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Garbage bags link nicely back to Anthony home! Nancy Grace 1/22- watching and blogging.

Oh, the garbage bag evidence is encouraging.  The black garbage bag w/the yellow handles is similar to one that Cindy handed over in July and some they seized in the later search.  They can track those bags by the lot number-  remember this case–Melanie McGuire?


Oh, interesting– Leonard just said that when he was there the garbage bags the Anthony’s had in the home had red handles, but he was told that before they got there the bags used in the home had yellow handles. Who would be in a position to tell him that? But damn I hope so!! Yikes –OMG– maybe that’s why they want immunity? I have really been giving them the benefit of the doubt– its getting quite scarce now.

They keep saying a laundry hamper– don’t they mean a cloth laundry bag? The piece where Casey is saying…if you don’t have something nice to say shut up– is just priceless. George and Cindy do look incredibly sad in that video. It sure looks like they weren’t there for Caylee in all the right ways and now they’re wracked w/guilt.



caller- did the grandparents ever ask — how was it at Zanny’s? NG says no. She’s wrong– George said in one of those interviews (Natisha corrected her) that he would mention Zanny and Caylee would never have any recognition of the name. He said she would recognize other names and when asked about Uncle Lee – she would talk about Mallory. So she recognized other people and would light up and talk about them– obviously George noted that and thought it strange. Hmmm. George and Cindy had to work really HARD to be in such deep denial. I think actually, that Cindy worked hard and George just tried to keep the peace in the house of Crazy!

OMG- the baby photos of Caylee are so precious. Evidently Cindy was complaining about having to watch Caylee all the time. I think that probably contributed in LARGE part to Cindy going into deep guilt and denial mode. She was finally trying to say- hey- this is your baby- I’m not your b!tch, b!tch! And Casey’s response was– ok you don’t want to watch her– WATCH this– I’ll kill her and you’ll NEVER have to see her again!

caller- asking about Anthony’s immunity? LP says he thinks the A team knows enough to make their knowledge and actions incriminating. I love that the State hasn’t responded to them on that yet. Lawyer says, nope they don’t NEED the Anthony’s– and they probably WON’T get immunity. ALL say NO- Cindy and George will NOT GET IMMUNITY!

Casey (in the jailhouse video)– I have NO ONE to comfort me, but myself. WHAT oppty is Casey talking about that her parents had to get her out of jail??? WHAT is she talking about? Maybe Jose blew some sunshine up her AZZ about that? You can tell Cindy and George don’t really trust Jose- wonder how they feel about him now??

I hope they looked at the prescription drugs in the home– way back when– not just recently. NG talking about the change of venue– Jose seems to think he can just hand pick where he’s like it to happen. That’s not how it works moron. People in hell want ice water….I heard that they were hoping for Jacksonville or Miami. I bet Jose is hoping for Miami– maybe that’s why he’s trying to play the Hispanic discrimination card. Lawyer says the population for the venue will have to have a similar racial make-up to OrLAHndo. HMMM.

They are retesting evidence from the car- went back to her room used an alternative light source on her clothes- found something and its being tested– hmm– I haven’t heard about that. Nancy says- what killer would put the blanket w/the baby? Um, the mother, that’s who. Parents or loved ones try to “care” for their victims in many cases– they cover the bodies, they put playthings w/them etc.

caller- another question about the meter reader– GIVE IT A REST! He’s been cleared.
caller- Zany in the apt…Casey had friends in Sawgrass…how did she get that name? I love how she’s saying Zany not Zanny. That is still a SERIOUS mystery to me– HOW did she get that name? LP says- Casey was there to visit Dom and Annie- the mgr came out shouting Zanny’s name– oh you forgot to sign something. That doesn’t even sound plausible.

