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Do you think Lee Anthony will be charged in Caylee’s case?

Evidently his attorney does. Lee Anthony’s attorney, Tom Luka, commented recently that he feels charges are a possibility based on the fact that he has not received a subpoena. If they subpoena him then any statements he makes cannot be used against him in any future charges.

When the State issued a revised witness list Monday Luka came out commenting that he felt Lee might be charged w/something related to his actions while Caylee was missing. He’s on the witness list but- no subpoena. If you’ll remember he was VERY involved in the case early on and the cops were actually saying he would make a good detective. I didn’t get the impression that he was doing any thing that would be hindering the case but then he did sort of “mysteriously” drop out of sight. I always thought he dropped out of sight and kept away bc he “discovered” or came to the realization that Casey probably did it and he couldn’t keep up the pro- Casey BS facade for Cindy and Co. But I wonder if he did do something to sabotage potential evidence against Casey? What do you guys think?


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Case Against Casey–Cast of Characters (revised witness list).

Revised Witness List in the Casey Anthony case:

Debbie Abney, FDLE agent

Deputy Adrianna M. Acevedo, OCSO

Vicky Aleman

Sgt. John Allen, OCSO – one of the lead detectives.

Victoria Alveron

Karen Angel, Dora Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Mount Dora, where Casey Anthony’s grandfather lived.

Cynthia Anthony, Casey Anthony’s mother, Caylee Anthony’s grandmother

George Anthony, Casey Anthony’s father, Caylee Anthony’s grandfather.

Lee Anthony, Casey Anthony’s brother.

John Azzilonna

Marlene Baker, Orange County Corrections

Deputy Charity R. Beasley, OCSO

Simon Birch, works at wrecker company that towed Casey’s car.

Simon Gerardo Bloise, OCSO

Geraldo Bolin, FBI.

Rosanna Bonilla, Orlando

Troy Brown, Orlando

Brian Burner, neighbor of Cindy and George Anthony who loaned shovel to Casey Anthony.

Michael Burnett, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Alina Burroughs, OCSO

Melina Calabrese, Orlando

Cameron Campena, Orlando.

Deputy Sandra G. Cawn, OCSO

Ann Marie Chase

John Phillip Chat, Orlando – roommate of Ricardo (JP).

Kristina Chester, friend of Casey Anthony- the one who cried on the 1st phone call Casey made home- that she said was a huge waste.

David D. Clarke, OCSO

Danny Colamarino – worked at the tattoo shop.

Jean Couty, Orlando.

Dee Crawford, Event Imaging Solutions Group.

Matthew Crisp

Kiomarie Cruz – old friend of Casey’s from middle school who told police about the site where Caylee was eventually found.

Jonathan Daly – worked at the tattoo shop.

Sean Daly – worked at the tattoo shop.

Kelly Deguzman, OCSO

Tanya DePalmo, OCSO

Christopher Dillon, OCSO

Iasse Donov, Orlando – worked at the tattoo shop.

Annie Dowling – former best friend of Casey’s– we have not heard or seen ANY of the interviews w/her.

George Duke, MBI.

Deputy Ryan Eberlin, OCSO

Eric Edwards, OCSO

Melissa England, Boston.

Michael Erickson, OCSO

Jay Ferrell

Deputy Rendon Fletcher, OCSO

Elizabeth Fontaine, FBI

Deputy Jason Forgey, OCSO

Thomas Galaida, Tom’s Auto Repair.

Wendy Gallant, Tom’s Auto Repair, Casselberry.

Harry Garcia, Sawgrass Apartments, where Casey Anthony said Caylee’s nanny lived.

Rich Garrad, Carlson Restaurants, Texas.

Lauren Gibbs, Orlando- former good friend of Casey, Caylee’s nanny early on.

David Glasgow, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Zenaida Gonzalez, woman whose name Casey Anthony used as Caylee’s – Zanny the nanny.

Jessie Grund, Casey Anthony’s former fiance.

Richard Grund, Orlando.

Mark Hawkins, friend of Casey Anthony.

Deputy Susan Hempfield, OCSO

Jeffrey Hopkins II, former high school classmate of Casey Anthony who ran into her in late June- she gave his name as a co-worker and someone helping her in the “search” for Caylee.

Jeffrey and Melissa Hopkins, Jeffrey’s parents.

Reginald Hosey, OCSO

Roy House

Amy Huizenga, friend of Casey Anthony.

Deputy Mark Hussey, OCSO

Commander Matthew Irwin, OCSO

Michael Kispert, OCSO

Maria Kissh

Mike Kozak, Orlando.

Deputy Kevin Kraubetz, OCSO

Anthony Lazzaro, recently Casey Anthony’s boyfriend, who lived at the “bachelor pad” that was no place for a toddler to stay– Caylee never did.

