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5 year old Haleigh stolen in the middle of the night.

Haleigh "Doodlebug" Cummings

Anyone with information about Haleigh’s whereabouts is asked to call the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office at 386-329-0808.

Haleigh Cummings is missing from Satsuma in Putnam County, Florida. She was last seen when put to bed Monday night at 10pm- wearing a pink shirt and her underwear. She has blond hair and brown eyes, she’s 3 feet tall and weighs about 39 pounds. Haleigh’s father was working a night shift and his live in girlfriend put Haleigh to bed. When she went to check on her shortly before her dad was to arrive home- she was panicked to find the child missing. When Ronald Cummings, her father, came home he found the back door to the mobile home open and he immediately called 911. Ronald said his daughter, nicknamed Doodlebug, is afraid of the dark and would not have wandered off in the night.

The case was just classified as a stranger abduction today even though an amber alert had been immediately issued. It seems the authorities were initially investigating the potential for a family custodial dispute type abduction. But as of today- its been ramped up and the search for this little girl is massive. Tim Miller, the founder of Texas EquuSearch, has been in contact with Putnam County officials and said volunteers are on the way. What a hero! Some volunteers may drive and others may fly to Florida today or tomorrow, he said. Another excellent searcher and apparent advocate for missing children, bounty hunter Leonard Padilla is also rushing to help. He and his nephew bounty hunter Rob Dick are planning to drive the 80 miles north, where a command center has been set up to search for the missing girl.

Anyone with information about Haleigh’s whereabouts is asked to call the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office at 386-329-0808.

The black flag w/the A denotes Green Lane in Putnam County.

The black flag w/the A denotes Green Lane in Putnam County.

There are more than 40 registered sexual offenders in the area. Yuck. Her father said on the 911 call- I hope you find whoever did this before me, bc if I find him I will kill him and spend the rest of my life in jail. Here’s a great site where you can type in your address and find out the number of scumbags living near you. They are color coded w/the red ones (which sadly seem to be the most plentiful) being the ones denoting sex offense against a child.

Investigators seem to be really interested in the crawl space under the house. I wonder if someone had been watching and hiding there? Search dogs are combing through woods in the area, and divers are searching the nearby St. Johns River.

Officials said Haleigh’s mother, Crystal Sheffield, 23, was in Baker County near the Florida-Georgia state line at the time of her daughter’s disappearance. Everyone is cooperating w/authorities and though custody has been contentious in the past authorities are not treating this as a custodial abduction– a stranger apparently came into the home in the middle of the night and just took the child.

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George and Cindy now say they DON’T KNOW if Casey was involved! -Nancy 1/28

Breaking News– People magazine is reporting that the Anthony’s might be changing their tune -ever so slightly- as to their daughter’s innocence.

Upcoming Issue.

Upcoming Issue.

The Winnie the Pooh blanket from the crime scene that reportedly matches the one from the Anthony home is supposedly part of what contributed to their possible change of heart. I’m just typing and watching Nancy.

I wonder if trying to convince Cindy to join him in this painful realization is what almost broke George?

NG talking about 5inch by 1 foot freshly dug place in the Anthony’s backyard. George spoke to one of his neighbors and said that there was “ground disturbance” found near the pool in their backyard.

Leonard says that he thinks George realized that Casey was probably involved 2 days after Leonard bailed her out bc George physically confronted her- got in her face- and said I want to know where my grand daughter is!

picture-73Poor Winnie the Pooh had to get dragged into this case too! Sources say that George had already ingested sleeping pills, blood pressure medication and consumed alcohol. The note that he wrote talked about how he could feel the medication taking effect and his writing became less legible, though when police found him he appeared awake and alert. So sad! Can you even imagine if he had done it and Cindy was left w/that situation? Danger! And Lee…WHAT is going on w/Lee? I really hope he’s not charged- not charged bc he’s not involved.

The family is trying to arrange a private face to face mtg w/Casey behind bars. The spokesperson from the jail says that’s not possible- it would be unprecedented. This is NEVER going to happen. Casey still thinks the world revolves around her. I bet Casey is still so deluded she thinks if she can sit down w/mom and dad and look them in the eyes- she can convince them she’s innocent. She’s pure evil.

