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Remembering the Life of Caylee Marie Anthony

It was a beautiful tribute and service today, saying goodbye to Caylee. I hope it provided some closure for the family and that they are able to find some peace. There were a little over 1,000 people in attendance.

Caylee's family speaks at her memorial.

Caylee's family speaks at her memorial.

Here’s the program for the service.
First Baptist Orlando — Tuesday 10, 2009 — 10 a.m. — Worship Center
Piano Medley of Caylee’s Favorite Songs — Donna Cox
“Child of Mine” — Katie Cox
“The Prayer” — Nancy Rodriguez
Prayer — Pastor David Uth
“No More Night” — Kyle Thomas
Message — Pastor David Uth
“My Heart Will Go On” — Nancy Rodriguez
“One More Day” — Glenn Cox
“Because Jesus Lives” — Broken Vessels
Message — Shane Stutzman
“I Can Only Imagine” — Pastor Herkie Walls
Words from Caylee’s Family — Anthony Family Members
“O How He Loves You and Me” — Pastor Herkie Walls
“Homesick” — Kyle Thomas
“If I Had Only Known” — Katie Cox
Gone Too Soon — Video
“Caylee’s Song” — Jon Whynock (That will be so tough)
Prayer — Shane Stutzman
“To Where You Are” — Kyle Thomas
Prayer — Pastor David Uth

Lee, George and Cindy all spoke and all mentioned Casey. Lee, I think, did it in code. He kept saying C-M-A, repeatedly and went on to say, I will keep my promise to you, you give me strength and teach me about how to live CMA. To me, it was OBVIOUS he was speaking to both Caylee Marie Anthony and Casey Marie Anthony and he was doing it in order to show Casey that he supports her. It was a bit bizarre. George was right up front about mentioning Casey and pleaded w/people to write to her in jail, even if only to say “hi!” He also gave a loving and personal tribute to Caylee– he talked about her personality and the things she loved, like green beans– it was very sweet. I think (I hope) this service will be very healing for George. Cindy, spoke directly to Casey, saying I love you and hope you can hear me right now. She talked about Caylee’s sweetness and the things she loved too- but to me it seemed the focus was on Casey. And that’s when she got a bit emotional. Cindy’s msg to Casey: I love you and wish I could comfort you. I wish I could take away your tears. I want to thank you for giving me the greatest gift- Caylee. Caylee was so much like you she had your beauty, your compassion. She then said that God had blessed her w/3 beautiful children? Which was weird…I guess she’s including Caylee as one of her children…um that may have been part of the problem.

So all in all I think it was a beautiful service. I even think that mentioning Casey is understandable I just think I might have handled it a bit differently but who am I to judge? But, I do think there’s a way to do it where people would be understanding- she’s their daughter, they love her and she has yet to be found guilty. I just wish they were getting some better PR advice- I think that as soon as they mentioned her, in the way that they did- for some people it just flipped the switch and the rage took over for sympathy.

Jose showed up to visit Casey at the jail about 30 minutes before the service. Supposedly he brought his laptop so they may have watched the service. Even though the spiteful b!tch made it perfectly clear her parents betrayed her wishes as to the service. Jose is so special.

While the memorial might not be the place to do it, I can’t help but think if that were my sister sitting in jail and I truly believed she was innocent – I would be pleading, pleading w/the public- to help me find out what happened, pleading w/the people involved- someone always talks, won’t someone pls come forward, pleading w/the people in Orlando- someone must have seen something! I would take every chance I could get to talk to the media and even if I couldn’t -God forbid- reveal any of the defense strategy, I would still be asking for answers. If they truly believe she’s innocent- I think it hurts her case to not make a case to the media. IF someone else did it- ask the people around them to come forward, ask them to confess etc. Don’t they want to know WHO KILLED CAYLEE? And that will be it for my rant (for today). I think Casey didn’t watch the memorial, in order to spite her parents and bc she doesn’t want people to judge her reactions- the jailers. It’s more important to her to have that privacy than to share in the beautiful service her family put together to say good bye to Caylee. Casey will always come first w/Casey.

This day is for Caylee– we all mourn her loss and wish we knew how and why she was taken from here.


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Case Against Casey–Cast of Characters (revised witness list).