Ricardo Lee, OCSO

Anne Lennington, from nursing home where Casey Anthony’s father was.

Nicole Lett, from wrecker company that towed Casey Anthony’s car.

Nathan Lezniewicz, Winter Park.

Karen Korsberg Lowe, FBI

Dannielle Lucey-Austin

Amanda Macklin, Sawgrass Apartments, where Casey Anthony said Caylee’s nanny lived.

Tom Manderville, OCSO

Deputy Peter Marino, OCSO

Madhavi Martin, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Awilda McBryde, OCSO

Joy McCabe, OCSO

William McCoy, OCSO

Steven John McElyea, FBI.

Shelly Meade, OCSO

Deputy Samara Melich, OCSO

Yuri Melich, OCSO

Sgt. Dennis Moonsammy, Orange County Corrections.

Officer William Moore, Orlando Police Department.

Ricardo Morales, dated Casey Anthony, had the chloroform pic on his myspace page.

Dawn Murray, state Dept. of Children & Families.

Christine Narkiewicz, OCSO

Custodian of 911 Calls, OCSO

Custodian of Records of Johnson’s Wrecker Service, which towed Casey Anthony’s car.

Custodian of Records of AT&T Wireless.

Custodian of Records, Brighthouse.

Custodian of Records, Blockbuster Video.

Custodian of Records, Gentiva Health -Cindy’s employer.

Cary Oien, FBI.

Mallory Parker, Orlando – Lee Anthony’s girlfriend.

Ryan Pasley -Cindy’s long time good friend who told Jose, Um- I would not make a good character witness for Casey.

Teddy Pieper

Rick Plesea -Cindy’s brother.

Shirley Plesea -Cindy’s mom.

William Procknow, State Dept. Of Children & Families.

Jamie Realander, Oviedo

Melissa Remy, FDLE

Michael Rickenbach, FBI

Gary Ridgeway, Johnson’s Wrecker, which towed Casey Anthony’s car.

Pedro Rivera, OCSO

Deputy Dorothy A. Rivera, OCSO

Kari Roderick, OCSO

Anthony Rusciano, Orlando- this is the former cop Casey “dated” and to whom she called Caylee a snothead in a text msg.

Dante Salah

Deputy Michael Salamat, OCSO

Dante Salati, Orlando.

Katherine Sanchez, Amscot

Nicholas Savage, FBI- the lead FBI guy on the case.

Brittany Schieber – friend and neighbor of Casey, also had small child and was surprised when Casey kept texting her to go out and party at the hot body contest and other events.

Deputy Michael Seagraves, OCSO

Michael Sigman, UCF

Renee Simpson, Valencia Community College.

Deputy David Spall, OCSO

Sgt. Kevin Stenger, OCSO

Christopher Stutz, Orlando – (friend that Casey visited in Tony’s jeep, he had Caylee’s bathing suit?).

Catherine Theisen, FBI.

Dianne Tighe, Colorvision – where Casey said she wkd.

Bryan Tittle, OCSO

Dave Turner, Sawgrass Apartments, where Casey Anthony said Caylee’s nanny lived.

Leonard Turtora, where Casey said she wkd.

Arpad Vass, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Michael Vincent, OCSO

William Waters, Orlando (this is the friend of Amy’s that co-hosted July 4th party– Casey tried to hit on him).

Deputy Appling Wells, OCSO (this is the attny that Casey seemed to LIKE- told her parents she’d be willing to speak w/him).

Deputy Jerold White, OCSO

Lance White

Bobby Lee Williams

Deputy Ryan Williams, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Mark Wise, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


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Caylee Tribute doll cancelled- Oops We Changed Our Mind!

According to the Orlando Sentinel. The company that was planning to begin selling the Caylee doll have changed their mind due to the negative reaction from the public. Seems like as the story was breaking and the horror and outrage was pouring in, they tried to take a turn and say– OK — we will donate all the money. Even this didn’t work. Here’s a statement from their website:

As the story developed we also announced that we would be donating 100% of the profits to charity. However, after reviewing the response to our media introduction of the Sunshine Caylee Doll and listening to the advice of the general public. We feel that is it best to suspend the launch of The Sunshine Caylee Doll.

The Anthony’s attorney may be pursuing legal action. Evidently this promotions company is slow to learn about dabbling in merchandise that’s in poor taste. Interesting article on BloggerNews about the company’s attempt to profit from the Michael Vick dog fighting tragedy — they sold Michael Vick chew toys. Nice.

But now there’s another doll out there for profit– the Casey Anthony voo doo doll.

An "artist" on Ebay is selling these dolls.

Casey’s judge is trying to protect the case from future appeal and has ordered Casey to appear in court on Friday. Baez is fighting the order. Friday’s hearing will be over several motions including one to sanction the state over defense access to evidence. WESH -TV will air the hearing live.