Reporter from WDBO– talking about the FL bar investigating Jose Baez — the bar confirms an open case and said its in relation to Press Corp Media– isn’t that where Todd Black is from?

caller- question about the texting between Amy and Casey about duct tape. I hope they’re looking into that!?
caller- what is the defense looking for when examining the evidence? They are going to try to pull an OJ- bad evidence, bad handling of evidence and planted evidence.

Good night friend.


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Meter Reader made tips back in August-WTF?-Significant finding in area of remains…Jose– give me the garbage please.

Jose filed a motion in court today asking to be allowed to examine the debris that has been removed from the site where the remains were found. He is really an idiot. I’m soo annoyed– can you say WASTING court time?

One of Casey’s long time friend’s has sold her story to the National Enquirer. The Anthony’s aren’t happy about it. Boo hoo! Kiomarie is the one that told/sold her story– she is the one that told LE 5 months ago to search that very area near Hidden Oaks Elementary. Spokesperson for the A team says that they will pursue legal action against anyone who sells their story in this case to the national media…wait for it… IF it is a lie!!! I’m sorry but that is RICH– how many times did Cindy stand up for liar’s rights– she was a national advocate for liars, of the highest order! How many times did we hear her say…its not against the law to lie? Ugh. Just ugh.

I was loading some monster software on my laptop last night and didn’t get to live blog Nancy- but I took handwritten notes– I was going to type them up and post bc it was kind of interesting but then I was thinking of being lazy and just scanning them. But then, I got worried that people would analyze my handwriting though– is that weird? I’m kind of curious– there’s been lots of handwriting analysis done in this case and it was pretty interesting. I’d sure hate to find out that I’m a sociopath 😉 Is that weird to worry about? Is this case making me paranoid? Remember Casey’s juvenile scrawl linking her and Tony? Poor Tony- he really stepped in it w/that one. That’s why you should never follow the CROWD. She was a busy girl. Does he still live in OrLahndo? Casey really train wrecked a lot of lives.

WESH just said that breaking news is coming at 4:50 today– yeah that’s exactly 30 mins from now. I will add it. I might have to run out and get the National Enquirer! How embarrassing!! Thanks again Casey.

Significant finds found– grid expanded. Good! F just ALL the way off Jose!– new info available there. This is all coming from Capt. Nieves. He says they received 3 tips about this site back in August. A deputy responded to this location on 8/13– they are investigating the circumstances of that afternoon– oops — sounds like someone may be in trouble for not looking into this further. More small bones were found– just outside the grid area– led to expansion of search area. Tip received on 8/13 is same one who called on 12/11– I guess that’s Kiomarie? NOPE!!!!

OMG this utility worker made a tip to LE on 8/13– now he made the discovery at the same location. WHAT THE F#CK!!!??? No indication that he would be a suspect, says Nieves.

He called on the 11, 12 and 13– the meter reader, nature boy. In August or December? OMG– AUGUST!!! WHAT THE F#CK!!!??? Oh no!!! This does not sound good. This is not good. Reporter’s asking about– admin follow up– who dropped the F#CKING ball? OMG– this is so upsetting! Other items, non-skeletal but significant have been located at the scene. I’m so sick of this case– I’m pissed. I was pissed about Jose wasting the court’s time to see the debris and now this. It’s beyond the pale.

Wesh is actually all over this more than “tabloid” WFTV <– I like them almost soley bc Jose kicks them out of his Press Conferences. I like local6.

As to tip from meter reader/nature boy on 8/13 –the deputy (who in the hell was it?- yikes- sux being him) responded to the scene at 4:30pm and cleared it by 5pm. NOT GOOD. They are saying that the trail of bones they are finding is all in one direction– seems to indicate natural movement resulting from water movement/displacement. Really? It sure would have been a HELL of a lot nicer if we’d discovered this way back when– maybe we’d have been able to tell what happened to Caylee? People are human– I think it was underwater– he couldn’t see or smell anything. Hindsight is 20/20– I feel for him. He didn’t know that this was Casey’s secret garden, her hiding place from middle school, her secret hangout called “the zone,” her pet sematary – where she buried her hamster– how could he have known that? Well, if that had been in the report and circulated to ALL deps…ugh I don’t even want to speculate. Jane? on Issues last night– the show that comes on before Shiny Shirt now- was talking about this and I was getting pissed. Its so easy to point fingers. I was thinking she was in a landfill though—and that kind of searching is costly and dangerous. I think LE MAY have been thinking the same thing. PLUS they probably thought…oh– we have a pathological liar– BUT her lies are SO STUPID that we’ll be able to crack her soon. That’s why she/they waited a month. OMG this is just so sad. Did you ever see that movie Pet Sematary. Creepy.