I think the Ant’s want the chance to do what perhaps they should have tried in the first place. Call Casey on her BS but say we still love you- we know something happened – just tell us what it is– we forgive you!

NG is talking about the Caylee Sunshine Doll again- played the guy’s statement about how he’s not trying to get rich- its really just a tribute. NG says the technical term for that is BS! Ha ha!! Someone on the phone says he went to the site and you CAN still order the doll. GROSS!

I bet if they get to have the mtg/funeral and Casey still can’t convince them to believe her…I can just hear her saying—having this memorial w/you guys- a waste, HUGE waste! GRRR! I wish they would put her in general population– just keep her separate for meals and whatever so they don’t kill her- but I wouldn’t mind if she got to hear on a daily basis what people think of her. NG wondering if the Pooh blanket she was wrapped in suggests the killing happened at home? It would certainly seem to.

More talk about the extremely shallow grave dug in the back yard. I wonder if the Anthony’s EVER asked Casey to explain what that was? The whole story Casey told about ‘must get the bamboo right away’ answer was such a complete and obvious LIE! NG says the blanket and the toy being in the home absolutely link the murder to the home. NG says why won’t allow the private mtg? BC people would jump all over their AZZ if they give that spiteful b!tch special treatment. People magazine says they report on many volatile arguments w/in the Anthony family. Natisha is talking specifically about the HUGE argument that occurred on Father’s day when Cindy confronted Casey about stealing from her grand parents and actually put her hands around Casey’s neck.

The diva doesn’t want to go to court bc she doesn’t want to have to fake emotion. She’d rather stay in her cell and sleep or reading books. I wonder what she’s reading? We should send her some true crime books- like ones about Susan Smith or Diane Downs. Other mothers whose children were “in the way.”

They are playing that first phone call Casey made from jail where she was so mad and just wanted Tony’s phone number. I wonder just what she was going to say to Tony? I sure would like to have heard that call. Did she ever get to call him? I wonder if the police could have learned anything if they’d asked Tony to “wear a wire” and continue to talk to Casey??

The defense is going to challenge chain of evidence- how original. They have also asked for all of Tim Miller’s records- like they are going to try to say the area was already searched. Tim Miller does not want to comply- saying it would possibly hinder other searches and the man hours to compile it would be a burden.

NG says will the family be in court? LP says Cindy may be there. I highly doubt it- not for any of these preliminary trials anyway. I think she’ll definitely be there for the actual trial.


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Strong evidence – reportedly found in bag w/Caylee(?) remains.

WFTV is reporting that their sources tell them that “strong evidence” was found in the black garbage bag. Other reports have said that duct tape was around the mouth of the skull. I sure hope the strong evidence is more than duct tape. What do you think was found in that bag? Do you think there was enough of hair or something to test for chloroform?

WFTV is reporting that the Anthony’s were too sad to go back to the home right now. I wonder who is releasing that story? I think they are not allowed to go home right now right?

Right now Dr. G, medical examiner, is doing an autopsy on the remains. I wonder how much of Caylee remains? That area was definitely submerged. A neighbor said it usually stays anywhere from knee deep to waist high underwater in that area. Sheriff Beary also said that they checked w/the county and it was confirmed that the area was largely submerged over the summer. So do you think there was enough water for long enough to help w/preservation?

WFTV keeps playing the clip where Casey tells Lee to “look locally, in all honesty, look in places that are familiar to us, to our family.”

Baez filed an emergency motion this afternoon — he wants his forensic experts to be present for any testing done on the remains. The hearing will be held tomorrow at 11:30AM.

Tim Miller is already back in town– evidently he was in Tampa– I’m not sure why? People are gathering on Hope Spring Drive again– it looks like a media circus. I hope that doesn’t last long. Think about those poor kids at Hidden Oaks elementary. Would you like to comfort your child tonight and explain that a toddler was left in the woods to rot all summer–ignore all this police activity honey and don’t worry that her skull was just found near your school playground? Thanks Casey.


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Shamrock charm- pic of Casey– Cindy and George on Nancy tomorrow–WTF?.

Here’s a picture someone found of Casey wearing a Shamrock charm— I don’t think its similar to the one that was found in the Econ River today- but she’s wearing a shamrock and the picture makes her look appropriately evil. OK– Murt just confirmed that the shamrock found in the bag WAS similar to the one in this picture– It looks like a match in his words!!

