be the most helpful thing to be talking about when you have the nation’s attention? Hmm- it makes me think of the new Clint Eastwood movie- The Changeling– where they try to give the wrong kid back after a kidnapping. Would that work here? Maybe Cindy just wants her 3 yr old grand daughter back- any 3 yr old will do?!? Ugh, I know she loved Caylee and I feel bad even typing that but its just so unbelievably frustrating. They are getting some really bad PR advice or they are completely un-coachable in my opinion. They should be asking for help and telling us what happened- we ALL want Caylee to be found alive. Give us a reason to believe. Why don’t you share some of what your having? I actually quite like kool-aid. (The new crystal lite style sugar free cherry flavor is FABULOLUS! BTW)

I think its interesting that they didn’t use the Jose line about –the world will understand everything once Casey gets to tell her story in court. Cindy says poor Casey has been tried in the public since day one. Poor Casey? NO! Poor Caylee!! Cindy actually gives a shout out to Tim Miller -which is weird since I thought she’d (threw him under the bus recently and) said that he stole from them and she would never speak to him again.

Cindy says she point blank asked authorities, even weeks ago, if its 100% and they said no, NO evidence is 100%. That’s frustrating to me. I know 100% certainty is rare- but if they have it- WHY don’t they say YES so that these poor grandparents can begin to have some closure? Why don’t they do this??? They don’t have to show her the evidence yet but why not say that yes, we have enough evidence to conclusively prove that the child is no longer w/us? I guess there’s some legal issues involved and I don’t want to jeopardize the case but DAMN- that’s frustrating. I want to KNOW what they KNOW. And I sure as sh!t hope they can PROVE what they know.

They say they haven’t gone to see Casey in jail bc Casey has asked that the focus not be on her but on her daughter Caylee and they know the media frenzy that would ensue w/visits etc. How thoughtful of Casey. Cindy says who’s to say how you react when someone takes someone you love? Um, normal people are to say how you react when someone takes someone you love…normal people call 911, tell the truth and tell WHO look their loved one! Heck, there’d probably even be a sketch (rant)! To do otherwise needs explanation and there may be one, I doubt it but I would sure love to hear it!!

George gives a shout out to the Kid Finders Network and says they’ve been helped tremendously by them. Hmmm, then why are you starting basically a duplicate and competing foundation seeking donations in your daughter’s name? There are other ways to honor the memory of Caylee. How about a scholarship fund for young single mothers? How about funds to go for mental health counseling for families in need- families who’ve lost a loved one or families dealing w/a loved one who’s a sociopath?

Ugh, I just read here that Cindy was paid $5000 for her last Today show interview and now they’ve flown both of them up there- I wonder how much money this whole little publicity tour will net them?? I wonder if its specified that it can’t go to Casey’s defense? As I wrote in the 20/20 post –> over there–> they get around it by not paying for the intv but licensing photos etc. Yuck. I wish there was a way to get a petition going that would say PLEASE don’t put those people on the air unless they tell us the circumstances surrounding Caylee’s disappearance. Starve them of the limelight as we starve for information!! WE are TEAM Caylee! We want her to be found and we want CAYLEE to have JUSTICE! I just listened to that interview again and grrr Cindy said again that from day 1 they have been building a case against Casey and they HAVE NOT BEEN LOOKING FOR CAYLEE!! That makes me so angry- they’ve BEEN looking for Caylee but the ONE person who could help has NOT BEEN COOPERATING. Cindy says there is nothing in the world that could ever make her believe Casey harmed Caylee. I believe that’s true- she is snowed UNDER and will never see the truth unless Case admits it. And the chances of that are slim to none. I think she wants to dedicate her life to this “cause” thus the foundation and she will ALWAYS be trying to figure out a way to find Casey innocent.