Revised Witness List in the Casey Anthony case:

Debbie Abney, FDLE agent

Deputy Adrianna M. Acevedo, OCSO

Vicky Aleman

Sgt. John Allen, OCSO – one of the lead detectives.

Victoria Alveron

Karen Angel, Dora Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Mount Dora, where Casey Anthony’s grandfather lived.

Cynthia Anthony, Casey Anthony’s mother, Caylee Anthony’s grandmother

George Anthony, Casey Anthony’s father, Caylee Anthony’s grandfather.

Lee Anthony, Casey Anthony’s brother.

John Azzilonna

Marlene Baker, Orange County Corrections

Deputy Charity R. Beasley, OCSO

Simon Birch, works at wrecker company that towed Casey’s car.

Simon Gerardo Bloise, OCSO

Geraldo Bolin, FBI.

Rosanna Bonilla, Orlando

Troy Brown, Orlando

Brian Burner, neighbor of Cindy and George Anthony who loaned shovel to Casey Anthony.

Michael Burnett, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Alina Burroughs, OCSO

Melina Calabrese, Orlando

Cameron Campena, Orlando.

Deputy Sandra G. Cawn, OCSO

Ann Marie Chase

John Phillip Chat, Orlando – roommate of Ricardo (JP).

Kristina Chester, friend of Casey Anthony- the one who cried on the 1st phone call Casey made home- that she said was a huge waste.

David D. Clarke, OCSO

Danny Colamarino – worked at the tattoo shop.

Jean Couty, Orlando.

Dee Crawford, Event Imaging Solutions Group.

Matthew Crisp

Kiomarie Cruz – old friend of Casey’s from middle school who told police about the site where Caylee was eventually found.

Jonathan Daly – worked at the tattoo shop.

Sean Daly – worked at the tattoo shop.

Kelly Deguzman, OCSO

Tanya DePalmo, OCSO

Christopher Dillon, OCSO

Iasse Donov, Orlando – worked at the tattoo shop.

Annie Dowling – former best friend of Casey’s– we have not heard or seen ANY of the interviews w/her.

George Duke, MBI.

Deputy Ryan Eberlin, OCSO

Eric Edwards, OCSO

Melissa England, Boston.

Michael Erickson, OCSO

Jay Ferrell

Deputy Rendon Fletcher, OCSO

Elizabeth Fontaine, FBI

Deputy Jason Forgey, OCSO

Thomas Galaida, Tom’s Auto Repair.

Wendy Gallant, Tom’s Auto Repair, Casselberry.

Harry Garcia, Sawgrass Apartments, where Casey Anthony said Caylee’s nanny lived.

Rich Garrad, Carlson Restaurants, Texas.

Lauren Gibbs, Orlando- former good friend of Casey, Caylee’s nanny early on.

David Glasgow, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Zenaida Gonzalez, woman whose name Casey Anthony used as Caylee’s – Zanny the nanny.

Jessie Grund, Casey Anthony’s former fiance.

Richard Grund, Orlando.

Mark Hawkins, friend of Casey Anthony.

Deputy Susan Hempfield, OCSO

Jeffrey Hopkins II, former high school classmate of Casey Anthony who ran into her in late June- she gave his name as a co-worker and someone helping her in the “search” for Caylee.

Jeffrey and Melissa Hopkins, Jeffrey’s parents.

Reginald Hosey, OCSO

Roy House

Amy Huizenga, friend of Casey Anthony.

Deputy Mark Hussey, OCSO

Commander Matthew Irwin, OCSO

Michael Kispert, OCSO

Maria Kissh

Mike Kozak, Orlando.

Deputy Kevin Kraubetz, OCSO

Anthony Lazzaro, recently Casey Anthony’s boyfriend, who lived at the “bachelor pad” that was no place for a toddler to stay– Caylee never did.

Ricardo Lee, OCSO

Anne Lennington, from nursing home where Casey Anthony’s father was.

Nicole Lett, from wrecker company that towed Casey Anthony’s car.

Nathan Lezniewicz, Winter Park.

Karen Korsberg Lowe, FBI

Dannielle Lucey-Austin

Amanda Macklin, Sawgrass Apartments, where Casey Anthony said Caylee’s nanny lived.

