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Cindy and George will be on Larry King Live tonight…I have some questions!

Questions? Comments? Thoughts? Concerns? I will be live blogging the show tonight AND trying to call in bc I have QUESTIONS! COMMENTS! THOUGHTS! and CONCERNS!!!

Here is the blog where Larry and Co have asked for questions to be submitted. If you submit questions PLEASE include some form of the first 2 here–I sooo badly want someone to ask them to DESCRIBE FOR US the person Casey says took Caylee. That should be their main focus in getting air time– Justice for Caylee would mean finding that person and bringing them to justice.

I think I got a bit carried away… but here are mine:

What is being done to look for the person you believe killed Caylee?

Where is the sketch of “Zanny” or whomever Casey dropped Caylee off with on June 16th?

What do you think should happen to the person who murdered Caylee?

Why did Casey have a “nanny” when she didn’t have a job?

Have you figured out what Casey was doing during all the time you thought she was working? Have you found out where your grand daughter was being taken or hanging out for all that time? If not, why not?

What day did you find out and confront Casey about her stealing from your mother, Shirley?

Wasn’t there an argument about that on June 15th? If not, why not discuss with your daughter the fact that she stole from your mother?

George, pls describe in detail– the last day you saw Caylee? Who woke her? Fed her? Dressed her? Was she being carried or did she walk when Casey left with her on June 16th?

Do you know what happened on the last day Casey says she saw Caylee? If not, WHY?

Do you want the entire truth to come out about what happened to Caylee, no matter who it implicates? What are you doing to further that cause?

Do you think she dropped her with “Zanny” or some other caretaker or do you think Caylee was taken from her at Jay Blanchard Park or elsewhere?

Did you find a notebook or any evidence that Casey was trying to track down Zenaida Fernandez Gonzales while Caylee was “missing?”

Do you now acknowledge (as you both did originally) that there was a dead body (smell) in the back of Casey’s car?

People all over the country conducted tests, putting pizza in the back of their trunks to rot– ALL reported just dried up pizza and NO smell. Scientific tests have proven that there was a decomposing body- this can be challenged in a court because the science hasn’t been used but the science is sound. Why do you still claim it was pizza?

Was that car dusted for fingerprints? If not, why haven’t you insisted on that- in searching for Caylee’s killer?

Did you ever call any of the numbers (or use any contact info) you had for Zanny while Casey and Caylee were “missing” from June 16 – July 15th?

Did George see into the trunk or just the back seat on June 24 (the day of the gas cans)? In either case, what exactly did he see?

You found out she didn’t work at Universal when you went up there on June 24 (the day of the gas cans) -did you confront Casey with that information?

Do you think that those elaborate lies (about Tampa and Jeff etc) were something Casey was told to say in a script?

If you found out Casey was guilty would you work towards justice for Caylee then?

Do you think Caylee is happy now, watching your actions from heaven?

Why did Casey tell you she got a call from Caylee on July 15th -the day you found her? Was she trying to assure you that Caylee was alive? Now you know that Caylee was already dead at that time– how do you explain that lie?

Why don’t you visit your daughter? Is it THAT difficult to talk to her without saying something incriminating?

Have you ever gone back and watched those jailhouse visits with Casey where it is SO OBVIOUS that she’s lying and only concerned with herself?

If Casey was worried about getting the law involved, due to threats from the kidnappers, then why didn’t she stop you before the 911 calls and say NO we can’t do that and here’s why?

Do you communicate with Casey through letters, calls or any other method?

Do you have any contact with Jose Baez? If so, how often and of what nature? Do you approve of the work he’s doing in Casey’s case?

Have you asked the authorities to share their best evidence with you- so that you can make the most informed decision?

What did you mean when you said you canceled your appearance on Oprah for “integrity” reasons?

Why have you refused to take lie detector tests?

Do you know what Jose Baez’s defense strategy will be? If so, does it explain or “clear everything up” regarding Casey’s unusual behavior?

Have you ever suggested that Casey get a “second opinion” on her defense?

Do you suspect Jose Baez may be more concerned with taking a high profile case to court than with your daughter’s welfare?

Where are Caylee’s remains? Did you have her cremated?

Are either of you working? Will you be taking a salary from donations made to Caylee’s foundation?

When you posted the “My Caylee is Missing” message on your MySpace July 3rd you were obviously concerned– thought Casey was lying about her whereabouts and sent Lee to find her downtown– did you consider calling police? reporting Casey’s car stolen? calling the contact numbers you had for Zanny? If not, why not?

How do you explain that Casey’s phone records and computer forensics don’t show frantic phone calls or desperate internet searches for “Zanny” while Caylee was missing?

We all now know, from multiple witnesses, that Casey was going out, hanging out, and partying for most of the time that Caylee was supposedly “missing” -how do you explain that behavior?

Did you ask Casey to outline specifically for you the things she was doing to look for Caylee?

Has Casey explained to you, to your satisfaction, the internet searches she did for things like chloroform, neck breaking and missing children websites?

Do you think you might garner more sympathy if you at least acknowledged some mistakes and lies from your daughter?

George said that Caylee never showed any recognition when Zanny was mentioned- did that make you suspicious?

How much money would you say that Casey contributed to household expenses and Caylee’s care on a weekly basis?

Did Casey pay her own car insurance? Did Caylee have health insurance?

Did you ask Casey how she was earning money? Or why she stole from Amy to buy beer and lingerie?

Did you ask Casey why she left her purse and other things in the car at Amscot and why she never went back for it or took so long to go back for it?

Do you still suspect Jesse or Amy?

Do you still believe Zanny (Zenaida Fernandez Gonzales- or under another name) exists even though all the people surrounding her were fictitious- and Jeff didn’t introduce them and didn’t have a son named Zachery?

Tell me about the day you found the gate open and the ladder by the pool.

Why do you think Casey backed her car into the garage and borrowed a shovel when she was supposed to be at work?

How often did Casey do yard work such as digging up bamboo roots?

What were you looking for and what did you find when, as you told authorities, you searched your yard before they came to do that?

Why is there no mention of Tim Miller and Texas Equusearch on your foundation site after they spent so much time, money and effort tirelessly searching for Caylee? Have you ever thanked him or Roy Krunk?

Will you watch? Some people are writing to the sponsors of Larry King to protest them giving the Anthony’s airtime?


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Anthony family is SUSPICIOUS about how remains were found! OMG!!

Are you freaking kidding me? CH13 is reporting here that the family is apparently STILL trying to exonerate their daughter by casting doubts as to how and when the remains were discovered.

“It’s been searched dry, it’s been searched wet, it’s been searched in between. It’s been searched over by Tim Miller [of Texas EquuSearch] twice, who we hold in high regards with his professional organization,” Bart told News 13. The family is suspicious of the circumstances leading to the finding.

