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Top Chef Restaurant Wars = Culinary Boner– uh, keep the love in the kitchen.

Oooh, food AND sex– in the previews they show that we’re going to get to see some of the showmance between Leah and Hosea. Good bc all we’ve seen so far is the one sided one between Stephan and Jamie– the word lesbian means nothing to him.

This is one of my favorite shows- and I don’t even cook – weird. So far I like Rhadika the best. OH, snap– Hosea has a girlfriend???!!!! I didn’t know that– what a scumball. He had always seemed so nice.

Stephen Starr is the guest judge- a powerhouse restauranteur- according to Hosea. The quick fire is preparing a tasting for Stephen- serve one dish that will showcase your concept for a restaurant. Stephen will pick 2 and those 2 will be team captains in the restaurant war challenge. NICE!

Leah seems to being buckling under pressure– oh I saw a bottle of sriracha sauce– my FAVORITE condiment.

Yum, yum gimme some!

Yum, yum gimme some!

Though I don’t love it quite as much as Casey- who in a previous season/challenge tried to use it in an ice cream dish. Bad idea!

Rhadika always seems soo nervous and she’s so modest but she comes out on top a lot. Jamie on the other hand is the opposite of modest. Oh pls, she says she doesn’t even want to win this quickfire. I like Carla- I’m not sure she’s ready to win but she’s pretty good and she’s funny!

Leah’s dish looks like catfood. I always liked her too but– Hosea, has a girlfriend?! = eww. That’s not kosher. Jeff seems to be under the pressure a lot too– I don’t think we’ve seen his best. Ouch– refreshing to get a dish so simple…that’s what he said about Jamies- that’s one of those comments that sounds like a compliment but… is it? Fabio is soo arrogant but somehow likeable too– Stephan is arrogant w/out pulling off the likeable as well.

Yeah- Rhadika won! and Leah got second– both of the ones who wig out w/the pressure. What do you mean you can’t let it turn into anything Hosea? Too little too late. How do you think your girlfriend will feel- seeing you snuggling on the couch? That alone would be grounds for dismissal for me.

Oh, snap! Leah has a boyfriend. WHAT are these people thinking? That’s funny that Stephan always seems to get picked last– DOES NOT PLAY NICELY W/OTHERS!

Sahana- is there restaurant- it means strong and powerful in sanskrit. Oh no– Rhadika should be in the KITCHEN– did she just say she’s doing front of the house.

Stephan is soo bossy. They are doing something Asian. $5,000 just to decorate? Nice. Top Chef seems to have upped to budget. I would love to drop $5K in Pier 1! I love the color of the walls in that loft– purple– the color of crazy people. Leah needs to stand up for herself– if you don’t do it now- you won’t be able to do it in front of the judges. Oh dear, Jamie is kind of taking over for Rhadika.

Someone needs to stand up to Stephan– its ridiculous– why are they so intimidated. I would absolutely sit him down– you need to tell me all about your dish– I’m the captain. Ooh, here’s the snuggling. Does Hosea, think that he can say– oh, I was just laying there, she was snuggling me. Uh, no — there’s the door. OMG an add for NYC Housewives– TV is so evil! I don’t like being seduced and under its control. Its like whenever I don’t get enough caffeine and get a monster headache– I get reminded that I’m under its control—grrr! But some of these reality shows — these social mutants on display– it is absolutely beyond my control. I need to know.

Oh, Hosea just admitted that they kissed. Yuck- were they drunk- WTF? Stephan should not be talking about causing tension for the group — hello pot, this is the kettle…

Sunset Lounge– that’s the name and Hosea just said he doesn’t think that anyone in the history of Restaurant Wars has come up w/such a solid concept. Uh, please– I live on coast– sunset lounge = NOT original.

I can’t believe Stephan is doing desserts. I can’t decide who’s menu I like better– they both have good elements. Oh, its sad actually for Hosea and Leah– they are not cooking w/LOVE- they are cooking everyone a nice dish of GUILT. UGH– NEVER get a bony fish in a time crunch situation– that’s NOT smart. Ooh, was that some foreshadowing– Hoseah just said- she knows if our restaurant fails- its her fault. Is he going to throw Leah under the bus?

Stephan is having trouble w/the freezer– Leah says so what are you going to do– offering to help– he just says– I’ll fix it. That’s not a good enough answer to me. Oh dear, Carla sound like she’s prepping to make an under the bus toss too. She says that Rhadika is not making any decisions. HA HA– Jeff feels like a humming bird on cocaine. Fabio– looks like he borrowed John Travolta’s outfit from Saturday Night Fever. He’s so funny- he says w/me in the front of the house- we could serve monkey’s azz in a clam shell and still win — where is your confidence Fabio. Oh, a commercial w/Stephanie from last season– Love her!

Yikes, Jamie is a bit abrasive– always be nice to your servers. Judges are harsh on the bread- dude, its just bread. This menu looks like Jamie more than Rhadika– she’s already done some soup and some scallops that were big winners. Hmm, I wouldn’t advertise tomato water. They are not having much negative to say– ooh except the dishwater comment – he’s harsh- what was he talking about? Oh, no- it sounds like the dessert for Rhadika is going to be a disaster– for something completely new. Oh no- someone said it tastes like lotion- of one of the desserts. Oh no– the people are sensing Rhadika’s stress- that’s not good. The judge’s just left and didn’t get a goodbye– they seemed to do that just to be able to throw that in her face.

Ok, here’s Fabio’s side– Jamie’s team. He’s such a flirt. YUM that amuse bouche sounds yummy– but oops- they didn’t like it. The app was under seasoned– kiss of death for judges. Oh no, the cod is WAY under cooked. This team is going DOWN. Leah is probably going home and she knows it. Its weird that they would make it so obvious though– I’m wondering if Bravo isn’t trying to trick us. In most reality shows they say that the producers have some input in addition to the judges. If Leah goes home we will KNOW that the producer’s have a heavy hand in who stays and who goes.

Complaint fest in the stew room. I guess the Sunset Lounge won– they got called in first. Well, that saves Leah– hmm— coincidence? They say that the people very slightly favored them in the comments. I guess maybe they remember the dessert best bc its last. OK, well now I predict Carla will go home which sucks bc I like her. Actually Rhadika may kill herself in front of the judge’s here bc she’s so nice and she’s feeling so defeated.

Oh, Carla is ready to go too– she’s admitting fault. She’s so funny– she says she was sending out love– Tom is not laughing. Keep the love in the kitchen– send out good dessert. Tom is being so harsh on Rhadika. Is Bravo trying to trick us again? It certainly seems like they are going to send Rhadika home so they will probably send Carla home. I think I’m just wishful thinking. But I like Carla too. OMG Rhadika is going home– bummer. Well, she’s young– I think she’s an excellent and very creative chefs.

Oh, nice– next week all stars from past seasons– that should be fun!


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