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The Tot Mom Takes the Stage

Steven Soderbergh will direct a play about Casey called “Tot Mom” -WTF??
The play, will be on stage in Australia from December 18 to January 31. Staging down under evidently prevents having to compensate anyone for source material. The play will use excerpts from transcripts of Nancy Grace’s show, court documents and police reports.

Essie Davis will play Nancy Grace and I think Genevieve Hegney will play Casey, both are Aussie actresses.

This is just bizarre. I wonder what prompted him to do this? It’s exceedingly strange but I do love Soderbergh and have always wanted to go to Australia. This case just gets weirder and weirder.

Questions? Comments? Thoughts? Concerns?

On its Web site, the company notes that the case has baffled investigators and poses the questions “Why was Caylee’s disappearance not reported to police for over a month? When was the child last seen? What was the strange smell in the boot(hee hee boot) of Casey Anthony’s car? Who and where was the alleged babysitter?”

I think Soderbergh is so talented and I just find it puzzling that he’s obsessed enough w/this case that he’s taken time out of his busy schedule to WRITE a play about CASEY. Maybe he really is trying to end his career as this article suggests. In that article he said:

“In terms of my career, I can see the end of it,” he says. “I’ve had that sensation for a few years now. And so I’ve got a list of stuff that I want to do – that I hope I can do – and once that’s all finished I may just disappear.”

Aren’t you just kind of waiting to Ashton Kutcher or Jamie Kennedy to come out? I feel PUNKED. And my jaw is sore once again.

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George and Cindy now say they DON’T KNOW if Casey was involved! -Nancy 1/28

Breaking News– People magazine is reporting that the Anthony’s might be changing their tune -ever so slightly- as to their daughter’s innocence.

Upcoming Issue.

Upcoming Issue.

The Winnie the Pooh blanket from the crime scene that reportedly matches the one from the Anthony home is supposedly part of what contributed to their possible change of heart. I’m just typing and watching Nancy.

I wonder if trying to convince Cindy to join him in this painful realization is what almost broke George?

NG talking about 5inch by 1 foot freshly dug place in the Anthony’s backyard. George spoke to one of his neighbors and said that there was “ground disturbance” found near the pool in their backyard.

Leonard says that he thinks George realized that Casey was probably involved 2 days after Leonard bailed her out bc George physically confronted her- got in her face- and said I want to know where my grand daughter is!

picture-73Poor Winnie the Pooh had to get dragged into this case too! Sources say that George had already ingested sleeping pills, blood pressure medication and consumed alcohol. The note that he wrote talked about how he could feel the medication taking effect and his writing became less legible, though when police found him he appeared awake and alert. So sad! Can you even imagine if he had done it and Cindy was left w/that situation? Danger! And Lee…WHAT is going on w/Lee? I really hope he’s not charged- not charged bc he’s not involved.

The family is trying to arrange a private face to face mtg w/Casey behind bars. The spokesperson from the jail says that’s not possible- it would be unprecedented. This is NEVER going to happen. Casey still thinks the world revolves around her. I bet Casey is still so deluded she thinks if she can sit down w/mom and dad and look them in the eyes- she can convince them she’s innocent. She’s pure evil.

I think the Ant’s want the chance to do what perhaps they should have tried in the first place. Call Casey on her BS but say we still love you- we know something happened – just tell us what it is– we forgive you!

NG is talking about the Caylee Sunshine Doll again- played the guy’s statement about how he’s not trying to get rich- its really just a tribute. NG says the technical term for that is BS! Ha ha!! Someone on the phone says he went to the site and you CAN still order the doll. GROSS!

I bet if they get to have the mtg/funeral and Casey still can’t convince them to believe her…I can just hear her saying—having this memorial w/you guys- a waste, HUGE waste! GRRR! I wish they would put her in general population– just keep her separate for meals and whatever so they don’t kill her- but I wouldn’t mind if she got to hear on a daily basis what people think of her. NG wondering if the Pooh blanket she was wrapped in suggests the killing happened at home? It would certainly seem to.

More talk about the extremely shallow grave dug in the back yard. I wonder if the Anthony’s EVER asked Casey to explain what that was? The whole story Casey told about ‘must get the bamboo right away’ answer was such a complete and obvious LIE! NG says the blanket and the toy being in the home absolutely link the murder to the home. NG says why won’t allow the private mtg? BC people would jump all over their AZZ if they give that spiteful b!tch special treatment. People magazine says they report on many volatile arguments w/in the Anthony family. Natisha is talking specifically about the HUGE argument that occurred on Father’s day when Cindy confronted Casey about stealing from her grand parents and actually put her hands around Casey’s neck.

