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Garbage bags link nicely back to Anthony home! Nancy Grace 1/22- watching and blogging.

Oh, the garbage bag evidence is encouraging.  The black garbage bag w/the yellow handles is similar to one that Cindy handed over in July and some they seized in the later search.  They can track those bags by the lot number-  remember this case–Melanie McGuire?


Oh, interesting– Leonard just said that when he was there the garbage bags the Anthony’s had in the home had red handles, but he was told that before they got there the bags used in the home had yellow handles. Who would be in a position to tell him that? But damn I hope so!! Yikes –OMG– maybe that’s why they want immunity? I have really been giving them the benefit of the doubt– its getting quite scarce now.

They keep saying a laundry hamper– don’t they mean a cloth laundry bag? The piece where Casey is saying…if you don’t have something nice to say shut up– is just priceless. George and Cindy do look incredibly sad in that video. It sure looks like they weren’t there for Caylee in all the right ways and now they’re wracked w/guilt.



caller- did the grandparents ever ask — how was it at Zanny’s? NG says no. She’s wrong– George said in one of those interviews (Natisha corrected her) that he would mention Zanny and Caylee would never have any recognition of the name. He said she would recognize other names and when asked about Uncle Lee – she would talk about Mallory. So she recognized other people and would light up and talk about them– obviously George noted that and thought it strange. Hmmm. George and Cindy had to work really HARD to be in such deep denial. I think actually, that Cindy worked hard and George just tried to keep the peace in the house of Crazy!

OMG- the baby photos of Caylee are so precious. Evidently Cindy was complaining about having to watch Caylee all the time. I think that probably contributed in LARGE part to Cindy going into deep guilt and denial mode. She was finally trying to say- hey- this is your baby- I’m not your b!tch, b!tch! And Casey’s response was– ok you don’t want to watch her– WATCH this– I’ll kill her and you’ll NEVER have to see her again!

caller- asking about Anthony’s immunity? LP says he thinks the A team knows enough to make their knowledge and actions incriminating. I love that the State hasn’t responded to them on that yet. Lawyer says, nope they don’t NEED the Anthony’s– and they probably WON’T get immunity. ALL say NO- Cindy and George will NOT GET IMMUNITY!

Casey (in the jailhouse video)– I have NO ONE to comfort me, but myself. WHAT oppty is Casey talking about that her parents had to get her out of jail??? WHAT is she talking about? Maybe Jose blew some sunshine up her AZZ about that? You can tell Cindy and George don’t really trust Jose- wonder how they feel about him now??

I hope they looked at the prescription drugs in the home– way back when– not just recently. NG talking about the change of venue– Jose seems to think he can just hand pick where he’s like it to happen. That’s not how it works moron. People in hell want ice water….I heard that they were hoping for Jacksonville or Miami. I bet Jose is hoping for Miami– maybe that’s why he’s trying to play the Hispanic discrimination card. Lawyer says the population for the venue will have to have a similar racial make-up to OrLAHndo. HMMM.

They are retesting evidence from the car- went back to her room used an alternative light source on her clothes- found something and its being tested– hmm– I haven’t heard about that. Nancy says- what killer would put the blanket w/the baby? Um, the mother, that’s who. Parents or loved ones try to “care” for their victims in many cases– they cover the bodies, they put playthings w/them etc.

caller- another question about the meter reader– GIVE IT A REST! He’s been cleared.
caller- Zany in the apt…Casey had friends in Sawgrass…how did she get that name? I love how she’s saying Zany not Zanny. That is still a SERIOUS mystery to me– HOW did she get that name? LP says- Casey was there to visit Dom and Annie- the mgr came out shouting Zanny’s name– oh you forgot to sign something. That doesn’t even sound plausible.

Reporter from WDBO– talking about the FL bar investigating Jose Baez — the bar confirms an open case and said its in relation to Press Corp Media– isn’t that where Todd Black is from?

caller- question about the texting between Amy and Casey about duct tape. I hope they’re looking into that!?
caller- what is the defense looking for when examining the evidence? They are going to try to pull an OJ- bad evidence, bad handling of evidence and planted evidence.