Tom Manderville, OCSO

Deputy Peter Marino, OCSO

Madhavi Martin, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Awilda McBryde, OCSO

Joy McCabe, OCSO

William McCoy, OCSO

Steven John McElyea, FBI.

Shelly Meade, OCSO

Deputy Samara Melich, OCSO

Yuri Melich, OCSO

Sgt. Dennis Moonsammy, Orange County Corrections.

Officer William Moore, Orlando Police Department.

Ricardo Morales, dated Casey Anthony, had the chloroform pic on his myspace page.

Dawn Murray, state Dept. of Children & Families.

Christine Narkiewicz, OCSO

Custodian of 911 Calls, OCSO

Custodian of Records of Johnson’s Wrecker Service, which towed Casey Anthony’s car.

Custodian of Records of AT&T Wireless.

Custodian of Records, Brighthouse.

Custodian of Records, Blockbuster Video.

Custodian of Records, Gentiva Health -Cindy’s employer.

Cary Oien, FBI.

Mallory Parker, Orlando – Lee Anthony’s girlfriend.

Ryan Pasley -Cindy’s long time good friend who told Jose, Um- I would not make a good character witness for Casey.

Teddy Pieper

Rick Plesea -Cindy’s brother.

Shirley Plesea -Cindy’s mom.

William Procknow, State Dept. Of Children & Families.

Jamie Realander, Oviedo

Melissa Remy, FDLE

Michael Rickenbach, FBI

Gary Ridgeway, Johnson’s Wrecker, which towed Casey Anthony’s car.

Pedro Rivera, OCSO

Deputy Dorothy A. Rivera, OCSO

Kari Roderick, OCSO

Anthony Rusciano, Orlando- this is the former cop Casey “dated” and to whom she called Caylee a snothead in a text msg.

Dante Salah

Deputy Michael Salamat, OCSO

Dante Salati, Orlando.

Katherine Sanchez, Amscot

Nicholas Savage, FBI- the lead FBI guy on the case.

Brittany Schieber – friend and neighbor of Casey, also had small child and was surprised when Casey kept texting her to go out and party at the hot body contest and other events.

Deputy Michael Seagraves, OCSO

Michael Sigman, UCF

Renee Simpson, Valencia Community College.

Deputy David Spall, OCSO

Sgt. Kevin Stenger, OCSO

Christopher Stutz, Orlando – (friend that Casey visited in Tony’s jeep, he had Caylee’s bathing suit?).

Catherine Theisen, FBI.

Dianne Tighe, Colorvision – where Casey said she wkd.

Bryan Tittle, OCSO

Dave Turner, Sawgrass Apartments, where Casey Anthony said Caylee’s nanny lived.

Leonard Turtora, where Casey said she wkd.

Arpad Vass, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Michael Vincent, OCSO

William Waters, Orlando (this is the friend of Amy’s that co-hosted July 4th party– Casey tried to hit on him).

Deputy Appling Wells, OCSO (this is the attny that Casey seemed to LIKE- told her parents she’d be willing to speak w/him).

Deputy Jerold White, OCSO

Lance White

Bobby Lee Williams

Deputy Ryan Williams, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Mark Wise, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


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The Meter Reader comes out.

Roy Kronk is the meter reader. He’s 46 yr old, and a recent widower. He and his attorney are giving a statement on the case.

Roy just read from a prepared statement- basically what we already know. He reported the suspicious bag to crime line and the Sheriff’s office 3 times in August. He won’t release what else he saw at the crime scene. His attorney spoke briefly afterward- saying he came forward due to intense speculation about his identity and somewhat intrusive news gathering activities- he asks that his privacy and that of his co-workers be respected. He will not be granting any interviews at this time.

The family pastor visited the Anthony’s and said they are extremely devastated. Lee Anthony and the KidFinder people are at the home as well.


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Dr. G says, It’s Caylee and it’s Homicide!

Press conference right now. The remains were completely skeletonized and there was no soft tissue present. There was no apparent trauma to the bone. The death will be listed as a homicide by undetermined means. Hmm, I’ve heard Casey called a lot of things but…Undetermined Means? That’s a weird name for her. Dr. G said she does not expect to be able to determine the cause of death. That’s just what Undetermined Means wanted, that’s why she never reported her missing.

