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All of the meter reader’s 911 calls released– WHAT were those deputies inspecting?

The meter reader was really specific w/what he saw– that is going to be one interesting administrative review. Did they really even get out of the car? Did they take any pictures or video at the scene? Were they super afraid of rattlesnakes? I’m afraid of snakes too but I’m also allergic to bullets so I didn’t pick a job where people may shoot at me. It sounds like they never even came out to meet him the first day. I wonder if he took any pictures?

He obviously had NO desire to be drawn into the drama– he wanted to remain anonymous, but he could obviously tell there was something way out of place there. It sounds like the skull may have already been out of the bag, he describes seeing something small white and roundish (call on the 12th).I wonder how long it will take until we hear the results of the administrative review? I hope those deputies have a really good explanation for what happened. In one call (call on the 12th) he says it looks like someone had clipped some grass around the area and even tried to cut a tree. WHAT? Here are the calls.

August 11th 911 call.

August 12th 911 call.

August 13th 911 call.


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Casey is Innocent Tipline set up! Care to help Jose w/his story?

I’m not kidding. Jose Baez has set up a tip line that he believes will bring in leads to confirm that Casey did not kill Caylee! Zanny will you please call? Is he hoping some nutball will call in and confess? This just smacks of utter desperation if you ask me. Evidently there was some kind of press release because it was picked up by this Sarasota station w/an AP tagline. I saw the story on Websleuths and called Jose’s office to get the number. I’m not sure if the original source just chose to leave it off bc it’s so silly or perhaps Jose forgot to include it bc he’s so silly. In any case it was nowhere to be found in the original article– priceless. So, here’s the number Zanny 407-448-2814. I hardly know what to say. Jose said recently that we don’t know half the story…well, that’s really too bad bc apparently he doesn’t know the other half. Piece of…work.

So, I just tried the number and it doesn’t work. So, I called back to confirm– she said well that’s the number they gave me– So, I’ll have to call you back. Priceless. OK, she just called back the correct number is 407-442-2814. Here’s a tip, give out the right number for your tip line. It sounds like Jose’s voice on the recording and here’s the msg: You’ve reached the Casey Anthony tip line. We’re particularly interested in the area where the remains were found. If your tip is deemed to be credible you will be contacted immediately. Should you want to email any documentation or photos you may do so at:

Wow. That’s it– dream big Jose. Sadly, squirrels rarely have access to a phone, much less email. But good luck w/that. Let’s not forget that Jose went to court b!tching and whining about getting access to all the tips that had come in on the crimeline…then when the court granted him access and OCSO spent 50 hours and over $900 compiling all of that info for him… he NEVER picked it up. He is so annoying.

Here’s a really nice place to leave your thoughts for Caylee– It’s a guest book hosted by the St. Pete Times.

Nice! I just called back and they’ve updated the msg: You’ve reached the Casey Anthony tip line. We’re particularly interested in the area where the remains were found. If your tip is deemed to be credible you will be contacted immediately. If your tip is deemed to be NOT credible you will be contacted even sooner. If your tip implicates yourself or someone like you we have a slush fund w/your name all over it.

Should you want to email any documentation or photos you may do so at: caseytipline@y* Should your email feature skillful photoshopping that hides the truth about Casey’s actions you will be compensated immediately. Should you have a story that may work for Casey at trial pls send it as a Word attachment and pls don’t use any big words. 😉


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Crime scene at the Anthony home AGAIN!

Another search warrant was served on the Anthony home today and investigators brought in several empty boxes.

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting:

Capt. Angelo Nieves said deputies found evidence at the site where Caylee Marie Anthony’s remains were found last week and needed additional items from the household she shared with her mother, Casey Anthony, and her grandparents, George and Cindy Anthony.

Here’s the local fox coverage of today’s events.

They released the crime scene and Jose and team declined to go. Interesting.

Some are reporting that the toxicology reports are back and that that is what prompted the return search of the Anthony home. Geraldo said that they took pictures of Cindy’s medicine cabinet. I sure as hell hope they took pictures like that many months ago too.

