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Are Jose Baez and the Truth Strangers? Open Mouth, Insert Foot.

I think Jose is playing it fast and loose w/the truth as to whether Todd Black of Press Corps Media is or was his spokesperson. Todd Black is the one who wrote the “defamatory” press releases about the prosecution including criticism of State Attorney Lawson Lamar. The press releases were faxed (“anonymously” from someone at the State’s Attny’s office – allegedly) to the FL Bar Association which then initiated the investigation into Jose that got his panties all in a wad. Is that confusing enough for you? I filed a public records request for the file on Jose so I should have that in a few days. I want to read those press releases- I’m sure they’re priceless w/the brain trust of Jose and Todd at work!

I'm rubber you're glue!

I'm rubber you're glue!

Basically, its unethical (thus the FL Bar investigation) to slander another attny – which the press releases apparently did. The press releases came from a representative of Jose– until Jose decided oops, nooo he doesn’t represent me. Jose had an attorney representing him in the matter –Timothy Chinaris, who wrote a lengthy letter to the Bar stating that Baez did not retain and does not pay Press Corps Media. (Its always a good idea to have a BUNCH of attnys involved.)

Remember the money honey IS THE MYSTERY w/these people! No one will say IF or by whom or how much they are getting paid. And we are to just assume they are just doing all of this for poor sweet Casey out of the goodness of their little pea picking hearts. The letter went on to say that NONE of the news releases in question were prepared “at the direction, or with the assistance, of Mr. Baez. None of the documents were seen by Mr. Baez before their release.”

Chinaris stated that Press Corps Media was retained by a Connecticut family “who is sympathetic to the plight of Ms. Anthony and her family.” WTF?? WHO THE HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE? Do people in Connecticut have NOTHING better to do w/their money? I should give them my address.

Anyway, here comes the rub. And here comes our favorite whiny little b!tch treating the “truth” sort of loosey goosey. On SEVERAL prior occasions Jose seems to indicate a different relationship between himself and Todd Black and Press Corps Media.

According to the Orlando Sentinel:

In a Sept. 4 news release, Black wrote that Press Corps Media “has been retained by The Baez Law Firm to coordinate any and all media inquiries.” An Oct. 17 release stated Black is the “spokesperson for The Baez Law Firm.” A Nov. 3 release from Press Corps Media introducing a new media contact for the case said, “Todd will remain closest to Jose A. Baez and continues as Lead Media PMK for The Baez Law Firm.” Oopsy daisey!!

Baez himself, in an October news conference he held to address statements Black made about the case on CNN Headline News, said, “He [Black] does not have any legal opinions whatsoever. He’s simply a spokesman for our firm.”

It seems he’s having a hard time keeping his stories straight. Its SOOO much easier to remember when your story is…I don’t know…the TRUTH?!@!@#$ It seems that’s a lesson that Jose and his client haven’t learned. Legal experts have called Baez’s motion to try to 86 the prosecution “SURREAL” — isn’t that priceless?!!


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Jose IS acting like a Whiny Little B!tch…. yet AGAIN!

CH9 legal analyst Bill Sheaffer seems to agree. You can watch the interview here.

You come after ME-- I come after YOU!

You come after ME-- I come after YOU!

So one of Nancy’s actual bombshells last night was the revelation that Jose Baez filed a motion late yesterday afternoon to have the prosecutors thrown off the case. The motion alleges improprieties and media leaks. Jose is filing it bc he’s saying the prosecutors tried to get him thrown off the case. He is saying that the bar investigation was made “anonymously” and was actually a malicious attempt by the prosecutors to slander him by saying he was profiting from entertainment deals. It has to do w/statement made by the brain trust at the company of Todd Black who everyone thought was working for Baez. Its kind of confusing — I forgot to go to law school, but watching the Bill Sheaffer interview clears most of it up.

Its just all kind of ‘middle school’ much like the juvenile letter incident. I really laughed when watching the Bill Sheaffer interview bc he basically agrees and calls it “tit for tat” and “school yard antics” — probably bc he can’t just call him a whiny little b!tch!!

OMG- I just stumbled across another Jose related funny here– from JohninFlorida’s blog! Poor Pee Wee.


