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5 year old Haleigh stolen in the middle of the night.

Haleigh "Doodlebug" Cummings

Anyone with information about Haleigh’s whereabouts is asked to call the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office at 386-329-0808.

Haleigh Cummings is missing from Satsuma in Putnam County, Florida. She was last seen when put to bed Monday night at 10pm- wearing a pink shirt and her underwear. She has blond hair and brown eyes, she’s 3 feet tall and weighs about 39 pounds. Haleigh’s father was working a night shift and his live in girlfriend put Haleigh to bed. When she went to check on her shortly before her dad was to arrive home- she was panicked to find the child missing. When Ronald Cummings, her father, came home he found the back door to the mobile home open and he immediately called 911. Ronald said his daughter, nicknamed Doodlebug, is afraid of the dark and would not have wandered off in the night.

The case was just classified as a stranger abduction today even though an amber alert had been immediately issued. It seems the authorities were initially investigating the potential for a family custodial dispute type abduction. But as of today- its been ramped up and the search for this little girl is massive. Tim Miller, the founder of Texas EquuSearch, has been in contact with Putnam County officials and said volunteers are on the way. What a hero! Some volunteers may drive and others may fly to Florida today or tomorrow, he said. Another excellent searcher and apparent advocate for missing children, bounty hunter Leonard Padilla is also rushing to help. He and his nephew bounty hunter Rob Dick are planning to drive the 80 miles north, where a command center has been set up to search for the missing girl.

Anyone with information about Haleigh’s whereabouts is asked to call the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office at 386-329-0808.

The black flag w/the A denotes Green Lane in Putnam County.

The black flag w/the A denotes Green Lane in Putnam County.

There are more than 40 registered sexual offenders in the area. Yuck. Her father said on the 911 call- I hope you find whoever did this before me, bc if I find him I will kill him and spend the rest of my life in jail. Here’s a great site where you can type in your address and find out the number of scumbags living near you. They are color coded w/the red ones (which sadly seem to be the most plentiful) being the ones denoting sex offense against a child.

Investigators seem to be really interested in the crawl space under the house. I wonder if someone had been watching and hiding there? Search dogs are combing through woods in the area, and divers are searching the nearby St. Johns River.

Officials said Haleigh’s mother, Crystal Sheffield, 23, was in Baker County near the Florida-Georgia state line at the time of her daughter’s disappearance. Everyone is cooperating w/authorities and though custody has been contentious in the past authorities are not treating this as a custodial abduction– a stranger apparently came into the home in the middle of the night and just took the child.

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Shiny shirt is off but there are still BOMBSHELLS abounding on Nancy Grace tonight!

Nancy apparently ran out of shiny shirts this week so she is off tonight- will people be allowed to finish their sentences? -bonus! Jane Mitchell in for NG.

Talking about letting Casey travel in secrecy- the state opposes that. The judge says – just being a skeptic- if your client did this she may be able to travel to an area of interest and tamper w/evidence. Jose says- I’m an officer in this court and this case will come and go but I will continue to come before this court. I would never let that happen.

George to testify in GJ trial- about the gas cans. That’s old news- but still interesting. Casey didn’t want him to get into her trunk and didn’t let him- was Caylee in there or just the smell?

Jane says it was a shocker that so many of the motions were granted. Their talking about Casey never intended to be there – which they’re saying after the fact- bc she did ask her case manager for permission. Jose says they fear for Casey’s safety.

Leonard Padilla- is asked why she wasn’t there. Leonard mispronounces Pyrrhic victory saying that’s what she got in court today. Jane says why is she just now asking to search while fearing for her safety- when she had a month to do it and did nothing. LP says judge was very astute in ruling the way he did and tabling certain issues. LP says there are massive amounts of people in FL who would harm her if they got a chance to.

Det. Rogers from NJ– he doesn’t buy the safety issue- they don’t need to declare marshall law in FL to protect this person.

Jose clip from today talking about how DNA is destroyed when testing that’s why he wants to be present when they test if they don’t have enough to share.

Dr. Kobi is on- he testified for the defense over the phone- it was really annoying- you could barely hear him. He says its important that all scientific evidence needs to be reliable and redundancy allows for that. This point is ridiculous- the state is not going to purposely destroy or disallow the defense access. It is unusual I think, that he’s getting access to it before murder charges are filed- who knows? This case is stranger than fiction.

Unleashing the attorney’s to say why was everything Yes yes yes in granting the defense motions today. The lawyer says no- this is all stuff that the defense is entitled to- and the judge does not want to be overturned. An indictment is imminent and they are entitled to examine and evaluate the evidence. Jane says- how will the defense afford all of this? That’s what I’d like to know. There was some controversy about the family’s find Caylee fund- it was just recently reopened.