Good night friend.


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Shamrock charm- pic of Casey– Cindy and George on Nancy tomorrow–WTF?.

Here’s a picture someone found of Casey wearing a Shamrock charm— I don’t think its similar to the one that was found in the Econ River today- but she’s wearing a shamrock and the picture makes her look appropriately evil. OK– Murt just confirmed that the shamrock found in the bag WAS similar to the one in this picture– It looks like a match in his words!!

Casey wearing a Shamrock Charm.

Casey wearing a Shamrock Charm.

Cindy says about the bag discovered — until I hear from authorities that its Caylee they found- its just a bag of…whatever. I’m sorry, but how could you not just be home curled up in a ball– worrying that they are going to find your precious Caylee. She is so far in denial– I just can’t understand it. You don’t KNOW where she is so wouldn’t you be terrified and just on pins and needles all day?? I know that I was and I’m not related!

How do they know that Caylee wasn’t killed by a kidnapper IF there was one? They DON’T know that– Casey was supposedly so terrified that she didn’t call authorities– why is she convinced that Caylee is safe w/these people now? It just doesn’t make any sense and I hope that Nancy– when she interviews George and Cindy Anthony tomorrow– asks them the important questions. Like, why haven’t you released a sketch?? The toddler is not traveling alone– WHO was Caylee last seen with? IF your daughter is to be believed AT ALL then she dropped Caylee w/someone she knew– let’s have a description– they didn’t travel around w/invisibility.

Also, pls ask, — WHY haven’t you guys ever ONCE looked into the camera and spoken to Caylee or her kidnappers? I have NEVER seen them say– Caylee honey, we love you and we are looking for you…we want you to come home! OR – Pls whoever has Caylee- pls let her come home to us– we love her and can’t go on w/out her. Pls drop her off at a fire station or where ever– we will forgive you –we just want Caylee home. They could even go so far as to give them an out like…we don’t care if there was something that Casey was involved in and you are or thought you were protecting Caylee or Casey from something— we DON’T CARE– just bring Caylee home and you will get the reward. We will make sure you do!! That’s just the least of what I would be doing.

Tim said some really ugly things about Leonard Padilla tonight (and previously) on Nancy Grace…I don’t even want to talk about it. But I don’t understand it. Why the mud slinging? Let’s search EVERYWHERE 50 times if we have to!! And btw Tim– would you have seen that bag full of bones and toys in the river w/your side sonar? I guess not.

I don’t understand how LE could dismiss it so quickly? Do they know something that lets them know she’s not in that river? And WHY can’t they just state definitively that Caylee is dead??? Why can’t they provide that closure? I think that everyone NEEDS to move on w/that information– to the common goal of finding out what happened to Caylee and lets bring that precious girl home!! Mad and sad.

Oh- I just wanted to post this too bc its seems so appropriate. Reportedly, Casey was out of her cell for her one hour of the day and was able to see the TV of the diver’s recovery–BEFORE it was known to be unrelated to the case!! And her reaction? …was Nil nada nothing– she just turned around and wen back in her cell. What does that mean? She’s so psycho its hard to say but it makes me think she knows they won’t find her there and I’m worried more than ever that she put her in a dumpster. THAT is why she is so ADAMANT that she doesn’t know where she is…she could be anywhere in that landfill and Casey probably could pass that question on a poly— I don’t know where she is!!! So, anyway, this was on her computer– she saved it for her facebook or myspace– the file was last accessed on 7/11– just a few days before the fit hit the shan!

Words of comfort for Casey?

Words of comfort for Casey?


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Leonard Padilla just got into Orange County Sheriff’s Car.

He got into the front seat. It appears as if he is just filling out a witness statement. But people were applauding for some reason when he got into the car.