I guess I should cease to be amazed but I simply cannot. I cannot believe they are going to try to go down this route. WHO THE FU*K are they going to try to accuse? Nature boy/the meter reader MUST have been in on it bc how could they know he would be answering nature’s call in that very area after all this time.

Also, whoever this person is– they must have also had access to the Anthony home bc something in that bag links back there. Oh no, I just remembered that in one of those jailouse videos recently released– (I will look for it) Cindy asks Casey if someone could have been in their home– Casey says I don’t know mom-she (Zanny) had a key- I told you that a long time ago. Cindy must have noticed something amiss in the home and questioned Casey some time ago. Like something of Caylee’s that Cindy had noticed was different- Casey was alway sneaking back into the home when she was supposed to be “working” but I imagine she had the lie on the quick draw in case Cindy noticed something –to just say– oh yeah, well Zanny must have brought Caylee by there, I gave her a key.

Law enforcement is searching the area around the remains for the fourth day in a row while the defense is still not allowed near the scene. Oh my, can you imagine how DISPLEASED Jose must be? Someone’s going to get a LETTER!

I guess they really are going to try sticking to that Zanny the nanny story that insults the intelligence. I was kind of hoping that when the dream team came by to meet w/the A team yesterday that they were perhaps breaking some news– like Casey gave a new “accident” story and lets talk about getting her some type of plea. No such luck.

Baez says that Casey is not doing well at all and she wants to know what’s going on. Yes, I imagine she will need to know asap what was found so that she can fabricate new tall tales. Baez has a list of items taken from the home– I want to see that list!

I just really can’t wrap my head around what this family is thinking. Did they want to release that statement or did someone coerce or convince them to? Do they really think we are that stupid?


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CASEY Marie: More than a LIAR

The Anthony’s new spokesperson Michelle Bart just wrote an article for the Huffington Post entitled “Caylee Marie: More than a Flyer.”

Its meant to pull you heart strings and make you feel guilty for believing the forensic science, the police and the prosecutors who know that Caylee is no longer with us. It reminds us what a beautiful little girl Caylee was and talks lovingly about how cute she was or actually how cute she “is” –as the article is meant to convince us that Caylee is still alive. It talks about sightings on July 2/15/17 and the 20th. The writing style is…well I’ll say interesting since I’m guilty of some pretty wretched stuff here myself. But here’s just one interesting example:

She is a little girl who towers over children her own age, approximately 3 ½-4 ½ feet tall, she is potty trained and who could be seen eating canned corn from her bare hands and not with the utensils provided to her.

4.5 feet tall? Eating corn from the can with her hands? Is this the best image they can put out if they truly believe she could be found? Giant toddler likely to be found munching on corn with fingers? I’m sorry but I’ve gone from sad to MAD!

HOW ABOUT A SKETCH OF ZANNY THE NANNY? The toddler is not traveling alone!! WHY if you believe your daughter haven’t you made that a priority? It really insults my intelligence and I can’t understand why they don’t get asked that repeatedly in interviews. EVEN if you make up some Casey style convoluted story about how she’s not w/Zanny now, she was supposedly w/Zanny for an extended period of time on NUMEROUS occasions so IF she exists then many people likely saw Caylee with this person. Its super sketchy that you haven’t released a sketch and makes it extremely difficult to believe that you truly believe Caylee’s still alive.

It makes me so sad to think about how much she was loved AND how much she is missed but it makes me so MAD that these people STILL cannot talk about what is truly important.

What’s truly important is finding out what happened to Caylee and the ONLY person that has that information is Casey. Cindy and George need to acknowledge this in whatever way they can. They need to talk to someone who is knowledgeable about forensic science and really listen. They need to talk to the detectives that have been exhausting themselves trying to find Caylee. They need to talk to a psychologist or psychiatrist to help them and then they need to talk to their daughter.

They need to stop feeding into the absolutely bullshit theory that Casey doesn’t know what happened to Caylee. I think they need to have a come to Jesus meeting w/Casey and give her some of her own medicine. I think they need to lie to her. Either continue to act like you’ve had a lobotomy and say yes darling Casey, we believe you when you say you’re just protecting Caylee and us but now you need to protect yourself. We know that someone took her but right now we’re worried about you and your legal situation. You need to just make up a story and arrange for a plea deal. Just say it was an accident and say you covered it up in this ridiculous way because you were in shock. Everyone knows what a wonderful mother you are and how much you loved Caylee– they will feel sorry for you and the jury will have mercy and give you a light sentence. They should look up some examples of mothers who have (genuinely) accidentally killed their children and show how light her sentence could be. Just say listen you’re in trouble legally- let’s deal w/that and get you out soon– then the people that have Caylee can bring her home!! OR just say listen– its painfully obvious that you did something to Caylee- whether if was an accident or not you need to stop w/the BS right now and tell us what happened. If you don’t– we will never speak to you again. We will happily let you rot, ALONE in jail because of the way you’ve dragged us through this, all the while lying and scheming and leading us on when you knew she was gone! You will likely spend the rest of your life in jail knowing that you are so awful a person that even your family figured figured out that you are sub-human. Or Casey love just tell us what happened sweetie we know it will be hard beautiful but why don’t you take some time and write it in a letter. You don’t have to tell us in person sweetie. We know how difficult it will be because you were such a wonderful mother so just write it down for us and mail us a letter- tell us what happened- we know it was an accident and that you were so traumatized afterwards that ALL your behavior is explainable. And listen honey, have finally emerged from the incredible brain fog that extreme grief inflicted upon us and we know she’s gone but we still love you gorgeous–and we just need to know what happened and we will forgive you and help you make the most of your legal situation. Just tell us what happened- WHAT HAPPENED TO CAYLEE? Where’s Caylee? We’d like to give her a beautiful burial and service– pls help us do that for your daughter.

Because Caylee Marie IS more than a flyer. And you Casey Marie ARE more than a liar. You are her mother, you owe her. You’re a daughter, you’re a human and you’re imperfect. You made a mistake but you’re still a daughter. Cindy Anthony said very early on to Casey that she would NEVER be able to forgive her. Casey got that message loud and clear and repeated it to detectives– My mom already told me she would never be able to forgive me. Cindy needs to take that back. She tried to do it briefly in on of the just released jailhouse video visits– she is rocking back in forth holding her face in her hand– clearly happy to see Casey and saying I love you. But when Cindy says, “We forgive anything that you’ve said….or done.” Casey reacts like the phone just bit her and says– whoa wait– pulls the phone away and motions for the guard asking that the volume be turned down. She giggles w/the guard and says yeah, my head’s gonna explode and when she gets back on the phone she tries to cover the awkwardness of the lost moment by saying “I haven’t said anything– don’t worry!” It would be awkward for her to have to really accept their “forgiveness” as she doesn’t believe she did anything wrong– you know in Casey Land. The interviews are hard to watch– I wonder how Cindy and George feel when they watch them now? Casey is soo obviously lying and she’s never participating or trying to help– its like she’s being interrogated w/kid gloves. She never offers anything like– ok– here’s what I’ve discovered over the past 31 days– so don’t wasted your time w/that. They don’t even ask her– they just act as if– its all brand new and the clues in the case– the precious pearls of wisdom that Casey holds must be delicately extracted. They all dance around her like she’s fragile. Its sad but also sickening.