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Garbage bags link nicely back to Anthony home! Nancy Grace 1/22- watching and blogging.

Oh, the garbage bag evidence is encouraging.  The black garbage bag w/the yellow handles is similar to one that Cindy handed over in July and some they seized in the later search.  They can track those bags by the lot number-  remember this case–Melanie McGuire?


Oh, interesting– Leonard just said that when he was there the garbage bags the Anthony’s had in the home had red handles, but he was told that before they got there the bags used in the home had yellow handles. Who would be in a position to tell him that? But damn I hope so!! Yikes –OMG– maybe that’s why they want immunity? I have really been giving them the benefit of the doubt– its getting quite scarce now.

They keep saying a laundry hamper– don’t they mean a cloth laundry bag? The piece where Casey is saying…if you don’t have something nice to say shut up– is just priceless. George and Cindy do look incredibly sad in that video. It sure looks like they weren’t there for Caylee in all the right ways and now they’re wracked w/guilt.



caller- did the grandparents ever ask — how was it at Zanny’s? NG says no. She’s wrong– George said in one of those interviews (Natisha corrected her) that he would mention Zanny and Caylee would never have any recognition of the name. He said she would recognize other names and when asked about Uncle Lee – she would talk about Mallory. So she recognized other people and would light up and talk about them– obviously George noted that and thought it strange. Hmmm. George and Cindy had to work really HARD to be in such deep denial. I think actually, that Cindy worked hard and George just tried to keep the peace in the house of Crazy!

OMG- the baby photos of Caylee are so precious. Evidently Cindy was complaining about having to watch Caylee all the time. I think that probably contributed in LARGE part to Cindy going into deep guilt and denial mode. She was finally trying to say- hey- this is your baby- I’m not your b!tch, b!tch! And Casey’s response was– ok you don’t want to watch her– WATCH this– I’ll kill her and you’ll NEVER have to see her again!

caller- asking about Anthony’s immunity? LP says he thinks the A team knows enough to make their knowledge and actions incriminating. I love that the State hasn’t responded to them on that yet. Lawyer says, nope they don’t NEED the Anthony’s– and they probably WON’T get immunity. ALL say NO- Cindy and George will NOT GET IMMUNITY!

Casey (in the jailhouse video)– I have NO ONE to comfort me, but myself. WHAT oppty is Casey talking about that her parents had to get her out of jail??? WHAT is she talking about? Maybe Jose blew some sunshine up her AZZ about that? You can tell Cindy and George don’t really trust Jose- wonder how they feel about him now??

I hope they looked at the prescription drugs in the home– way back when– not just recently. NG talking about the change of venue– Jose seems to think he can just hand pick where he’s like it to happen. That’s not how it works moron. People in hell want ice water….I heard that they were hoping for Jacksonville or Miami. I bet Jose is hoping for Miami– maybe that’s why he’s trying to play the Hispanic discrimination card. Lawyer says the population for the venue will have to have a similar racial make-up to OrLAHndo. HMMM.

They are retesting evidence from the car- went back to her room used an alternative light source on her clothes- found something and its being tested– hmm– I haven’t heard about that. Nancy says- what killer would put the blanket w/the baby? Um, the mother, that’s who. Parents or loved ones try to “care” for their victims in many cases– they cover the bodies, they put playthings w/them etc.

caller- another question about the meter reader– GIVE IT A REST! He’s been cleared.
caller- Zany in the apt…Casey had friends in Sawgrass…how did she get that name? I love how she’s saying Zany not Zanny. That is still a SERIOUS mystery to me– HOW did she get that name? LP says- Casey was there to visit Dom and Annie- the mgr came out shouting Zanny’s name– oh you forgot to sign something. That doesn’t even sound plausible.

Reporter from WDBO– talking about the FL bar investigating Jose Baez — the bar confirms an open case and said its in relation to Press Corp Media– isn’t that where Todd Black is from?

caller- question about the texting between Amy and Casey about duct tape. I hope they’re looking into that!?
caller- what is the defense looking for when examining the evidence? They are going to try to pull an OJ- bad evidence, bad handling of evidence and planted evidence.

Good night friend.


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No way, Jose is under investigation. AND he’s WHINING again…Somehow, I’m not surprised.