She’s already thrown Jesse and Amy under the bus. Jesse who loved Casey and Caylee and Amy who led Cindy to Casey when she was distraught over finding her daughter -her daughter who’s been (missing) out of the house for the past month- for the first time ever keeping Caylee away for that long. Amy did that, even though since day 1 Casey had pumped her full of despicable lies about the Anthony family- Amy thought they WERE a crazy family and hesitated when Cindy called, but then Amy could just hear how upset she was. Cindy, having just recovered her “missing” daughter’s car REEKING of decomposition begged Amy to take her to Casey. Amy recognized a distraught parent and agreed to “bust” Casey at her secret hideaway w/the boyfriend Cindy had no clue about!! THAT is the ONLY reason we even know that Caylee is missing! God bless Amy (poor thing has had ALL of her personal text messages revealed and her bank account and her privacy have been ravaged by Casey)- THANK YOU AMY– I’m sorry you ever met Casey. I think Cindy was just using the stolen car and bank account- call the cops threat to force Casey to take her to Caylee. We know how stubborn Casey is…I can still picture her striding confidently down the hall at Universal w/cops in tow…which one is my office? Oh, that’s right, I don’t have an office here. I haven’t worked here in over 2 years. I was just FF’in w/ya! But I do want to help you find my daughter…in a backward sorta way. GRRR!! I’m sorry any of us have ever heard of her. I’m so mad and so sad! 😦

Double Ugh, after the interview, I left it running while ranting here and heard the clip about Hulk Hogan’s son getting released and like a train wreck…I had to go watch. Brook runs up hugging him dramatically wearing a tight white wife beater and tight jeans- no reason a publicity ho shouldn’t look good while dashing into the scene dramatically as her little brother gets released from prison. Ugh, I can’t even talk about these people anymore. WHY are they on TV??? They hurt my eyes. Pls go away. And pls, let’s all say a prayer that Nick does not get his own show too. We’ve had enough of these people. WHO is the idiot that put them on TV in the first place?? They’ve got some serious explainin’ to do.


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Nancy 10/16- Casey Anthony (death penalty poll) updates and Cole Puffinburger.

Breaking news- police desperately searching for a little 3 year old (she says that at the open to every show- I think she should update- police aren’t desperately searching anymore- no one is!) 😦

Tot mom’s defense spokes person goes on national TV and talks about this being a very serious case including not just the loss of life of this child and the loss of whatever is going to happen to Casey–OOPS! The defense is supposed to be maintaining the charade that they believe Caylee is alive. He later tried to clear it up and said he was taken out of context- wftv went off on him today- it was funny I will have to find a clip to post. Jose may rue the day that he kicked them out of his little press conference- they have only turned up the volume and the snarkiness. They keep referring to him as Casey’s ROOKIE lawyer. ha.

Oh no, a boy, 6 yrs old, Cole Puffinburger was kidnapped his from Las Vegas home during a home invasion.

Kidnapped- by 3 hispanic males in Las Vegas.

Kidnapped- by 3 hispanic males in Las Vegas.

They posed as cops, got in, tied up the family and took the little boy- I’ll post his picture later. They are updating this – saying drugs may have been involved- it was definitely calculated and planned- they were looking for the boy’s grandfather who hasn’t lived at the house for quite awhile. NG is suspicious of the victims in this case not being able to do a composite- due to trauma but NG doesn’t buy it. I’m looking for a pic on her site but I can’t find it yet. The incident happened around 7am and they didn’t issue an amber alert until noon- bc they didn’t have a proper description. Here’s the tip line 702-828-3111.

Jose held a press conference today to try to damage control Todd Black’s statement- he kept saying that someone was joking about the case and it was taken out of context– I’m not sure that he knows what that means. Mark w/WNDB news- NG says it doesn’t sound like anyone was being jocular. The guy that was interviewing Todd over the phone, w/CNN headline news- Brooks- he’s mad- saying no, no one was joking about the case- he takes it very seriously.

12×7 foot cell, one wall is plexiglass, she has a bed and a toilet and she gets one hour a day to go out and shower or do other things– is she in general population then? She will not be popular. They say last time she was a very ferocious reader- I think they mean voracious. Wonder what she likes to read? She certainly has a vivid imagination.

Talking about the science- if Caylee’s body fluid was found on that pizza bag in the trunk (as Leonard Padilla revealed last night)- then her chances for acquittal are sunk. NG talking about how no one will get to hear that the defense admitted that Caylee’s dead- duh. Hearsay and irrelevant.

caller- w/the cell phone pings- did they check anyone else’s to see if someone was w/her? They didn’t really answer the question. But it is an interesting one bc there’s been rampant speculation that there is another POI (person of interest) yet to be identified and arrested. The wording of the indictment led people to speculate about that. I’ll post them here bc they did leave it open, I guess, in case they later find out that someone else was involved.