OCSO stated earlier today that they wanted him to take a polygraph. He agreed and when reporters asked if he was insulted he said– absolutely not. OCSO did take those bone fragments into evidence but said that they don’t believe its related to the Caylee case. Its typical to have to fill out a statement when you call LE out to the scene. The car is pulling away– I think just to get away from reporters.

Reporters found Cindy Anthony earlier today and told her about the bag of bones found…she had no reaction. She laughed and said Caylee never had a clover toy — Casey liked clovers. I think she was somewhere w/KidFinders soliciting funds for their “search” for Caylee. When they later went back and told her OCSO said that the bones were not related– still no reaction. She just said I’m not concerned about what they’re doing out there I’m concerned about what we’re doing here and the people need to keep Caylee’s picture out there and look for her at Kmart or McDonalds or the grocery store etc. Supposedly today the latest Caylee sighting fueling her denial was a sighting at a McDonald’s in Coral Springs. The toddler was w/a man and they got the tag number so authorities are investigating.

They’ve already issued a press release OCSO has, saying the find was not related to the case. I wonder how they can be so confident so quickly? They issued it but haven’t posted it to their Caylee update site though.

Here’s a live update from the Sheriff’s Office. I’ll summarize as I watch. Apparently OCSO is a bit miffed that the media was notified so contemporaneously along w/Law Enforcement– that’s actually what he said. He’s not really saying why they want Leonard to take a poly. The media was already there– they saw something happen– they weren’t notified and then arrived on the scene. He says their forensic investigator saw no bones and OCSO did NOT retain any of that evidence. OCSO is saying that park belongs to Orange County– it sounds like they may want to kick Leonard out of the park.

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George Anthony Seen Standing and Staring into the Woods – in an area of interest to Searchers!

Was he looking for Caylee? My immediate reaction was OMG how sad! But now I’m wondering about tampering w/evidence. Do they know where the body is? Are they trying to get to it before TexasEquusearch this wkd? Has OCSO installed GPS on their cars? Are they being watched at all?

An eyewitness called authorities when she spotted George staring into the woods near Hoffner Avenue in East Orange County. This area is of interest to authorities and was searched to some extent last time was in town. Here’s the story.

Here’s a map w/Casey’s cell phone pings on July 2. The lowest ping on that map was around 5AM– it appears to be an area that she did not frequent. The area where George was seen is located almost directly below that lowest ping. About where that Number 15 in the white circle is on the map.

Casey's cell phone pings for July 2, 2008.

Casey's cell phone pings for July 2, 2008.

George must have told Cindy that he was seen in that area bc Cindy later texted WFTV reporter Kathi Belich (WTF) that George was just scoping out an area for their KidFinders tent that they like to set up to sell T-shirts and raise money for their “search” for Caylee. I know Publix kicked you out but… er, you want to set up in the woods?? Does Cindy think that just bc she says something we will believe it and it will be taken as gospel? She is really special.

Also interesting to note on 7/2 Casey wrote that creepy poem that she later posted on her MySpace:

Here’s what she wrote:
“On the worst of worst days, remember the words spoken
Trust no one, only yourself.
With great power, comes great consequence.
What is given can be taken away.
Everyone Lies.
Everyone Dies.”

*File Created: 07/02/08 10:51:12AM
Last Accessed: 07/15/08 04:40:55PM
(she posted to her MySpace 7/7)

The next day July 3 Cindy wrote this on her myspace:
My Caylee is Missing
She came into my life unexspectedly, just as she has left me. This precious little angel from above gave me strength and unconditional love. Now she is gone and I don’t know why. All I am guilty of is loving her and providing her a safe home. Jealousy has taken her away. Jealousy from the one person that should be thankfull for all of the love and support given to her. A mother’s love is deep, however there are limits when one is betrayed by the one she loved and trusted the most. A daughter comes to her mother for support when she is pregnant, the mother says without hesitation it will be ok. And it was. But then the lies and betrayal began. First it seemed harmless, ah, love is blind. A mother will look for the good in her child and give them a chance to change. This mother gave chance after chance for her daughter to change, but instead more lies more betrayal. What does the mother get for giving her daughter all of these chances? A broken heart. The daughter who stole money, lots of money, leaves without warning and does not let her mother now speak to the baby that her mother raised, fed, clothed, sheltered, paid her medical bills, etc. Instead tells her friends that her mother is controlling her life and she needs her space. No money, no future. Where did she go? Who is now watching out for the little angel?
(my bold)

*OCSO Computer forensics document release.