Caller- can you OD on chloroform? Yes you can. Someone probably did. 😦

Tim Miller is on- saying unfortunately the rain is back. He hasn’t seen the grounds yet- he was in meetings all day. Jane interrupted him just like NG. She said why not just send cadaver dogs- let them loose. He says that they have found a body before after dogs have cleared it. Tim says he still supports the Anthony’s in the hope that Caylee is alive but if she’s not they’ll do everything they can to find her.

Oh, just played the 911 call when Cindy had the (apparently temporary) realization that Caylee was probably gone. Then played clips of Cindy talking about what the FL sun could do to pizza in the back of the trunk. SO SAD! So self-delusional!

No body, no crime scene, no cause of death, no weapon, no confession- murder indictment still likely to come. Let’s hope so and let’s hope and pray that we find Caylee! Here’s Tim Miller’s site if you’d like to help and donate some money for the search for Caylee.

Grand Jury meeting on Tuesday- its their last day to meet. How will they cram all of this evidence into one day. Jessica D’Onofrio WKMG says yes many witnesses- also going back to her request to travel- that point may be moot coming soon. If there’s an indictment- she will go straight to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Caller- insanity plea? I doubt it – that’s just about impossible to prove- its a legal holy grail. They say- not likely- you first have to admit you did it- but didn’t know the difference between right and wrong. Lawyer says though its true she hasn’t been acting like the typical mom- no press conferences- no crocodile tears- so her behavior has been strange to say the least- but not insane. They are talking about how wise Casey wasn’t there bc we’d all just be talking about what she did, her expressions, reactions etc.

Caller- why no access to cadaver dogs for defense. They said they don’t know. I think it was bc the state says this is still RE: neglect not homicide so until we file that- file murder- cadaver dogs aren’t relevant.

George, Cindy and Lee will all be called for the grand jury- wish wish wish that I could be a fly on the wall. George could possibly be held in contempt if he refuses to testify- they could still bring in his statements. I don’t think he will refuse. I think Cindy will be extremely difficult- you can see a preview of just a tiny bit of what to expect in the bail hearing where she wouldn’t even admit that Casey had not allowed her to speak to Caylee during the month she was frantically looking for them. When asked she said- well there was just a MISOPPORTUNITY to speak w/Caylee. So sad! So self-delusional!

Tim Miller had meeting w/Mark Nejames– Tim speaks very highly of him and he hopes the Anthony’s take advantage of his counsel. So apparently Tim Miller plans to meet w/the Anthony’s tomorrow- let them know he’s not the enemy- he just wants to help find Caylee.

Caller- where did Casey spend her days when she was supposed to be (fake) working. Letitia says no one knows where she was during the day but she was often w/friends at night. Did she have a double life?

LP says well, there are some things that are going to come out at the GJ that will just blow people away- the Orange County Sheriff’s office has done a great and thorough job and they know many things we don’t know. Do they know what she was doing for work?? LP acts like he knows what they know! I want to know what they know! Friends share! 😉 I hope they are holding some aces up their sleeve. LP keeps hinting or straight up talking about things that are going to come out that will just blow people away. What does he know? and how did he come to know it?

Kobi- talks about the evidence. The issue of the hair- it will develop banding pattern after death- they say they have that. Yeah, its unlikely their lying. Why would they lie- they would look foolish in court.


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Jose Baez just held press conference praising the Judge for Just decisions.

Jose said he is pleased w/the court for doing the right thing, the just thing when ruling in his favor for several motions today. He’s also pleased that the court is taking the time to consider the motions still under review saying he’s glad the court did not buckle to pressure from the media or anyone else.

Jose said the most import motion was granted— the one to let them have access to tips received for sightings of Caylee– saying that Casey and the Anthony’s were elated at this news. He said they don’t care about rumors– they believe Caylee is alive and they’ll continue to search for her as such- saying that’s what my client instructed me to do and that’s what any one of you would want if that was your child. Jose said it was despicable the way people have written that little girl off! Going on to say- its crucial to the search for justice that they have access and the ability to pursue all leads

Jose went on to say that the focus should be on that most important motion, saying he gets emails everyday w/people frustrated and people writing in w/sightings. He said the focus should NOT on the one about her liberty. He said he hopes the court finds in his favor in allowing Casey to travel to points of interest in the case saying, for example, to places where Casey “allegedly” led law enforcement. Are they going to deny that she took them there? Does she want to go and see them so she can say- no I was pointing at that other building- not the old folks home? I honestly cannot wait to hear their defense– the brain trust of Casey and Jose- coming up w/a story — its going to be priceless.