The diva doesn’t want to go to court bc she doesn’t want to have to fake emotion. She’d rather stay in her cell and sleep or reading books. I wonder what she’s reading? We should send her some true crime books- like ones about Susan Smith or Diane Downs. Other mothers whose children were “in the way.”

They are playing that first phone call Casey made from jail where she was so mad and just wanted Tony’s phone number. I wonder just what she was going to say to Tony? I sure would like to have heard that call. Did she ever get to call him? I wonder if the police could have learned anything if they’d asked Tony to “wear a wire” and continue to talk to Casey??

The defense is going to challenge chain of evidence- how original. They have also asked for all of Tim Miller’s records- like they are going to try to say the area was already searched. Tim Miller does not want to comply- saying it would possibly hinder other searches and the man hours to compile it would be a burden.

NG says will the family be in court? LP says Cindy may be there. I highly doubt it- not for any of these preliminary trials anyway. I think she’ll definitely be there for the actual trial.


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Nancy Grace 1/27 – Jailhouse funeral for Caylee? Lee to join Casey? Casey says NO to court?

An ACTUAL BOMBSHELL– Casey Anthony is trying to orchestrate a secret jailhouse funeral for Caylee that would allow Casey to attend some type of memorial, even asking for her family to be able to attend as well. Her family has still had NO CONTACT w/her since before December 11th.

And here are NG’s other bombshells….Casey is supposedly still planning to be a no show for court on Friday, even though she’s been ordered to appear. I hope she is forced to go– she deserves to sit there in humiliation.

George is expected to remain in treatment at Halifax Medical Center for another week. After texting family that he wanted to go and be w/Caylee, leaving a 5 page suicide note and then going missing w/all of his prescription medication- he needs to remain in treatment. Let’s all keep George in our thoughts and prayers.

Lee Anthony might be charged, his attorney has said he has received signals indicating this is a possibility.

The jail officials say they have received no communication about an attempt to set up the private “funeral” for Caylee and deny that Casey will receive any special treatment. Lawyer says Casey may be trying to set up this funeral as a PR ploy. Leonard Padilla says he doesn’t blame Casey for trying to set up the funeral–says it was her relatives or someone on the outside. What about actually burying the child- family??!!!@#$%^ I cannot believe they haven’t done that yet.

caller- George being an ex-cop why when picking up the car and smelling death– did he not call police? I have the same question– I have yet to hear a good answer for that. Is that actually an actionable charge in and of itself- to have or strongly suspect knowledge of a crime– which a DEATH SMELL in car would certainly indicate…aren’t you obligated to call police?

More about the Caylee Sunshine Doll- UGH. This story is over- the dirtball pulled the doll.

Lee Anthony’s attorney IS anticipating charges will be filed against Casey’s brother for obstruction.

Jose says the bar association told CH9 about some derogatory statements Jose had made and that’s what prompted the ridiculous charges. WHAT? Baez is asking for the prosecutors to be thrown of the case. Whoa- an ACTUAL bombshell! NG says it will be a cold day below if the prosecutor gets thrown off the case. Lawyers say its highly unlikely- but that its unprofessional to file an anonymous unmeritorious bar complaint against Jose that was thrown out w/in 10 days. Throw the prosecutors off the case…Just another motion…another whiny one? Does this one have merit– I don’t know enough, I doubt it, but I’m curious. I certainly wouldn’t want Jose off the case if I was opposing counsel– would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go up against him in court.

Talking about George now, he could leave if he wanted, he’s not on mandatory hold, but he remains under treatment. This part just makes me soo sad. Pls keep George in your thoughts and prayers.

Lee Anthony’s charges– Natisha spoke to OCSO who said, when we need to talk to Lee Anthony we will. Right now there are no charges against him. This part of the story may get me hooked on the case again. There was always so much speculation about Lee and his possible involvement. I can’t imagine what he did? Do you think he erased or tried to erase Casey’s computer when it took him so long to come back from picking it up at Tony’s house? What do you think Lee’s involvement if any is?

Playing the clip of Casey laughingly telling Lee about their dad’s silly ‘our family is like a hand, Caylee was the pinky and Lee is the middle finger’ – whoa. Lee’s attorney’s says all signals indicate Lee will be charged w/obstruction of justice. Leonard says he has no doubt that Lee was part of the chain of events in developing info for Caylee’s body to be found. I think he’s way off here bc I think he still thinks Kronk was involved. Wow, Nancy says there’s no law saying you have to report a murder. I should have remembered that Seinfeld finale episode where they were jailed for not being good samaritans it was newsworthy BC that town had just instituted such a law.