I wonder if the Anthony’s will release a statement? My thoughts and prayers are with them right now. No matter how they’ve handled this devastating situation, they are suffering. A chaplain at the jail notified Casey and they also notified Cindy. Some toxicology testing is still being done at the University of Florida.

The Sheriff’s office is still reviewing the handling of the tips that came in on August, 11th, 12th and 13th. OCSO says that they investigated over 5600 tips in this case. Sheriff Beary says this has been a nightmare case and an open wound to the community, he breaks up a bit when talking, saying he raised two girls himself.

WESH reporter says George was seen sitting in his car sobbing. I don’t think this was today, but that is so sad. He has probably had to grieve alone like that, not allowed to grieve like that in the house, in front of Cindy. Well, maybe after today’s announcement- that will change and they can help each other through these unimaginable circumstances. WFTV just reported that Lee has just hired an attorney. That’s weird.

Local 6 is showing a little tribute to Caylee- a recap of the case, so sad. It’s sad to see her picture w/2005-2008 over it, her time here was far too brief. Rest in Peace Caylee.


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Anthony family is SUSPICIOUS about how remains were found! OMG!!

Are you freaking kidding me? CH13 is reporting here that the family is apparently STILL trying to exonerate their daughter by casting doubts as to how and when the remains were discovered.

“It’s been searched dry, it’s been searched wet, it’s been searched in between. It’s been searched over by Tim Miller [of Texas EquuSearch] twice, who we hold in high regards with his professional organization,” Bart told News 13. The family is suspicious of the circumstances leading to the finding.

I guess I should cease to be amazed but I simply cannot. I cannot believe they are going to try to go down this route. WHO THE FU*K are they going to try to accuse? Nature boy/the meter reader MUST have been in on it bc how could they know he would be answering nature’s call in that very area after all this time.

Also, whoever this person is– they must have also had access to the Anthony home bc something in that bag links back there. Oh no, I just remembered that in one of those jailouse videos recently released– (I will look for it) Cindy asks Casey if someone could have been in their home– Casey says I don’t know mom-she (Zanny) had a key- I told you that a long time ago. Cindy must have noticed something amiss in the home and questioned Casey some time ago. Like something of Caylee’s that Cindy had noticed was different- Casey was alway sneaking back into the home when she was supposed to be “working” but I imagine she had the lie on the quick draw in case Cindy noticed something –to just say– oh yeah, well Zanny must have brought Caylee by there, I gave her a key.

Law enforcement is searching the area around the remains for the fourth day in a row while the defense is still not allowed near the scene. Oh my, can you imagine how DISPLEASED Jose must be? Someone’s going to get a LETTER!

I guess they really are going to try sticking to that Zanny the nanny story that insults the intelligence. I was kind of hoping that when the dream team came by to meet w/the A team yesterday that they were perhaps breaking some news– like Casey gave a new “accident” story and lets talk about getting her some type of plea. No such luck.

Baez says that Casey is not doing well at all and she wants to know what’s going on. Yes, I imagine she will need to know asap what was found so that she can fabricate new tall tales. Baez has a list of items taken from the home– I want to see that list!

I just really can’t wrap my head around what this family is thinking. Did they want to release that statement or did someone coerce or convince them to? Do they really think we are that stupid?


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Lee Anthony throws away Caylee memorials in front of Anthony home.

Jose Baez and the rest of Casey Anthony’s “dream team” stood in the crowd of looky loos standing outside the police tape near the area where authorities were still processing the crime scene near the Anthony home today. Dr. Henry Lee was even trying to snap pictures from that distance. How silly. I guess the throng of media cameras are a very powerful lure and must be quite difficult for them to ignore. We all know that they are not getting paid with actual money so I guess face time in front of those cameras is the next best thing. The “dream team” also traveled the 40 seconds from there to the Anthony home and met w/the family for a couple of hours today. I wonder if they are talking about a plea? Please let it be a plea deal. I really, really, really wish that spiteful b!tch would just cop a plea. That trial is going to be a ridiculous spectacle and a monstrous waste of taxpayer money not to mention my time.

