CASEY Marie: More than a LIAR

06 Dec

The Anthony’s new spokesperson Michelle Bart just wrote an article for the Huffington Post entitled “Caylee Marie: More than a Flyer.”

Its meant to pull you heart strings and make you feel guilty for believing the forensic science, the police and the prosecutors who know that Caylee is no longer with us. It reminds us what a beautiful little girl Caylee was and talks lovingly about how cute she was or actually how cute she “is” –as the article is meant to convince us that Caylee is still alive. It talks about sightings on July 2/15/17 and the 20th. The writing style is…well I’ll say interesting since I’m guilty of some pretty wretched stuff here myself. But here’s just one interesting example:

She is a little girl who towers over children her own age, approximately 3 ½-4 ½ feet tall, she is potty trained and who could be seen eating canned corn from her bare hands and not with the utensils provided to her.

4.5 feet tall? Eating corn from the can with her hands? Is this the best image they can put out if they truly believe she could be found? Giant toddler likely to be found munching on corn with fingers? I’m sorry but I’ve gone from sad to MAD!

HOW ABOUT A SKETCH OF ZANNY THE NANNY? The toddler is not traveling alone!! WHY if you believe your daughter haven’t you made that a priority? It really insults my intelligence and I can’t understand why they don’t get asked that repeatedly in interviews. EVEN if you make up some Casey style convoluted story about how she’s not w/Zanny now, she was supposedly w/Zanny for an extended period of time on NUMEROUS occasions so IF she exists then many people likely saw Caylee with this person. Its super sketchy that you haven’t released a sketch and makes it extremely difficult to believe that you truly believe Caylee’s still alive.

It makes me so sad to think about how much she was loved AND how much she is missed but it makes me so MAD that these people STILL cannot talk about what is truly important.

What’s truly important is finding out what happened to Caylee and the ONLY person that has that information is Casey. Cindy and George need to acknowledge this in whatever way they can. They need to talk to someone who is knowledgeable about forensic science and really listen. They need to talk to the detectives that have been exhausting themselves trying to find Caylee. They need to talk to a psychologist or psychiatrist to help them and then they need to talk to their daughter.

They need to stop feeding into the absolutely bullshit theory that Casey doesn’t know what happened to Caylee. I think they need to have a come to Jesus meeting w/Casey and give her some of her own medicine. I think they need to lie to her. Either continue to act like you’ve had a lobotomy and say yes darling Casey, we believe you when you say you’re just protecting Caylee and us but now you need to protect yourself. We know that someone took her but right now we’re worried about you and your legal situation. You need to just make up a story and arrange for a plea deal. Just say it was an accident and say you covered it up in this ridiculous way because you were in shock. Everyone knows what a wonderful mother you are and how much you loved Caylee– they will feel sorry for you and the jury will have mercy and give you a light sentence. They should look up some examples of mothers who have (genuinely) accidentally killed their children and show how light her sentence could be. Just say listen you’re in trouble legally- let’s deal w/that and get you out soon– then the people that have Caylee can bring her home!! OR just say listen– its painfully obvious that you did something to Caylee- whether if was an accident or not you need to stop w/the BS right now and tell us what happened. If you don’t– we will never speak to you again. We will happily let you rot, ALONE in jail because of the way you’ve dragged us through this, all the while lying and scheming and leading us on when you knew she was gone! You will likely spend the rest of your life in jail knowing that you are so awful a person that even your family figured figured out that you are sub-human. Or Casey love just tell us what happened sweetie we know it will be hard beautiful but why don’t you take some time and write it in a letter. You don’t have to tell us in person sweetie. We know how difficult it will be because you were such a wonderful mother so just write it down for us and mail us a letter- tell us what happened- we know it was an accident and that you were so traumatized afterwards that ALL your behavior is explainable. And listen honey, have finally emerged from the incredible brain fog that extreme grief inflicted upon us and we know she’s gone but we still love you gorgeous–and we just need to know what happened and we will forgive you and help you make the most of your legal situation. Just tell us what happened- WHAT HAPPENED TO CAYLEE? Where’s Caylee? We’d like to give her a beautiful burial and service– pls help us do that for your daughter.

Because Caylee Marie IS more than a flyer. And you Casey Marie ARE more than a liar. You are her mother, you owe her. You’re a daughter, you’re a human and you’re imperfect. You made a mistake but you’re still a daughter. Cindy Anthony said very early on to Casey that she would NEVER be able to forgive her. Casey got that message loud and clear and repeated it to detectives– My mom already told me she would never be able to forgive me. Cindy needs to take that back. She tried to do it briefly in on of the just released jailhouse video visits– she is rocking back in forth holding her face in her hand– clearly happy to see Casey and saying I love you. But when Cindy says, “We forgive anything that you’ve said….or done.” Casey reacts like the phone just bit her and says– whoa wait– pulls the phone away and motions for the guard asking that the volume be turned down. She giggles w/the guard and says yeah, my head’s gonna explode and when she gets back on the phone she tries to cover the awkwardness of the lost moment by saying “I haven’t said anything– don’t worry!” It would be awkward for her to have to really accept their “forgiveness” as she doesn’t believe she did anything wrong– you know in Casey Land. The interviews are hard to watch– I wonder how Cindy and George feel when they watch them now? Casey is soo obviously lying and she’s never participating or trying to help– its like she’s being interrogated w/kid gloves. She never offers anything like– ok– here’s what I’ve discovered over the past 31 days– so don’t wasted your time w/that. They don’t even ask her– they just act as if– its all brand new and the clues in the case– the precious pearls of wisdom that Casey holds must be delicately extracted. They all dance around her like she’s fragile. Its sad but also sickening.

So, not to slam the author but I’m curious as to what she wanted to accomplish w/this? The Anthony’s are getting some piss poor PR advice in my opinion. I don’t want to say Casey Marie: More than a Liar… a Monster. I would much rather say Casey is a mother: she is human– she made a mistake, she made many but she’s a mother and something horrible happened to her daughter. Just be a Mother Casey and tell us WHERE CAYLEE IS? Make up another lie, make yourself sound heroic, give us another Carefully Crafted Casey Tale– we will figure out the rest later. We just want to know where she is.

We know that Caylee is more than a flyer! We’d like to put her to rest. Imagine Caylee watching all the hurt and drama her family is going through. I imagine she’s confused and upset– her picture is everywhere and her family is devastated, hounded and being dragged through the mud. She won’t be at rest and peaceful until her mommy tells one more story– Caylee wants you to tell us a story Casey. Just one more story– and let Caylee rest w/sweet dreams.


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3 responses to “CASEY Marie: More than a LIAR

  1. thinkingoutsidethecircle

    December 6, 2008 at 8:58 pm

    Yes, their communications department is definitely lacking. I’m beginning to think I liked the guy who thought he was someone else’s worst nightmare better.!

  2. FosterMom

    December 7, 2008 at 5:44 pm

    Well said! I am new here but have been reading and watching all. I agree with this style you have come up with !Enough is enough already! Take off the red slippers dorothy we are not in kansas anymore!

  3. ghezelle

    December 11, 2008 at 10:40 am

    I missed this somehow or maybe it was more current, but the bag of trash from Tony’s apartment that was found in casey’s car,, the one that ended up with maggots, .seems obvious was kindling for the car fire that never happened..
    I wonder if Casey thought Amscot would just leave the car there until she figured out a way to move it and burn it up.
    We will never know if she changed her mind or was just slow to take care of it, But God I would ‘ve loved to see her face if she went back for it and it was gone,… she can’t keep track of anything,


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