Thanks to WebSleuthers who have done an incredible job mapping Casey’s pings. That girl did a lot of pinging!

Pls pray that we will find Caylee this wkd!!


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Det. Yuri in Trouble over WebSleuths, Cindy Threatens WhupAss on a Blogger and Todd Black fired!

WFTV is reporting that the Anthony’s complained, through their attorney Mark Nejame, about Detective Yuri Melich registering and supposedly “blogging” about the case on Websleuths. I remember when he got on and registered as “Dick Tracy Orlando” – he basically just went on to thank people for their support, and for the get well wishes over his broken leg, he also asked people to pray for the Anthony family — as I recall. I’m sure he didn’t reveal anything confidential but it was probably ill-advised and I hope the whole thing blows over soon. Here’s a link.

I just found all of Dick Tracy Orlando’s Websleuth posts for you here. There’s a total of 30, it was all personal, quite sweet and of course there’s nothing about the case.

Detective Yuri Melich was reprimanded by OCSO and told to discontinue. The report said its unlikely the defense will want to make a huge deal of it bc so many of the bloggers believe Casey’s guilty. I wouldn’t put anything past Jose- I’m sure he’s salivating.

Todd Black -spokesperson for the case (or for Jose Baez at least) was fired from the Anthony case and will be replaced by another person in the PR firm. Supposedly this has nothing to do w/the “live on-air” slip he made admitting that Caylee was dead –OOPS.

Todd recently recently sent the media a fax – slamming the media –Bad Media AND TexasEquusearch –Bad Searchers. Bad media for reporting on this case w/anything but a Pro-Casey bias and Bad Tim Miller for looking for Caylee. If Caylee is found- I think that would put a serious hurt on the Anthony’s ability to raise funds for their “search” for Caylee.

You can read the fax here.

The Anthony’s had another vigil for Caylee at a local Baptist church yesterday. It didn’t look like there was much of a turnout but I stumbled across this great blog HumbleOpinion who mentioned the vigil and how there was video of Cindy getting a bit emotional when hugging a little girl close to Caylee’s age.

Its really short, shot from far away, people walk in front of the camera and there’s no audio to speak of but I think its worth a watch. It made me emotional. Cindy envelopes that little girl in her arms and you can just tell she wants to inhale her and never let her go. No matter what Cindy’s done, she lost her grand daughter and I don’t think she’s really ready to deal w/that yet- on any real level. I don’t think she had anything to do w/it, I know she’s been under tremendous stress, and I think she loved Caylee more than anything in the world. Its just so unbelievably sad! 😦 Let’s all pray that Caylee will be found soon!! I will be searching w/TexasEquusearch this wkd – if you can help w/funds or would like to volunteer –pls click on that link. I think this time they are staying until she is found.

And, now we’re back to the crazy. Does this sound like the behavior of a grieving grandmother? I just found this great site where evidently Cindy called this blogger, implied threats to her children, berated her for blogging while believing Caylee might be dead and then bonus– an ass kicking threat at the end. Here’s the link (scroll to a little past mid-way- its in blue).

Here’s just a snippet:
I told Mrs. Anthony “Cindy, God Bless you and your family.” Mrs. Anthony responded “If I only had the time to meet you face to face for what you have done with this website…I would kick your ass myself.” Mrs. Anthony then hung up.


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Nancy has more BREAKING NEWS in the Desperate Search for Beautiful 3 yr old Caylee Anthony.