Casey wearing a Shamrock Charm.

Casey wearing a Shamrock Charm.

Cindy says about the bag discovered — until I hear from authorities that its Caylee they found- its just a bag of…whatever. I’m sorry, but how could you not just be home curled up in a ball– worrying that they are going to find your precious Caylee. She is so far in denial– I just can’t understand it. You don’t KNOW where she is so wouldn’t you be terrified and just on pins and needles all day?? I know that I was and I’m not related!

How do they know that Caylee wasn’t killed by a kidnapper IF there was one? They DON’T know that– Casey was supposedly so terrified that she didn’t call authorities– why is she convinced that Caylee is safe w/these people now? It just doesn’t make any sense and I hope that Nancy– when she interviews George and Cindy Anthony tomorrow– asks them the important questions. Like, why haven’t you released a sketch?? The toddler is not traveling alone– WHO was Caylee last seen with? IF your daughter is to be believed AT ALL then she dropped Caylee w/someone she knew– let’s have a description– they didn’t travel around w/invisibility.

Also, pls ask, — WHY haven’t you guys ever ONCE looked into the camera and spoken to Caylee or her kidnappers? I have NEVER seen them say– Caylee honey, we love you and we are looking for you…we want you to come home! OR – Pls whoever has Caylee- pls let her come home to us– we love her and can’t go on w/out her. Pls drop her off at a fire station or where ever– we will forgive you –we just want Caylee home. They could even go so far as to give them an out like…we don’t care if there was something that Casey was involved in and you are or thought you were protecting Caylee or Casey from something— we DON’T CARE– just bring Caylee home and you will get the reward. We will make sure you do!! That’s just the least of what I would be doing.

Tim said some really ugly things about Leonard Padilla tonight (and previously) on Nancy Grace…I don’t even want to talk about it. But I don’t understand it. Why the mud slinging? Let’s search EVERYWHERE 50 times if we have to!! And btw Tim– would you have seen that bag full of bones and toys in the river w/your side sonar? I guess not.

I don’t understand how LE could dismiss it so quickly? Do they know something that lets them know she’s not in that river? And WHY can’t they just state definitively that Caylee is dead??? Why can’t they provide that closure? I think that everyone NEEDS to move on w/that information– to the common goal of finding out what happened to Caylee and lets bring that precious girl home!! Mad and sad.

Oh- I just wanted to post this too bc its seems so appropriate. Reportedly, Casey was out of her cell for her one hour of the day and was able to see the TV of the diver’s recovery–BEFORE it was known to be unrelated to the case!! And her reaction? …was Nil nada nothing– she just turned around and wen back in her cell. What does that mean? She’s so psycho its hard to say but it makes me think she knows they won’t find her there and I’m worried more than ever that she put her in a dumpster. THAT is why she is so ADAMANT that she doesn’t know where she is…she could be anywhere in that landfill and Casey probably could pass that question on a poly— I don’t know where she is!!! So, anyway, this was on her computer– she saved it for her facebook or myspace– the file was last accessed on 7/11– just a few days before the fit hit the shan!

Words of comfort for Casey?

Words of comfort for Casey?


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Fox news type hype OR interesting find in Caylee Search?

Looks like Fox News Hype…Divers pulled a suspicious bag from a waterway behind the Blanchard Park YMCA Family Center this morning during a massive search for Caylee Anthony — reports MyFoxOrlando here, the local fox station.

This is the first I’ve heard of it and I can’t find it being reported anywhere else. Casey sure did mention Jay Blanchard Park in a lot of her stories.

It also says there were about 3000 searchers today– I’ve read elsewhere it was closer to 1000-1300 and Tim Miller was disappointed again– and says he needs about 2000 more tomorrow. SAD!

Oh, and Jose will be on Geraldo shortly. Ugh- I can’t believe I’m actually watching Fox News and Geraldo. I feel sick. I so badly wanted Caylee to be found today. I’m so mad at Casey.

Now, I’m even madder. It was dog remains they pulled out of the water. Interesting how Fox didn’t update that story. It said they were quickly able to ID as belonging to a dog and that was about noon. I guess that answers my question from the title.