Casey is getting lots of encouraging letters…she mentioned that in one of those jailhouse videos. The jail refuses to comment about Casey’s mail. Who is sending her encouraging letters? And are they still putting money in her account? Weird.

caller- something about the thoroughness of the search on the Anthony’s backyard? The Anthony’s were the ones that requested the search of their backyard– hmmm, that’s the first I’ve heard of that? I know they were cooperative and heard that they even did their own search– before contacting police — but I never heard they requested a search. Talking about maggots and whether they would lead to evidence. I don’t think the police recovered any maggots– I never saw it the analysis that’s come back.

caller- why no death penalty? The state makes that decision at their own discretion. I think that Casey may be entitled to extra privileges if she were to be charged w/the death penalty– such as extended or more frequent lawyer visits? NG says the state took the death penalty off the table bc the family doesn’t want to see their daughter charged w/that.

Who are these people, these friends of the show that Nancy gives a shout out to? I’m a friend of the show no? Every night she says to me…Good Night friend.


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Garbage bags link nicely back to Anthony home! Nancy Grace 1/22- watching and blogging.

Oh, the garbage bag evidence is encouraging.  The black garbage bag w/the yellow handles is similar to one that Cindy handed over in July and some they seized in the later search.  They can track those bags by the lot number-  remember this case–Melanie McGuire?


Oh, interesting– Leonard just said that when he was there the garbage bags the Anthony’s had in the home had red handles, but he was told that before they got there the bags used in the home had yellow handles. Who would be in a position to tell him that? But damn I hope so!! Yikes –OMG– maybe that’s why they want immunity? I have really been giving them the benefit of the doubt– its getting quite scarce now.

They keep saying a laundry hamper– don’t they mean a cloth laundry bag? The piece where Casey is saying…if you don’t have something nice to say shut up– is just priceless. George and Cindy do look incredibly sad in that video. It sure looks like they weren’t there for Caylee in all the right ways and now they’re wracked w/guilt.



caller- did the grandparents ever ask — how was it at Zanny’s? NG says no. She’s wrong– George said in one of those interviews (Natisha corrected her) that he would mention Zanny and Caylee would never have any recognition of the name. He said she would recognize other names and when asked about Uncle Lee – she would talk about Mallory. So she recognized other people and would light up and talk about them– obviously George noted that and thought it strange. Hmmm. George and Cindy had to work really HARD to be in such deep denial. I think actually, that Cindy worked hard and George just tried to keep the peace in the house of Crazy!

OMG- the baby photos of Caylee are so precious. Evidently Cindy was complaining about having to watch Caylee all the time. I think that probably contributed in LARGE part to Cindy going into deep guilt and denial mode. She was finally trying to say- hey- this is your baby- I’m not your b!tch, b!tch! And Casey’s response was– ok you don’t want to watch her– WATCH this– I’ll kill her and you’ll NEVER have to see her again!

caller- asking about Anthony’s immunity? LP says he thinks the A team knows enough to make their knowledge and actions incriminating. I love that the State hasn’t responded to them on that yet. Lawyer says, nope they don’t NEED the Anthony’s– and they probably WON’T get immunity. ALL say NO- Cindy and George will NOT GET IMMUNITY!

Casey (in the jailhouse video)– I have NO ONE to comfort me, but myself. WHAT oppty is Casey talking about that her parents had to get her out of jail??? WHAT is she talking about? Maybe Jose blew some sunshine up her AZZ about that? You can tell Cindy and George don’t really trust Jose- wonder how they feel about him now??

I hope they looked at the prescription drugs in the home– way back when– not just recently. NG talking about the change of venue– Jose seems to think he can just hand pick where he’s like it to happen. That’s not how it works moron. People in hell want ice water….I heard that they were hoping for Jacksonville or Miami. I bet Jose is hoping for Miami– maybe that’s why he’s trying to play the Hispanic discrimination card. Lawyer says the population for the venue will have to have a similar racial make-up to OrLAHndo. HMMM.

They are retesting evidence from the car- went back to her room used an alternative light source on her clothes- found something and its being tested– hmm– I haven’t heard about that. Nancy says- what killer would put the blanket w/the baby? Um, the mother, that’s who. Parents or loved ones try to “care” for their victims in many cases– they cover the bodies, they put playthings w/them etc.

caller- another question about the meter reader– GIVE IT A REST! He’s been cleared.
caller- Zany in the apt…Casey had friends in Sawgrass…how did she get that name? I love how she’s saying Zany not Zanny. That is still a SERIOUS mystery to me– HOW did she get that name? LP says- Casey was there to visit Dom and Annie- the mgr came out shouting Zanny’s name– oh you forgot to sign something. That doesn’t even sound plausible.