Here are the first 3 counts (taken from here)- the last 4 are all about lying to authorities- which must really chap Cindy’s ass bc she kept saying its not against the law to lie–oops – you might want to re-think that.
The first count is for first-degree murder, a capital offense that is punishable by the death penalty.

This charge alleges that Casey Anthony caused the death of Caylee “from a premeditated design” between June 15 and July 16. Those dates correspond to the last time Caylee was seen and when she was reported missing. The indictment offers no other information on how, why or when.

Count two is aggravated child abuse. This alleges that between the same dates Casey Anthony “did knowingly or willfully…causes great bodily harm, permanent disfigurement or permanent disability to Caylee Marie Anthony…by intentionally inflicting physical injury…or by intentionally committing an act or actively encouraging another person to commit an act which could reasonably expected to result in physical injury.”

Count three is aggravated manslaughter of a child. This count alleges that Casey Anthony caused Caylee’s death by failing to provide “the care, supervision and services necessary to maintain Caylee Marie Anthony’s physical and mental health” or that she did not make “a reasonable effort” to protect Caylee from someone else abuses, neglecting or exploiting her.

Reporter for Westwood 1 in Orlando- will Baez come off the case bc he’s too inexperienced. He will stay on the case, he has associates he can tap to help him. NG wants to know how many trials he’s had in his career? They only know of 3 – one was a murder case- he lost the man was found guilty, second was the mayor of Kissimmee- it was settled- he mentions another one- it also settled out of court- NG get her panties in a wad- that is still just one trial. More speculation that he may have to step down or take second chair bc he’s rookie. Baez mentions there is someone helping him that is Death Penalty DP qualified but does not want to be identified- she says BS- there’s no way someone wouldn’t want the publicity. I think Jose may be talking to several people- trying to find one that will let him take the lead and no one has quite agreed to his ridiculous demands yet.

Leonard talking about how they brought in Mike Walsh from Miami- to help w/the defense but not sure what happened to him. Talking about how Texas Equusearch has left town and no one is searching for Caylee right now.

Jose did not file for a speedy trial (I don’t think he has to) and he did not file for a change of venue. Someone speculated last night that it may get moved as far as the panhandle of FL- I hope it doesn’t get moved that far bc I fear I will still have this unhealthy obsession and will have to attend.

Jesse Grund’s dad, Richard is on again- he’s not surprised by the indictment- says they’re not happy or celebrating. He believes it was absolutely an accident- almost everyone who knows Casey believes that. NG says how do you explain the searches for chloroform on her computer and the chloroform in her car. He says he thinks Casey was working on an exit strategy to get away from her mom- it might have included faking a kidnapping. NG says well then that’s not an accident.

Dr. Marshall is asked about the freudian slip the defense made referring to Caylee as dead. Doc says yea- she’s been successful getting people to drink the Casey kool-aid.

caller- does anyone know where she got the chloroform? Its not difficult she could have gotten it over the internet.
caller- what kind of impact will Casey’s lack of empathy and concern for her child have on the decision of whether to go for the death penalty- doc says that will really come into play.

Talking about the judge’s ruling denying Jose’s attempt to stop the testing- the defense was not granted the right to be there- Kobi says he just wants to make sure the science is conducted in such a way that people will be able to trust it. NG says those words are going to come back and bite you in the ass.

I wonder if NG is going to move on and drop the Caylee case. I guess there will be fewer bombshells and breaking news now that Casey is in jail. That will be sad but I know there are many other missing children who need our attention. I really hope that they find Caylee soon! BTW where the heck has Lee Anthony been lately?

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Nancy Grace has actual BOMBSHELLS in Casey Anthony case tonight 10/14!

She plays the Jose press conference, the indictment being read, Sheriff Beary’s statement among other things. Update from Jessica D’Onofrio from WKMG- it took only 30minutes for 12 of the 19 jurors to decide that it needs to go to trial. 1st degree murder is a CAPITAL case in FL!

George was the first witness- probably the most important and he spoke for over an hour. Next up was the cadaver dog expert, FBI and then lead investigators. In the show open NG implied that the Tennessee Body farm air sample expert testimony were key in the case.

Talking about the way she was arrested which seemed at first like she was trying to get away- I already described in a previous post- Fox was covering it- it was quite the spectacle.

