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Fox news type hype OR interesting find in Caylee Search?

Looks like Fox News Hype…Divers pulled a suspicious bag from a waterway behind the Blanchard Park YMCA Family Center this morning during a massive search for Caylee Anthony — reports MyFoxOrlando here, the local fox station.

This is the first I’ve heard of it and I can’t find it being reported anywhere else. Casey sure did mention Jay Blanchard Park in a lot of her stories.

It also says there were about 3000 searchers today– I’ve read elsewhere it was closer to 1000-1300 and Tim Miller was disappointed again– and says he needs about 2000 more tomorrow. SAD!

Oh, and Jose will be on Geraldo shortly. Ugh- I can’t believe I’m actually watching Fox News and Geraldo. I feel sick. I so badly wanted Caylee to be found today. I’m so mad at Casey.

Now, I’m even madder. It was dog remains they pulled out of the water. Interesting how Fox didn’t update that story. It said they were quickly able to ID as belonging to a dog and that was about noon. I guess that answers my question from the title.

Whoa, Craig Rivera interview w/Tim Miller who says yes this search is incredibly frustrating and sometimes he says to himself…Damn you Casey– you could solve this…or something to that effect.

Yuck- Jose is shown- he’s coming up. I’m sorry, but he is just soo smug. He skeeves me out. Someone I was searching w/today said he looks like a fat Pee Wee Herman. I can’t figure out who (what cartoon character?) he reminds me of but I know don’t like to besmirch Pee Wee- so we can’t leave it at that. Though I guess I do see the resemblance. Anyone? Oh, I guess we shouldn’t talk about his physicality– bad Kim! Well his lawyer skills leave enough to poke fun at…I’ll try to get my hands on some more of his (juvenile) correspondence.

Geraldo is hyping the interview bc the gag order will likely be decided Monday. He’s whining again about LE leaking things. Its called the Sunshine Law princess. No way Jose just said that he thinks LE is intimidated now that they’ve had to give over discovery– says they’ve been falsely hyping their case.

Geraldo started to say– is your client holding her breath–about the search? Jose says they’re not worried- they believe Casey is alive. Talking about the stupid rumor that Scott Peterson wrote Casey a letter- not true and I couldn’t care less either way.

NICE– a reporter– (is it KIM?) asks–are you losing your objectivity due to your relationship w/Casey??— He says that’s a ridiculous question- no its not, yes it is. What grade is he in again? I like her though! The reporter says well she’s a master manipulator and a con artist so…have you been lured in by her? He says, no, it takes two to tango. Puke. He says lawyers have to be counselors to their client too. Yeah, she needs a whole TEAM of Psychiatrists– a counselor is just not gonna cut it w/this headcase, I mean Casey.

Geraldo certifies for the record that Jose has a drop dead gorgeous wife. I would like to see that! Why no wedding ring? Jose is asked to talk about strength of his case– says he doesn’t want to pound his chest but…. PUHLEESE– yes you do. Jose says he won’t lay out his case on TV but…his defense will be to attack the evidence. He says fortunately there’s not much forensic evidence out there. WTF? Is that true? Death band on Caylee’s hair in trunk sounds pretty bad to me. What do you think? Lets unleash the pathologists.

I’m going to get a panel of forensic scientists to go over it and tell me straight. Is is strong? Is there more behind the scenes? Geragos talking about no way to get good jury– ha ha– yep the truth hurts b!tch. Geraldo says for the ssecond time that the strongest evidence is George admitting that there was a dead body in the car. Jose says that those statements are hearsay. BS! He basically implied– they’ve got to get George to say that on the stand like…we’ve been funneling Kook I mean Kool Aid down his throat, Cindy has his balls in a jar and he WON’T be saying anything even resembling that on the stand. I’m sorry to say that… but DAMN he makes me mad. I had just refilled my A-team sympathy cup for the fam today– cried on the way to the search. And now…I’m back to mad– still sad for them but..DAMN they are special. MUST they make it so hard?