Reporter from WDBO– talking about the FL bar investigating Jose Baez — the bar confirms an open case and said its in relation to Press Corp Media– isn’t that where Todd Black is from?

caller- question about the texting between Amy and Casey about duct tape. I hope they’re looking into that!?
caller- what is the defense looking for when examining the evidence? They are going to try to pull an OJ- bad evidence, bad handling of evidence and planted evidence.

Good night friend.


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She’s Got Issues and a Shiny Shirt – watching Jane and Nancy.

I’ll start w/shiny shirt’s STUNNING bombshells. Over 300 pages of new evidence released– yikes I haven’t even seen 1/4 of it yet. Cindy and George were NOT home during the suspicious searches for neck breaking and house hold weapons. Quel Suprise! The defense received these docs last week- that is why- according to FL law they were released to the public. Even though according to Whiny Little B!tch, AKA Jose Baez– the state is just being mean.

Things Casey threw away w/Caylee:
Small shirt size 3t, white shorts w/vertical stripes-size 24 mos, a cloth laundry hamper bag (Caylee was double bagged–grr), a small heart shaped sticker (GRR), a small toy horse, a Winnie the Pooh blanket, small iron-on letters, and a stainless steel knife,…

Ugh, we’ll interrupt here for a wordle:

Caylee’s room and her bedroom specifically were decorated w/Winnie the Pooh items. Nancy’s twins don’t have their room decorated in Winnie the Pooh– therefore Casey did it– Nancy dropped Lucy’s binkie and went back 7 Avenues in the snow looking for it–Casey buried Caylee w/her favorite blankie?– therefore Casey did it. Nancy is in rare form. Me too actually, that heart shaped sticker just sets me OFF!!!

Playing more of the Casey WOE is me/ANGRY is me jailhouse “lost” video tapes. Dr. Perper– would the ME have discovered the adhesive in the shape of a heart on the duct tape? He says that it suggests someone who loved the child did it. He says the crime lab technician would likely have discovered the heart shaped adhesive.

caller- When you show the tape w/the parents- the dad doesn’t make direct eye contact– is that bc he was a cop and he knows Casey did it? Kathy Bellich says he’s been the most honest- brings up him acknowledging the smell. She talks about today’s docs showing that there was a very volatile relationship between George and Casey. Cindy’s co-workers say that in June Cindy had been complaining about her home situation (which was unlike her)- in particular about money and always having to care for Caylee. Says that when told she should should go for custody she said they couldn’t afford it? WHAT? What would be different? WAS Casey contributing some money? Or did Cindy just realize they would have to pay for and provide actual child care– not just imaginary Zanny the Nannies?

caller- Did Kronk ever agree to a polygraph? No one has heard about that. WDBO guy says that the only one he’s heard of taking a polygraph is Jesse Grund. Leonard is on basically saying I told you so…ha NG just called him on tooting his own horn. Um, have you met Leonard??

Playing the whole bizarre conversation in which George tells Casey that she’s the Boss! SOO STRANGE!

Talking about soil samples taken from the scene and that they took ALL of Casey’s shoes. Seems like another one of those things they should have done much earlier– she was probably wearing shoes. Cindy has probably already cleaned all Casey’s shoes by now…you know…just as part of her usual routine. Casey had joked, to Ricardo, her ex-boyfriend, about putting Caylee to sleep w/baby medicine. Ricardo, if you’ll recall, was also the one who had this photo on his website.

Things that make you go, hmmm.

Things that make you go, hmmm.

Nancy is asking about long term effects if Casey had been continually drugging the child. I had a comment from a Doctor early on (will look for post) where I was speculating on the whole Xanny the nanny = Xanax theory and the doc said that there would likely have been residual effects- like slurred speech and grogginess. But I think it all depends on dosage and timing– Casey could have just not brought Caylee home until she was sure Caylee was recovered. Casey had a fairly flexible schedule.

Oh, Jose is under investigation by the FL bar. Jose says, it has nothing to do w/this case– blames it on someone just having an ax to grind w/him. They are talking about whiny little b!tch complaining that he’s being criticized bc he’s Hispanic. Right on NG– she just said he should just STOP saying that right now. I concur. One of the attorney’s says its silly to vilify Jose– NG says we’re not– he’s the one who stuck his foot firmly in his mouth. No doubt– he must have quite a case of “tasty feet” bc he does it a lot. My dog often suffers the same malady– “tasty feet” along w/tasty…other body parts.