Whoa, Craig Rivera interview w/Tim Miller who says yes this search is incredibly frustrating and sometimes he says to himself…Damn you Casey– you could solve this…or something to that effect.

Yuck- Jose is shown- he’s coming up. I’m sorry, but he is just soo smug. He skeeves me out. Someone I was searching w/today said he looks like a fat Pee Wee Herman. I can’t figure out who (what cartoon character?) he reminds me of but I know don’t like to besmirch Pee Wee- so we can’t leave it at that. Though I guess I do see the resemblance. Anyone? Oh, I guess we shouldn’t talk about his physicality– bad Kim! Well his lawyer skills leave enough to poke fun at…I’ll try to get my hands on some more of his (juvenile) correspondence.

Geraldo is hyping the interview bc the gag order will likely be decided Monday. He’s whining again about LE leaking things. Its called the Sunshine Law princess. No way Jose just said that he thinks LE is intimidated now that they’ve had to give over discovery– says they’ve been falsely hyping their case.

Geraldo started to say– is your client holding her breath–about the search? Jose says they’re not worried- they believe Casey is alive. Talking about the stupid rumor that Scott Peterson wrote Casey a letter- not true and I couldn’t care less either way.

NICE– a reporter– (is it KIM?) asks–are you losing your objectivity due to your relationship w/Casey??— He says that’s a ridiculous question- no its not, yes it is. What grade is he in again? I like her though! The reporter says well she’s a master manipulator and a con artist so…have you been lured in by her? He says, no, it takes two to tango. Puke. He says lawyers have to be counselors to their client too. Yeah, she needs a whole TEAM of Psychiatrists– a counselor is just not gonna cut it w/this headcase, I mean Casey.

Geraldo certifies for the record that Jose has a drop dead gorgeous wife. I would like to see that! Why no wedding ring? Jose is asked to talk about strength of his case– says he doesn’t want to pound his chest but…. PUHLEESE– yes you do. Jose says he won’t lay out his case on TV but…his defense will be to attack the evidence. He says fortunately there’s not much forensic evidence out there. WTF? Is that true? Death band on Caylee’s hair in trunk sounds pretty bad to me. What do you think? Lets unleash the pathologists.

I’m going to get a panel of forensic scientists to go over it and tell me straight. Is is strong? Is there more behind the scenes? Geragos talking about no way to get good jury– ha ha– yep the truth hurts b!tch. Geraldo says for the ssecond time that the strongest evidence is George admitting that there was a dead body in the car. Jose says that those statements are hearsay. BS! He basically implied– they’ve got to get George to say that on the stand like…we’ve been funneling Kook I mean Kool Aid down his throat, Cindy has his balls in a jar and he WON’T be saying anything even resembling that on the stand. I’m sorry to say that… but DAMN he makes me mad. I had just refilled my A-team sympathy cup for the fam today– cried on the way to the search. And now…I’m back to mad– still sad for them but..DAMN they are special. MUST they make it so hard?

Okay, I just live blogged Geraldo Rivera. I’ve got to go take a shower. And BONUS I have a farmer tan after traipsing around in a briar patch all day. Mad and sad. Let’s all please pray and/or send positive thoughts for Caylee to be found tomorrow!!


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Nancy Grace has actual BOMBSHELLS in Casey Anthony case tonight 10/14!

She plays the Jose press conference, the indictment being read, Sheriff Beary’s statement among other things. Update from Jessica D’Onofrio from WKMG- it took only 30minutes for 12 of the 19 jurors to decide that it needs to go to trial. 1st degree murder is a CAPITAL case in FL!

George was the first witness- probably the most important and he spoke for over an hour. Next up was the cadaver dog expert, FBI and then lead investigators. In the show open NG implied that the Tennessee Body farm air sample expert testimony were key in the case.

Talking about the way she was arrested which seemed at first like she was trying to get away- I already described in a previous post- Fox was covering it- it was quite the spectacle.

Mark Nejame the Anthony’s attorney is on- quite why –no one knows bc he won’t be able to say ANYTHING. She asks him about the arrest under the bridge – why Cindy did that? – he says I don’t know I was dealing w/George all day. He goes on about how courageous George was to do what he did- which is tell the truth- evidently in that family it is quite unusual so perhaps he should be commended. They played the clip again of George asking everyone to pray for his family- especially Caylee- they didn’t play the part where he asked for prayers at 11am and 11pm- but he did do that which I thought was weird- but I will certainly pray for all of them- I’m certain that they need it.