Jessica D’onofrio from WKMG – confirming that the case is going to the grand jury Tuesday. She says its looking more like they’re going to go for murder not manslaughter and reiterating that they have a lot more evidence that they haven’t revealed. Saying that typically in Florida its only capital cases that go to the grand jury- I’m not sure who the commentator is, bc he’s in a little box on the right so that she can play the video of Casey at Target and Nancy in her shiny shirt along w/all the tickers and such along the bottom that at NO TIME are w/out the phrase BREAKING NEWS!!

I still don’t have time to do anything but watch Nancy and live blog about the case during that one hour a day. Real life has really intruded- though I’m thinking about going to court tomorrow to see Casey plead to get off of house arrest- yuk.

Lee refuses to take a polygraph, was instrumental (according to Leonard) in getting his parents to refuse one and also did not voluntarily give up DNA – but forced them to get a subpoena. WTF?

No body, no way to show cause of death and no crime scene – says you can get a conviction w/out one of these things but w/out all 3 its going to be really difficult.

Strongest evidence is the time line along w/evidence from trunk and the chloroform says there is also evidence that we don’t know about yet.

Jose Baez from the Today Show clip coming on saying its not to her advantage to participate in this secret one sided affair- he wouldn’t expose his client to that. She will appear before a judge tomorrow morning to try to plead her way off of house arrest.

TexasEquusearch is back on the ground in Orlando.

Circumstantial evidence includes:
Hair w/death band found in the trunk of the length and color of Caylee
Chloroform levels found in the trunk
signs of decomposition found in the trunk
computer searches for chloroform

With all the gas can activity I can imagine that is one of Casey’s biggest regrets right now- I think she was going to torch that car and I think she never got around to it.

Leonard says that minutes after she leaves the area – where its suspected she dumped Caylee- she called Amy and said I finally got rid of that smell- I had to scrape a dead animal off.

Tim Miller says they’re back to search in the area where the cell phones were pinging. By the airport and there are 3 towers of interest. He says he expects over 2000 people to volunteer to search- he says people have not lost interest and there is not one chance in the world that this little girl is alive. He says today over a year ago they searched for Tynesha Stewart – never finding her body but today Timothy Shepard was convicted of her murder. needs donations.

Custodian of records of ATT will come in and lay out a detailed timeline from when Casey first said Caylee went missing (originally said 6/9) then they figured out it was actually 6/15 at the Cindy’s father’s nursing home- until the time when Casey was forced by her mother Cindy to contact the authorities about her “missing” daughter.

June 16 and 17th flurry of phone calls, then called Tony no one picked up. That’s when they think Caylee died.

New motive revealed talking about text messages- talking about needing emergency money while planning the vacation to Puerto Rico in early June– they think that Caylee prevented Casey from going on this vacation w/friends. I’m sure Cindy balked at coughing up the dough and taking on the full time child care. If only Casey had really had a job and a nanny -as in her imaginary world- she would have been able to go to Puerto Rico. Instead of getting a job- who knows what she did?? We do know that she stole from her parents, her brother her friends AND she took a routing number off of a check that her grandmother wrote her for a birthday and used it to steal money out of that account.

They’re saying they are almost positive that Caylee died on 6/16. They have records of her going to a blockbuster (renting the movies Untraceable and Jumper)and then to spend that evening at her boyfriend’s house– I guess Caylee was already in the trunk. 😦

Showing more of the surveillance video- this during the time when she was supposedly doing anything she could to desperately look for her kidnapped daughter.

June 15 last time Caylee was seen by anyone outside the family. George says he saw them leaving the house the afternoon of 6/16 and then… something horrible happened. We will probably never know the real truth- but I’m sure we’ll get another creative version from Casey. We do know that on that Monday 6/16, after whatever happened to Caylee, she goes to Blockbuster at 9pm then sleeps over at Tony’s. They said she then, on the 17th, made another flurry of calls and then went to her parents house on the next day the 18th- backing into the garage (highly unusual) and she borrowed the neighbor’s shovel. So I wonder if she had her in the trunk from 6/16 till she borrowed the shovel and tried burying her in the back yard? I wonder if when George saw them leaving on 6/16 if Caylee was walking or was she being carried “sleeping” by Casey out the door? I wonder if she had hidden her in the playhouse or the sandbox and then sneaked back over there at some point to get her?