Mark Nejame the Anthony’s attorney is on- quite why –no one knows bc he won’t be able to say ANYTHING. She asks him about the arrest under the bridge – why Cindy did that? – he says I don’t know I was dealing w/George all day. He goes on about how courageous George was to do what he did- which is tell the truth- evidently in that family it is quite unusual so perhaps he should be commended. They played the clip again of George asking everyone to pray for his family- especially Caylee- they didn’t play the part where he asked for prayers at 11am and 11pm- but he did do that which I thought was weird- but I will certainly pray for all of them- I’m certain that they need it.

NG lawyers say that the lesser included charge may be in order to signal that they are ready to make a plea deal and won’t seek death if she will tell what happened and cop to a lesser charge. NG very unhappy w/that.

Caller- the dress found today by Tim Miller’s team. Here’s a picture of Caylee wearing a similar dress. (I just figured out how to post pics- yea me!)
picture-51BTW I think this dress is not related bc it was in good condition and thought to be too large for Caylee but there are conflicting statements so we’ll see. I think if it was related – Tim wouldn’t be taking off to postpone the search for 2-3 more weeks. Tim says it has been sent off for testing. Nancy has tim on and she goes TIM…are you going to search more? He goes…NANCY…yes we are! HA I love him- here’s where you can go to donate to his efforts He says they will continue searching and its expected to be the largest search in history.

Results from the Oak Ridge Body Farm- is there more than the air samples that we know of? If so, we don’t know yet- they would assume that there IS alot more to be revealed at trial. Let’s hope so.

NG says will they cooperate w/police- the Anthony’s? Nejame says they did- they submitted to DNA? NG says- OK- will Cindy? and will Lee? Nejame defended Cindy saying she’s been cooperative and he doesn’t represent Lee- only met him once. NG says will they take polygraphs? Nejame says if deemed appropriate they will BUT as you know they are not appropriate- they are inadmissible and Cindy is on medication…NG cut him off- and a bit teswty and said- excuse me I wasn’t finished- then I guess they cut his mic bc her music kicked in and they went to break. Why does she bother w/him- he annoys me.

Bethany Marshall- psychoanalyst- what do you think of Casey finally crying? She says- her xmas has been taken away- her plan was to get rid of her daughter and have a fabulous life (bella vida tattoo?) w/her boyfriend and all of that has now crumbled away.

Nancy’s shirt today is so shiny tonight its almost sequined- but it is – appropriately black. 😉 I wonder if she holds certain shiny shirts back for special occasions? We’re 30 mins in right now. Back from commercial w/Cindy’s 911 call then testimony from bond hearing and other places about the odor of decomposition- then more of the press conference w/Casy standing there crying as Jose talks about what a nightmare this is for her- we have never seen her cry those tears for her daughter.

Dr. Kobi- do you think there is additional evidence from the body farm- Kobi says maybe…he thinks that the defense has to really look at the evidence bc some of it is cutting edge- we must see if its valid- NG says save it for the jury. He says fingerprints were wrong in Madrid train bombing case- NG says yeah- part of the train was blown up- what’s your point? NG says you said the science might be illegitimate- are you questioning fingerprint science? No- just this new technology. They go back in forth w/this line of questioning a bit.

caller- why didn’t they say death penalty? NG says this is just the charging phase- its rare at this point to make the death penalty decision- she doesn’t expect that decision for some time. NG asks about using that as a bargaining point- tell us where the body is or lets start talking about lethal injection. I don’t believe the death penalty should be legal but cases like this do give me pause- I think sometimes it is useful in bargaining.

Leonard Padilla (LP) is on- says Casey is not crying- she’s the same person we’ve seen all along. NG says how awful that house must be tonight- how silent and sad- no matter what we think of the Anthony’s. I agree- its just so sad! 😦 LP brought up how the Anthony’s had commented about helicopters not being able to see things happening under the overpasses- and that’s why they did the covert transfer under the bridge today. She got into her bail bondsman’s car and they transferred her into OCSO custody.

Playing various clips including Sheriff Beary who got a bit emotional- he wishes the evidence did not add up to the painfully obvious- they still haven’t achieved their primary objective- finding Caylee.

caller- strand of hair- can death band be verified? NG says problem is if there is not a root- they can only do mitochondrial DNA- he says yes – that’s not unique profile to individual. NG says it will be any maternally related individual- which would be Cindy Casey Caylee or Lee– so we know the person is dead- which one of those does it leave? He admits its very significant.

