Summary of Lee Anthony’s 7/25 jailhouse visit– Casey type clues, awkward giggles and much BS!

05 Dec

This is one of the jail house visits– Lee’s visit on 7/25. I listened to it in 3 parts from WFTV here.

It starts with awkward laughter and there’s much more of that to come. She says I don’t want to start crying– he says me neither.
He says we only get an hour- mom and dad are coming at one.

Lee says I’m sure you’re aware that anything in jail is monitored or recorded. But goes into detail about the court mail system and how that’s the only way they can have private exchange of info– Lee is desperate for her to have every opportunity to fill in details and tell them what happened– she has dodged this by saying she doesn’t trust going through law enforcement etc. He stresses that no one will be able to read something she sends to them directly through the jail/court mail system.

He stresses to her that Jose may not be passing things on to them- even if she has asked him to.

Lee sounds like he is probably repeating word for word what LE has told him about Baez and how she can give him letters for them and he is under no obligation to pass them on. Lee says Jose’s priority list is Casey, then Caylee– which she’s apparently
fine with. He says the truth is that Jose is running a business and his first focus is Jose, then Casey, then Caylee etc.

Jose has obviously blown copious amounts of sunshine up her ass because she is utterly confident that he has her very best interests at heart. And we all know Casey is Number 1 and only to Casey– it takes her a while sometimes to remember that Caylee should be her Number 1 priority. Casey says she’ll sit here as long as she has to– her focus is Caylee. Sitting there is not helping find Caylee. You should have gotten off your ass and done something to “find Caylee” from the beginning. Why does NO ONE ever call her on that?

He goes on to say that they (LE) have left msgs for Jose and he has not returned phone calls– Lee says he’s seen the records– Lee mentions the (juvenile) fax from Jose— ha ha! But goes on to say, which I think is the gist of a lot of what he has to say– that Jose is not communicating w/them in helping to find Caylee. Obviously Lee is still operating under the delusion that Casey would like for him to be cooperating and communicating. I don’t think he is currently so deluded but who the hell knows– he sure has been absent. Anyway…

He asks how Jose came to be her attorney but does not ask how she is paying him. She says Jose became her attorney at random during booking– his name came up and “they” said he was good. She says she got the recommendation from an inmate but she
had 3 other vouchers for him (ok well, as long as we have a voucher!) she asked for her name to be passed on to him and he came and saw her the next day. Thus was the start of a beautiful… ewww.

His focus is her- which she likes– just bc getting her out will help them find Caylee. ugh

Says in answer to Lee does she want to talk to LE??– she says yes and no– says while giggling that–seeing as how she’s a person of interest…and they act like everything she’s told them is BS she’s not so eager.

Lee says remember how you gave the statement first, that you dropped her off on June 9th but now that you know that’s not right- — and she says yes I’ve had a lot of time to think about it since then and he says– so you haven’t had an opportunity to reach out to w/LE and correct your statements and she says that’s correct– she looks very smug like- yes- you see how badly those cops and circumstances have been treating poor little me–until he goes on to say– wouldn’t you agree that it would be in your best interest and in Caylee’s best interest to give police the accurate information so they can do their job– she says yes but at the same time–they’ve misconstrued things that I’ve said– put words in my mouth and said things specifically that I never said so I would rather do that in the form of a letter to the detectives themselves. So here’s the origin of the elusive letter– the truth filled letter that would explain everything and whose contents were so volatile and dangerous that she would only trust the words to paper and not to the lowly Orange County Sheriff’s office– puke. She’s never had any intention of writing this letter– I think she just keeps leading her family on w/this.

Lee says– well if you go through Jose he could decide not to send it to them. Casey says she knows– Lee says just send it through the jail system and send a copy to us and even to Jose. Lee seems encouraged that Casey is in such whole hearted
agreement– that this vital mode of communication is open to her –its so crucial to her being able to get info out. Poor Lee– the spiteful b!tch doesn’t want to get info out. The whole interview is a polite and gentle interrogation– he’s just trying desperately to get ANYTHING out of her and she NEVER offers anything– just answers questions and barely! How about asking– ok– outline for me what in the bloody hell you have been doing for a month– who can you eliminate as a suspect– what have you found out??? There’s none of that. I’d be curious to see her reaction.

Lee says we need to find a way to constructively get them info. Lee says he found Jeff and Juliet and they are real– Casey laughs and says good!– and starts to bitch again about the silly cops that just didn’t listen to her properly when she tried to tell them info to help them find Caylee– she said they just went off on their own assumptions.

Lee tries to figure out who she still trusts and they then talk in the secret code that confused even himself and Casey– its a ridiculous waste of time. When it all gets straightened out she basically says everyone can be trusted except for a few key people– its very strange and there is much inappropriate laughter.

Lee asks about people he should look into himself- if you trust them don’t say anything…
Annie? –Casey starts laughing and says don’t even bother, he says just answer the questions –she says ok -no
Melina? –no
Amy? –nod – most definitely
Ricardo? –I don’t know
Tony? –I’d like to say yes but I’m kindof on the fence about that one unfortunately
Jesse? –no
Mom? –most definitely

at this point Lee gets confused bc he clarifies the mom most definitely answer as
yes you can..(trust her I assume) WTF?