I’m starting to think something happened the night of the 15th after the fight. Maybe Casey sneaked out- chloroforming Caylee to keep her quiet while she got out of the house then left her in the care of Zanny(Xanax) the nanny while she partied and slept w/her boyfriend. Maybe there was an overdose and from then on she was in spin mode?

Baez saying she should be allowed to assist in her offense. Says they have consistently leaked “bad” information and its an obvious fact that they are trying this case in the court of public opinion- bc they don’t have any evidence or a body. He’s such a whiny little b!tch- smirk face- he’s way out of his league.

Its not ‘in her advantage’ bc the proceeding is one sided. He doesn’t believe in the grand jury proceeding- its not a ghost- it exists you idiot- you don’t have to believe in it. You may not believe that its proper but its existence is not in question. Although we do understand you are deeply immersed in an imaginary alternate reality w/Casey right now. You should come up for air more often.

Says Casey was jealous of Caylee and wanted to get rid of her source of envy. Amy got to go to Puerto Rico and Casey was jealous so she stole her money. They showed one of the checks where Casey “allegedly” signed her own name- I love how they have to say that- We can see that its her name- I wonder if she will say Zanny signed it? ALLEGEDLY.

Caller- did they search Jay Blanchard Park? We’re not sure but its most likely- as she mentioned it often. Did they search where the lady spotted Casey’s car and someone matching her description emerging from the woods? Tim Miller says unfortunately neither area has been completely searched- due to the ground being waterlogged at the time.

George Anthony will testify bc of what he has to say about the smell in the car and about the gas cans Lee Anthony bc of what he has not said– he hasn’t given DNA evidence and he refused a polygraph.

Over 750 pings just 3% of them are significant– traces that to 6/16 and the timeline that WKMG has already been mentioned.

97% of calls were from area of her home or friends home or Fusion– the other 3% were from the area over near the airport. I bet that Jose and Casey want to drive over in that area so that Casey can come up w/some kind of fantastic fiction to explain her activities in the area.

Between 5:23 and 8:23 on 6/17 Casey’s phone goes silent- no activity– highly unusual activity for Casey who was constantly on the phone.

Caller-Where did she go the night of 6/15 after the fight w/her mother? We’re not sure- probably to stay w/a boyfriend.

Caller- Why haven’t they brought in pyschics? NG says they have. Also, have all the boyfriends taken a polygraph? We think they have and they’ve all been eliminated.

Once an indictment is handed down- she’s entitled to a speedy trial and she will probably ask for it- forces the state to go ahead w/out a body. Unless Tim Miller finds it- say a prayer!

Jose saying there’s zero evidence in these documents (released) that shows that Casey harmed Caylee in anyway. NG says is he crazy? Lawyers saying if all he can do is discredit grand jury he’s grasping for straws and others mostly saying he should just keep his mouth shut.

Leonard says he thinks there will be an indictment shortly and then before long Tim will find the body– let’s hope that’s true!! Then NG told me -Goodnight friend.


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Casey gets promoted…from person of interest to SUSPECT! I think she should watch today’s Oprah!

OCSO officially naming its one and only suspect in the disappearance of Caylee Anthony– her mother, Casey. She is the only one who can lead investigators to the truth about what happened to Caylee, who has been missing for 79 days, an agency spokesman said. I wonder what this means? Are they closer to an arrest? Why make this announcement? I bet Jose’s going to send another nasty letter- he will surely be displeased.