I can’t imagine a more difficult situation for a young mother to be in than the one she’s in right now, said Jose in response to questions about how Casey is doing. Um, I CAN imagine a more difficult situation…a situation in which the young mother was NOT responsible for the child’s death– that would be more difficult. I’m surprised Jose doesn’t have a better imagination than that. You would think all that time spent w/Casey would have really helped him flex and build that muscle. He best be working it into shape for trial bc the explanation he’s promised that will make us all understand Casey’s actions– well that’s going to be fantastical!

The Anthony home is a media circus once again. How sad. Lee Anthony made an appearance at the house today and angrily ripped up memorial items that people had left on the lawn. He had no comment for reporters other than– don’t follow me onto the lawn or I’ll call the police.

My thoughts and prayers are still with that entire family right now. No matter how their behavior appears– they are still, I’m sure, suffering tremendously right now. But evidently they were suffering in style last night…George and Cindy stayed at the Ritz Carlton while their home was cordoned off as a crime scene and searched. They cancelled their Larry King Live interview. I wonder how long they will be able to last w/out commenting to the media?

Evidently Casey and her brilliant attorneys will be sticking to the Zanny the Nanny story. Its so unbelievably ridiculous. I really hope some of Casey’s DNA is sticking to that duct tape!

WHAT do you think they found in that bag? and WHAT did they take from the Anthony home? I wonder how long it will be before we’re privy to that info? That’s driving me crazy- I need to know.

Oh, did everyone watch the 20/20 AND the Dateline episodes on Caylee last night? The Dateline was better– more thorough, but I wish 48 Hours would do a piece. That’s the best of those type shows IMO.

Oh, some are reporting that OCSO is looking into obstruction charges for the Anthony’s. THAT is driving me even more crazy. Wonder if that’s true and if so what did they do? You know aside from not calling 911 immediately when they picked up the death car and washing the pants? You know, ASIDE from that, bc I’m trying to believe in them. Don’t mess w/the fantasy.


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Casey Anthony updates–NG 10/20

BREAKING NEWS – Police desperately searching for a beautiful little 3 year old Florida. Why does she continue to say this?? Its not exactly an accurate description of where we stand today.

The search for Caylee is back on- after pulling out abruptly getting no help from the Anthony family. Bounty Hunters are gathering to join in on the search- organized by Leonard Padilla.

Casey's mugshots.

Casey's mugshots.

Casey is allowed to have photos but she has none in her cell. No one has come to visit and no money has been put into her account for snacks and sodas. I wonder why this is? Her parents supposedly said in some interview – they were waiting for Casey to be ready. WTH does that mean? I think they’re still drinking the kool-aid bc her dad was trying to negotiate w/a local Wal-mart for a lease to set up his Find Caylee booth where he sells t-shirts and stuff to aid in her “search.” Evidently the Publix told him he was no longer welcome and its not looking good for Wal-mart either. Her cell has one wall (plexiglass?) see through so she has no privacy. She is allowed out of her cell for recreation one hour a day- when she is out, all the others have to be locked up.

Yea! The found Cole Puffinburger- he’s okay and his grandfather and his girlfriend have been arrested. They are still searching for at least one suspect in the case.

Alone 20 hours a day, cornflakes for bfast, turkey hotdogs for lunch and salisbury steak for dinner.

Tim Miller and Leonard Padilla will team up and say they will find Caylee one way or another. NG asking why the about face? Tim had other cases to help w/but now w/LP and many others being willing to help- he’s decided to come back. Leonard Its expected to be the biggest search in their history.

Terence Lenamon has been brought onto the defense team in this case- he’s qualified to handle death penalty cases. They show some of the cases he’s been involved in- he’s represented the baddest of the bad. NG showing lots of pics of Casey partying again. Showing the clip that WFTV played talking about how she was living the sex in the city lifestlye and now she’s alone. It is said that she mostly just reads and sleeps alot.

caller-will it be harder to get Death Penalty w/out the body? duh, yes. They don’t think it will make it impossible. Cracks joke about these aren’t the bars she’s used to. Lawyers saying again- the case will be difficult- one saying forget the DP they will have a hard time even getting a murder conviction. NG says what dead body was in the car? He’s saying there’s no evidence that it was Caylee- now saying there’s no proof that it was Casey that did something. Ugh- they are arguing and NG is not really letting him complete a sentence. Cadaver dog, death band on the hair, air samples that say there was a cadaver in the car and the chloroform- all point to Caylee being put in there- by Casey’s hands. One of the lawyers said she wants to come back as a caller and not a guest- NG is tough on her guests- ha that’s an understatement.

