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Jose Baez just held press conference praising the Judge for Just decisions.

Jose said he is pleased w/the court for doing the right thing, the just thing when ruling in his favor for several motions today. He’s also pleased that the court is taking the time to consider the motions still under review saying he’s glad the court did not buckle to pressure from the media or anyone else.

Jose said the most import motion was granted— the one to let them have access to tips received for sightings of Caylee– saying that Casey and the Anthony’s were elated at this news. He said they don’t care about rumors– they believe Caylee is alive and they’ll continue to search for her as such- saying that’s what my client instructed me to do and that’s what any one of you would want if that was your child. Jose said it was despicable the way people have written that little girl off! Going on to say- its crucial to the search for justice that they have access and the ability to pursue all leads

Jose went on to say that the focus should be on that most important motion, saying he gets emails everyday w/people frustrated and people writing in w/sightings. He said the focus should NOT on the one about her liberty. He said he hopes the court finds in his favor in allowing Casey to travel to points of interest in the case saying, for example, to places where Casey “allegedly” led law enforcement. Are they going to deny that she took them there? Does she want to go and see them so she can say- no I was pointing at that other building- not the old folks home? I honestly cannot wait to hear their defense– the brain trust of Casey and Jose- coming up w/a story — its going to be priceless.

Jose said he’s received many questions about why Casey wasn’t there and said she was not there bc she didn’t have to be there- simple as that. Well, why did she put in a request to be allowed to go? He then went on a rant about how people should stop focusing on Casey and what she’s wearing and how much eye make up she has on (that’s funny bc some websleuthers did comment on Casey wearing a great deal of heavy eye make up in some of the surveillance footage- sounds like they are still lurking and reading on Jose goes on to say that the media coverage is unjustly tampering w/the potential jury pool.

The rant continued w/a dig at the state of Florida saying – why do they want to hide things and leak them out to the media and not let us test them. Jose went on to tag it w/his favorite mantra lately- we just want to test the evidence to get to the truth and not just to a conviction. I think that truth is going to bite you in the ASS- be careful what you ask for. The TRUTH is going to put the smack down on your client, Jose.

Tim Miller and TexasEquusearch are back in town today coordinating a new search for Caylee and meeting w/Jennifer Kesse‘s parents to see if there are any new leads in that case. That case is so heartbreaking- she VANISHED almost 3 years ago- they have some footage of someone moving her car- some one must have seen something! You can see it on her website as well as a nice piece that 48hrs aired on the case. Pls say a prayer that Jennifer is found!

The Anthony family issued a statement in response to today’s hearing- I’m looking for it ( just reported it) It ends with…This is the first step toward bring Caylee home. OMG that is so sad! But it just seems so delusional! How can they ignore the evidence? Who do they think was dead in the back of that car? Why do they think Casey didn’t contact authorities? What do they think she was doing everyday when she was supposedly working? Do they believe someone named Zenaida Gonzales kidnapped Caylee? If so, WHY NOT RELEASE A SKETCH? Is there anyone outside of their little bubble who believes there’s a chance that Caylee could be alive? Pls explain. 😦

I think that game is over if they don’t release a sketch. It doesn’t make sense for them not to if they believe she’s alive– she’s 3 now– she’s not traveling alone. Who was last seen w/the tot? Was Casey blindfolded when she dropped her off? The lipstick is off of that pig!


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Jose talks about justice for Casey– that’s gross –the priority should be JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE!

Heads up Bozo- I mean Baez -its not about justice for Casey– Its about JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE! Jose made this sickening statement Tuesday AM- on the Today Show -clip to come -hopefully soon. I found the clip below while I was looking for that clip from 9/30…where Jose goes on, getting his panties in a wad about how people are ‘vilifying his client – when its not been proven that Casey has done anything to that child.’ — I’m paraphrasing… I will have to find the clip or the quote bc that just really set me off.

I believe not telling anyone when she was “abducted” and then telling monstrous lies misleading the police all over town IS HARMFUL to Caylee. WHO took her? Release a sketch! Whatever story your client wants to go w/for the day – I think there will be an adult in all of them so- release a sketch! Unless Casey was blindfolded in a story to be announced soon then Casey saw whoever she “dropped her off” with or whoever “took” her. The toddler is not traveling alone! Release a sketch! If you want people to be on the lookout then fill in the picture – that would be a way to HELP FIND CAYLEE! It just doesn’t make sense for the family not to release a sketch– IF they believe Casey. I don’t get it?

Anyway- I’m through ranting about that (for now). I stumbled upon the video below- its about a month old but its a pretty concise update on the case – (not much forensically has changed even though we do have lots more intvs and info now) –and its SO worth a look!! Cindy seems just a bit over-medicated but still able to hold desperately to her fervent denial and self delusion. Its soo sad! Grr- she whines about the re-arrest of Casey saying- they’ve had those charges – they could have done something about it. Matt tries to ask her if she can step away from mom role and apply some logic…can she understand why so many people have serious doubts as to her daughter’s innocence in the disappearance and/or death of Caylee— so you understand why those doubts exist ?? He asks. Uh, clearly she doesn’t understand. She goes into a rant and throws Tim Miller under the bus again. Is she under the care of Zanny(Xanax) the nanny in this interview?

Jose talks about justice for casey at the end– that’s gross –the priority should be JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE!
Casey Anthony- confirmed LIAR, suspected MURDERER. Allegedly.

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