There is also speculation about one of the crime scene photos that were released– did something in that photo lead investigators back to the Anthony home. In this picture from where the remains were discovered there is what appears to be a children’s book in the lower left hand corner. Original picture #27 here.

Picture from the crime scene where Caylee's remains were found.

Picture from the crime scene where Caylee's remains were found.

The book in the picture looks similar to the book Caylee was seen reading in the last video taken of her alive — the one where she’s visiting w/her great grand father. Here’s a screen shot from that:

Caylee w/her book.

Now while it might not be the exact same page displayed in each photo, it sure looks similar to me. What do you think? There is also speculation that the book was an older edition– like maybe Cindy saved this book from Casey’s childhood, and that’s why it linked directly back to the Anthony’s home. Some (websleuthers) say that the cover art on that book currently looks different– I haven’t looked into it yet. But I do recall Casey saying, in one of her many lies, that when she got a call from Caylee on July 15th she was talking about her book and going on about it. So maybe Casey was inserting that little nugget of truth– Caylee was with her book? So sad.


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Jose is whining AGAIN.

He wanted to be the one to tell Casey. He says (whines), “the chaplain was more important to be notified before me.” That’s standard procedure you whiny little b!tch! He’s extremely disappointed in how this was carried out. Jose is bitching about LE’s lack of professionalism, saying it has become predictable. He’s upset that someone in this country who’s presumed innocent would not be granted the dignity of hearing about it in the proper manner. I just saw this press conference on local news but I can’t find it online yet. Ah, many thanks FosterMom — here’s the link.

Jose goes on to say (whine) that he’s upset at OCSO for saying he tried to rush them from the crime scene– says they are just trying to cover their own blunders and deflect on him. What an idiot.

You really do not know half of the story, says Jose. You really do not have half a brain Jose, says Kim.

Here’s the response from the authorities.


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The Meter Reader comes out.

Roy Kronk is the meter reader. He’s 46 yr old, and a recent widower. He and his attorney are giving a statement on the case.

Roy just read from a prepared statement- basically what we already know. He reported the suspicious bag to crime line and the Sheriff’s office 3 times in August. He won’t release what else he saw at the crime scene. His attorney spoke briefly afterward- saying he came forward due to intense speculation about his identity and somewhat intrusive news gathering activities- he asks that his privacy and that of his co-workers be respected. He will not be granting any interviews at this time.

The family pastor visited the Anthony’s and said they are extremely devastated. Lee Anthony and the KidFinder people are at the home as well.


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Meter Reader made tips back in August-WTF?-Significant finding in area of remains…Jose– give me the garbage please.

Jose filed a motion in court today asking to be allowed to examine the debris that has been removed from the site where the remains were found. He is really an idiot. I’m soo annoyed– can you say WASTING court time?

One of Casey’s long time friend’s has sold her story to the National Enquirer. The Anthony’s aren’t happy about it. Boo hoo! Kiomarie is the one that told/sold her story– she is the one that told LE 5 months ago to search that very area near Hidden Oaks Elementary. Spokesperson for the A team says that they will pursue legal action against anyone who sells their story in this case to the national media…wait for it… IF it is a lie!!! I’m sorry but that is RICH– how many times did Cindy stand up for liar’s rights– she was a national advocate for liars, of the highest order! How many times did we hear her say…its not against the law to lie? Ugh. Just ugh.

I was loading some monster software on my laptop last night and didn’t get to live blog Nancy- but I took handwritten notes– I was going to type them up and post bc it was kind of interesting but then I was thinking of being lazy and just scanning them. But then, I got worried that people would analyze my handwriting though– is that weird? I’m kind of curious– there’s been lots of handwriting analysis done in this case and it was pretty interesting. I’d sure hate to find out that I’m a sociopath 😉 Is that weird to worry about? Is this case making me paranoid? Remember Casey’s juvenile scrawl linking her and Tony? Poor Tony- he really stepped in it w/that one. That’s why you should never follow the CROWD. She was a busy girl. Does he still live in OrLahndo? Casey really train wrecked a lot of lives.

