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McCain = McPAIN (calls his wife the C word)

I knew that he was ethically challenged (Keating 5) and that he’d called his current wife a CUNT and treated his first wife poorly but I had no idea it was this bad or this blatant.
It kind of sounds like a Lifetime movie to me.  I wish someone
would do it- in fact I'm going to start writing it.  I will
change his name to McPAIN.  Here's the pitch: 

He's utterly and completely desperate for the White House and
thinks he now hasa shot even though he has one foot in the grave.
He's now married to Sidney, a wealthy liquor heiress that he courted
openly all over the country before he dumped his disabled
first wife Carolyn.  

McPain's a not so bright, ruthless and
unethical political climber desperate to live
up to daddy and grandaddy's reputation who does whatever
it takes to get ahead, never mind the ethics and roadkill
along the way.  (Wait, that sounds like someone else we know,
I will have to add a character, lets call him G.W. Shrub.)
He will be following in the corrupt political footsteps of
another loser but practical clone, Shrub, a text book

I will have to run this by my attorney, just to see
how I will stand on the "thinly veiled" front.  I
will of course write it as anonymous.

But that is exactly how I picture him- the outcome
is all important and by any means necessary - have you
read The Prince?...he has.  I hope people really start
to pound his character bc its unbelievable that no one
has even mentioned the Keating 5 thing and yet Obama
serves on aboard w/a slimeball and we hear all about the
questionable ethics of that-grrr!  Again, if you vote for
this man- I question your intelligence.
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