Talking about how Kio being paid for her intv shouldn’t discredit her as a prosecution witness. Well, yeah, it shouldn’t but didn’t that happen in the OJ case?

OCSO has to clarify something at 5:30pm– Nieves says emphatically– the Meter Reader is NOT a suspect! I read that to mean…Someone at OCSO is in trouble and Nature Boy/Meter Reader/Utility Worker has an attorney! The deputy’s actions as to that day are under administrative review.

When he contacted them in August– he said there was a grey bag or a garbage bag he was suspicious of. In August he made a call reporting a bag on the side of the road, a deputy responded to the scene, didn’t find a bag and cleared the area. UGH! Is there someone named Mark Furhman involved? I feel sick. I don’t think there was anything nefarious going on but OMG can you even imagine JOSE right now? Will his shoulders even be able to support the weight of his head– it must be swelling!! Can’t you just see his smug smile? Even though he is dumber than dirt, HE doesn’t realize that and he thinks he will be able to spin some fantastical tale about this latest turn of events. I’m displeased.

Some crime scene photos are being released- thanks to Jose Baez’s request for access. Prosecutors chose what photos to make available and they clearly show the complete and total decimation of the crime scene– rightly so. It seems like a nice middle finger to Jose for filing those ridiculous claims– you don’t have any right to the scene yet and when you get it– have a big good time– we’re done.


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Should the Anthony’s get immunity?? (Xanny the nanny wordle).

What happened to Caylee?  Xanny the Nanny?

What happened to Caylee? Xanny the Nanny?

Here’s one for this post about Zanny (Xanny the nanny) possibly being the culprit. As if I needed another way to waste time on this case. I’d like to actually do one on transcripts of those jailhouse video visits w/her parents. I think the most prominent words would be I KNOW!! She must say that about 50 times. Cindy is telling her that Caylee is all over the media and the whole world is looking for her– to which you’d think a desperate mother would have a grateful reply– like Oh, thank GOD– surely Zanny will bring her home now– w/all of the media attention. Instead, the spiteful b!tch, acts like she’s being chastised for causing such a commotion–
Cindy: Everyone’s looking for Caylee, Casey!
Casey: I know that mom!!
Cindy elaborates some more on all the national attention until Casey (the self centered spiteful b!tch) finally realizes she’s supposed to be glad about that. ALL of those jailhouse videos are just mind boggling. ITS SOOO UNBELIEVABLY OBVIOUS that she’s LYING!! In another priceless exchange– Cindy, trying to throw Ricardo under the bus again, talks about a photo of Caylee in front of a drum set and says– Is that “Zanny’s” apartment…bc I know whose apt. that is!!??? To which Casey– says, exasperated, yes mom, Zanny had a drum set but that’s not her EXACT apartment– its just “layed out” very similar. WTF??? That’s an utterly ridiculous answer!! It’s so infuriating. NEVER once does she act concerned, bring up the search, talk about her own sleuthing or ANYTHING!! She acts like she’s a Gitmo being interrogated. Oh, what a thought! Bad Kim!

I wonder if the Anthony’s are going to get immunity for being willing to come in and… how did they word it…stop giving “conflicting” statements? Albeit 6 months later….I’m very displeased– I feel like writing a whiny little b!tch letter! Maybe I should hire Jose?


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