Jose acts all somber yesterday at his press conference– says that someone recommended that he comment- he didn’t want to. He has an appt so he just wants to talk about his agenda- won’t answer questions. He says, certain tabloid stations and tabloid reports have attacked him, they don’t deserve mention and he’s NOT bothered BUT it bothers him when it affects family and those who care about him. He then puts on his CAPE and gives a speech about protecting his client, and you know, it doesn’t bother HIM and how he’s rubber, you’re glue, I signed on for this…I’m tough I can take it, and WHINE I don’t care BUT…if it gets to the point where its defamatory or could be considered tortious (oooh big word) interference…well remember, I will still be a member of this community and WHINE I want to be remembered well. I don’t want to be the subject of constant unsubstantiated rumors…WHINE some of you have integrity and those of you who don’t will be dealt w/at the proper time. Hmm, I wonder if what I’ve said could be considered defamatory or heaven forbid tortious. I will have to consult my attny STAT– I’m shakin in my boots.

Doesn’t this wordle look like its giving the finger?  Here’s to you, Jose!

picture-121He says, he has absolutely no book deals, no entertainment deals, or contingency fees of the kind, w/any one and any indication of that is simply a false rumor. But when a ridiculous reporter reported that there may be something going on w/my client I didn’t even respond…and didn’t want to respond to this either but listened to those who were wiser. He says the speculation is SILLY –its lawyer 101– a gimme on the exam– not to make contingency deals. OK Jose– then what kind of deals did you make– we won’t call them contingency, silly…but cough it up– I hope he has to– I want to KNOW!

He says he’s doing the best job he can and he has nothing to hide and he’s just begun to fight. He says these things are VERY small distractions. Then he goes on to play the “race card” and say that he’s getting attacked bc he’s the first Hispanic to handle such a big case in this area. Ugh- that’s utterly ridiculous.

He goes on to address the change of venue question…he says that issue will be heard in court very shortly and not before then. He doesn’t want to disclose the specific area he has in mind… bc he doesn’t want to taint that area. Is it Mars? The defense wants to keep it a secret. Asks those who are interested in justice– to allow it to work and allow Casey to have her day in court. Then he says he will answer 3 questions from 3 specific reporters– he’s drunk w/power. He addresses a reporter in Spanish and they converse (I couldn’t hear her and all I could understand from him was want to talk). The second person asks about how he’s being investigated by the FL bar– he climbs on the whiny horse again and says its all just bc this case is high profile. He talks about the motion he just filed to be allowed access to the crime scene– the moron whined for access, had to wait then was granted access, then said, no thanks, never mind and then whined about lack of access and filed a motion. He is really special.

Here’s another (older) Jose press conference: Just in case you need some extra torture…
Jose’s press conference– CAVEAT– he’s displeased…for something completely new. Here’s Jose’s press conference. OMG he’s an arrogant/ignorant prick. He starts off by issuing a warning- he won’t be answering any questions about Caylee’s remains or funeral plans. He says he’s going to respect the dignity of that little girl. Um, then let the family bury her you whiny little b!tch. He says he won’t comment on Casey’s demeanor or morale…this is her MOMENT, her privacy, this is her tragedy that she’s going through.

And now for the juicy part- a nice clip from CH 9 – that tabloid he hates– speculating about the money honey! Someone has filed a complaint against Jose w/the State Attorney’s office and he’s being investigated by the Florida Bar. The funding could be considered a major conflict of interest. Jose, of course, has always avoided discussing how the defense is being funded.

Is Jose making a secret entertainment deal– that’s funding the defense? Here’s the link.

How much leeway does the judge have in investigating Jose’s alleged entertainment deals in funding the defense? I need to consult an attorney. Its seems like if there is a valid allegation (what makes it valid?) – of this conflict of interest– then it seems the judge would have the right to investigate. If the judge determines there is wrong doing- he can remove Jose from the case.

The defense has already received over $200,000 from ABC
— I think that was due to the “photo licensing” rights 20/20 paid- I raged about that here. Prosecutors want to know who is paying Jose’s fees and how the money is being spent. ME TOO! Todd Black says, there have been no contingent arrangements and Baez has only brokered deals regarding licensing fees. I almost hope they are dumb enough to be playing semantics here- and they get their AZZ thrown off the case. Maybe someone else would come in and properly advise Casey to go for a plea deal. I really can’t decide which would be preferable. What do you think?

Oh, BTW Jose, the genius has NOT properly filed for a change of venue yet. So far he’s just been WHINING about it.…for something completely new. 😉


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She’s Got Issues and a Shiny Shirt – watching Jane and Nancy.

I’ll start w/shiny shirt’s STUNNING bombshells. Over 300 pages of new evidence released– yikes I haven’t even seen 1/4 of it yet. Cindy and George were NOT home during the suspicious searches for neck breaking and house hold weapons. Quel Suprise! The defense received these docs last week- that is why- according to FL law they were released to the public. Even though according to Whiny Little B!tch, AKA Jose Baez– the state is just being mean.