Okay, I just live blogged Geraldo Rivera. I’ve got to go take a shower. And BONUS I have a farmer tan after traipsing around in a briar patch all day. Mad and sad. Let’s all please pray and/or send positive thoughts for Caylee to be found tomorrow!!


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Search for Caylee being called off :(

People were crying in the background today, as it was announced that they are calling off the search for Caylee Anthony. Well, at least postponing it. Tim Miller, from announced that due to environmental issues- namely too much water- they are going to call off the search. Many people are speculating that they have found something, and some have said police tape has cordoned off a particular area. Others say that they are worried about search efforts, airboats and ATVs further submerging or damaging a tiny body, most likely located under water. Please say a prayer for Caylee and visualize her being found. Visualize the headline- Caylee Anthony has been found. I don’t want to visualize a body, just on the way off chance that she’ll be found alive- so I light a candle and say a prayer- just that she will be found!

In other crazy news, George and Cindy pulled up in their driveway today, I think returning from church and George got into an altercation w/some of the protesters. Supposedly, he approached them– with a hammer in his hand– and shoved a man and an elderly woman before his son Lee came and removed the hammer from his hand and defused the situation. Yikes. I’m sure that he was just bringing that hammer in from his car and had temporarily taken leave of his senses but to shove people especially a woman!! That’s just unacceptable. I completely disagree w/those protesters and can’t imagine how that helps the situation or makes them feel better but George seems to have anger management issues and I hope he’s able to step back.

I cannot even begin to fathom what that family is going through right now. I am still holding onto my belief that they are just so deep in denial that they can’t see the truth quite yet. Many are speculating on some involvement in the deed or at least in the cover-up with Cindy and George’s involvement but I just can’t believe that. I think that it was ill advised to wash clothes and remove evidence from the car but I also have to put some blame on the police who left the car in their custody. I think they have put blinders on and can only zero in on the possibility that their granddaughter is alive and therefore have to believe Casey and all of her completely unbelievable lies.

Its interesting to me that Casey changed her story to –the kidnapping occurring at Jay Blanchard Park w/Zanny the nanny and her sister Sam w/her toddlers in tow in a silver Ford whatever having jumped her and stolen Caylee giving her a script to follow for 30 days. I mean you really have to be drinking the kook-aid to believe this story. To me this sounds like a concoction from Casey- after having had LOTS of time to FIX her story while sitting in jail. So in order to cover up for her ridiculous lies including …letting LE (law enforcement) take her all the way up and into Universal Studios where she strode purposefully down the hall towards “her office” before finally stopping and admitting- I lied- I don’t work here. So, in order to cover up for all of those lies she just merely concocts another character -Samantha and says that she and Zanny told her to tell all of those outrageous lies- giving her a script to follow. Crazy much?

In other interesting news that has jaws flapping and people wildly speculating– Lee Anthony left the house WITH POLICE today. Now, who knows why, but the speculation is raging and ranging from it having to do w/some type of fraud in the raising and spending of money people have donated to the family’s paypal account –or their “find Caylee” account –to it being related to the hammer confrontation on the Anthony’s lawn today, which Lee helped break up.

So, who knows what the hell is going on?  I’m trying to get back to life and work as usual and stop obsessing about this case. Volunteered at a really great function tonight where we helped 140 Title 1 elementary school children shop at JC Penney for $130 worth of back to school clothes. That was so much fun!!  So, again, let’s all pray for Caylee and visualize her being found!

Oh, forgot to mention the 20/20 show– it was really well done I thought and also quite brief. I wonder if they became intimidated from all of the negative backlash?  I’m sure they paid the Anthony family some money -NOT for the interview, mind you, bc that would be unseemly, but for licensing the photo/video. In any case, if the Anthony’s thought that was going to be a favorable piece…they were sadly mistaken. Its hard, I guess, to portray Casey and her actions in a favorable light- I would LOVE to hear how they would try. That would be the best spin job ever. Pray for Caylee!

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