Jose is thinking he’s some kind of huge pioneer and says that he’s not stupid enough to challenge that type of trail blazing reputation w/getting involved in some kind of shady entertainment deal. It’s the ‘I’m not that stupid’ defense– you should really re-think that Jose! It doesn’t work for you. You might really be THAT stupid. Nancy is showing some cute twin pics– PLEASE leave off the blurry ones…I don’t get it. Oh, dear– getting Lucy started on NG’s costume jewelry– I guess they don’t make shiny baby shirts 😉

Holding up George Anthony’s time sheets- showing that he wasn’t home during incriminating computer searches. NG is saying its important bc it seems apparent that chloroform was involved in this case. The attnys say– well, someone else could have done it. NG is saying that its pretty incriminating– I agree. Unless you get all ‘lawerly’ on it– its going to play HUGE w/the jury IMO. Nancy is saying she hopes the defense tries that at trial– me too! I can’t even imagine what kind of ridiculousness Jose will try in court.

LP has a theory about there being a possibility of the duct tape holding traces of chemicals– the doc says no- those traces will be gone. They can’t tell if the clothing was on the skeleton– the bones were too scattered. Ugh.

caller- did the duct tape also cover the nose? we don’t know And, is the death penalty still a possibilty? Yes, the state can still reverse their decision to remove it.

caller- can they see if the Winnie the Pooh blanket matches Caylee’s particular bedding set? NG says excellent question– hopes the police are watching. I wonder if they are. Do you think the authorities watch Nancy?

Still, no one has visited Casey in jail. I would like to pay her a visit.

Jane covered much of the same but had interesting updates on the following:


Jennifer Kesse case update. Jennifer’s parents are on the HLN show Issues. Her father recently met w/an inmate who claimed to have information regarding Jennifer’s case. Her father said the conversation was strange but that he believes the inmate was sincerely trying to offer information, he believed to be true, in the case. They are being a bit vague but it sounds like this inmate, who is in jail charged w/murdering a woman from Longwood, overheard fellow inmates talking about having seen Jennifer’s picture on some playing cards. WEIRD! This makes me wonder — was she kidnapped as part of some sex slavery ring? She just vanished- beautiful, young blonde- not a trace. Is she in some other country- held captive?

The Kesse’s and the police are saying this is not new information
– evidently they’ve heard this bizarre story before. The Kesse’s are stressing that Jennifer’s case is NOT A COLD case and the authorities are stressing that THIS incident is not big breaking news in this case. This case is so devastating– I’ve written and linked about it here before– here’s Jennifer’s website. There’s a link on there to a great piece that 48 Hours did on the case. Here’s the picture of the suspect who was seen parking and abandoning Jennifer’s car about a mile from her home where she was last seen.

Person of interest in Jennifer Kesse case.

Person of interest in Jennifer Kesse case.

Amanda Knox– the American college student charged w/murdering her roommate in Italy, the judge in her case ruled today that cameras will not be allowed in the courtroom.


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NG- 12/11 Casey kept saying how close Caylee was.

Natisha is reporting that the bag was “sealed” w/duct tape– but not so sealed that a skull didn’t roll out when the meter reader taking a nature pee kicked it.

Tim Miller is saying that they lost a 4 wheeler in this very area– it became suddenly swamped and over come w/water. He’s talking about how people were criticizing him for pulling out like that– I myself was suspicious– I thought they had maybe found something. Maybe he was just worried about liability in addition to damaging Caylee’s remains if they were submerged. Nancy says– boy were you right, Tim Miller– you’ve never made a better call in your life.

NG saying how is it that this is 15 homes from the Anthony’s when their neighborhood looks so suburban and this area is so heavily wooded. Natisha says– this area is behind their home– recently fenced off as it might have been about to be developed.

Kathy from WFTV says OCSO feels very, very, very encouraged about the find today. They found something in addition to remains that encourages them– something that makes them want to return to the home. WTH could that be??

Dr. Marshall– NG asks IF this is Caylee and if the tot mom knows about and is responsible for the remains– she has been taking them on the ride of the lifetime. Doc is worried that the parents may not be able to step out of the delusion– may continue to blame zanny the nanny. Let’s all pray that’s not true– that would be unbearable for everyone! Casey needs to tell the truth!

They keep talking about matching the garbage bags and duct tape from the Anthony home. I’m sorry but they should have taken ALL of that kind of stuff a long time ago. I don’t have even a tiny bit of doubt that someone would have gotten rid of all that kind of stuff a long time ago! GRR!

Deputies are guarding the Anthony home and NO ONE is allowed back into that house right now. Dr. Bell says its difficult on such a young child to tell from a skull whether its male or female. He says that if the body has been in a bag and in water there may still be soft tissue.

caller says– if they put the DP back on the table– can Casey fess up then and say– ok take away DP and I will tell you. That all depends on the State– they can change their mind right up until the trial. There are aggravating circumstances in that the child was under the age of 10– that makes it DP qualified.

Leonard appeared to be getting a bit emotional as he and Nancy thanked eachother for keeping the story on the forefront. I thank them too. LP said– GOD put this together at the last minute here.