So, not to slam the author but I’m curious as to what she wanted to accomplish w/this? The Anthony’s are getting some piss poor PR advice in my opinion. I don’t want to say Casey Marie: More than a Liar… a Monster. I would much rather say Casey is a mother: she is human– she made a mistake, she made many but she’s a mother and something horrible happened to her daughter. Just be a Mother Casey and tell us WHERE CAYLEE IS? Make up another lie, make yourself sound heroic, give us another Carefully Crafted Casey Tale– we will figure out the rest later. We just want to know where she is.

We know that Caylee is more than a flyer! We’d like to put her to rest. Imagine Caylee watching all the hurt and drama her family is going through. I imagine she’s confused and upset– her picture is everywhere and her family is devastated, hounded and being dragged through the mud. She won’t be at rest and peaceful until her mommy tells one more story– Caylee wants you to tell us a story Casey. Just one more story– and let Caylee rest w/sweet dreams.


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10/23–Tot Mom bombshells on Nancy G – live blogging bc she’s part of my life now. GRR!

WFTV- is that the only station reporting that chloroform recipe searches were done on Casey’s computer? Is that true? I do wonder how they obtained that info?

They are saying that the defense will pursue the theory that there was another dead body in the trunk– evidently it was open season on that trunk and who knows who had access to it?? You know we should probably research those suicidal squirrels– they really seemed to have it out for Casey– what w/crawling all up on her grill and then offing themselves only to have their decaying smell spread throughout Casey’s car. Dastardly!! Now I’m no big fan of squirrels– as I’ve seen them do some dirty and underhanded things to my dog in the backyard but…I’m not sure they would have the strength to get a corpse in and out of the trunk. And what would be their motivation? Were they too –handed a script to follow for 30 days when Zanny the nanny and her sister Sam took off w/Caylee at Jay Blanchard Park??

I think as far as the computer searches –they will be able to narrow it down as to who did it bc of activity happening immediately before and after those searches. I wonder if it WAS an accident and she was cooking it up for some sex games? Is my sense of self delusion kicking in?– I soo want to believe it was an accident! Although that’s almost as disturbing — who would get off on that? I don’t get it. If you’re out- how do you get off? The only reference I have for chloroform is a truly disgusting case- I will link it up later- I’m sure many have heard of it (if not, you’ll wish you hadn’t!) –the Karla Homolka and Ken Bernardo case. SICK!

They are saying that 30 pages or so of discovery could be released soon.
🙂 I’m giddy. Whoo. Dr. Lambert from Columbia talking about Chloroform and creating it– oh its so easy- bleach on the rocks, a splash of acetone etc. …you can look it up if you care to. There’s really no innocent reason/uses for chloroform. I remember when everyone was speculating that it was used in some sort of clean-up. I never got that. They say it destroys dna and someone cleaned up w/it bc of that– but I’m thinking – wouldn’t you pass out yourself from the fumes? Now I know we’re dealing w/princess not so bright here but I can’t imagine they will come up w/a plausible story for Casey cooking up chloroform. What could possibly be the reason?

One of the attorneys went well off the leash and questioned why this stuff keeps getting leaked–Shiny Shirt was NOT happy- off w/your mic- onto the next. But I have the same questions! WHY do we keep hearing about leaks? I don’t want anything to jeopardize this case! Nothing to appeal. I hope they are being careful.

Caller- asking about the Anthony’s funds for “continuing” to search. The first account had less than $2500 and the new foundation they are setting up– we know nothing about. Now talking about the people who put money into Casey’s account. I would like to interview them myself.

NG guest saying she doesn’t believe Casey did the chloroform JUST to go out on a date. She seems to be implying the search originated differently– like “how to harm a child” or “child poisoning” etc. Hmm, I am still DESPERATELY clinging to hope that it was somehow accidental– not w/out negligence mind you but– Oh I don’t even know anymore– its too crazy!!

caller- possible insanity defense? no- its not even worth discussing- its the holy grail of defense strategies = impossible (or near enough). I didn’t hear what the actual expert said bc I get so mad. Shiny shirt needs to do some house cleaning. Its obvious that her stylist hates her and her call screener is SLEEPING on the job.

Showing clips of Cindy defending Casey- saying that the half truths or mis-truths were bc she feared for Caylee’s life. I’m sorry but that dog don’t hunt. IF that were true- then the come to Jesus mtg should have happened when Cindy was freaking out 7/15- and BEFORE they called 911– IF Casey thought involving authorities was dangerous.

caller- is it possible that they buried Caylee in the bkyd and used chloroform for some type of embalming? LP is not answering the question and praising the OSCO- saying no- the body is near the airport. Is it significant that she made her own chloroform? (wake up call screener!!)

Ron (guest) — says- yes- it shows premeditation and covering her trail. Other guest says- hard to say – she was so manipulative!? Damn that orange is ORANGE.

Great- more Kobi. Asking about accidentally creating chloroform– that’s BS. He says this is forensic science 201- animal decomposition can form chloroform. DAMN those DASTARDLY squirrels– it was ALL their fault!! What is he smoking? Friends share.

caller- witness to Casey look alike w/shovel– what did the bag look like? We don’t know. The shovel was supposedly in the bag. That’s weird- how did he know it was a shovel then– wouldn’t she put the business end IN the bag? Are the local reporters just totally dropping the ball and not asking the right questions? I think so. I think all of the reporters are. Lemme at em!!

More wasted time on the insanity defense- its not going to happen. Its impossible or nearly so and Casey’s ego would never allow it. She’s going to keep striding confidently down the isle towards her office at Universal until… Who the hell knows?? Though I did read about a case recently where the perp was convicted w/out a body and he got the DP so AFTER that he negotiated and agreed to tell them where the body was in exchange for life instead of Old Sparky–er I guess its old Sticky now. Does anyone recall that case? It was here in FL somewhere… all the nuts roll down to FL 😉 Anyway, I wonder if that might happen in this case?

caller- who’s paying the legal bills? Baez says he’s being paid but won’t say by whom– ABC confirmed that they paid some money to license the photo/video (yeah, we know) but he won’t confirm how much or say who’s footing the bill. His EGO is footing most of it IMO.

Well it looks like that’s it for Caylee tonight. Only 15 minutes left for Kelli Morris. This case NEEDS attention and here is an excellent link:
The Criminal Report Daily


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Casey Anthony updates–NG 10/20

BREAKING NEWS – Police desperately searching for a beautiful little 3 year old Florida. Why does she continue to say this?? Its not exactly an accurate description of where we stand today.