WESH just said that breaking news is coming at 4:50 today– yeah that’s exactly 30 mins from now. I will add it. I might have to run out and get the National Enquirer! How embarrassing!! Thanks again Casey.

Significant finds found– grid expanded. Good! F just ALL the way off Jose!– new info available there. This is all coming from Capt. Nieves. He says they received 3 tips about this site back in August. A deputy responded to this location on 8/13– they are investigating the circumstances of that afternoon– oops — sounds like someone may be in trouble for not looking into this further. More small bones were found– just outside the grid area– led to expansion of search area. Tip received on 8/13 is same one who called on 12/11– I guess that’s Kiomarie? NOPE!!!!

OMG this utility worker made a tip to LE on 8/13– now he made the discovery at the same location. WHAT THE F#CK!!!??? No indication that he would be a suspect, says Nieves.

He called on the 11, 12 and 13– the meter reader, nature boy. In August or December? OMG– AUGUST!!! WHAT THE F#CK!!!??? Oh no!!! This does not sound good. This is not good. Reporter’s asking about– admin follow up– who dropped the F#CKING ball? OMG– this is so upsetting! Other items, non-skeletal but significant have been located at the scene. I’m so sick of this case– I’m pissed. I was pissed about Jose wasting the court’s time to see the debris and now this. It’s beyond the pale.

Wesh is actually all over this more than “tabloid” WFTV <– I like them almost soley bc Jose kicks them out of his Press Conferences. I like local6.

As to tip from meter reader/nature boy on 8/13 –the deputy (who in the hell was it?- yikes- sux being him) responded to the scene at 4:30pm and cleared it by 5pm. NOT GOOD. They are saying that the trail of bones they are finding is all in one direction– seems to indicate natural movement resulting from water movement/displacement. Really? It sure would have been a HELL of a lot nicer if we’d discovered this way back when– maybe we’d have been able to tell what happened to Caylee? People are human– I think it was underwater– he couldn’t see or smell anything. Hindsight is 20/20– I feel for him. He didn’t know that this was Casey’s secret garden, her hiding place from middle school, her secret hangout called “the zone,” her pet sematary – where she buried her hamster– how could he have known that? Well, if that had been in the report and circulated to ALL deps…ugh I don’t even want to speculate. Jane? on Issues last night– the show that comes on before Shiny Shirt now- was talking about this and I was getting pissed. Its so easy to point fingers. I was thinking she was in a landfill though—and that kind of searching is costly and dangerous. I think LE MAY have been thinking the same thing. PLUS they probably thought…oh– we have a pathological liar– BUT her lies are SO STUPID that we’ll be able to crack her soon. That’s why she/they waited a month. OMG this is just so sad. Did you ever see that movie Pet Sematary. Creepy.

Talking about how Kio being paid for her intv shouldn’t discredit her as a prosecution witness. Well, yeah, it shouldn’t but didn’t that happen in the OJ case?

OCSO has to clarify something at 5:30pm– Nieves says emphatically– the Meter Reader is NOT a suspect! I read that to mean…Someone at OCSO is in trouble and Nature Boy/Meter Reader/Utility Worker has an attorney! The deputy’s actions as to that day are under administrative review.

When he contacted them in August– he said there was a grey bag or a garbage bag he was suspicious of. In August he made a call reporting a bag on the side of the road, a deputy responded to the scene, didn’t find a bag and cleared the area. UGH! Is there someone named Mark Furhman involved? I feel sick. I don’t think there was anything nefarious going on but OMG can you even imagine JOSE right now? Will his shoulders even be able to support the weight of his head– it must be swelling!! Can’t you just see his smug smile? Even though he is dumber than dirt, HE doesn’t realize that and he thinks he will be able to spin some fantastical tale about this latest turn of events. I’m displeased.

Some crime scene photos are being released- thanks to Jose Baez’s request for access. Prosecutors chose what photos to make available and they clearly show the complete and total decimation of the crime scene– rightly so. It seems like a nice middle finger to Jose for filing those ridiculous claims– you don’t have any right to the scene yet and when you get it– have a big good time– we’re done.


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Should the Anthony’s get immunity?? (Xanny the nanny wordle).

