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The Bachelorette is neverending and updates…ok but that is IT!

This show will not go away- but I cannot NOT watch! Evidently this is the only thing I find time to write about- it is my appt TV- and that is just pathetic. Hopefully its really over this time and they can just give us just a little break-its too much of a good/weird thing… but I’m hooked so…

Here we go-this little speedy version of their romance is nice- awwww- maybe these two will really last- they are just the epitome of CUTE – and bonus, they seem like really nice people. Oh its a whole recap session- some of those I didn’t watch or at least barely watched. My parents, for some reason, watch this show and always call to tell me its on. Sometimes its up against The Hills and it loses that face off- I just flip over there on commercials. But I did watch this one pretty regularly. Nice to see Jimmy Kimmel getting some advertising love- he’s a funny little mother. But I cannot abandon Letterman- he’s still the man- so cute when he talks about Harry- still loving him.

Oh Matt and Shayne- this one did not get much attention- he seemed so cute but my mom thought he was a douchebag- so I quit tuning in much- even though he’s hot and I dig the accent of course.  LOVE the dramatic pause w/the hi maintenance question- love that she admitted it too. She IS one sandwich short of a picnic- a bit annoying- she’s so young and VERY impressed w/herself– that’s gonna get old fast. Hmm- maybe they actually like each other- I got the vibe, actually from both of them that they REALLY love the cameras though. I do actually realize that I say actually a bit too much- let’s just say its one of my favorite words. I think they are all caught up in the drama and they really want to be famous. That is immediately suspect to me- people who want to be famous are special. The rude checkout person, people who drive slow in the fastlane, people who don’t use their turn signals, people who vote republican- these are all special people.

Omg love that bulldog. Firestone…a lot coming up

Aaron has his arms in things?- ha terrorist fist jab w/receptionist- way to plug, plugger. This will be good for business I’m sure. People who own restaurants are an interesting bunch- I’m not saying good or bad bc I’ve known both but without fail- interesting people. He seems like he wants on some Gwen or Brooke- that was a shout out- or booty call.

OMG this Bob dude is so annoying- I can’t stand him- pls give me a break -Matt Leinart? Looks like Will Ferrel -that’s more like it. I watched some of the Firestone- he seemed genuine but I just don’t find him attractive- he’s good on paper. That’s good that he’s happy though- he seems nice, his money is very attractive omg so is his dog- aw they’re so cute- I’m gonna puke. Ok up next the bachelorettes.

Omg the gold digger- crazy much? Her guy looks normal- hmm maybe she grew out of her crazy, that tiara girl is just annoying- go away.

Brooke and her husband look perfect for each other- good for her- they are like Southern Barbie and Ken. I don’t know this girl- oh dear- she’s so sad w/the crying- Heather- oh good that’s nice 20 yrs later to hook up w/hi school bfriend. Hmm – maybe I should look up some of the dorks I dated in hi school. Oh, this girl- I watched this season- she looks better but I remember this update- she seems so desperate and lonely- like she’s trying really hard to convince herself that she’s happy- note to self- don’t talk about my dog like that. Omg the orange teeth girl- eww- prop comic! She’s annoying- enough w/her- no one cares if you’re taken.

Trista annoys me the way Kelly did on 90210- you like her but she just seems so perfect that its like fingernails on a chalkboard. Trista and Ryan seem nice but I’m exhausted w/them- donezo. Did not watch that wedding- they dragged that shit out for waaay too long. Cute baby. Hmm that’s sexy the architect designing the “green” house. I like this commercial w/the creepy Shining twins- wonder why they didn’t do girls though- worried about a lawsuit? A KY jelly commercial-I’m glad I don’t have to explain that to any kids- how would you do that I wonder? Swing Vote looks interesting- can’t tell what its about.

Big shoes to fill?- I think they should look to their parents for relationship advice not Trista and Ryan. This is so hokey- how do you handle it- all the non normal life stuff? I’m bored. Rocky Mtn people rock- that’s funny! Don’t ruin that by meeting people and being mean? Wow, that’s some really good advice. I’m not sure he’s the sharpest tool in the shed but I kinda like that- you know I like ’em young, dumb and full of…

Jesse seems weirded out about the babies- you better look out brother bc THEY ARE COMING- I can hear her clock ticking from here. Damn, gotta get me one of them toddlers he’s adorable!

OMG I love it- Brad watching so intently while sandwiching then switching to football- that was sexy! Watching Dave on Oprah- the bicycle in the driveway story was so cute- he’s making my clock tick. Switching between Jon and Kate- but I’m just gonna have to catch that again- its TLC so they will air it soon. I need to get myself one of those magic boxes that tape shows and recommend shit. Back to Letterman –He is so sexy- I don’t care how old he is- eww but I don’t care for how he speaks about Regina- I wouldn’t tolerate that- he said- here’s a pic of the whole family that’s his mother Regina _____- didn’t catch it but didn’t like it that he used her last name and referred to her that way- ouch. Harry is adorable! Damn toddlers- they’re everywhere!

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