The search for Caylee is back on- after pulling out abruptly getting no help from the Anthony family. Bounty Hunters are gathering to join in on the search- organized by Leonard Padilla.

Casey's mugshots.

Casey's mugshots.

Casey is allowed to have photos but she has none in her cell. No one has come to visit and no money has been put into her account for snacks and sodas. I wonder why this is? Her parents supposedly said in some interview – they were waiting for Casey to be ready. WTH does that mean? I think they’re still drinking the kool-aid bc her dad was trying to negotiate w/a local Wal-mart for a lease to set up his Find Caylee booth where he sells t-shirts and stuff to aid in her “search.” Evidently the Publix told him he was no longer welcome and its not looking good for Wal-mart either. Her cell has one wall (plexiglass?) see through so she has no privacy. She is allowed out of her cell for recreation one hour a day- when she is out, all the others have to be locked up.

Yea! The found Cole Puffinburger- he’s okay and his grandfather and his girlfriend have been arrested. They are still searching for at least one suspect in the case.

Alone 20 hours a day, cornflakes for bfast, turkey hotdogs for lunch and salisbury steak for dinner.

Tim Miller and Leonard Padilla will team up and say they will find Caylee one way or another. NG asking why the about face? Tim had other cases to help w/but now w/LP and many others being willing to help- he’s decided to come back. Leonard Its expected to be the biggest search in their history.

Terence Lenamon has been brought onto the defense team in this case- he’s qualified to handle death penalty cases. They show some of the cases he’s been involved in- he’s represented the baddest of the bad. NG showing lots of pics of Casey partying again. Showing the clip that WFTV played talking about how she was living the sex in the city lifestlye and now she’s alone. It is said that she mostly just reads and sleeps alot.

caller-will it be harder to get Death Penalty w/out the body? duh, yes. They don’t think it will make it impossible. Cracks joke about these aren’t the bars she’s used to. Lawyers saying again- the case will be difficult- one saying forget the DP they will have a hard time even getting a murder conviction. NG says what dead body was in the car? He’s saying there’s no evidence that it was Caylee- now saying there’s no proof that it was Casey that did something. Ugh- they are arguing and NG is not really letting him complete a sentence. Cadaver dog, death band on the hair, air samples that say there was a cadaver in the car and the chloroform- all point to Caylee being put in there- by Casey’s hands. One of the lawyers said she wants to come back as a caller and not a guest- NG is tough on her guests- ha that’s an understatement.

Showing the clip again of Paul Kovachs- the witness who allegedly saw Casey coming out of the woods w/a shovel in late June. On WFTV today they showed more of this interview and mentioned where the man worked- saying his employer was going to put together a search effort. Mannheim Industries or something like that? I will have to look it up- I know they mentioned that CH9 and his employer were owned by the same company.

Leonard on again saying that they will be searching w/the help of the FBI, the cell phone ping experts and Tim Miller- says if everyone watching Nancy tonight would each just send in $5 that would be a tremendous help to this case. I agree. Here’s a link.

caller-Has anyone sifted through the items that she bought at Target? asking about the paper towels- caller thinks she may have used them for clean up. I think Caylee was way out of sight and mind by then. She was just buttering up her boyfriend that she’d attached herself to like velcro. 2 – 3 times she would show up at Tony’s apt w/groceries- trying to be the “perfect” girlfriend.

Leonard is hoping to round up at least 500 bounty hunters to come out and search- he’s helping fund the search. Dr. Posey is talking about the danger to the crime scene by inexperienced searchers. If the remains have been exposed this long- they will have been much decomposition. He says the body could be separated in many pieces and scattered over a large area. Ugh.

caller- if there was nothing in her stolen check shopping spree for her daughter- its over- her daughter is gone. duh. She didn’t buy a single thing for Caylee. She also, when she moved – left in a huff from her parents house- she packed lots of clothes for herself and NOTHING for Caylee.

Why did she just do this out of the blue? 2 types of killers- 1 that comes from horrible abusive background and another- like this case where it does appear to come from no where. There’s no evidence she was ever mistreated. In fact, her family is still standing behind her. Oh update–Its now being reported that George put $50 in her commissary account today- so she can buy snacks and soda.

NG- saying that Casey’s life in jail is not much different- she never worked she always just sat around and lounged. LP is saying that the first night she got out of jail- she seemed unconcerned- and actually fixed Tony Padilla dinner while he filled out her bond paperwork.

Many people are angry about the feeling that Casey is getting special treatment in the jail by being kept in solitary. I understand baby killers are not very popular in prison. One poster on had some insight as to what the atmosphere and conditions are likely to be for Casey- saying that she is kept physically away from other inmates but they can still see her, yell and her and taunt her. She’s probably public enemy #1 in there- w/other mothers being kept away from their beloved little ones for drug crimes, petty theft etc. and pissed off that she is getting “special” treatment. If she was put into general population- she might come to serious harm.

I wonder which is worse for Casey who always seemed to crave attention? How long will she be able to handle herself? Do you think she will crack and try to deal?

The Anthony’s held another prayer vigil (at an undisclosed location) Sunday night and said about 100 people showed up. George also is said to be trying to set up another tip line for Caylee sightings bc he doesn’t believe the Sheriff’s statement that they haven’t received any tips since mid August. Casey’s defense attorney Jose Baez went on his good buddy Geraldo’s show Sunday night saying that from the beginning Casey has been wanting to give her “version” of the facts and he can’t wait till they can present their side in court- saying that when they do… “the entire world is going to be able to sit back and say, Now I understand!” –Wow- I cannot even imagine a scenario in which that will happen for me- short of getting a massive lobotomy- which is not on my to do list. I guess they will further elaborate on the Zanny the nanny and her sister sam stole Caylee from Blanchard Park and then gave her a script to follow for 30 days- in lieu of contacting authorities. I just don’t think that will make sense bc she twisted and changed so much- going from I was afraid to contact authorities from movies I’ve seen, (wonder what movies? I wish they’d asked her), to…my gut feeling is she’s still ok and she’s close by…to the family is in danger and that’s why she couldn’t tell LE the truth…to Caylee is in danger and that’s why Casey lied…to I don’t trust local LE but I will talk to the FBI…to well I can’t tell the truth in taped visits so pls bail me out and then I can help in the search…to we know who has her and we’re watching them…to who can even keep track?? She thinks her sh!t don’t stink!! BTW Where the heck has Lee Anthony been lately? Has he stopped drinking the kool-aid? Why didn’t he want to take a lie detector test and refuse to voluntarily give DNA?


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Breaking News, Stunning police interrogations and Bombshells abound on Nancy Grace 10/1!

