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Caylee’s funeral plans and Casey’s jail account– It’s the money honey.

Jose files more emergency motions in courtthese were actually valid and they were granted. The state has 14 days to provide all slides, x-rays, and photos of the remains as they were found at the scene and at the autopsy unless they file an appeal by January 5th. The defense wants this information in order to prepare for their examination of the remains so all of this legal wrangling could delay Caylee’s funeral until next year.

Whenever Caylee’s funeral is held Casey, her mother, won’t be allowed to attend. That’s what happens Casey, when your child dies in your “care,” you put her in a garbage bag, throw her by the side of the road and go out and party w/friends instead of contacting authorities.
Peace out spiteful b!tch!

It’s really hard to fathom how her family doesn’t see the truth –did Casey have a notebook outlining her “efforts” to find Caylee during the 31 days she was “missing?” –how many Zenaida Gonzales’ was she able to track down and eliminate? –did she try to contact Zenaida’s mother/sister/father? –did you ever find ANYONE who could verify her existence? –why was Casey in need of childcare if she was unemployed? –what did she do everyday? –was stealing $ from friends and family her only source of income? –if she didn’t notify authorities “to protect Caylee and the family” then why did she let you do it on July 15th?

The Anthony’s have said that they will hold a private funeral for Caylee and a public memorial and they won’t be seeking funds to cover the costs. Both of those decisions were arrived at “in a backwards sort of way.” They were originally just going to hold a private funeral and were setting up a trust to accept donations. As everyone –except the Anthony’s apparently– could imagine, that sparked some considerable public outrage. They said they only set up the trust seeking funds because so many people wanted to donate and help out. Really? OK, well I guess we’ll have to accept that for the truth (though we know you don’t hold the truth in the highest regard). Some of the funds they collected during their “search” efforts were already earmarked, as I understand it, for funeral costs in the event that Caylee was deceased. I remember talk about the ‘small print’ outlining that when they originally set up to start making money, I mean taking donations. Anyone that would be so generous would be doing that for Caylee so I can understand that.

What I can’t understand are the people that give money to Casey in jail. Strangers continue to donate money to Casey’s Commissary account. Can’t they find something better to do w/their money? Strangers, in fact, have donated much more money than her family has.


That should keep her well stocked in chocolate chip granola bars, beef sticks and kiwi strawberry juice boxes—oh wait, that juice box is UNAUTHORIZED– HA HA. Here’s a list of her snack purchases for December 11th, the day the remains were found. I guess in addition to needing a sedative she needed some comfort food. Ugh.


I think its interesting that she needed a sedative on the day Caylee’s remains were found but NOT on the day that the remains were IDed as Caylee. She knew immediately that her game was over and didn’t need to wait for confirmation and an ID that that was Caylee’s little skeleton. It really bothers me that the Anthony’s don’t visit Casey in jail. Don’t you think that’s weird– if you accept that they believe she’s innocent? I understand that they are videotaped and will eventually be released but…are you that worried that you will say something incriminating? I think it may be that Casey, not being a very good actress, might be a bit relieved, and may be hiding behind that. I think if Cindy visited and “looked into her eyes” as she did on that other jailhouse video– Casey knows that Cindy would know what we all know– which is that Casey is responsible for Caylee’s death.



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Should the Anthony’s get immunity?? (Xanny the nanny wordle).

What happened to Caylee?  Xanny the Nanny?

What happened to Caylee? Xanny the Nanny?

Here’s one for this post about Zanny (Xanny the nanny) possibly being the culprit. As if I needed another way to waste time on this case. I’d like to actually do one on transcripts of those jailhouse video visits w/her parents. I think the most prominent words would be I KNOW!! She must say that about 50 times. Cindy is telling her that Caylee is all over the media and the whole world is looking for her– to which you’d think a desperate mother would have a grateful reply– like Oh, thank GOD– surely Zanny will bring her home now– w/all of the media attention. Instead, the spiteful b!tch, acts like she’s being chastised for causing such a commotion–
Cindy: Everyone’s looking for Caylee, Casey!
Casey: I know that mom!!
Cindy elaborates some more on all the national attention until Casey (the self centered spiteful b!tch) finally realizes she’s supposed to be glad about that. ALL of those jailhouse videos are just mind boggling. ITS SOOO UNBELIEVABLY OBVIOUS that she’s LYING!! In another priceless exchange– Cindy, trying to throw Ricardo under the bus again, talks about a photo of Caylee in front of a drum set and says– Is that “Zanny’s” apartment…bc I know whose apt. that is!!??? To which Casey– says, exasperated, yes mom, Zanny had a drum set but that’s not her EXACT apartment– its just “layed out” very similar. WTF??? That’s an utterly ridiculous answer!! It’s so infuriating. NEVER once does she act concerned, bring up the search, talk about her own sleuthing or ANYTHING!! She acts like she’s a Gitmo being interrogated. Oh, what a thought! Bad Kim!

I wonder if the Anthony’s are going to get immunity for being willing to come in and… how did they word it…stop giving “conflicting” statements? Albeit 6 months later….I’m very displeased– I feel like writing a whiny little b!tch letter! Maybe I should hire Jose?


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Word Cloud in Caylee Anthony Case.

I just found this really cool app here that I thought I’d share w/you here:

Casey Anthony Wordle.

Casey Anthony Wordle.

You just enter text and it randomizes it to create these fabulous “word clouds”– with the words that you use most often appearing larger and more prominent. Isn’t that cool? Well, I think so and I hope you like it bc I’m afraid I will be using them a lot!

Many thanks to Marc at The Fundraising Coach for sharing the fabulous world of wordles!


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