So Lee back tracks and asks about Annie and Melina– Casey says don’t even bother-don’t waste your time– I’m just gonna be honest w/you…and tell you flat out either way. She sure doesn’t want him to talk to Annie. Its interesting that Annie was her best friend and we haven’t seen any of her interviews released–they must have evidentiary value.

Casey says that you can trust Amy w/out a doubt–she is one of the most genuine people.

Ricardo– she shrugs and says I wouldn’t worry about it- I don’t know what he would know that’s of any significance-she makes a funny face and really tries to shrug him off saying -that one is up to you
Tony– again- I’m on the fence about that one- use your own discretion
Jesse– she says no, no as in I would investigate things he’s said further but he’s not someone I personally trust at the moment
mom– most definitely
dad– again same
lee clarifies– as in most definitely trust him? She says yes– Its interesting that the parents would be on the questionable list as to who to trust. This family is really special.
ryan– yes
will– I haven’t known him that long- I met him on the 4th of July so no I don’t
trust him.

He says is there anyone that you don’t trust that I should be looking into? She sighs deeply, furrows her brow, and takes an 18 second pause before finally being unable to come up w/anyone else to throw under the bus. Not at the moment no– she can’t think of anyone.

So Lee says along the lines of keep your friends close and your enemies closer–I’m going to focusing on Jesse, Tony, possibly Will– she says he’s friends w/Amy- go through her for info– he says ok and possibly Ricardo all to which Casey nods happily in agreement. That’s the price of her friendship– she will gladly and readily throw your name into the mix as in you should be looked at more thoroughly in the disappearance of her missing 3 year old– nice.

Part 2
Lee asks for areas or places to focus search or tips or reaching out to people

Casey says check things locally, Lee in all honesty places that are familiar to us to our family, ask mom for specific places that I’ve mentioned to her when her and I spoke in the last period of time– she should remember specific places. WTH does that mean?

Can’t you just tell me? Lee asks.– she say’s try and go through mom first- and if you need more, something concrete and more specific I can try and give you that. WTF?? Why is this crap acceptable to them?

She talks about patrick the friend she hasn’t spoken w/since high school who came by — she hardly knows him but says you can trust him– he made the effort to come see me… which Lee takes as a dig about them not having come by sooner I think.

Lee seems defensive on this point and says they made an attempt on the 16th through the police and on the 18th through Baez dad tried to call on Sat or Sun dad was on hold all day yesterday, mom called yesterday and was on hold or busy– they were instructed that they would not be able to see or talk to you for 7 days after arraignment by Jose and the police department– that’s BS–she says. That’s interesting– was Jose trying to keep her away from her family?

Lee also informs her that they have written her letters and given them to Jose–Casey seems angry– he says there’s been a letter from Annie and mom wrote one etc–Lee says– Jose has read them and not passed them on– she seems pissed.

Lee says he’s been talking to Josh Duckett on almost a daily basis– tries to one up his mom bc Casey said yea I know I heard he reached out to mom– anyway Lee says he’s learned from Josh how to manipulate the media, law enforcement and the attorneys the way that we need to do this–his sole purpose is finding Caylee–he says that finding Caylee is the priority and all the rest will fall into place…to which Casey nods vigorously in agreement. I’m sure Josh would be thrilled to hear his help interpreted in this way.

Casey says the focus should be on Caylee and the way the media have been putting her crap out is complete garbage– I’ve said that from day one, Casey says.

Lee says I’m in front of the media– if you want something known or corrected–we will be your voice. Trying to get her to defend herself and explain some things– she doesn’t bite.

Any places or clues to look for -Lee asks? He reads off a list:
myspace? possibly, Casey replies…
facebook? possibly
photobucket? no

Casey says her phone records are your “best bet” for anything.

She says the other phone does exist–they need to find it and there are 4 numbers that are important.

jeff hopkins– they get sidetracked.

He asks about her passwords being potential clues to which she giggles again and eagerly says yes, the myspace and facebook passwords might be clues!

Lee asks ok cluewise -your tattoo? She says yes– that’s Caylee related– he asks to clarify and she says there’s no clue there. Oops, that seems like a slip– why does he not ask her to explain?? How is it Caylee related and pls tell me why you got it while your daughter was missing and you were hiding from the family– the beautiful life indeed.

Lee says tell me whatever you think I should know or whatever I should get out there? To which she says–

My concern is Caylee that’s all I want. No one has once said anything for me or voiced that I love my daughter that I want her safety and that she and the rest of my family is my only concern. All I want is to see her again… to hear her laugh, to see her smile (voice breaks) and to just be w/our family. Nothing else matters to me at this point. Lee says we all feel that way– she says I know but they have been hearing that from you -from her uncle from her grandparents not from her mother–it cuts off briefly saying 1 more minute.

He says do you have anything else anything specific– any other clues?? She says no -you have everything that I feel comfortable giving at the moment. Its truly sad and disgusting.

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