NG showing the police surrounding the home w/crime scene tape. They are not just nailing the tape into the ground w/little stakes as Cindy was so fond of doing… they are stringing that sh!t up on the trees and on the 6 foot privacy fence. They are surrounding this house– WHAT did they find in that bag? Blanket? Sand from sandbox? Plastic storage container? Luggage? Pillowcase or some type of bedding?

How come they know they don’t need to look for some of this stuff at Tony’s house? He could have had some kind of scummy bachelor style comforter and bedding that the new domestic girlfriend “disposed” of by saying– it was gross- look I bought you this. Does Tony even still live there?

Caller asks if the bag was somewhere else and was washed here by Hurricane Faye? Interesting– they are talking again about a shovel. Other speculation on the blogosphere has wondered if she was moved there recently in order to be found? I don’t think so. I think it was either underwater or an animal moved it.

Oh Tim Miller is saying he saw where the bag was found– there was no digging– it was just sitting there and you could tell it’d been there awhile. Wow, I guess they granted Tim some incredible access. He says that according to a neighbor the water just receded in that area about a week and a half ago. Tim has said that he hasn’t spoken to the Anthony’s but would like to hug their neck but he has to fly to Birmingham tomorrow. Wow, what a sad job he has. I know he’s doing a wonderful thing but, still, so sad. I imagine that he’s headed for Mountain Brook and going to talk w/Natalee Holloway’s mother. So sad. Do you think Natalee is alive and has been sold into sex slavery as Joran “confessed” to Greta Van Sustern?

Caller from TX– thinking Cindy has been emotionally blackmailed by Casey– yes that’s an understatement. Now’s the time for Cindy to stop enabling Casey and let her know she needs to tell the truth. True that Bonnie!! I’m just not sure Cindy can do that. OMG they keep playing the video of Caylee singing you are my sunshine! It’s so sad!!

Jose is saying that he realizes that the circumstances as they are would lead people to believe that these are Caylee’s remains…BUT people have been wrong before. NG just said that Cindy had to take a sedative when she heard the news today–that is heartbreaking.

They are saying that it is highly unlikely that Baez’s emergency motion to be allowed to participate in any testing of the remains will be granted — it is highly UNLIKELY that he will be granted that access.

Oh, I didn’t know Cindy and George were following up on a Caylee sighting in California, in addition to appearing on Larry King. That’s just extra sad. I feel sorry for these families who have their young brown haired toddler posted on national news as a possible Caylee sighting. I think Caylee said– that’s enough- I’m gone– here’s where I lay– pls deal w/it and put me to rest.

Wow she’s so manipulative– they just played the clip of Casey talking to Lee about that special bond mother’s have w/children that he can’t really understand but their “mom” can. Oh its so disgusting. She talks about her “gut” telling her that she’s still ok and she’s close to home and OBVIOUSLY if that changes– she’ll let ya know. UGH!!

Larry King just promo’ed that he talked to the Anthonys AFTER the remains were found and that will be on his show tomorrow.

caller– Cindy seemed to be walking on eggshells. Uh, yeah, we all noticed that. Doc says- yep Cindy believed or needed to believe that Casey was fragile and suffering just as she was/is.

Natisha and other reporters are saying that lights are still blazing and there is still activity at both the location where the remains were found AND at the Anthony home– now heavily draped in crime scene tape. So sad!


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Reverend Grund led Prayer Service for Caylee today.

Left behind for Caylee at Jay Blanchard Park.

Here for Caylee at Jay Blanchard Park.

Dozens of people gathered at Jay Blanchard Park this morning to pay tribute to Caylee Anthony. Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla organized the service– originally calling it a memorial– he regrets that now and says it should have been called a prayer service. Cindy and George stormed on the scene and tried to stop it when they heard yesterday but they were nowhere in sight today.

Jesse’s father, Richard Grund, stood up on a picnic table in order to be heard and seen by the crowd while he said some loving words about Caylee. (Will post video later.) It was a nice tribute to Caylee– reminding everyone to take something positive away from this tragedy. Remember to shower the people you love w/love! I heard that (James Taylor below) song as I was pulling away and cried again.

I’m so sad for Caylee and I’m so discouraged that we didn’t find her. I’m bummin’ hard. Where’s Caylee?

Where's Caylee?

Where's Caylee?

Leonard Padilla was seen at the Anthony home tonight– awkward much? I wonder what he was doing there? I’m sure he will have BREAKING NEWS AND BOMBSHELLS tonight on Shiny Shirt (Nancy Grace) tonight. I suppose I will have to watch–grrr.


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Live Blogging Nancy 11/7- for bombshells and some such stuff.