NG- where is Casey tonight? Back in her old cell block- that’s where she’ll stay until tomorrow’s first appearance. She was pulled over- taken into custody and that’s where she’ll remain. They think she will be in protective custody and isolated. Suicide watch? I don’t think she would do that- though she is a SPITEFUL B!TCH SO WHO KNOWS??

Nejame says the family has been aware of this possibility and this is only a charge- she hasn’t been convicted. Jesse Grund’s father is on the phone- saying its tought- we still love Casey- we love Caylee- hopes this will give the community a chance to calm down and realize that everyone in this case is hurting and they are all real people – including Cindy and George and Lee.

Talk of Jose having to step down- bc he doesn’t have 5 years as attny which you need in a DP case- also talk of Casey defending herself- that way the state (taxpayers) would have to foot the bill for the defense as well as all the testing. NG says this is BS basically- Jose will probably be second chair but not to Casey. I predict some fame whoring defense attny will step in pro bono for all the publicity.

Good night friend. I will watch the local news and update if there’s anything good.


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Amy Huizenga interview- is very enlightening and heartbreaking!!

Amy interview- 7/23/08, 3:51pm–Detective Dorothy Rivera, Homicide
This one’s long but verry revealing.

She already filed check charges 08-307930 police report- wants to press charges.

((Cast of characters: Ricardo–Casey’s ex, Amy is crashing on his couch, JP is the other roommate. Amy says he’s “way less involved” – he never liked Casey. (I like him already 😉 That’s interesting though…isn’t he the one who looks so much like Caylee? Troy, Amy’s previous roommate til 6mos ago, his friend/new girlfriend? Melissa and Will, Amy’s good friend- works w/her at Houlihan’s.))

Straight to D-day 7/15. Cindy calls Amy after having found her # on scrap of paper in the car (the one that reeks of decomp). Amy hears true parental panic in Cindy’s voice- so she decides to believe her and help out. Casey had always told Amy that her parents were crazy- but Amy’s really been wanting to meet them –considering she was going to be moving in w/Casey and Caylee. Here comes the getting the parents house BS…

That whole load of BS Casey told Amy about –she was looking into buying a place and Amy could move in w/her—she was supposed to go see the house but it kept falling through. Then suddenly, new story –Mom is going to sign the house over- she’ll be moving to Winter Park- getting a condo near a better facility for Cindy’s dad. Some confusing talk about texting re: housing situation in mid-May. She gives them permission to take anything they can use from her phone.

Again, suddenly the deal falls through, Casey said oh mom had 30 days to negate the deal—I’m sure there were lots of creative and unnecessary details from Casey here—and Casey says her parents are now getting a divorce- they should just look at getting an apartment. WTF- was Casey planning? Poor Amy, apparently she’d finally said forget it and made other arrangements for a place to live which also fell through. ☹ Many of Casey’s lies are exposed as Amy and Cindy compare notes on the drive to retrieve the hidden/wayward Casey!

She never saw or spoke to the babysitter but heard the name Zanny (Zani). Never witnessed any phone contact between Casey and Zanny the nanny.

5/14 two flat tires (first I’ve heard about that). Casey ran over something on the 408 Ricardo and Troy know more about that -they came and helped her. They all went out that night. Zip over to 5/24- Amy, Casey and Troy first met Tony- party at the Villages on Science Dr. Tony and Casey pretty much played beer pong- Amy was only there for 45 mins. She explains beer pong to the detective and he seems to have an appropriate appreciation for it! ☺ Jokes about playing coffee pong- true that- I’m getting soo old!

The other detective nips this in the bud- jumping right to 5/25- no clothes party (ABC Party = anything but clothes– I guess this is the night of the flag dress). “Run in” w/guy named Brandon—this is all new! Casey claimed she had a miscarriage w/him and became very emotional—“Casey became very, very, very upset at that point.” Casey was crying and missing for 1.5 hours- he says they’ll come back to that. Establishes, yes, this is a core group of friends hanging out frequently—did he just read the intv manual? (sorry)

June 2 is when Ricardo kind of finds out about Tony- real nice Casey. Casey makes herself scarce- assumed to be up Tony’s azz. June 6th- Amy totals her car- What?