Things Casey threw away w/Caylee:
Small shirt size 3t, white shorts w/vertical stripes-size 24 mos, a cloth laundry hamper bag (Caylee was double bagged–grr), a small heart shaped sticker (GRR), a small toy horse, a Winnie the Pooh blanket, small iron-on letters, and a stainless steel knife,…

Ugh, we’ll interrupt here for a wordle:

Caylee’s room and her bedroom specifically were decorated w/Winnie the Pooh items. Nancy’s twins don’t have their room decorated in Winnie the Pooh– therefore Casey did it– Nancy dropped Lucy’s binkie and went back 7 Avenues in the snow looking for it–Casey buried Caylee w/her favorite blankie?– therefore Casey did it. Nancy is in rare form. Me too actually, that heart shaped sticker just sets me OFF!!!

Playing more of the Casey WOE is me/ANGRY is me jailhouse “lost” video tapes. Dr. Perper– would the ME have discovered the adhesive in the shape of a heart on the duct tape? He says that it suggests someone who loved the child did it. He says the crime lab technician would likely have discovered the heart shaped adhesive.

caller- When you show the tape w/the parents- the dad doesn’t make direct eye contact– is that bc he was a cop and he knows Casey did it? Kathy Bellich says he’s been the most honest- brings up him acknowledging the smell. She talks about today’s docs showing that there was a very volatile relationship between George and Casey. Cindy’s co-workers say that in June Cindy had been complaining about her home situation (which was unlike her)- in particular about money and always having to care for Caylee. Says that when told she should should go for custody she said they couldn’t afford it? WHAT? What would be different? WAS Casey contributing some money? Or did Cindy just realize they would have to pay for and provide actual child care– not just imaginary Zanny the Nannies?

caller- Did Kronk ever agree to a polygraph? No one has heard about that. WDBO guy says that the only one he’s heard of taking a polygraph is Jesse Grund. Leonard is on basically saying I told you so…ha NG just called him on tooting his own horn. Um, have you met Leonard??

Playing the whole bizarre conversation in which George tells Casey that she’s the Boss! SOO STRANGE!

Talking about soil samples taken from the scene and that they took ALL of Casey’s shoes. Seems like another one of those things they should have done much earlier– she was probably wearing shoes. Cindy has probably already cleaned all Casey’s shoes by now…you know…just as part of her usual routine. Casey had joked, to Ricardo, her ex-boyfriend, about putting Caylee to sleep w/baby medicine. Ricardo, if you’ll recall, was also the one who had this photo on his website.

Things that make you go, hmmm.

Things that make you go, hmmm.

Nancy is asking about long term effects if Casey had been continually drugging the child. I had a comment from a Doctor early on (will look for post) where I was speculating on the whole Xanny the nanny = Xanax theory and the doc said that there would likely have been residual effects- like slurred speech and grogginess. But I think it all depends on dosage and timing– Casey could have just not brought Caylee home until she was sure Caylee was recovered. Casey had a fairly flexible schedule.

Oh, Jose is under investigation by the FL bar. Jose says, it has nothing to do w/this case– blames it on someone just having an ax to grind w/him. They are talking about whiny little b!tch complaining that he’s being criticized bc he’s Hispanic. Right on NG– she just said he should just STOP saying that right now. I concur. One of the attorney’s says its silly to vilify Jose– NG says we’re not– he’s the one who stuck his foot firmly in his mouth. No doubt– he must have quite a case of “tasty feet” bc he does it a lot. My dog often suffers the same malady– “tasty feet” along w/tasty…other body parts.

Jose is thinking he’s some kind of huge pioneer and says that he’s not stupid enough to challenge that type of trail blazing reputation w/getting involved in some kind of shady entertainment deal. It’s the ‘I’m not that stupid’ defense– you should really re-think that Jose! It doesn’t work for you. You might really be THAT stupid. Nancy is showing some cute twin pics– PLEASE leave off the blurry ones…I don’t get it. Oh, dear– getting Lucy started on NG’s costume jewelry– I guess they don’t make shiny baby shirts 😉

Holding up George Anthony’s time sheets- showing that he wasn’t home during incriminating computer searches. NG is saying its important bc it seems apparent that chloroform was involved in this case. The attnys say– well, someone else could have done it. NG is saying that its pretty incriminating– I agree. Unless you get all ‘lawerly’ on it– its going to play HUGE w/the jury IMO. Nancy is saying she hopes the defense tries that at trial– me too! I can’t even imagine what kind of ridiculousness Jose will try in court.

LP has a theory about there being a possibility of the duct tape holding traces of chemicals– the doc says no- those traces will be gone. They can’t tell if the clothing was on the skeleton– the bones were too scattered. Ugh.

caller- did the duct tape also cover the nose? we don’t know And, is the death penalty still a possibilty? Yes, the state can still reverse their decision to remove it.

caller- can they see if the Winnie the Pooh blanket matches Caylee’s particular bedding set? NG says excellent question– hopes the police are watching. I wonder if they are. Do you think the authorities watch Nancy?