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Jose is whining AGAIN.

He wanted to be the one to tell Casey. He says (whines), “the chaplain was more important to be notified before me.” That’s standard procedure you whiny little b!tch! He’s extremely disappointed in how this was carried out. Jose is bitching about LE’s lack of professionalism, saying it has become predictable. He’s upset that someone in this country who’s presumed innocent would not be granted the dignity of hearing about it in the proper manner. I just saw this press conference on local news but I can’t find it online yet. Ah, many thanks FosterMom — here’s the link.

Jose goes on to say (whine) that he’s upset at OCSO for saying he tried to rush them from the crime scene– says they are just trying to cover their own blunders and deflect on him. What an idiot.

You really do not know half of the story, says Jose. You really do not have half a brain Jose, says Kim.

Here’s the response from the authorities.


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Jose Baez (Casey’s defense) Writes Juvenile letter to OC Sherrif’s Office!

Local Fox station obtains a MUST READ letter exchange between Casey Anthony’s defense attorney and OCSO. Its embarassing!

Here’s the only link so far.

They’re hard to read there so I’ve retyped them here bc DAMN! I’m going to have to get all snarky on that Jose letter…I mean what grade is he in again? It sounds like something I might have fired back at a rival in MIDDLE SCHOOL! IF I was a whiny little b!tch! (which I wasn’t) 🙂 And besides mine would have been worded better, artfully folded- w/a pull tab and everything– not via facsimile –I mean, grow up! Wooooo- don’t mess w/Jose you wouldn’t like him when he’s DISPLEASED.

Reality check. No way JOSE! You don’t get to whine about the “2 month delay” or that your ego’s not getting properly STROKED by Law Enforcement when you should conduct your efforts in a more productive manner and convey the message to your client that she needs to PICK A STORY (how ’bout the truth? -that one’s easiest to remember) and tell us what happened to her daughter!! Obviously, everyone realizes that your office is under a lot of pressure, what w/sustaining oneself in an alternate reality, but pls, at least take a stab at joining us in the real world. Albeit OVER 3 MONTHS later, it would be better late than never, I suppose. There’s a beautiful little girl missing! 😦 JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE!!

Here’s the letter TO Jose FROM OC Sheriff’s Office:
September 19, 2008

Jose Baez, Esquire
522 Simpson Road
Kissimmee, FL 34744

Dear Mr. Baez:

In your correspondence to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office you have stated your willingness to fully cooperate with law enforcement regarding the investigation of Caylee Anthony’s disappearance within the confines of your ethical obligation to your client, Casey Anthony.

In response to your offer to fully cooperate, I am requesting that you provide the circumstances and location Caylee Anthony was last seen. As you are aware, the previous statements provided by your client have been false and misleading.

The law enforcement personnel involved in the search for Caylee Anthony acknowledge your ethical obligation to you client. We hope that it is your client’s genuine desire to help find her daughter and to uncover the truth. We are also hopeful that you are able to provide the circumstances and location that Casey Anthony last saw her daughter, and that you understand the information we are requesting is crucial to the search for Caylee Anthony. If you are willing to assist in this matter, please contact me at your earliest opportunity.


Kevin Beary
Sheriff of Orange County

Sergeant John Allen
Criminal Investigations Division
Missing Persons Squad
(407) 254-7222

Here’s the response FROM Jose TO OC Sheriff’s Office:
September 22, 2008
via facsimile

Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: Sgt. John Allen
2500 West Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32408

Re: State of Florida v. Casey M. Anthony

Dear Sgt. Allen:

I was pleased to see that your office has decided to take me up on our offer to cooperate in the search for Caylee Marie Anthony. Albeit two months later, it is better late than never, I suppose.

I was, however, displeased by the fact that I had to hear about your fax from the media before I even got the chance to read it. Nonetheless, I will convey your message to my client and discuss it with her further.

Please give me a call when you are more interested in searching for Caylee, as opposed to trying to improve your office’s public relations image. I realize that your office is under a lot of pressure because you haven’t found Caylee, but you should conduct your efforts in a more productive manner as opposed to leaking your communications with me to the media.


Jose A. Baez, Esq.


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