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No way, Jose is under investigation. AND he’s WHINING again…Somehow, I’m not surprised.

Jose acts all somber yesterday at his press conference– says that someone recommended that he comment- he didn’t want to. He has an appt so he just wants to talk about his agenda- won’t answer questions. He says, certain tabloid stations and tabloid reports have attacked him, they don’t deserve mention and he’s NOT bothered BUT it bothers him when it affects family and those who care about him. He then puts on his CAPE and gives a speech about protecting his client, and you know, it doesn’t bother HIM and how he’s rubber, you’re glue, I signed on for this…I’m tough I can take it, and WHINE I don’t care BUT…if it gets to the point where its defamatory or could be considered tortious (oooh big word) interference…well remember, I will still be a member of this community and WHINE I want to be remembered well. I don’t want to be the subject of constant unsubstantiated rumors…WHINE some of you have integrity and those of you who don’t will be dealt w/at the proper time. Hmm, I wonder if what I’ve said could be considered defamatory or heaven forbid tortious. I will have to consult my attny STAT– I’m shakin in my boots.

Doesn’t this wordle look like its giving the finger?  Here’s to you, Jose!

picture-121He says, he has absolutely no book deals, no entertainment deals, or contingency fees of the kind, w/any one and any indication of that is simply a false rumor. But when a ridiculous reporter reported that there may be something going on w/my client I didn’t even respond…and didn’t want to respond to this either but listened to those who were wiser. He says the speculation is SILLY –its lawyer 101– a gimme on the exam– not to make contingency deals. OK Jose– then what kind of deals did you make– we won’t call them contingency, silly…but cough it up– I hope he has to– I want to KNOW!

He says he’s doing the best job he can and he has nothing to hide and he’s just begun to fight. He says these things are VERY small distractions. Then he goes on to play the “race card” and say that he’s getting attacked bc he’s the first Hispanic to handle such a big case in this area. Ugh- that’s utterly ridiculous.

He goes on to address the change of venue question…he says that issue will be heard in court very shortly and not before then. He doesn’t want to disclose the specific area he has in mind… bc he doesn’t want to taint that area. Is it Mars? The defense wants to keep it a secret. Asks those who are interested in justice– to allow it to work and allow Casey to have her day in court. Then he says he will answer 3 questions from 3 specific reporters– he’s drunk w/power. He addresses a reporter in Spanish and they converse (I couldn’t hear her and all I could understand from him was want to talk). The second person asks about how he’s being investigated by the FL bar– he climbs on the whiny horse again and says its all just bc this case is high profile. He talks about the motion he just filed to be allowed access to the crime scene– the moron whined for access, had to wait then was granted access, then said, no thanks, never mind and then whined about lack of access and filed a motion. He is really special.

Here’s another (older) Jose press conference: Just in case you need some extra torture…
Jose’s press conference– CAVEAT– he’s displeased…for something completely new. Here’s Jose’s press conference. OMG he’s an arrogant/ignorant prick. He starts off by issuing a warning- he won’t be answering any questions about Caylee’s remains or funeral plans. He says he’s going to respect the dignity of that little girl. Um, then let the family bury her you whiny little b!tch. He says he won’t comment on Casey’s demeanor or morale…this is her MOMENT, her privacy, this is her tragedy that she’s going through.

And now for the juicy part- a nice clip from CH 9 – that tabloid he hates– speculating about the money honey! Someone has filed a complaint against Jose w/the State Attorney’s office and he’s being investigated by the Florida Bar. The funding could be considered a major conflict of interest. Jose, of course, has always avoided discussing how the defense is being funded.

Is Jose making a secret entertainment deal– that’s funding the defense? Here’s the link.

How much leeway does the judge have in investigating Jose’s alleged entertainment deals in funding the defense? I need to consult an attorney. Its seems like if there is a valid allegation (what makes it valid?) – of this conflict of interest– then it seems the judge would have the right to investigate. If the judge determines there is wrong doing- he can remove Jose from the case.

The defense has already received over $200,000 from ABC
— I think that was due to the “photo licensing” rights 20/20 paid- I raged about that here. Prosecutors want to know who is paying Jose’s fees and how the money is being spent. ME TOO! Todd Black says, there have been no contingent arrangements and Baez has only brokered deals regarding licensing fees. I almost hope they are dumb enough to be playing semantics here- and they get their AZZ thrown off the case. Maybe someone else would come in and properly advise Casey to go for a plea deal. I really can’t decide which would be preferable. What do you think?

Oh, BTW Jose, the genius has NOT properly filed for a change of venue yet. So far he’s just been WHINING about it.…for something completely new. 😉


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