Will this make her talk? Will there be any talk of partial immunity? Just tell us it was an accident and tell us where she is! I think it could have been an accident and…

OMG- I hope Casey is watching Oprah right now. She’s probably at Jose’s place but maybe she can catch it again tonight (in some cable markets). Oprah is talking to a mother who left her 2-year-old baby in the car for 8 hours in August. The child, Cecilia, died of a heat stroke. We sit and watch while the mother hears portions of the 911 calls for the first time– one caller describes the baby’s skin as peeling off. It’s devastating.

She’s not a drug addict and she wasn’t out with friends partying at nightclubs but she did make a mistake. She was at work, she was an assistant principal and it was the first day of school. Things were hectic that day for Brenda. In addition to that, the routine was changed. Her husband had a dentist appointment and he was normally the parent who dropped the children at school and day care. But today the plan was for Brenda to do that so she dropped her older daughter off at school, checked her watch and realized it was still too early for Cecelia’s daycare and she rushed to squeeze an errand in. She went to a bakery, bought donuts for the teachers and rushed to school – forgetting about Cecilia sleeping in the backseat. Surveillance video at the school shows her backing up and opening the full hatchback on her SUV, and unloading the donuts. Cecilia remained asleep unnoticed.

The mother was getting ready to leave for the day and it was around 4pm when a teacher, one of her friends, rushed into her office panicked, saying “your baby’s in the car, did you just run an errand?” The mother realizes immediately what she’s done and runs barefoot, screaming no, out to her car. The temperature had been around 100 degrees that day and the mom talks about peeling her away from the seat in a rush to just get her out of the hot car. It was too late.

It’s heart breaking and for some reason (aside from my obsession), I immediately thought of Casey and Caylee. I think Caylee suffered some tragic accident while in Casey’s care. I wish that Casey would see this story and the support for this mother and somehow be able to admit the truth and tell everyone what happened to her daughter. I understand that Casey and her situation are really NOT AT ALL comparable to this one– mainly due to the way she handled the event and herself afterwards– but there is similarity in that they both (I think) lost their beautiful daughters!

I think things were changing for Casey drastically in the last few months of Caylee’s life and Casey was under tremendous pressure. Cindy had turned up the heat, consulted a counselor and finally stood up, said grow up, stop stealing, be more responsible and be a better parent to Caylee. And Cindy backed up those demands w/a threat to go after custody of Caylee.

Apparently the straw that finally broke the camel’s back was Casey stealing from her disabled grandfather- Cindy’s father – thus the blow up, overheard by neighbors, where Cindy puts her hands around Casey’s neck and almost chokes her out- evidently Casey was terrified. We had heard about that father’s day fight from the neighbor but the choking allegation was a recent bombshell revealed on Nancy Grace by Leonard Padilla, who claimed to have heard it from Lee.

I think Casey rebelled- she’d been coasting along just fine, using beautiful Caylee as her powerful pawn to lord over her parents- getting the sweet life just handed to her on a silver platter. But now, her free ride was about to get yanked, Caylee was becoming more verbal and able to tattle and Cindy was finally fed up. While Casey wanted to be more independent, she wanted it for free and wasn’t willing to work towards that so she fled, taking Caylee with her. Caylee was hers, she could take her away from them and that’s what she did! The question is what did she do with her? Did she snap and kill Caylee just to be a spiteful b!tch? Or was it an accident?

I still believe it was an accident, I just really want to. I think she freaked out, got rid of the problem and absolutely blocked it from her mind. She knew her parents would never forgive her so she had to blame shift. I think she spent that month plotting and planning several different scenarios she was going to try to spin on her parents. I think she was going to do it from afar- she was going to run. The night she’s busted she asks her mom for just one more day… I think if she had been able to make it she would have been gone! If she had made it to the marine in California- who knows when we would have found anything out. She could have said to her parents- I gave her to the real father and his family- they live out here now- I need to build my life and they are going to help us. Leave us alone!