Still, no one has visited Casey in jail. I would like to pay her a visit.

Jane covered much of the same but had interesting updates on the following:


Jennifer Kesse case update. Jennifer’s parents are on the HLN show Issues. Her father recently met w/an inmate who claimed to have information regarding Jennifer’s case. Her father said the conversation was strange but that he believes the inmate was sincerely trying to offer information, he believed to be true, in the case. They are being a bit vague but it sounds like this inmate, who is in jail charged w/murdering a woman from Longwood, overheard fellow inmates talking about having seen Jennifer’s picture on some playing cards. WEIRD! This makes me wonder — was she kidnapped as part of some sex slavery ring? She just vanished- beautiful, young blonde- not a trace. Is she in some other country- held captive?

The Kesse’s and the police are saying this is not new information
– evidently they’ve heard this bizarre story before. The Kesse’s are stressing that Jennifer’s case is NOT A COLD case and the authorities are stressing that THIS incident is not big breaking news in this case. This case is so devastating– I’ve written and linked about it here before– here’s Jennifer’s website. There’s a link on there to a great piece that 48 Hours did on the case. Here’s the picture of the suspect who was seen parking and abandoning Jennifer’s car about a mile from her home where she was last seen.

Person of interest in Jennifer Kesse case.

Person of interest in Jennifer Kesse case.

Amanda Knox– the American college student charged w/murdering her roommate in Italy, the judge in her case ruled today that cameras will not be allowed in the courtroom.


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Heart shaped sticker stuck to Duct Tape wrapped around Caylee’s head! :(

They released the search warrants that were executed after Caylee’s remains were found. Some of the things they were searching for were a Winnie the Pooh blanket, toy horses (like the one found at the scene), garbage bags, things to make chloroform and sheets of stickers because there was a little heart sticker where the mouth would be on the duct tape that was wrapped around Caylee’s head. 😦 What a SICK FREAK! That little heart sticker just makes me soo angry!! Like she was putting a kiss on the BOO BOO?!@#$% WTF?

Caylee on 6/15 wearing white shorts.

Caylee on 6/15 wearing white shorts.

Here’s a pic from the video of Caylee visiting her grandfather. She’s wearing white shorts– which were said to be found in the bag w/Caylee’s remains. The white shorts in the bag had vertical stripes– I can’t tell if these do. If they do they’re faint. Do toddler’s have a lot of pairs of white shorts? Mine wouldn’t.

Here’s a link. After the first paragraph. There’s a pretty good time line for the whole case included in the search warrants. Here’s the section about the heart sticker:

This is from page 15.

This is from page 15.

Here’s another of the pertinent portions:

From page 17 of the 18 pages recently released.

From page 17 of the 18 pages recently released.

I’m still digging into the docs but it is interesting that more info has come out about Cindy KNOWING the obvious and just pretending to be in denial about what happened to Caylee. After getting the car back, the car that smelled like there’s BEEN A DEAD BODY in it…Cindy went back to work. She told co-workers about the smell and said- she wouldn’t call police she would wait to give Casey a chance to explain. OMG!

Oh and get this…OMG Jose is WHINING again!!! He is actually saying that all of the intense scrutiny and criticism he is receiving is bc he is Hispanic. Are you F!CKING KIDDING ME? Um, Jose I think its bc you’re a moron!

Oh, just watching the news…State money in FL, this state that is in the RED is being spent to make sure that inmates in prison will still have digital TV. So, not to worry, when the digital switchover happens, people like Casey will still have TV. GRR!

Here’s a link to the documents that discuss interviews w/Cindy’s co-workers— very interesting reading. The link is the one that says PDF: Reports from friends, witnesses. More on that later.


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NEW Lost Casey Jailhouse video (from 8/14) released– get ready to get your RAGE on!

Casey sits down smiling and says good morning- (can you say- fake cheerful?) — Cindy is already crying and George says Good Morning Beautiful, I love you! Ew. (can you say dysfunctional?) Casey says, “why is mom already crying?” Like, geez- I haven’t even fed her any of my BULLSH!T yet and she’s already crying? George says.. uh, because we haven’t seen you (its called a normal people emotion)…to which Casey is like- oh, I know…OH, I’m supposed to be sad (light slowly dawns- oops I’m lacking the proper normal people emotion)….let me do something to distract you. She turns to ask the warden to adjust the volume– DJ! Casey is so happy- it is ridiculous. You not only have to learn to imitate human emotions Casey, you have to learn to display them at the appropriate times.