Jose said he’s received many questions about why Casey wasn’t there and said she was not there bc she didn’t have to be there- simple as that. Well, why did she put in a request to be allowed to go? He then went on a rant about how people should stop focusing on Casey and what she’s wearing and how much eye make up she has on (that’s funny bc some websleuthers did comment on Casey wearing a great deal of heavy eye make up in some of the surveillance footage- sounds like they are still lurking and reading on Jose goes on to say that the media coverage is unjustly tampering w/the potential jury pool.

The rant continued w/a dig at the state of Florida saying – why do they want to hide things and leak them out to the media and not let us test them. Jose went on to tag it w/his favorite mantra lately- we just want to test the evidence to get to the truth and not just to a conviction. I think that truth is going to bite you in the ASS- be careful what you ask for. The TRUTH is going to put the smack down on your client, Jose.

Tim Miller and TexasEquusearch are back in town today coordinating a new search for Caylee and meeting w/Jennifer Kesse‘s parents to see if there are any new leads in that case. That case is so heartbreaking- she VANISHED almost 3 years ago- they have some footage of someone moving her car- some one must have seen something! You can see it on her website as well as a nice piece that 48hrs aired on the case. Pls say a prayer that Jennifer is found!

The Anthony family issued a statement in response to today’s hearing- I’m looking for it ( just reported it) It ends with…This is the first step toward bring Caylee home. OMG that is so sad! But it just seems so delusional! How can they ignore the evidence? Who do they think was dead in the back of that car? Why do they think Casey didn’t contact authorities? What do they think she was doing everyday when she was supposedly working? Do they believe someone named Zenaida Gonzales kidnapped Caylee? If so, WHY NOT RELEASE A SKETCH? Is there anyone outside of their little bubble who believes there’s a chance that Caylee could be alive? Pls explain. 😦

I think that game is over if they don’t release a sketch. It doesn’t make sense for them not to if they believe she’s alive– she’s 3 now– she’s not traveling alone. Who was last seen w/the tot? Was Casey blindfolded when she dropped her off? The lipstick is off of that pig!


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Nancy has more BREAKING NEWS in the Desperate Search for Beautiful 3 yr old Caylee Anthony.

Jessica D’onofrio from WKMG – confirming that the case is going to the grand jury Tuesday. She says its looking more like they’re going to go for murder not manslaughter and reiterating that they have a lot more evidence that they haven’t revealed. Saying that typically in Florida its only capital cases that go to the grand jury- I’m not sure who the commentator is, bc he’s in a little box on the right so that she can play the video of Casey at Target and Nancy in her shiny shirt along w/all the tickers and such along the bottom that at NO TIME are w/out the phrase BREAKING NEWS!!

I still don’t have time to do anything but watch Nancy and live blog about the case during that one hour a day. Real life has really intruded- though I’m thinking about going to court tomorrow to see Casey plead to get off of house arrest- yuk.

Lee refuses to take a polygraph, was instrumental (according to Leonard) in getting his parents to refuse one and also did not voluntarily give up DNA – but forced them to get a subpoena. WTF?

No body, no way to show cause of death and no crime scene – says you can get a conviction w/out one of these things but w/out all 3 its going to be really difficult.

Strongest evidence is the time line along w/evidence from trunk and the chloroform says there is also evidence that we don’t know about yet.

Jose Baez from the Today Show clip coming on saying its not to her advantage to participate in this secret one sided affair- he wouldn’t expose his client to that. She will appear before a judge tomorrow morning to try to plead her way off of house arrest.

TexasEquusearch is back on the ground in Orlando.

Circumstantial evidence includes:
Hair w/death band found in the trunk of the length and color of Caylee
Chloroform levels found in the trunk
signs of decomposition found in the trunk
computer searches for chloroform

With all the gas can activity I can imagine that is one of Casey’s biggest regrets right now- I think she was going to torch that car and I think she never got around to it.

Leonard says that minutes after she leaves the area – where its suspected she dumped Caylee- she called Amy and said I finally got rid of that smell- I had to scrape a dead animal off.

Tim Miller says they’re back to search in the area where the cell phones were pinging. By the airport and there are 3 towers of interest. He says he expects over 2000 people to volunteer to search- he says people have not lost interest and there is not one chance in the world that this little girl is alive. He says today over a year ago they searched for Tynesha Stewart – never finding her body but today Timothy Shepard was convicted of her murder. needs donations.

Custodian of records of ATT will come in and lay out a detailed timeline from when Casey first said Caylee went missing (originally said 6/9) then they figured out it was actually 6/15 at the Cindy’s father’s nursing home- until the time when Casey was forced by her mother Cindy to contact the authorities about her “missing” daughter.

June 16 and 17th flurry of phone calls, then called Tony no one picked up. That’s when they think Caylee died.