She’s playing the part of the interview w/George where he’s talking about the smell in the car…and how he doesn’t want to believe that he raised someone who could have done that to someone. Its so sad. At one point he has to leave the room and he gets physically sick. How does he go from that to all of the comments about– we know who has her- we’re watching them etc. ??!!

Nancy talking about getting sick when smelling food when she was going through her tragedy. I know her fiance was murdered right? How horrible! Wasn’t she w/him? I can’t remember the story- was it a mugging?

NG says its extremely rare that we get to hear actual police interrogations…this is an interview not an interrogation. It does seem like we are privy to an awful lot of info– I understand w/the Sunshine Law and all but…I just hope nothing comes back and allows Casey some grounds for appeal.

Wow, I hope I never have to smell a dead body. People who’ve had the experience pretty much say its indescribable– but they sure do try! Nancy and Leonard are lamenting the smell. We get it– we die, we stink. Let’s move on. Back to more of the George audio- I posted link earlier.

Now they’re playing the part about how he can’t believe she was hanging out w/this new crowd of friends at Fusion. I don’t think it was “the crowd” that took Casey down the bad path– I think she’s been making her way there for quite some time.

Talking about the search and how everyone has to wear a badge. Badges!…We don’t need no stinking badges! I apologize- that was beyond my control. She was begging for it.

NG talking about how Casey once tricked her parents into believing she had made a $4k deposit or so at some point. George said she was very good w/computers. I think they may have been a bit naive too.

George intv talking about when, after a prayer vigil, they sat down w/15- 18 friends over and they all talked about what a good mom Casey was. George said come on guys– what’s been going on the last 2 years– help us out. But most of those friends are not the ones she’s been hanging out w/lately. One of those friends said Casey had recently seemed to fall off the face of the earth. George also talking about that ladder being found attached to the pool where they NEVER left it bc Casey could climb into pool w/it. I don’t think Caylee drowned. I think maybe it was an over heat in the car and she put her in the car to cool off. If she had drowned why would Casey leave the ladder there and the gate open? Maybe she left it bc she was still in a panic and was going to rush Caylee to the hospital…then she freaked out while driving there and decided to try something else?

Those little twins are so cute- but honestly some of the pictures…they’re often blurry and some are just weird shots. Pls learn to shoot, get a better camera or at the very least —choose the best shots to air on national television. Shiny shirt- check! Color- green!

It seems like the rest of the night will be about this tragic case of this Navy dad– murdered right in front of his family. Todd Scott.

Oh yeah, talking about Casey’s attorney’s asking the prosecutors not to seek the death penalty. That was an interesting letter- I’ll have to find it and link it up. They said- she’s not dead (Caylee) BUT if she is then it was surely and accident– maybe an accidental overdose.

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NG show bumps Caylee to the top of the show- due to Casey-Jose hugfest at the OC Jail

He’s been reprimanded twice. The first time- he said- oh I didn’t know the rules. (BS! It’s a JAIL!) The next time he said oop, sorry, I will make an effort to remember. Now, Jose says I hug all my clients. Jose Huggy Bear- ick. Jose implores the media as responsible journalists to explore what’s going on here– ha ha that’s a nice clip they just took of him out of context- way to go Nancy. He is so cocky w/nothing to back it up. That’s an extremely unattractive quality.

Hmm, it was a woman in Indiana who filed the report w/the FL Bar- she saw it online. It’s not ok, and I can’t believe this lawyer is saying that– at least admit that its a jail and its INAPPROPRIATE. Where’s is NG’s call screener??? GRR!!

caller- where’s the car seat? HELLOO– it was in the car w/the little doll Caylee called momma, the one which she never went anywhere w/out. BOTH of those things were sort of big points in that it looked highly suspicious – to Cindy- why those things wouldn’t be w/Caylee.

WKMG interviewed getting close to the exact spot and the exact whys…we believe we’re on the right track. They think Caylee has been moved numerous times and George said “there’s a lot more to this story than you guys can ever imagine!” Wow- I would love to hear what their theories are. Cindy said Casey would be willing to go to jail for the rest of her life to protect Caylee. I think she will never tell what she did to Caylee, in order to protect herself and in order to protect what her family, and her mother in particular thinks of her. They are speculating that its a PR strategy that the A team keeps saying we know she’s alive and we’re close to finding her. Leo P is saying that this is her strategy to get through w/life. I’m looking for this interview online– I don’t think they have it posted yet.

caller- asks could Lee have been the lookout? none of the family has been listed as a suspect. I still want to believe that they’re not involved. Cindy was just saying that she was angry about the case and that the evidence she’s seen so far is inconclusive. They’re really making it hard to believe that they’re not at least covering up- something- to some extent.