George is trying to act normal. Cindy is losing it. Casey is giggly. Then George says- what’s going on w/you? (all sweet like, this whole convo– its heavily saccharine laced- beautiful sweetie) Nothing, Casey says…she quickly changes the subject– I like those shirts. Ugh! Those shirts are the ones that say FLY HOME BABY! Um, toddlers can’t fly. Cindy gets on the phone crying and Casey laughs, then pretends to cry and says, well, I lasted a minute. Um, no you didn’t b!tch– we can SEE you! Cindy talks about someone in the media saying maybe Caylee drowned– (devastating to even fathom for Cindy and all normal people) to which Casey replies like Gomer Pyle– Surprise Surprise. Casey’s all bitter about the media– this was not how she envisioned her 15 minutes — someone get her a pole quick! Cindy is still upset and says its hard. Try to keep that in mind Casey. Remember to display the proper normal people emotions.

Here’s the video.

Boo hoo B!tch is very upset to see negative comments written online about articles– Jose has obviously shown her some– thanks Jose. Wow, she is really pissed. Cindy says, we need to have something to go on Casey (just distraught and trying to get something out of Casey) and Casey SNAPS!! She says- so angrily– well I don’t have anything to go on…then launches into a tirade about how she’s been in jail a MONTH. DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW I FEEL? She says the police didn’t even give her 24 hours to help them before putting her in jail. That is RICH!

Mom, I’m sorry (sarcastically), I don’t have anything. She is PISSED. The only information I get is when I get to meet w/my attorney. WOE IS MEEEE!! I have to sit here and wonder what’s going on. Wonder if there is something new? Wondering like– have they found where you ditched that baby you little b!tch????!!!!!@#$%

Cindy tries to commiserate and talks about getting hate mail– Casey says– well thankfully, I haven’t gotten anything like that!!? She talks about the idiots who believe her. WHO are these people? Then, if you can believe it, things take an even deeper turn into crazy land. And George of all people -is at the wheel.

George tell Casey she’s the boss, just remember that– to which she goes– no I’m not anymore dad- not since I’ve been in here (haven’t you heard me? WOE IS MEEEE!!!!). He says think of this as this huge conglomerate- (HUH?) — Jose works for her, so does the Sheriff’s Department, so does the FBI so does Lee so does mom…he goes on…its truly bizarre. I thought you guys were a hand and George, you’re the thumb. He is OFF the reservation. WHAT is he talking about? It must be difficult for Casey to walk w/everyone’s LIPS so firmly attached to her ASS!
I’ve helped in every way that I can, since the day I got here, she says -I know you guys want Caylee… and (WOE is me but, oh yeah) I want Caylee too but I can’t do anything from here– BACK TO ME– I’m in jail, woe is me! Its like her mantra– WOE IS ME-get me out — I’m your best resource– ME, Don’t forget about me, I need to get another call from Zanny, she won’t call you, but now back to ME–GRR!

He talks about how it’s gotta be number 1… has to be, er well at least number 1.1 er, has to be you and Caylee, to which she says well, its split dad (bitter much?). Casey goes on…You guys are focusing on Caylee (whine). And I understand that (I’m incredibly angry about that but…(ugh, this is hard to watch)…Dad, I know where everybody’s priorities lie, I knew that the day that I got here. (on a whim!).

Casey goes on to say —This is the first time I’ve truly, truly been angry this entire time (and about THIS– NOT that Caylee was taken! NOT that the police don’t believe her– but this…wow she is special. She’s on a rampage, Cindy not understanding her poor jailhouse plight and still trying to question her!!? That’s her BUTTON– she says she’s more angry than we she saw Nancy Grace!!! Oh my. (Says she watched it w/Jose- ugh- thanks Jose) But holy frijoles!!! That’s almost unimaginable considering the stuff shiny shirt has been saying constantly about Casey and Co. She’s hurt bc she’s sitting in ‘I don’t know the frikking jail? On a WHIM!’ She’s soo hurt by everything that she doesn’t even know what to say. PUKE!

Casey says, I know what I’m honestly up against, and you keeping me here, you’re not helping me help myself, and I’m sorry to say that.
She is angry that she’s been in there a month, when Cindy finally says well we don’t have the means to get you out. She says, I understand that- but the opportunity was there and it wasn’t taken advantage of. (Wonder what she is talking about?– WHAT missed oppty? LP says he didn’t talk to Jose until 8/12.) You can tell she doesn’t understand why they can’t/won’t get her out and THAT is why she will do NOTHING to help– how can I? she says, I’ve been in here for a month– I’m out of the loop. You ARE the loop b!tch. Cindy says, we didn’t have an opportunity, I don’t know where you’re hearing that SWEETIE and Casey just cuts her off- and says give dad the phone, I don’t want to get frustrated. GOD FORBID Casey gets frustrated. You really have to watch this video its so… frustrating.