Once again watching Nancy- so you don’t have to. She starts off w/the usual -as mentioned in the title. Hmm- talking about the Heather Locklear DUI – they’re saying she may have been set up. Why are we supposed to care? Get to Caylee.

Desperate search for a beautiful 3 year old Florida girl. Tot mom needs to tell us what happened! OC investigators confirm that Casey is a suspect in her daughter’s disappearance. Playing the call -the first one where she’s cussing up a storm and saying they need to look for Zanny not just in the FL database. That call is disgusting.

Now the forensic pathologist Kobe (who’s a member of the defense team) is on. He’s pointlessly stating the obvious. Though he does say he expects charges to be brought soon, and says homicide charges make sense, given what the Sheriff said.

OCSO (Orange County Sheriff’s Office) spokesperson says she’s the one they go to for answers (a truly frightful state of affairs) and they’re hoping she’ll step up (I’m hoping to win the lottery too). Says some of the over 5,000 tips they’ve received seem like a smokescreen. Ya think?

Hmm, I wonder if they could be coming from the “missing” AKA imaginary “blackjack” phone? The calls are coming from inside the house!!! Have you checked the children? Get OUT of that house!!

Kobe seems to agree that there was decomposition in the trunk. Welcome to reality- its sad but true. Be careful you’ll get a nasty letter from Jose.

Unleashing the lawyers…
Person of Interest is just someone the police would like to talk to. Suspect is stronger and points to involvement. Does this up the ante for Casey to crack? Lawyer says no- lawyer won’t let her talk. Gotta love lawyers.

Casey on tape saying she has ‘perspective ideas’ about where she could be…NY, Miami etc. Total BS. What an idiot- her’s trying to use the big words.

Nancy still can’t pronounce Caylee’s name right- it drives me crazy (short trip). She pronounces it Kheillllee. Let’s have today’s show be sponsored by the letter K. Can you say that Nancy? That’s how you say CAylee’s name…K- lee. Pls try it.

Casey says–I’ve been looking for her and gone through other resources to try to find her. Resources like nightclubs and Tony’s couch?

Caller–Any credible tips that she’s been sighted? Answer directly from OCSO’s lips– in one word NO. Talking about clothing found early on- it was not linked to this case.

Caller asks if forensics can prove or disprove anything Casey says w/autopsy if remains are found– sadly no, its been too long. NG guests says the reason cops still follow tips and look for an alive Caylee is bc they know they will have to answer to that in court- they are being as thorough as possible.

Talking again about how calls coming in seem to be a smokescreen. That makes me so angry. Obstruction of Justice anyone? Perhaps that’s why they won’t release a sketch?! Is it illegal to falsely accuse an imaginary person? Could I blame my work avoidance on such an imaginary person? Perhaps have them send me emails from made up addresses- threatening my life if I focus on work rather than this case? Damn that troll!!

Caller asks about searches on Casey’s computer for escorts and sex sites– was she involved in that? No one knows but they’re also suspicious of her looking at missing children websites (as far back as March) and searches for chloroform. That is just so creepy and sad. 😦 Was she really planning this for that long?

Caller asks about dual personality aka Sybil- maybe Casey took on ZG’s personality? NG guest says no- Casey just has no personality of her own so she takes on one from boyfriends and other lovers. Its funny, I was thinking about this theory the other day and thought of Primal Fear. Ed Norton gives a brilliant performance in that movie as someone who…tries to pull a similar defense in the courtroom.

Nancy asks about ZG getting any money from Casey- the thefty thief who had no job or money of her own. Morgan says its not about that its about ZG’s good name…BUT he goes on to mention that the Anthony family is rumored to be profiting BIGTIME from this case. That’s disgusting. Here’s a petition. There’s also contact info for ABC in my post about the 20/20 show- ABC’s rumored to have paid close to $200,000 to the Anthonys- NOT for the interview they said, but for the right to use the photos and video. Right.

ZG says she has received death threats. John Morgan says Casey played the race card to inflame the public like Susan Smith did bc ZG is Puerto Rican- or mixed as Casey described her.

Zenaida Gonzales is on right now talking about how Casey has ruined her life lately. ZG has never heard of Casey or Caylee. She got a call from detectives while she was out shopping– they called her on her cell. She did go see that vacant apt at Sawgrass. But had never heard of or met Casey.

How did Casey get that info? That is the million dollar question. Lawyer thinks it may be from the sign in card- as everyone suspects. Or did she break into ZG car and rifle a bit? She knew Annie and Dante who lived in 218. Leonard says she was driving Tony’s car around and she had been to visit Chris that day too. Maybe she was scoping where to dispose of Caylee and didn’t want to do it in her car. When I lived in OrLAHndo my apt complex had a trash compactor on the property- I think (should the need arise) I would dispose of a body there- wouldn’t it get so sealed up w/other trash that it wouldn’t be seen and wouldn’t smell?

Cops met ZG at her house later- she was fully cooperative, showed them the car Casey had described (lawsuit). ZG says she’s not a babysitter- she cleans. Gosh I feel so sorry for her. Her attny just said when he met her she was a basket case- no one would hire her and he said you can do nothing or you can push back and they filed the defamation suit.

NG guest says Casey is a perfect example of a psychopathic personality- that’s why Casey lies.

ZG says she has never received an apology from Casey, her attny or any of the Anthonys. Somehow I’m not surprised.

NG blathered on the rest of the show about Heather Locklear’s personal life.


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What happened to Caylee??- I’m Watching Nancy Grace…so you don’t have to! ;)

I’m going to LIVE blog Nancy Grace tonight since I’ve been forced by my obsession to waste this hour every night. She drives me crazy but I do appreciate her keeping the Caylee case in the forefront w/Bomshells and Breaking News—even when there’s no such thing.

Breaking news tonight—she always says that- no matter what. That wolf is going to get annoyed w/you- haven’t you heard that story?

LE painstakingly building a case…82 names revealed – possible witnesses in trial, include her family, former friends and Zenaida Gonzales. I’d like to sign up for the jury PLEASE!!!

OCSO (Orange County Sheriff’s Office)- says investigation could proceed as a homicide even w/out a body. Please let Caylee be found!

Showing clips from Cindy’s interview when she throws Amy and Jesse under the bus. Evil! Cindy says that she thinks Zanny- could be (code for) either of the two. Apparently she doesn’t appreciate Amy turning Casey in for emptying her bank account or Jesse for having loved her daughter and grand daughter thus threatening her CONTROL. Beware the wrath of this grand mother- she may accuse you of homicide! Spiteful B!tch!! Her philosophy as to who is to blame in Caylee’s disappearance is as simple as ABC…Anyone BUT Casey!!

Sheriff Kevin Beary says working a homicide case w/out a body is difficult. Thank you Captain Obvious!! 😉 Let’s all hope and pray! It has been done- murder convictions w/out a body?? I’ll try to look up some cases. Anyone??