They’re talking about LE being interested in the movies that she rented the night they believe Caylee died. I posted them a while back– I’ll have to go look but I think the 2 movies were Jumper and Untraceable. I don’t really put much stock into what movies she was watching though– I imagine she just went along w/whatever darling boyfriend wanted to watch. She aims to please.

Hmm, maybe the movie was what was giving her nightmares though– WKMG is reporting this gruesome scene was in the movie Untraceable –WKMG reporter Pipitone said– “The movie shows an FBI agent being pursued by a sadistic cyber-stalker who pops the trunk of a car and is overcome by the smell of a fly-infested, rotting corpse left by the killer in the trunk of the car.” Yep that sounds like the stuff of nightmares.

Here’s a link to the 1,000s of tips that were released. They are said to be mostly psychic visions of where the body is located and not Caylee sightings.

Happy Halloween! I’m off to see the wizard.


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Casey Anthony (Chloroform Chloe) Cooked it up HERSELF (and I’m still watching Nancy Grace)! GRR!

I hate really dislike Casey! WFTV is reporting here that the chloroform searches on Casey’s computer were about how to make it not how to buy it. RIGHT around the time Caylee went missing. 😦 How the hell is she going to explain this?

If she made it rather than buying it I think it makes it even more suspicious. I was thinking she found it somewhere and could explain looking it up by saying she wanted to know what it was.

CH9 is saying it’s suspicious too bc there’s no purchase trail- she was trying to cover tracks. I can’t wait to see what Jose could possibly say to explain this that would make us all go AH HA- I see why Casey did all that. They said there was testimony about this at the Grand Jury that MAY be released soon. DON’T tease!! Is that true??

Jose will begin interviewing some of the prosecution’s witnesses next week. Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall for that??

Maybe Casey thought if you just put chloroform on a rag in the trunk w/the child that it would just knock her out each time she woke up as opposed to holding it continually over someone’s mouth. Is she that stupid?

Great- Nancy Grace is going into incredible detail about how to make chloroform and how easy it is. I know the info is out there already but lets move on. I sure hope we don’t see copy cats- I’m glad that other guy just said- watch out- its also very volatile.

They just said that the Globe theorized pretty much what I just said about the chloroform rag NEAR the baby. I can’t believe I’m going to have to go buy that rag (mag) again AND People. This case is bringing me down! I usually just read those in the grocery line- its so embarrassing to purchase. When I purchased the globe last time I had to mention that I was only doing it due to my heinous obsession w/this case and it was funny bc the cashier and the lady behind me were like oh really- Caylee in Orlando??? They were not quite oblivious but my obsession was clear and present.

Where did Casey get the idea for chloroform? And what was her intent?? I wonder if there are further computer forensics searched from her computer that will reveal more. I need to know.

This distasteful pic was on the myspace page of one of Casey’s friends.

I think if someone w/half of Jose’s ego and twice his brain got a really good look at this case they would try to plead it down– she is so FU@KED! Of course I’ll probably be feeling the opposite tomorrow- panicked that she’s going to get away w/it. She’s making me crazy (these pretzels are making me thirsty) she’s driving me to drink!!

Leonard is saying again that they KNOW the child is dead- they’re just trying to make the most of it. He said basically that he overheard George telling an old cop friend (from Ohio) that he was tired of living a lie. NG stood up for the GPs- rightfully so- I think they may know the truth on some level– they are not pretending to be so self delusional— they ARE self delusional!! As another of NG’s guests said earlier- if they give up this hope then what are left with? No more beautiful grand daughter AND a (spiteful b!tch) daughter possibly facing the death penalty. Its so sad.

Kobi just said he doesn’t trusts the cadaver dogs. Silly man. I read an amazing article about those (type) dogs the other day. They were testing them on recently deceased bodies that had been put there for just 2 minutes in some cases and they had an amazing accuracy rate. (I will try to find the article to link.) He ought to try applying some of that same skepticism as to the truthfulness of his “client” — the one he’s being paid to consult for anyway.

Shiny shirt (its a peachy color tonight) is off on a tear about the stuff that Casey can order w/her commissary money- too funny. This is when I like Nancy- be snarky but be NICE!! 🙂 Wow- she WAS actually nice to one of the defense lawyers tonight! She understood he was just playing devil’s advocate– yeah, er- isn’t that WHY you have them on there? Play nice!

I’m going to go hunt that list down- its quite extensive. They may have even Target beat for bargains- though probably no fancy bras, no cases of bud light and thankfully no more big ugly white (stolen) sunglasses– oh that’s right– she will rarely see the sun. Snap! That’s really terrible to be gleeful about her suffering- I just want her to tell the truth!! And then I won’t be gleeful about her suffering anymore…I just won’t care.


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