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Caylee Tribute doll cancelled- Oops We Changed Our Mind!

According to the Orlando Sentinel. The company that was planning to begin selling the Caylee doll have changed their mind due to the negative reaction from the public. Seems like as the story was breaking and the horror and outrage was pouring in, they tried to take a turn and say– OK — we will donate all the money. Even this didn’t work. Here’s a statement from their website:

As the story developed we also announced that we would be donating 100% of the profits to charity. However, after reviewing the response to our media introduction of the Sunshine Caylee Doll and listening to the advice of the general public. We feel that is it best to suspend the launch of The Sunshine Caylee Doll.

The Anthony’s attorney may be pursuing legal action. Evidently this promotions company is slow to learn about dabbling in merchandise that’s in poor taste. Interesting article on BloggerNews about the company’s attempt to profit from the Michael Vick dog fighting tragedy — they sold Michael Vick chew toys. Nice.

But now there’s another doll out there for profit– the Casey Anthony voo doo doll.

An "artist" on Ebay is selling these dolls.

Casey’s judge is trying to protect the case from future appeal and has ordered Casey to appear in court on Friday. Baez is fighting the order. Friday’s hearing will be over several motions including one to sanction the state over defense access to evidence. WESH -TV will air the hearing live.

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