New motive revealed talking about text messages- talking about needing emergency money while planning the vacation to Puerto Rico in early June– they think that Caylee prevented Casey from going on this vacation w/friends. I’m sure Cindy balked at coughing up the dough and taking on the full time child care. If only Casey had really had a job and a nanny -as in her imaginary world- she would have been able to go to Puerto Rico. Instead of getting a job- who knows what she did?? We do know that she stole from her parents, her brother her friends AND she took a routing number off of a check that her grandmother wrote her for a birthday and used it to steal money out of that account.

They’re saying they are almost positive that Caylee died on 6/16. They have records of her going to a blockbuster (renting the movies Untraceable and Jumper)and then to spend that evening at her boyfriend’s house– I guess Caylee was already in the trunk. 😦

Showing more of the surveillance video- this during the time when she was supposedly doing anything she could to desperately look for her kidnapped daughter.

June 15 last time Caylee was seen by anyone outside the family. George says he saw them leaving the house the afternoon of 6/16 and then… something horrible happened. We will probably never know the real truth- but I’m sure we’ll get another creative version from Casey. We do know that on that Monday 6/16, after whatever happened to Caylee, she goes to Blockbuster at 9pm then sleeps over at Tony’s. They said she then, on the 17th, made another flurry of calls and then went to her parents house on the next day the 18th- backing into the garage (highly unusual) and she borrowed the neighbor’s shovel. So I wonder if she had her in the trunk from 6/16 till she borrowed the shovel and tried burying her in the back yard? I wonder if when George saw them leaving on 6/16 if Caylee was walking or was she being carried “sleeping” by Casey out the door? I wonder if she had hidden her in the playhouse or the sandbox and then sneaked back over there at some point to get her?

I’m starting to think something happened the night of the 15th after the fight. Maybe Casey sneaked out- chloroforming Caylee to keep her quiet while she got out of the house then left her in the care of Zanny(Xanax) the nanny while she partied and slept w/her boyfriend. Maybe there was an overdose and from then on she was in spin mode?

Baez saying she should be allowed to assist in her offense. Says they have consistently leaked “bad” information and its an obvious fact that they are trying this case in the court of public opinion- bc they don’t have any evidence or a body. He’s such a whiny little b!tch- smirk face- he’s way out of his league.

Its not ‘in her advantage’ bc the proceeding is one sided. He doesn’t believe in the grand jury proceeding- its not a ghost- it exists you idiot- you don’t have to believe in it. You may not believe that its proper but its existence is not in question. Although we do understand you are deeply immersed in an imaginary alternate reality w/Casey right now. You should come up for air more often.

Says Casey was jealous of Caylee and wanted to get rid of her source of envy. Amy got to go to Puerto Rico and Casey was jealous so she stole her money. They showed one of the checks where Casey “allegedly” signed her own name- I love how they have to say that- We can see that its her name- I wonder if she will say Zanny signed it? ALLEGEDLY.

Caller- did they search Jay Blanchard Park? We’re not sure but its most likely- as she mentioned it often. Did they search where the lady spotted Casey’s car and someone matching her description emerging from the woods? Tim Miller says unfortunately neither area has been completely searched- due to the ground being waterlogged at the time.

George Anthony will testify bc of what he has to say about the smell in the car and about the gas cans Lee Anthony bc of what he has not said– he hasn’t given DNA evidence and he refused a polygraph.

Over 750 pings just 3% of them are significant– traces that to 6/16 and the timeline that WKMG has already been mentioned.

97% of calls were from area of her home or friends home or Fusion– the other 3% were from the area over near the airport. I bet that Jose and Casey want to drive over in that area so that Casey can come up w/some kind of fantastic fiction to explain her activities in the area.

Between 5:23 and 8:23 on 6/17 Casey’s phone goes silent- no activity– highly unusual activity for Casey who was constantly on the phone.

Caller-Where did she go the night of 6/15 after the fight w/her mother? We’re not sure- probably to stay w/a boyfriend.

Caller- Why haven’t they brought in pyschics? NG says they have. Also, have all the boyfriends taken a polygraph? We think they have and they’ve all been eliminated.

Once an indictment is handed down- she’s entitled to a speedy trial and she will probably ask for it- forces the state to go ahead w/out a body. Unless Tim Miller finds it- say a prayer!

Jose saying there’s zero evidence in these documents (released) that shows that Casey harmed Caylee in anyway. NG says is he crazy? Lawyers saying if all he can do is discredit grand jury he’s grasping for straws and others mostly saying he should just keep his mouth shut.

Leonard says he thinks there will be an indictment shortly and then before long Tim will find the body– let’s hope that’s true!! Then NG told me -Goodnight friend.


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