What happened to Caylee?  Xanny the Nanny?

What happened to Caylee? Xanny the Nanny?

Here’s one for this post about Zanny (Xanny the nanny) possibly being the culprit. As if I needed another way to waste time on this case. I’d like to actually do one on transcripts of those jailhouse video visits w/her parents. I think the most prominent words would be I KNOW!! She must say that about 50 times. Cindy is telling her that Caylee is all over the media and the whole world is looking for her– to which you’d think a desperate mother would have a grateful reply– like Oh, thank GOD– surely Zanny will bring her home now– w/all of the media attention. Instead, the spiteful b!tch, acts like she’s being chastised for causing such a commotion–
Cindy: Everyone’s looking for Caylee, Casey!
Casey: I know that mom!!
Cindy elaborates some more on all the national attention until Casey (the self centered spiteful b!tch) finally realizes she’s supposed to be glad about that. ALL of those jailhouse videos are just mind boggling. ITS SOOO UNBELIEVABLY OBVIOUS that she’s LYING!! In another priceless exchange– Cindy, trying to throw Ricardo under the bus again, talks about a photo of Caylee in front of a drum set and says– Is that “Zanny’s” apartment…bc I know whose apt. that is!!??? To which Casey– says, exasperated, yes mom, Zanny had a drum set but that’s not her EXACT apartment– its just “layed out” very similar. WTF??? That’s an utterly ridiculous answer!! It’s so infuriating. NEVER once does she act concerned, bring up the search, talk about her own sleuthing or ANYTHING!! She acts like she’s a Gitmo being interrogated. Oh, what a thought! Bad Kim!

I wonder if the Anthony’s are going to get immunity for being willing to come in and… how did they word it…stop giving “conflicting” statements? Albeit 6 months later….I’m very displeased– I feel like writing a whiny little b!tch letter! Maybe I should hire Jose?


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Word Cloud in Caylee Anthony Case.

I just found this really cool app here that I thought I’d share w/you here:

Casey Anthony Wordle.

Casey Anthony Wordle.

You just enter text and it randomizes it to create these fabulous “word clouds”– with the words that you use most often appearing larger and more prominent. Isn’t that cool? Well, I think so and I hope you like it bc I’m afraid I will be using them a lot!

Many thanks to Marc at The Fundraising Coach for sharing the fabulous world of wordles!


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Jose makes another whiny b!tch move.

An emergency hearing will be held today at 2pm. Casey’s defense team seems to think they are really special and that the usual rules don’t apply. The judge already told them they don’t get access to the remains until they are identified. They filed a motion to preserve forensic evidence, a request for a second autopsy and an emergency motion to compel.

WFTV legal analyst William Sheaffer called the motions “ludicrous.” Sheaffer said it was unheard of for a defense team to ask to be part of a murder investigation.

The hearing lasted less than 30 minutes– DENIED!! Jose did NOT do himself or his case any favors- does he just want to be on TV? Why doesn’t he prepare a cogent argument in advance? Does he not realize he sounds like a moron?  And/or a whiny little b!tch?


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Were concrete pavers found w/the remains?

There is rampant speculation (I NEED to know) about what was found w/the remains that led LE immediately, w/in an hour, to the Anthony home. Could one of these pavers been used to weight down the bag?

Anthony bkyd - pavers.

Anthony bkyd - pavers.

Some excellent theories are being floated about this at Websleuths— verrry interesting! This would explain a lot: the immediate link to the Anthony home, the bag having remained submerged (Tim Miller said you could tell it had been there a long time), the rumor about possible obstruction charges for the Anthony’s, reporters saying that lots of pictures were taken in the bkyd the night of the search warrant and borrowing the neighbor’s shovel to pry one up? Maybe even the pesticides (if they’re sprayed to prevent weeds peeking through)? – could they match that?

Though who knows, how could they tell for sure the pavers were the same as the Anthony’s? Maybe dirt soil matches? Good thread over there though. They’ve even heard rumors that LE cut up drywall and carpet somewhere in the Anthony home– whoa! I haven’t heard that before but my ears are peeled! 😉


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