Lee Anthony saying (old interview)– when asked if Casey was telling the truth- he thought so yes, “to the best of her ability”– oh dear. PANTS on FIRE!! (Apparently her pants were on fire from more than lying…it seems she did quite a bit of partying w/her pants OFF!)

Pants on Fire! – Pants Off!
Pants on Fire! – Pants Off!
Diabolical Liar! – Spiteful B!tch!
Diabolical Liar! – Spiteful B!tch!

Bond hearing…
CA saying Zanny has watched Caylee for the last year and a half- and says there was no reason to meet her. BS- she is sooo controlling. That insults my intelligence that she wouldn’t have needed to meet who’s watching her precious Caylee. I call BS!

Going over some further Casey fiction…
Saying Jeff Hopkins introduced her to Zanny who was a nanny to his child when they worked together at Kodak- says Jeff and Zanny used to date…none of that is true for something completely new! NG producers talked to Jeff Hopkin’s father who said yes, Jeff used to work at Universal, but not w/Casey and he only vaguely remembers Casey from High School.

Now George intv being played talking about how Casey lied about big event where Casey/Caylee/Zanny the nanny and co were all put up at the Hard Rock hotel for work and then the “convention” was moved to Tampa where they (Caylee/Zanny) went to Busch Gardens while Casey worked then Zanny got into a car accident so Casey and Caylee had to stay and look after Zanny in the hospital. Ahh BS! Bless me!

Cindy goes into this whole web of lies EXTENSIVELY in her interview- remembering many things in over embellished detail- later admitting that she knows now that its all lies.

During that intv its actually funny bc another detective comes in and calls BS saying basically… to mis quote Casey – Going over this story w/you…a WASTE…HUGE WASTE! I think that its Detective Yummy- I mean -Yuri but I’m not sure.

Talking about the smell in the car and how Cindy is in denial—truly, deeply, darkly –who does she think was dead in the car? Oh wait, that’s right- DAMN those SUICIDAL SQUIRRELS!!

NG unleashing the lawyers… asking about ethics of Casey telling her attny she did it and it was an accident- lawyer says it’s a terrible problem- he might get another attny on board to handle that part of the case. Says the attny– does not have to reveal if Casey told him where the body is… unless someone is in danger they don’t have reveal those details of culpability.

Cindy talking about having 7 pages of intv and investigation that she did into Jesse- she says he was her first suspect bc he could intimidate Casey and he would have a motive. Uh, crazy much? He has been extremely cooperative w/LE and hello—he passed a polygraph- have you??? Why did the Anthonys refuse polygraphs??? I realize they are not admissible in court but they are extremely valuable in clearing people in LE’s mind so the investigation doesn’t get stalled. Ask Mark Klass (Polly’s father) he commented on NG the other day and I believe called Casey an ODIOUS CREATURE! Nice call- there are many questions in this case but THAT is for damn sure.

Playing George intv where he says- I’ll be straight w/you…I did not like the smell in that car. No sh!t Sherlock- nobody did! Dead body is not a good scent for a car (its no new car spray). The question is—why didn’t you immediately call 911??

Leonard Padilla says Cindy sat w/him and Rob Dick when they told her the baby is dead- she didn’t react- he says she KNOWS the baby is dead. He says Cindy should realize she set it in motion almost –by making Casey leave the house – he says Cindy almost choked Casey out on 6/15 – it really scared Casey. That, is when all hell broke loose- all hell being Casey- she certainly broke loose from her daughter…we just need to know HOW!! LE heard this from Lee apparently. Maybe that’s why the family, and Cindy started it, wound up giving LE the wrong date initially??

This argument was also overheard by the neighbors and was supposedly regarding yet another theft of money case– Casey stealing from her elderly grandparents. Scumball.

Talking about the real Zenaida Gonzales and how she has a pretty good case in her suit against Casey. Yea!!

NG says they’ve gotten their mitts on more police interrogation. Yeah, we all have the new docs Nancy- you don’t have special mitts. Except w/those phone records LP gave you—I would like to see those please? Maybe they’ve been published- I STILL have not slogged through all of the documents. Real life/work has really been rearing its ugly head!!

I’m curious…has anyone changed their mind as a result of some of the new information in the case?

A lot of people seem to have really turned around after hearing George Anthony’s interview. I think he does come across as sincere and frankly bewildered- not as cagey as Cindy appears – BUT I cannot get past him driving home in that car w/that powerful smell of decomposition- still not knowing the whereabouts of his daughter and grandaughter and not calling 911!!??? WTF?

OK- Nancy then covered other cases which need urgent attention- unfortunately I was typing and updating Caylee. I will update this post w/links and a summary on those new cases later. I did catch something about a woman missing in Arizona – the family won’t release what her profession was- that’s at least a 3rd degree level of weirdness and will not work or last for long. That’s like saying DO NOT think about POPSICLES- whatever you do – nothing about POPSICLES—get POPSICLES out of your head right now.

Oh well, this is all the time I can give to this case today—aside from a bit of wandering around the wonderful forums on – I have to get back to work…let me just go get a POPSICLE really quick. ☺

Can you put truth serum in brownies??? Knock, knock…CANDY GRAM!!!


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New Audio Tapes Released In Casey Anthony Case!

These are the same interviews I’ve summarized in previous posts here –but its interesting to listen for yourself bc you can hear voice inflection, nervous laughter etc. Plus you don’t have to SLAVE over the interview documents w/all the interrupting investigators like I had to! 😉

Here’s Lee Anthony – Casey’s brother. He seems so cooperative during this interview, though now its unclear where he stands- bc it certainly appears he’s been drinking the kool-aid. Its really creeeeeeepy when he laughs when referring to the “atrocious smell” in the car! I mean, either he bought the SUICIDAL SQUIRREL story or he doesn’t understand that….that smell may be…Caylee! I just don’t understand so many things, but the laughter especially…I don’t get it. I’m so angry.

Here’s Tony Lazaro – Casey was shacking up w/him when all hell broke loose. She had attached herself to him like velcro- and was in bed w/him when waking up from nightmares COVERED IN SWEAT! GOOD!

Here’s Jesse Grund — Casey’s former fiance. He seems like a really nice guy. He’s former Law Enforcement and did his own “investigation” too- he drops in some police lingo occasionally. Casey had told him he was the father for many months and he fell in love w/Caylee and still seems to care a bit for Casey. He believes it had to be an accident. Though he recognizes she has “issues” and says that her one toe that she had left in reality would snap if something happened to Caylee and she would lose all touch w/reality. He does think Casey would hide even an accident — hide Caylee somewhere and create a new story to tell herself. It sure seems like she’s told several. Doesn’t think she would have told ANYBODY and certainly NOT her mom! Says the playhouse was the first place he thought of when he thought maybe Casey hid her body– says Caylee LOVED that playhouse! I think the cadaver dogs hit around there-yikes. Where is she now?? He says he never saw Casey do a drug in his entire life. Describes her as a DIABOLICAL liar though. Thinks Fusian nightclub and new BF Tony- could have led Casey astray –equaling recent drug use.