Showing the clip again of Paul Kovachs- the witness who allegedly saw Casey coming out of the woods w/a shovel in late June. On WFTV today they showed more of this interview and mentioned where the man worked- saying his employer was going to put together a search effort. Mannheim Industries or something like that? I will have to look it up- I know they mentioned that CH9 and his employer were owned by the same company.

Leonard on again saying that they will be searching w/the help of the FBI, the cell phone ping experts and Tim Miller- says if everyone watching Nancy tonight would each just send in $5 that would be a tremendous help to this case. I agree. Here’s a link.

caller-Has anyone sifted through the items that she bought at Target? asking about the paper towels- caller thinks she may have used them for clean up. I think Caylee was way out of sight and mind by then. She was just buttering up her boyfriend that she’d attached herself to like velcro. 2 – 3 times she would show up at Tony’s apt w/groceries- trying to be the “perfect” girlfriend.

Leonard is hoping to round up at least 500 bounty hunters to come out and search- he’s helping fund the search. Dr. Posey is talking about the danger to the crime scene by inexperienced searchers. If the remains have been exposed this long- they will have been much decomposition. He says the body could be separated in many pieces and scattered over a large area. Ugh.

caller- if there was nothing in her stolen check shopping spree for her daughter- its over- her daughter is gone. duh. She didn’t buy a single thing for Caylee. She also, when she moved – left in a huff from her parents house- she packed lots of clothes for herself and NOTHING for Caylee.

Why did she just do this out of the blue? 2 types of killers- 1 that comes from horrible abusive background and another- like this case where it does appear to come from no where. There’s no evidence she was ever mistreated. In fact, her family is still standing behind her. Oh update–Its now being reported that George put $50 in her commissary account today- so she can buy snacks and soda.

NG- saying that Casey’s life in jail is not much different- she never worked she always just sat around and lounged. LP is saying that the first night she got out of jail- she seemed unconcerned- and actually fixed Tony Padilla dinner while he filled out her bond paperwork.

Many people are angry about the feeling that Casey is getting special treatment in the jail by being kept in solitary. I understand baby killers are not very popular in prison. One poster on had some insight as to what the atmosphere and conditions are likely to be for Casey- saying that she is kept physically away from other inmates but they can still see her, yell and her and taunt her. She’s probably public enemy #1 in there- w/other mothers being kept away from their beloved little ones for drug crimes, petty theft etc. and pissed off that she is getting “special” treatment. If she was put into general population- she might come to serious harm.

I wonder which is worse for Casey who always seemed to crave attention? How long will she be able to handle herself? Do you think she will crack and try to deal?

The Anthony’s held another prayer vigil (at an undisclosed location) Sunday night and said about 100 people showed up. George also is said to be trying to set up another tip line for Caylee sightings bc he doesn’t believe the Sheriff’s statement that they haven’t received any tips since mid August. Casey’s defense attorney Jose Baez went on his good buddy Geraldo’s show Sunday night saying that from the beginning Casey has been wanting to give her “version” of the facts and he can’t wait till they can present their side in court- saying that when they do… “the entire world is going to be able to sit back and say, Now I understand!” –Wow- I cannot even imagine a scenario in which that will happen for me- short of getting a massive lobotomy- which is not on my to do list. I guess they will further elaborate on the Zanny the nanny and her sister sam stole Caylee from Blanchard Park and then gave her a script to follow for 30 days- in lieu of contacting authorities. I just don’t think that will make sense bc she twisted and changed so much- going from I was afraid to contact authorities from movies I’ve seen, (wonder what movies? I wish they’d asked her), to…my gut feeling is she’s still ok and she’s close by…to the family is in danger and that’s why she couldn’t tell LE the truth…to Caylee is in danger and that’s why Casey lied…to I don’t trust local LE but I will talk to the FBI…to well I can’t tell the truth in taped visits so pls bail me out and then I can help in the search…to we know who has her and we’re watching them…to who can even keep track?? She thinks her sh!t don’t stink!! BTW Where the heck has Lee Anthony been lately? Has he stopped drinking the kool-aid? Why didn’t he want to take a lie detector test and refuse to voluntarily give DNA?


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