NG lawyers say that the lesser included charge may be in order to signal that they are ready to make a plea deal and won’t seek death if she will tell what happened and cop to a lesser charge. NG very unhappy w/that.

Caller- the dress found today by Tim Miller’s team. Here’s a picture of Caylee wearing a similar dress. (I just figured out how to post pics- yea me!)
picture-51BTW I think this dress is not related bc it was in good condition and thought to be too large for Caylee but there are conflicting statements so we’ll see. I think if it was related – Tim wouldn’t be taking off to postpone the search for 2-3 more weeks. Tim says it has been sent off for testing. Nancy has tim on and she goes TIM…are you going to search more? He goes…NANCY…yes we are! HA I love him- here’s where you can go to donate to his efforts He says they will continue searching and its expected to be the largest search in history.

Results from the Oak Ridge Body Farm- is there more than the air samples that we know of? If so, we don’t know yet- they would assume that there IS alot more to be revealed at trial. Let’s hope so.

NG says will they cooperate w/police- the Anthony’s? Nejame says they did- they submitted to DNA? NG says- OK- will Cindy? and will Lee? Nejame defended Cindy saying she’s been cooperative and he doesn’t represent Lee- only met him once. NG says will they take polygraphs? Nejame says if deemed appropriate they will BUT as you know they are not appropriate- they are inadmissible and Cindy is on medication…NG cut him off- and a bit teswty and said- excuse me I wasn’t finished- then I guess they cut his mic bc her music kicked in and they went to break. Why does she bother w/him- he annoys me.

Bethany Marshall- psychoanalyst- what do you think of Casey finally crying? She says- her xmas has been taken away- her plan was to get rid of her daughter and have a fabulous life (bella vida tattoo?) w/her boyfriend and all of that has now crumbled away.

Nancy’s shirt today is so shiny tonight its almost sequined- but it is – appropriately black. 😉 I wonder if she holds certain shiny shirts back for special occasions? We’re 30 mins in right now. Back from commercial w/Cindy’s 911 call then testimony from bond hearing and other places about the odor of decomposition- then more of the press conference w/Casy standing there crying as Jose talks about what a nightmare this is for her- we have never seen her cry those tears for her daughter.

Dr. Kobi- do you think there is additional evidence from the body farm- Kobi says maybe…he thinks that the defense has to really look at the evidence bc some of it is cutting edge- we must see if its valid- NG says save it for the jury. He says fingerprints were wrong in Madrid train bombing case- NG says yeah- part of the train was blown up- what’s your point? NG says you said the science might be illegitimate- are you questioning fingerprint science? No- just this new technology. They go back in forth w/this line of questioning a bit.

caller- why didn’t they say death penalty? NG says this is just the charging phase- its rare at this point to make the death penalty decision- she doesn’t expect that decision for some time. NG asks about using that as a bargaining point- tell us where the body is or lets start talking about lethal injection. I don’t believe the death penalty should be legal but cases like this do give me pause- I think sometimes it is useful in bargaining.

Leonard Padilla (LP) is on- says Casey is not crying- she’s the same person we’ve seen all along. NG says how awful that house must be tonight- how silent and sad- no matter what we think of the Anthony’s. I agree- its just so sad! 😦 LP brought up how the Anthony’s had commented about helicopters not being able to see things happening under the overpasses- and that’s why they did the covert transfer under the bridge today. She got into her bail bondsman’s car and they transferred her into OCSO custody.

Playing various clips including Sheriff Beary who got a bit emotional- he wishes the evidence did not add up to the painfully obvious- they still haven’t achieved their primary objective- finding Caylee.

caller- strand of hair- can death band be verified? NG says problem is if there is not a root- they can only do mitochondrial DNA- he says yes – that’s not unique profile to individual. NG says it will be any maternally related individual- which would be Cindy Casey Caylee or Lee– so we know the person is dead- which one of those does it leave? He admits its very significant.