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No more Zanny my Nanny – This Woman is Through! Real life Zenaida Gonzales sues Casey Anthony -Yea!


Late Wednesday afternoon, it was revealed that Zenaida Gonzales has hired local ‘high profile’ attorney John Morgan and filed a civil lawsuit against Casey Anthony for defamation. What took her so long? I was thinking the ambulance chasers would have been hot on the trail of this one long ago. I guess they ethically have to approach her carefully but I’m surprised, frankly, that it took her so long to lawyer up. The minute that B!TCH said ANYTHING about me, knew personal details and dragged my name through the mud I would have put the SMACK down!! I feel really sorry for ZG and I hope she wins this case. Its being reported that Casey’s attorney Jose Baez is counting on entertainment/production deals in lieu of payment from Casey or her family. Though Lifetime TV denies it, some are saying that they’ve offered and entered into a contract for the story to the tune of over $2 million. YUCK! I feel sick. 😦

And for even more ICK….

Leonard Padilla, of cowboy hat, OrLAHndo, bounty hunter, bail bondsman fame has come out recently against Jose Baez saying he broke his promise to beef up security when Casey was bonded out to the Anthony home. Evidently he wanted the chaos outside w/protesters and media in order “to ramp up the drama” the night Casey was arrested at her parents’ house. He whined like a tiny baby, after the fact, blaming Law Enforcement for not allowing him to surrender her w/dignity. (Uh, reality to Jose? -your client waved buh-bye to dignity soo long ago!) He conveniently showed up at the Anthony home for the media scrum -after her arrest and held a marathon news conference slamming investigators for the show.


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Amy Huizenga interview- is very enlightening and heartbreaking!!

Amy interview- 7/23/08, 3:51pm–Detective Dorothy Rivera, Homicide
This one’s long but verry revealing.

She already filed check charges 08-307930 police report- wants to press charges.

((Cast of characters: Ricardo–Casey’s ex, Amy is crashing on his couch, JP is the other roommate. Amy says he’s “way less involved” – he never liked Casey. (I like him already 😉 That’s interesting though…isn’t he the one who looks so much like Caylee? Troy, Amy’s previous roommate til 6mos ago, his friend/new girlfriend? Melissa and Will, Amy’s good friend- works w/her at Houlihan’s.))

Straight to D-day 7/15. Cindy calls Amy after having found her # on scrap of paper in the car (the one that reeks of decomp). Amy hears true parental panic in Cindy’s voice- so she decides to believe her and help out. Casey had always told Amy that her parents were crazy- but Amy’s really been wanting to meet them –considering she was going to be moving in w/Casey and Caylee. Here comes the getting the parents house BS…

That whole load of BS Casey told Amy about –she was looking into buying a place and Amy could move in w/her—she was supposed to go see the house but it kept falling through. Then suddenly, new story –Mom is going to sign the house over- she’ll be moving to Winter Park- getting a condo near a better facility for Cindy’s dad. Some confusing talk about texting re: housing situation in mid-May. She gives them permission to take anything they can use from her phone.

Again, suddenly the deal falls through, Casey said oh mom had 30 days to negate the deal—I’m sure there were lots of creative and unnecessary details from Casey here—and Casey says her parents are now getting a divorce- they should just look at getting an apartment. WTF- was Casey planning? Poor Amy, apparently she’d finally said forget it and made other arrangements for a place to live which also fell through. ☹ Many of Casey’s lies are exposed as Amy and Cindy compare notes on the drive to retrieve the hidden/wayward Casey!

She never saw or spoke to the babysitter but heard the name Zanny (Zani). Never witnessed any phone contact between Casey and Zanny the nanny.

5/14 two flat tires (first I’ve heard about that). Casey ran over something on the 408 Ricardo and Troy know more about that -they came and helped her. They all went out that night. Zip over to 5/24- Amy, Casey and Troy first met Tony- party at the Villages on Science Dr. Tony and Casey pretty much played beer pong- Amy was only there for 45 mins. She explains beer pong to the detective and he seems to have an appropriate appreciation for it! ☺ Jokes about playing coffee pong- true that- I’m getting soo old!

The other detective nips this in the bud- jumping right to 5/25- no clothes party (ABC Party = anything but clothes– I guess this is the night of the flag dress). “Run in” w/guy named Brandon—this is all new! Casey claimed she had a miscarriage w/him and became very emotional—“Casey became very, very, very upset at that point.” Casey was crying and missing for 1.5 hours- he says they’ll come back to that. Establishes, yes, this is a core group of friends hanging out frequently—did he just read the intv manual? (sorry)

June 2 is when Ricardo kind of finds out about Tony- real nice Casey. Casey makes herself scarce- assumed to be up Tony’s azz. June 6th- Amy totals her car- What?

Something really confusing here about Casey saying ‘her boy from work sent her to Fusion to check on her daughter’—Amy says that was a little weird. A little weird?? So Casey admits to being at Fusion on the 6th, Amy moves in w/Ricardo on the 7th. Casey was there bc she picked on Amy about her nose injury- what a nice friend- grrr!

Casey and Caylee stayed over at Ricardo’s 6/9- got up early on the 10th and that’s the last time Amy saw Caylee—might have heard her in the bkgrd on a phone call 6/13th- bc talked to Casey a while – while in the car? Ricardo leaves for Tampa on the 12th- Amy was supposed to go to Jax w/Casey on the 13th with Caylee. Amy texted her at around 6am that morning and Casey texted back that she was on the way to the hospital w/her dad (total BS of course) and would explain later. Amy was depending on Casey for a ride- she was going up there to buy a car. Finally heard back- that Casey’s dad had a mini-stroke- Amy was of course super concerned- said don’t worry about it- sounds like she had to rent a car and drive up there herself- thanks Casey.

Amy gets back and Casey invites her out to Fusion- which she did every Friday (nag) and Amy never wanted to go bc she didn’t like the music they played- cop goes ecstasy music??- ha ha- yeah and they play ecstasy pong there (sorry). Amy says no, it’s more like rap- and she doesn’t dig it. He asks about Casey having a drug problem- Amy says no, but she has started smoking more pot lately. Great! Now, pots gonna take a bad rap bc that bitch went batshit crazy! Says she was getting her pot from her boyfriend. Used to only eat a (pot) brownie every now and then- but started doing it more- blaming it on the stress from (fake) family situation. They talk about ecstasy again- how you can’t really tell if someone’s on it unless you see them when they’re actually rolling. The cop seems stuck on E—what do they know that we don’t know? Friends share!