Something really confusing here about Casey saying ‘her boy from work sent her to Fusion to check on her daughter’—Amy says that was a little weird. A little weird?? So Casey admits to being at Fusion on the 6th, Amy moves in w/Ricardo on the 7th. Casey was there bc she picked on Amy about her nose injury- what a nice friend- grrr!

Casey and Caylee stayed over at Ricardo’s 6/9- got up early on the 10th and that’s the last time Amy saw Caylee—might have heard her in the bkgrd on a phone call 6/13th- bc talked to Casey a while – while in the car? Ricardo leaves for Tampa on the 12th- Amy was supposed to go to Jax w/Casey on the 13th with Caylee. Amy texted her at around 6am that morning and Casey texted back that she was on the way to the hospital w/her dad (total BS of course) and would explain later. Amy was depending on Casey for a ride- she was going up there to buy a car. Finally heard back- that Casey’s dad had a mini-stroke- Amy was of course super concerned- said don’t worry about it- sounds like she had to rent a car and drive up there herself- thanks Casey.

Amy gets back and Casey invites her out to Fusion- which she did every Friday (nag) and Amy never wanted to go bc she didn’t like the music they played- cop goes ecstasy music??- ha ha- yeah and they play ecstasy pong there (sorry). Amy says no, it’s more like rap- and she doesn’t dig it. He asks about Casey having a drug problem- Amy says no, but she has started smoking more pot lately. Great! Now, pots gonna take a bad rap bc that bitch went batshit crazy! Says she was getting her pot from her boyfriend. Used to only eat a (pot) brownie every now and then- but started doing it more- blaming it on the stress from (fake) family situation. They talk about ecstasy again- how you can’t really tell if someone’s on it unless you see them when they’re actually rolling. The cop seems stuck on E—what do they know that we don’t know? Friends share!

Amy says Casey fell off the face of the earth between 14th, well the week of the 15th to the 21st. Amy says yeah I didn’t see her at all from 10th of June till 30th- all phone calls.

Starting about the 25th Casey tells Amy there’s a horrible smell in her car and she can’t figure out what it is?? ☹ She talks about it for at least 2 days- saying it was getting worse. Says maybe her dad ran over something when he borrowed it (what?)– “it smells like something died in my car.” OMG! But Casey mentioned the engine area as being the source of the smell– NOT the trunk of course, nooo.

Amy gets a text from Casey on the 27th saying ran out of gas- darn the luck- 2 Fridays in a row. Problem w/the fuel gauge—is that one of the over-shares? Too many details? I would like to know if the fuel gauge was really malfunctioning?? I think not. I think Casey was thinking about…trying to get the nerve up to torch that car and it never worked out for her. There’s some HEAVY gas can activity and gas can recruitment in this period. Maybe she was afraid of starting a wicked forest fire- not really the season but we’ve certainly had some bad ones fairly recently.

Anyway, text msg on the 27th says “definitely, there’s part of an animal plastered to the frame of my car”—says Casey. Casey says she got rid of it – and Amy never heard about the smell again. OMG- she GOT RID OF IT ALRIGHT!

Amy talked to her on the phone while she waited for Tony to come pick her up from Amscot. During this period of time – Casey said Caylee was at the beach w/the nanny- the unnecessary details were that the mom was meeting them up there and that’s why they were there longer than expected. So Amy thought Cindy was going to meet them at the beach? If only.

So then –surprise- on the 30th Casey wakes her up at 9:45am and says – this is Casey- open the door. Amy says- are you outside of it? and Casey says yes…creepy. Thanks for the pop-in Casey- rude much? Who dropped her off? So Casey was on her like glue until she went to work that night. She asked her again did she have gas cans- all of Amy’s stuff was in storage though so Amy says- why don’t we just go to Target to get another gas can?

Amy thinks she’d previously texted her about gas cans on June 28th. Before she popped in but not the same day as telling about the dead animal or the ran out of gas. Oh, my, Amy sounds so nice- she was like let’s go get one, I’ll buy it and you can just borrow it. You can always use another one. So they go to Target between 11am and 1pm that day- the 30th. Casey was driving Tony’s Jeep- Amy offered to drive but Casey always wanted to drive Tony’s Jeep. She was a day late IF she was going to rescue the car bc it was towed that day. Casey stayed there w/Amy (at Ricardo and JP’s) until Amy went to work around 6pm. Amy thinks she spent the night there Monday night- not sure but thinks she spent everyday that week w/Amy bc Tony was out of town and she didn’t want to go home– remember there was “fake parental drama.” The last night she stayed was July 4th bc Tony came back on the 5th– Amy was apparently disposable to Casey…like so many other things!! Where’s Caylee??? Amy says the story was always—with the nanny- they never had to ask- she always offered up an explanation. She’d also talked about being upset- said she was barely able to see Caylee lately- but said its better for Caylee though- she’s playing and having fun- even went to Busch Gardens! What a generous nanny! Oh my, Amy said Casey said—“at least she’s in a good place and not involved in all of this other stuff”– all the other stuff being, of course, the imaginary tales in Casey’s head.

