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If you need a slightly disturbing LAUGH…

And let’s face it- who doesn’t? You MUST go check out DOOCE today. She has channeled some trailer trash and was kind enough to share the hilarity w/the internet. She or her offspring may suffer a momentary slip into embarrassment later but it’s okay bc her unborn child is really the culprit and she can blog about it later. We and the internets are all the better for it. Sugar does something to brain cells– obviously in a really wonderful way!

Also found this fabulous site from her comment section (and NO I don’t have a pregnant woman fetish)! I just happened to stumble upon some 2 super duper ones today.

If you haven’t discovered Dooce- you’re welcome! The woman is brilliant – so honest and hilarious. If I didn’t love and respect her WAY too much I would say that she should have her own reality show. As much as I would love to see that- and for SURE it would be wicked awesome- I wouldn’t want to see her marriage go the way of EVERY SINGLE COUPLE that has EVER let cameras follow around their intimate lives for extended periods of time. It’s clearly relationship poison.

Have you been watching Jon and Kate Plus 8? It is sooo sad what has happened to them! I’ve enjoyed the show for awhile (due to previously mentioned reality show addiction)- their kids are just adorable and my clock is TICKING- but now I think they should cut the season short and take some private time. It is literally PAINFUL to watch.

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