Amy says Casey fell off the face of the earth between 14th, well the week of the 15th to the 21st. Amy says yeah I didn’t see her at all from 10th of June till 30th- all phone calls.

Starting about the 25th Casey tells Amy there’s a horrible smell in her car and she can’t figure out what it is?? ☹ She talks about it for at least 2 days- saying it was getting worse. Says maybe her dad ran over something when he borrowed it (what?)– “it smells like something died in my car.” OMG! But Casey mentioned the engine area as being the source of the smell– NOT the trunk of course, nooo.

Amy gets a text from Casey on the 27th saying ran out of gas- darn the luck- 2 Fridays in a row. Problem w/the fuel gauge—is that one of the over-shares? Too many details? I would like to know if the fuel gauge was really malfunctioning?? I think not. I think Casey was thinking about…trying to get the nerve up to torch that car and it never worked out for her. There’s some HEAVY gas can activity and gas can recruitment in this period. Maybe she was afraid of starting a wicked forest fire- not really the season but we’ve certainly had some bad ones fairly recently.

Anyway, text msg on the 27th says “definitely, there’s part of an animal plastered to the frame of my car”—says Casey. Casey says she got rid of it – and Amy never heard about the smell again. OMG- she GOT RID OF IT ALRIGHT!

Amy talked to her on the phone while she waited for Tony to come pick her up from Amscot. During this period of time – Casey said Caylee was at the beach w/the nanny- the unnecessary details were that the mom was meeting them up there and that’s why they were there longer than expected. So Amy thought Cindy was going to meet them at the beach? If only.

So then –surprise- on the 30th Casey wakes her up at 9:45am and says – this is Casey- open the door. Amy says- are you outside of it? and Casey says yes…creepy. Thanks for the pop-in Casey- rude much? Who dropped her off? So Casey was on her like glue until she went to work that night. She asked her again did she have gas cans- all of Amy’s stuff was in storage though so Amy says- why don’t we just go to Target to get another gas can?

Amy thinks she’d previously texted her about gas cans on June 28th. Before she popped in but not the same day as telling about the dead animal or the ran out of gas. Oh, my, Amy sounds so nice- she was like let’s go get one, I’ll buy it and you can just borrow it. You can always use another one. So they go to Target between 11am and 1pm that day- the 30th. Casey was driving Tony’s Jeep- Amy offered to drive but Casey always wanted to drive Tony’s Jeep. She was a day late IF she was going to rescue the car bc it was towed that day. Casey stayed there w/Amy (at Ricardo and JP’s) until Amy went to work around 6pm. Amy thinks she spent the night there Monday night- not sure but thinks she spent everyday that week w/Amy bc Tony was out of town and she didn’t want to go home– remember there was “fake parental drama.” The last night she stayed was July 4th bc Tony came back on the 5th– Amy was apparently disposable to Casey…like so many other things!! Where’s Caylee??? Amy says the story was always—with the nanny- they never had to ask- she always offered up an explanation. She’d also talked about being upset- said she was barely able to see Caylee lately- but said its better for Caylee though- she’s playing and having fun- even went to Busch Gardens! What a generous nanny! Oh my, Amy said Casey said—“at least she’s in a good place and not involved in all of this other stuff”– all the other stuff being, of course, the imaginary tales in Casey’s head.

I guess she was saying she was staying away from home bc parents were bitterly divorcing- and that would be unhealthy for Caylee. Casey got a manicure that week.

On July 2nd (and 3rd?) Amy and Casey went to a couple of clubs. OMG the cop actually asks if it appeared that Casey was searching for anyone?? Yeah, maybe if I grind up on this girl, she’s like a genie in a bottle and Caylee will appear??!!@# Amy says no, but does remember – thinks its on the 3rd that Casey got upset –said her brother was coming to look for her and they had to leave. July 3rd is the day that Cindy wrote that heartbreaking msg on her myspace My Caylee is Missing –about Caylee being taken from her- by her selfish daughter- mood: distraught- who is watching over her? (Quoted in full here: Timeline update post.)

Talks about Casey getting up running out and getting “Bella Vita” tattoo- Casey said it meant “good life” in Italian. They debate semantics.

Amy hosts a July 4th party w/Will at his house- Casey is there, says the child is not at the beach anymore- she’s at Sea World- and all different amusement parks that week– damn that zany Zanny the nanny- she’s all about the fun! Ewww, Amy says Casey was very, very, very annoyingly giddy- clicking away on her computer the morning of the 5th- excited bc Tony was coming home- YUCK- she’s disgusting! Oh, nice- she was also stringing Will along- even though he kept reminding her about her boyfriend.

Fast forward to the 8th- she drops Amy off at airport for PR- in Amy’s car- which Amy was nice enough to leave her- with a full tank of gas- how thoughtful. Amy picks her up from Tony’s that morning at 6am for the airport drop off- no Caylee of course. She gets back from vacation on 7/15. D-day!!

Amy gets frantic call- can tell it’s parental panic and agrees to have Cindy come pick her up where all of Casey’s lies are exposed. Cindy tells Amy – as to the $400 Casey said Amy lost while ‘sleep walking’—“honey, that money is gone, you’ll never see it again!”

Nice- Cindy, how about, I’m so sorry my daughter stole from you- I’ll make sure you get that money back! This makes me wonder if maybe Casey didn’t use chloroform on Amy- to get that money and fool her- Amy said- she was confused bc she woke up wearing different pants—that’s why she believed Casey’s sleepwalking story.

Cindy didn’t have a key to the trunk at first and they were afraid that either Caylee or Casey was stuffed in the trunk—they were terrified! Sounds like Caylee was w/Casey at the ABC party (in the flag dress?)- Cindy shoved that picture in her face and said- so you were working??

So poor Amy- she is stuck between Cindy and Casey in the awkward car ride- they’re screaming- Amy’s surely looking for the floor to open up until they finally drop her back at home. Cindy called Amy crying that night the 15th at about 11pm telling her that Caylee’s been missing for a month. Amy went to Tony’s on the 17th to pick up her checkbook and they ended up talking for an hour and a half. Says that during that conversation w/Tony he told her that Casey had texted him on 7/16th before she got arrested saying “If they never find her guess who spends eternity in jail?” VERY interesting. The cops are questioning- did she get her phone back? Tony said they also spoke on the phone that day. He told Amy he’d told the cops this and had shown them the msg- just as he’d shown her.

I don’t have the energy to go on right now- ok they have her raise her right hand- its over. Holy frijoles!!! I sure as SH!T hope they have a strong enough case. WTF was Casey thinking?? She seriously overestimated her intelligence! Just give her some truth serum. Bake her some brownies. CANDY GRAM!!

It’ reallys just heart breaking—Justice for Caylee!!!
Diabolical Liar/Spiteful B!tch- where is your beautiful daughter??

Oops- this was meant to be a summary- more of a narrative- this case is UNBELIEVABLE!!


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