I guess she was saying she was staying away from home bc parents were bitterly divorcing- and that would be unhealthy for Caylee. Casey got a manicure that week.

On July 2nd (and 3rd?) Amy and Casey went to a couple of clubs. OMG the cop actually asks if it appeared that Casey was searching for anyone?? Yeah, maybe if I grind up on this girl, she’s like a genie in a bottle and Caylee will appear??!!@# Amy says no, but does remember – thinks its on the 3rd that Casey got upset –said her brother was coming to look for her and they had to leave. July 3rd is the day that Cindy wrote that heartbreaking msg on her myspace My Caylee is Missing –about Caylee being taken from her- by her selfish daughter- mood: distraught- who is watching over her? (Quoted in full here: Timeline update post.)

Talks about Casey getting up running out and getting “Bella Vita” tattoo- Casey said it meant “good life” in Italian. They debate semantics.

Amy hosts a July 4th party w/Will at his house- Casey is there, says the child is not at the beach anymore- she’s at Sea World- and all different amusement parks that week– damn that zany Zanny the nanny- she’s all about the fun! Ewww, Amy says Casey was very, very, very annoyingly giddy- clicking away on her computer the morning of the 5th- excited bc Tony was coming home- YUCK- she’s disgusting! Oh, nice- she was also stringing Will along- even though he kept reminding her about her boyfriend.

Fast forward to the 8th- she drops Amy off at airport for PR- in Amy’s car- which Amy was nice enough to leave her- with a full tank of gas- how thoughtful. Amy picks her up from Tony’s that morning at 6am for the airport drop off- no Caylee of course. She gets back from vacation on 7/15. D-day!!

Amy gets frantic call- can tell it’s parental panic and agrees to have Cindy come pick her up where all of Casey’s lies are exposed. Cindy tells Amy – as to the $400 Casey said Amy lost while ‘sleep walking’—“honey, that money is gone, you’ll never see it again!”

Nice- Cindy, how about, I’m so sorry my daughter stole from you- I’ll make sure you get that money back! This makes me wonder if maybe Casey didn’t use chloroform on Amy- to get that money and fool her- Amy said- she was confused bc she woke up wearing different pants—that’s why she believed Casey’s sleepwalking story.

Cindy didn’t have a key to the trunk at first and they were afraid that either Caylee or Casey was stuffed in the trunk—they were terrified! Sounds like Caylee was w/Casey at the ABC party (in the flag dress?)- Cindy shoved that picture in her face and said- so you were working??

So poor Amy- she is stuck between Cindy and Casey in the awkward car ride- they’re screaming- Amy’s surely looking for the floor to open up until they finally drop her back at home. Cindy called Amy crying that night the 15th at about 11pm telling her that Caylee’s been missing for a month. Amy went to Tony’s on the 17th to pick up her checkbook and they ended up talking for an hour and a half. Says that during that conversation w/Tony he told her that Casey had texted him on 7/16th before she got arrested saying “If they never find her guess who spends eternity in jail?” VERY interesting. The cops are questioning- did she get her phone back? Tony said they also spoke on the phone that day. He told Amy he’d told the cops this and had shown them the msg- just as he’d shown her.

I don’t have the energy to go on right now- ok they have her raise her right hand- its over. Holy frijoles!!! I sure as SH!T hope they have a strong enough case. WTF was Casey thinking?? She seriously overestimated her intelligence! Just give her some truth serum. Bake her some brownies. CANDY GRAM!!

It’ reallys just heart breaking—Justice for Caylee!!!
Diabolical Liar/Spiteful B!tch- where is your beautiful daughter??

Oops- this was meant to be a summary- more of a narrative- this case is UNBELIEVABLE!!


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