She goes on at length about how she chose which one of them she wanted to see privately– if they were able to arrange that. She chose George bc she said Lee would interrogate her and Cindy would dominate the conversation. Obviously George- she realizes she can walk all over you. He says, thanks, I’m thankful for that. Gross! She says, she’s just basing it on how these past conversations have been– George has been wracked w/guilt and calling her sweetie and beautiful. Cindy at some point just puts her head down on the desk and she’s completely out of frame– extreme frustration. Casey doesn’t even seem to notice and finally Cindy realizes she’s not getting the proper attention for that pout and comes up- only to bury her face in her hand and rub her head– she can’t even look at Casey. If you haven’t felt sorry for Cindy in a while- I think watching this tape will help– she is distraught. They are just trying to keep this psycho from completely cutting them out of their lives– desperate to believe that Caylee is still alive some where!

George asks Casey how she got through the last Saturday- which would have been Caylee’s Bday and she says shortly, I didn’t! I spent the whole day almost completely by myself…w/my head under the covers, I read my bible almost the entire day- ugh. Cindy looks up for the first time in a while- bc she wants to look in to Casey’s eyes on this one I imagine. Casey answer is so ALL about her. She says, I was miserable, I was completely and utterly miserable. She doesn’t even mention- thinking about Caylee, its all about how CASEY had to spend the day alone. Not tearfully saying- oh it was terrible…I spent the day desperately crying and praying that someone was holding and loving my little girl, that someone was singing happy birthday Caylee, that someone was realizing that they need to bring my daughter back home etc. There was none of that.

She talks about how that’s the first time that she’s really broken down bc she couldn’t hold her emotions back…especially hearing about how mom was making chili and how there was probably a bunch of people at the house. CHILI!– Seriously? See, her break down was about HER loneliness and bitterness about being in jail while they’re not – they’re together having a party w/CHILI– NOT about missing poor Caylee and wondering what her day was like. That must be some damn fine CHILI that Cindy makes. I’m so angry watching this I could spit. George reassures her that she didn’t miss a big party even though there WAS CHILI- he reluctantly admits. No b!tch it was just people mourning and we hardly noticed the CHILI but yes, there was food.

WTF? George says, oh wait Cindy just reminded me that there was some young guy that came over that they’ve never met, but he was lonely so they just sat and talked for a while. Are you kidding me? That is so stupid but so sad but so stupid. These people are interesting. Ugh, Casey says, well that was the right thing to do, the bible says to love thy neighbor and to give..UGH!!! She says you did exactly what you should do– I know that meant more to him than any of you guys could possibly imagine– way to change the subject b!tch. WHO WAS THIS PERSON?

Cindy gets up and walks away for a bit and Casey says, I didn’t want to upset mom but goes on to praise herself for being very good at holding in her frustration. Cindy asks for a message from Casey to Zanny- what can we say to her to ask her to let Caylee go? Casey just says, tell her that we forgive her and we just want Caylee back. Ugh!

Cindy is talking about how the media is starting to be nice to them again- to which Casey, replies, good they need to be nice. Its a two way street and I need to be treated just as much as a victim— thankfully she gets cut off by the 1 minute warning. This video is really painful to watch. ABSOLUTELY! (That was the final word- perfect).

The deputy, Richard Cain, who met Kronk at the site where Caylee’s remains were found– but didn’t find Caylee–got his badge and gun taken away today and now he’s working in the supply room. That seems about right considering how much effort he put into finding Caylee. But why did it take so long? Hmm.


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Casey and Co in Court.

Casey was forced by Judge Strickland to appear in court today. Evidently it was quite the drama- an unexpected turn- we haven’t seen her for 3 months–the shackled spiteful b!tch was shuffled in. It was gross to watch her smile all flirty at Jose. You’re in court talking about autopsy pictures of Caylee! The judge wanted her there so that it will never be an issue for appeal. I’m glad he’s covering his azz bc Jose and his lack of competence, though often entertaining, is kind of scary.

Meanwhile in another courtroom down the hall–the court will not allow the deposition to take place, interrogatories (written questions) will be allowed in the Zanny the Nanny case.


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Caylee, You’ll Never Know Dear- how much i love you…

Never is a word I never would have introduced to you– Caylee. I wouldn’t have wanted you to know that word. And now we’ll never know you. I feel blue- so I thought I’d share…

I think your mom was jealous and tried to hide your light. We would have wanted you to SHINE…this little light of mine (ours)… this is what I would have wanted for you.

Thanks to Shinksyme and her beautiful voice. I’d love to hear you sing – you are my sunshine.

Isn’t that DEEPLY depressing? You’re welcome, friends share. Oh BTW…

Do you find yourself offended that it is taking so long for Caylee to RIP?

PLEASE don’t take my sunshine away.

I think I’ll get out of here.

But she’s being a little b!tch.


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