Who knows what she would have said or done? We know she lies quite creatively and profusely so I’m sure there are more to come. So, come on Casey, tell us another story! We just want to know where she is. Its probably too late to prove cause of death so you’ll get to spin another fanciful tale—make yourself the hero, Casey- say it was a horrible tragedy and you went to heroic lengths to save Caylee but to no avail. You can say whatever you want- just tell us where you left her!! Where’s Caylee?

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Jose talks about justice for Casey– that’s gross –the priority should be JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE!

Heads up Bozo- I mean Baez -its not about justice for Casey– Its about JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE! Jose made this sickening statement Tuesday AM- on the Today Show -clip to come -hopefully soon. I found the clip below while I was looking for that clip from 9/30…where Jose goes on, getting his panties in a wad about how people are ‘vilifying his client – when its not been proven that Casey has done anything to that child.’ — I’m paraphrasing… I will have to find the clip or the quote bc that just really set me off.

I believe not telling anyone when she was “abducted” and then telling monstrous lies misleading the police all over town IS HARMFUL to Caylee. WHO took her? Release a sketch! Whatever story your client wants to go w/for the day – I think there will be an adult in all of them so- release a sketch! Unless Casey was blindfolded in a story to be announced soon then Casey saw whoever she “dropped her off” with or whoever “took” her. The toddler is not traveling alone! Release a sketch! If you want people to be on the lookout then fill in the picture – that would be a way to HELP FIND CAYLEE! It just doesn’t make sense for the family not to release a sketch– IF they believe Casey. I don’t get it?

Anyway- I’m through ranting about that (for now). I stumbled upon the video below- its about a month old but its a pretty concise update on the case – (not much forensically has changed even though we do have lots more intvs and info now) –and its SO worth a look!! Cindy seems just a bit over-medicated but still able to hold desperately to her fervent denial and self delusion. Its soo sad! Grr- she whines about the re-arrest of Casey saying- they’ve had those charges – they could have done something about it. Matt tries to ask her if she can step away from mom role and apply some logic…can she understand why so many people have serious doubts as to her daughter’s innocence in the disappearance and/or death of Caylee— so you understand why those doubts exist ?? He asks. Uh, clearly she doesn’t understand. She goes into a rant and throws Tim Miller under the bus again. Is she under the care of Zanny(Xanax) the nanny in this interview?

Jose talks about justice for casey at the end– that’s gross –the priority should be JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE!
Casey Anthony- confirmed LIAR, suspected MURDERER. Allegedly.

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Revised Xanax theory- it sux being Zenaida Gonzales!

OK now that there is an actual Zenaida Gonzales the Xanax theory needs to be slightly revised…this is all pure speculation of course.

Casey was somehow gathering information on this Zenaida Gonzales in order to steal her identity and flee the country leaving her car to be found torched w/her purse in it and her beautiful daughter no where to be found.

She was stealing money in order to make this happen but didn’t know how to run away, was spending the money partying and kinda liked this new guy Tony.  In complete denial about Caylee but all the while desperately spinning story in order to placate a very demanding and distraught Cindy- whom she probably feared more than the police!

Or maybe she just learned about this Zenaida Gonzales so that she could point to an actual person when questioned by Cindy?  I can’t imagine that Cindy would not want to have a pretty good grasp of anyone her precious Caylee was staying with.

I think crazy just took a turn into Bizzaro world.  I have a few questions.
Riddle me this Batman-

*Is this the same Zenaida Gonzales that had her office broken into 6/9?
*Is Casey involved in identity theft?
*Was she creating this identity to flee the country after leaving torched car w/her purse and no Caylee?
*Does Casey know that her mom called police after ‘doing some thinking’ and they picked up some items she thought they should have?
*Will Casey crack soon?
*Have Cindy and the fam awakened to the possibility that Caylee is no longer with us?
*Do they know that the FIT is about to hit the SHAN and that’s why they’re over cooperating now?
*Has some threat of accomplice after the fact been a miracle cure for a powerful case of self delusion?

I hope that Casey will be able to tell the truth soon.  I have an unhealthy obsession.


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