NG- where is Casey tonight? Back in her old cell block- that’s where she’ll stay until tomorrow’s first appearance. She was pulled over- taken into custody and that’s where she’ll remain. They think she will be in protective custody and isolated. Suicide watch? I don’t think she would do that- though she is a SPITEFUL B!TCH SO WHO KNOWS??

Nejame says the family has been aware of this possibility and this is only a charge- she hasn’t been convicted. Jesse Grund’s father is on the phone- saying its tought- we still love Casey- we love Caylee- hopes this will give the community a chance to calm down and realize that everyone in this case is hurting and they are all real people – including Cindy and George and Lee.

Talk of Jose having to step down- bc he doesn’t have 5 years as attny which you need in a DP case- also talk of Casey defending herself- that way the state (taxpayers) would have to foot the bill for the defense as well as all the testing. NG says this is BS basically- Jose will probably be second chair but not to Casey. I predict some fame whoring defense attny will step in pro bono for all the publicity.

Good night friend. I will watch the local news and update if there’s anything good.


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Jose Baez just held press conference praising the Judge for Just decisions.

Jose said he is pleased w/the court for doing the right thing, the just thing when ruling in his favor for several motions today. He’s also pleased that the court is taking the time to consider the motions still under review saying he’s glad the court did not buckle to pressure from the media or anyone else.

Jose said the most import motion was granted— the one to let them have access to tips received for sightings of Caylee– saying that Casey and the Anthony’s were elated at this news. He said they don’t care about rumors– they believe Caylee is alive and they’ll continue to search for her as such- saying that’s what my client instructed me to do and that’s what any one of you would want if that was your child. Jose said it was despicable the way people have written that little girl off! Going on to say- its crucial to the search for justice that they have access and the ability to pursue all leads

Jose went on to say that the focus should be on that most important motion, saying he gets emails everyday w/people frustrated and people writing in w/sightings. He said the focus should NOT on the one about her liberty. He said he hopes the court finds in his favor in allowing Casey to travel to points of interest in the case saying, for example, to places where Casey “allegedly” led law enforcement. Are they going to deny that she took them there? Does she want to go and see them so she can say- no I was pointing at that other building- not the old folks home? I honestly cannot wait to hear their defense– the brain trust of Casey and Jose- coming up w/a story — its going to be priceless.

Jose said he’s received many questions about why Casey wasn’t there and said she was not there bc she didn’t have to be there- simple as that. Well, why did she put in a request to be allowed to go? He then went on a rant about how people should stop focusing on Casey and what she’s wearing and how much eye make up she has on (that’s funny bc some websleuthers did comment on Casey wearing a great deal of heavy eye make up in some of the surveillance footage- sounds like they are still lurking and reading on Jose goes on to say that the media coverage is unjustly tampering w/the potential jury pool.

The rant continued w/a dig at the state of Florida saying – why do they want to hide things and leak them out to the media and not let us test them. Jose went on to tag it w/his favorite mantra lately- we just want to test the evidence to get to the truth and not just to a conviction. I think that truth is going to bite you in the ASS- be careful what you ask for. The TRUTH is going to put the smack down on your client, Jose.

Tim Miller and TexasEquusearch are back in town today coordinating a new search for Caylee and meeting w/Jennifer Kesse‘s parents to see if there are any new leads in that case. That case is so heartbreaking- she VANISHED almost 3 years ago- they have some footage of someone moving her car- some one must have seen something! You can see it on her website as well as a nice piece that 48hrs aired on the case. Pls say a prayer that Jennifer is found!

The Anthony family issued a statement in response to today’s hearing- I’m looking for it ( just reported it) It ends with…This is the first step toward bring Caylee home. OMG that is so sad! But it just seems so delusional! How can they ignore the evidence? Who do they think was dead in the back of that car? Why do they think Casey didn’t contact authorities? What do they think she was doing everyday when she was supposedly working? Do they believe someone named Zenaida Gonzales kidnapped Caylee? If so, WHY NOT RELEASE A SKETCH? Is there anyone outside of their little bubble who believes there’s a chance that Caylee could be alive? Pls explain. 😦

I think that game is over if they don’t release a sketch. It doesn’t make sense for them not to if they believe she’s alive– she’s 3 now– she’s not traveling alone. Who was last seen w/the tot? Was Casey blindfolded when she dropped her off? The lipstick is off of that pig!


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